"Edge of Space"

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We Fly High

Writing this message to bless a friend…

Reaching out in truth to lend a hand.

There is a way to make it known

The love of God to make us strong!

On this journey we live and learn

Day by day just stay concerned.

As we pass from here to there

A true friend truly does care.

Because of faith there is a way

To be a blessing and daily pray.

Then as we travel place to place…

Friends to greet with a smiling face.

In this time we have on earth…

Friends that care will help you first.

When feeling weak or very glad…

True friends will not make you sad.

In these moments as we ponder…

Friends are forever - here and yonder.

To my friends so caring and unique,

"We fly high" as we continue to seek!


Boast Not Thyself

Once thyself said "there's no one like me"

On top of the world - thyself pretended to be!

Then as thyself wondered – why, oh why

Thyself had forgotten even how to cry!

 Thyself was alone - what can thyself do

Won't somebody give thyself a clue!

While watching thyself, the way thyself lived

Everything thyself said was a great big fib!

 Then all to thyself - thyself had to say…

Why is thyself like this, was thyself born this way?

When thyself pretended thyself was glad

Deep down inside - thyself was so sad.

 Although thyself knew the Bible was true…

Thyself begin to realize - boasting would not do.

After thyself repented and made a real change

Grace came in; now, thyself is not the same!


Being Faithful

Being a witness is when you’re saved

A Christian soldier need not be afraid.

Forward by faith into the Light…

In God’s will and doing things right

 Stay in tune and enjoy the relief,

Trust in the Lord with true belief.

Carry out this mission by being meek

Doing our part we will gladly reap.

 Mount up soldiers - get ready to ride

No need to fret - no reason to hide.

The battle is neither yours nor mine…

God is our defender - so strong and kind.

 The Lord will not let His children be sad

So report for duty my Christian Comrades!


Eternal light

Upon the mountains shouts of praise

Almighty God - His Son did raise!

Some decided to go another road,

Sin is a dangerous and deadly load.

 As we journey – angels are around

All but in sight, within every town!

On this road of such joy and light…

Thoughts of heaven are very bright!

 Almost too good but it's very true

Life is a gift with much to do.

A person will go one-way or the other

Abide in Truth - sisters and brothers.

 Trust in God who gave His Son…

In Christian love victory can be won!

Eternal light will brighten the path

Upon the Savior each care to cast!


Give Ear, O Lord

Give ear, O Lord - To Thee we cry…

You are our help – we shall not deny.

There in your Word - you tell us so

As we trust in you, we daily grow.

 Give ear, O Lord, we humbly ask,

Your tender mercy will forever last.

Thank you Lord for being so near…

We praise your name for being there!

 Unto you O Lord - we cast our cares

By your Spirit you calm our fears.

No one else can take your place…

Within your Word we trust your Grace!

 Give ear, O Lord - Our Savior and Friend

Your tender love shall never end!

We have a mission to carry this truth

Soon your vengeance will let loose!


Heaven's Port!

On that shore we will be…

With our Lord for eternity!

There with Jesus hand in hand…

Soon we're leaving this old land!

 Up into glory we will ride…

Thousands of angels at our side!

On the way to reap the rewards

For trusting Jesus as our Lord!

 Heaven's Port is open wide…

Be at peace and come inside!

We will know Him when we arrive

Scars in His hands - His feet and side.

 A grand reunion with such a cure…

Standing with Jesus on Heaven's shore!

What a day that will forever be…

Living with Jesus for all eternity!


Help Me Lord

Help me Lord to never stray…

Help me Lord - to you we pray.

Help me Lord to stay in line

Help me Lord to be on time.

 Help me Lord to live by Grace

Help me Lord from place to place.

Help me Lord to be a blessing…

Help me Lord, at work or while resting.

 Help me Lord to follow your way

Help me Lord to never delay.

Help me Lord to love and grow

Help me Lord, the world to show.

 Help me Lord to speak in hope

Help me Lord to daily cope.

Help me Lord to help others too

Help me Lord to do all for you!


God Is Our Purpose

The reason for life

To live and believe.

Accepting God's purpose

A gift to receive.

 Living by faith…

The way we grow.

Reach out to others

And let them know.

 Speak truth in love

No time to waste.

Proclaim the liberty

Given by God's Grace.

 God is our purpose

Always and for sure!

Jesus is the light…

His Word is eternally pure!


He's Here

You may not see Him

But He is here.

You find Him in a smile

Also from a tender tear!

 You may not know it…

But Jesus is surely here.

His love is inside…

He can calm every fear.

 Jesus is all around…

Listen to them sing!

Once He enters your heart

You're no longer the same!

He is here my friend…

By prayer He will guide.

The power of faith is real

By Grace we shall not subside!


Joyful Noise

Make a joyful noise

He is the King!

Jesus the Savior

To Him we sing!

 Revive us again

So we can rejoice.

Now and forever…

Jesus is the right choice.

 Make a joyful noise

Take time to pray.

Jesus is the reason

Each and everyday.

 Away in a manger

Jesus is so dear.

To live within our heart…

He can calm our every fear.

 Make a joyful noise…

He is our greatest friend.

Jesus our Savior…

His love will never end.


Jesus Paid The Price

The greatest victory to take place…

Jesus defeated death and won the race.

No other power could ever please

Our Lord and Savior have the keys!

On the cross our sins He carried…

He gave Himself, to calm our worries.

Now we can know – Jesus is able…

To keep us safe and eternally stable.

The third day this truth was revealed…

He opened the tomb they tried to seal.

What a battle - our Savior did win…

Now by Grace we can be born-again.

His blood was shed so we can know…

By repenting of sin - Heaven you can go.

The Lord is alive forever more,

He is the King - also the Door!

To open wide the pearly gates…

The road is narrow and also straight.

Take heed, my friends if you’re not saved

Escape the penalty of hell and the grave.

Ask in faith for Jesus to forgive…

Let Him come into your heart to live.

Don’t be ashamed to tell others of Christ

For our soul - Jesus paid the price!


Knowing Is Showing

The way it is - how can this be

Life for sure is a reality.

On into freedom as we grow…

You can be right - this we know.

 What has been - this is now…

What will be - Lord, show us how.

To do what's right is a need…

The Word of God daily to heed.

 Then, what we learn shall live on

Teaching others right from wrong.

Knowing we all have a choice…

Using your heart, before your voice.

 What we think - or whatever we do

Must not be false - but always true.

Forgive us Lord from all wrong…

Turn each of our sorrows into a song!


Let Not

Let not your mind deceive your heart….

Trust in the Lord - keep doing your part.

 Let not your ways be unpleasing to God

Live within faith - not under a rod!

 Let not your eyes be taken from truth…

Sin is no game but like a fire on the loose!

 Let not a person that is rejecting the light…

Cause you to forget how to fight the good fight!

 Let not time elude you - or cause a delay…

Live for the Lord and continue to pray!

 Let not confusion control your soul…

Stay always humble – then remain bold!


 Tunnel Of Motion

Moving gently in this upward motion…

The sky is a pathway like a door is open.

So graceful for sure as we turn and spin

Across the galaxies then back again.

 On this journey we find the reason,

Days go by from season to season.

While within this vast dimension…

Rest your mind and avoid the tension.

 Moments passing where truth is found

Tunnel of motion as we spin around.

Having arrived to where we are…

Time and space so near but far!

 Caught somewhere between the tides

We are on a gravitational ride!


 Moments In Time

Moments in time we’re soaring higher

Our Mighty God is a consuming fire!

 Upon this earth as we look above,

Everlasting light is ignited by love.

 Music with rhythm Seraphim with wings

Makes me want to shout and sing!

 There is a place now within view…

Across the ocean - the sky is blue.

 Welcome home - just before you leave

Moments in time we plant the good seed.


Celebrate Truth

Let us celebrate…

From land to land!

As we rejoice

God is at hand.

 Bring your family

Also your friends!

The love of God

Has no end.


He answered the call.

To grow in truth…

We must give our all.

 Surrender your life

And live in peace.

On God’s Word

We can daily feast!



Daily my Lord to talk with you…

Thanks for caring; your love is true!

 Daily we rest secure in your hope…

Because of faith there's strength to cope.

 Jesus is the one to show us the way

Day by day He hears what we say.

 Our God is able - all by His Grace…

He will go with us from place to place.

 Daily we should seek to live in His will

Jesus is our victory - His power real.


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