Wanting To Know Jesus

Written By: Pastor Dixon

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Heaven Bound

I asked my Son recently "Why did he think anyone deserved to go to Heaven?" He replied, "Because that's where Jesus is and wants us to go." And this is so true!

Heaven is not owed to us, neither do we earn, nor deserve to go there. Heaven is a gift and can only be received by allowing Jesus to save us from our sins. God wants the best for us, however, we choose as to where our soul will spend eternity. The Lord does not force anyone into Heaven, neither will he allow anyone to come out of Hell! The time to choose is now before it's too late. By trusting in Jesus, according to God's Word, our soul will be Heaven bound!


Childlike Faith

When we receive one another in true Christian love this shows we are living in childlike faith. We all may need help from time to time, however, when we keep our lives centered on the truth of Jesus Christ, this is how we learn to be content.

Children always seem to get the best out of life and as adults we can do the same. To be humble like a child shows how much we are willing to grow in our Christian faith.


Finding The Solution

(Selfish-Pride) is caused when a person continues to think their way is right without gathering the facts and weighing the evidence. (Evil pride) causes pain and confusion because people sometimes won't take time to work things out together in truth. (Jealous pride) enters in quietly, but will surface suddenly while trying to deceive and hurt those we love most! Our intentions may start off good, but because of pride a person can make the wrong decisions by not receiving the help needed to deal with such wicked ways! To not repent of the sin of pride would be to turn from the Word of God while taking matters into your own hands! After that Ė a soul ends up totally out of the will of God!

Either we take hold and overcome pride out of true Christian love, or else by becoming hard hearted a person will end up misjudging others while allowing themselves to be deceived as a result of evil pride. Then comes a fall!


Every Day For Jesus

If God only gave us one or two hours of sunshine a week we would spend most of our time in the dark. If God only gave us one or two hours of air a week we would all die for lack of oxygen. When people offer God just a small portion of their time, then why should they expect God to give then what they need to survive every day! God is not just a part time Lord Ė Heís full time!

If God treated us the way some people treats Him, their souls would already be consumed by despair! Remember, cast off the works of darkness and breathe the air of God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ. Two or three hours in church a week is only the beginning of living for Jesus each and everyday!


My Lovely Home


Home is found within the heart:

A place we learn to do our part.

To live our life in peace and pray:

Lord, protect my home night and day.

Then as we travel both near or far:

Train or boat, a plane or car.

These facts remain I can truly say:

Home is a lovely place to be!

So - where is home so clean and pure?

Within the heart - we can be sure.

Now as I complete this poem or song:

When I leave from here,

I'm headed home!

(In memory of my Grandmother)

"Irene C. Taylor"


Answers About Life

There are some people that are really concerned about what's going on around them: And there are others that could care less about the truth. When someone does wrong they pay for it, unless they seek the right help and turn to Jesus for forgiveness.

The Word of God teaches us how to do right; otherwise, there is no excuse for anyone to say, "I didn't know better." We're either searching for the right answers about life, or else rejecting the truth! Either a person is saved or lost - There is no in between! Another fact is, when the physical body dies the soul either goes to heaven or hell. Those that don't seek the Lord, their ways continue to grow worse, unless they repent of sin. By seeking the Lord, we receive power to turn from sin while growing stronger in our faith toward God, through His Son, Jesus Christ. The choice is yours!


Spiritual Inventory

(Part I) There are some people that have much and enjoy little - and there are those that have little and enjoy much. Could it be sometimes people just don't stop long enough to thank God for what they do have. Why not slow down every now and then to see what you have, and how you're using it. God gives us things we use and appreciate - not things that will hurt us.

(Part II) When around others do you encourage them to do right, or do you try and get them to go along with your sinful ways? To do harm to yourself is one thing, but to lead others to do wrong is even worst! What we do, and the way we live, all depend on whether we are truly showing Jesus how much we really care. As human beings we are very special in God's sight. Now it's up to us to show God how special He is to us.


Choose Life

At times it may seem difficult to make certain decisions when faced with a trial of our faith. However, Christian love and truth should be the guiding factor in dealing with every situation. In some cases people may even cause their own problems by not searching for the right solution. Look closely at the circumstances: Could it be someone is trying to teach us about something that may cause us physical, or spiritual harm? If this is the case, then by receiving the right help we learn better how to walk in truth!

When we ask for true forgiveness, Jesus is there to give us power to turn from our sins. Otherwise, when a person rejects God's love and truth such ways will lead to swift destruction along with eternal punishment! (The Bible says, "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." Deut. 30:19) Now this thought, "Stay on the right path, for only what we do for Jesus will last!"



While building the wall and putting up the gates surrounding Jerusalem, Nehemiah and the children of Israel had a mind to do the work God called them to do after being released from Babylonian captivity. They were allowed to rebuild the temple and worship God the way they had been taught.

At times we may become captive in many ways by not surrendering our lives over completely to God. The warning to us is this, either worship God freely, and praise Him for His Son, "Jesus Christ," or be taken captive by our own sinful ways. Jesus has set an example for us to follow, and this pattern for life is found in God's Word. Conditions around us will change, but the Word of the Lord endures forever. We are not our own, our soul depends upon whether we accept Jesus as Savior. The decision to be eternally saved is up to us as individuals. A second could determine Our Destiny. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."


Christian Living

Christian living is not telling lies on a neighbor, or relative, but reaching out to them in Christian love. Christian living is not being bitter toward others, but kindhearted and forgiving. Christian living is not condemning what you don't understand about someone else, but giving good advice while pointing others to the truth of Jesus Christ. What is Christian living? Simply accepting Jesus as Savior, then knowing what you believe and why you believe it. Faith is the key to Christian living. To live by faith is how we learn to take God at His Word.

Someone once asked me, "Why do some people say they're living by faith but don't show it?" I told them, "It wasn't because of a lack of faith, because faith never lacks. It's because people sometimes won't exercise their faith by living a Christ-centered life." Christian living can and does make all the difference. It's also the truth. Are we, or are we not living a Christian life? God already knows.


Love And Truth

It is a comforting fact knowing that God is able to help us overcome the problems we sometimes must face. I heard a friend say recently, "The things which bring us together are more important than things which try and tear us apart." The love of Jesus can draw people closer together by receiving the love of God. When someone rejects such truth they become torn apart by sin. Jesus offers to anyone who accepts Him as Savior the peace which passeth all understanding. After receiving this peace, it's then we learn how to love one another while taking God at His Word.

At times we may be fought against, or persecuted in our faith; however, as Christians we must continue doing the will of God regardless of what others may say about us. Jesus died for our sins so that we can be eternally saved from torment. Now let's keep doing all we can while reaching out to others in love and truth.


Being Made Free

Either a person is for God, or against Him - seeking truth, or rejecting God's Word. Jesus said, "If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" (Matthew 6: 23). There are no games when it comes to the truth. The truth can and will make you free through Christ Jesus. By turning away from God's goodness and mercy, a person becomes consumed by their own sinful ways and evil habits.

Jesus is the sacrifice for our sins and by accepting Him as Savior, we then can learn how to worship God in Spirit and truth. Life is such a blessing knowing that we can have fellowship with our Creator! If you have not put your trust in Jesus, do it now, tomorrow could be too late! This thought: "The only way to give peace a chance is by accepting the peace you have been offered through Christ Jesus."


Help From Above

Many times we have heard folks say, "I can't do this, or that!" Like a friend told me recently, "By saying you can't do something - chances are you won't!" The real question is this: "What would the Lord have me to do?" With help from above there's always a way to achieve the best in this life. By having true faith and determination, we can accomplish most anything we set our minds and hearts on doing. Also, as we give God the praise for allowing us the Grace to do our best - it's then we will be able to help others by pointing them to Jesus Christ.

When we allow our lives to count for God, then we are able to continue setting and reaching the right goals. Only God can show us how! Have you put your trust in Jesus already? If you have, then keep pressing on! If you haven't - I invite you to ask God to forgive you of sin, and let Jesus into your life to stay. Amen.


Cloak of Life

Most of us have heard the Bible story of Joseph receiving a cloak of many colors. The cloak was a gift and being saved is also a gift by putting our trust in Jesus Christ. Have you received this gift of love into your life? We are aware that Joseph's cloak was in one piece while being knitted together by different colors. But in God's sight we are all knitted together through His love. To die without Jesus, it's then a soul would be engulfed by the cloak of destruction.

This is why as human beings we are not to put ourselves above one another because Jesus died for us all. To put someone down as a result of the color of their skin or any other reason would be to bring judgment upon your eternal soul! (Romans 13:12 says - The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.)


Wedding Invitation

In spring of 1986, I was blessed to do a wedding, which seemed to be unusual at the time, but afterwards, I was able to better understand the message within this event.

{The wedding was done one Spring eve, next to a pear tree in full bloom, at sunset in a shower of rain.}


The wedding represents the relationship we have in Christ as two becomes one! The shower of rain is the abundant life for being faithful to Godís Word. And the pear tree in full bloom points to how fruitful our lives can become while telling others about the good news of Jesus. The sunset is Godís promise of eternal life in Heaven after leaving this Old World.

What a Wedding and what a Wonderful Savior!


Love Gives Life

Are you touched by love? As a Christian it is much easier to love others than it is to argue and fight. Many songs and poems have been and will be written about love. Then what is love, you may ask? The Bible teaches, "God is love." (John, Chapter 15, verse 13 Jesus said, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.") Yes, Jesus died for our sins and was raised so that we can continue in His perfect love.

I have learned that it is better to grow in Christ-like love, than it is to be controlled by lust and vanity! People that retain jealousy and hate within their hearts toward one another are destroying themselves from within! Such evil leads to pain and torment, bitterness and death! Love gives life and peace, along with truth and joy. True Love rejects evil and corruption! Christ-like love also offers and receives forgiveness through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Love is the solution to each and every problem on this Earth!


Making Plans

 A person that has a plan also has a direction. When Jesus is at the center of your life then such plans also have a purpose. To leave Jesus out of your plans would be no plan at all. A person may even achieve all they set out to do; however, to turn your back on Jesus Christ would lead to ultimate failure.

The high calling of God in Christ Jesus is to repent of sin and live a Christ-centered life. Remember: God's plan is to save people - not condemn us. Otherwise, the choice is left up to each individual which direction they will go. To make the wrong choice would be the saddest mistake a person could make. God did not leave us out of His plans, so let's do what we should by putting Jesus at the center of our plans!


Aim For Truth

I once observed a friend trying to launch a toy missile from his back yard. He warned that the missile might not be properly balanced, so be on guard which way it might go. Suddenly, 3-2-1 blast off! The missile went left and right, over and over until finally it fizzled out. What an amazing lesson in life I learned from this experience.

People sometimes are so unbalanced spiritually they end up losing direction which way they should go. Some of them never get off the launching pad and when they do - it's over and over, up and down: Saying much while accomplishing little! Does your spiritual-life have direction, or does it seem you have gotten your priorities out of line and your life has become like a misguided missile? Don't fizzle out on a life of sin. Set your aims on the truth and let Jesus give you direction; then you will be able to blast off into a life of true Christ-like love, joy and peace, forevermore!


Show Them How

Are you trying to search for what others may be doing wrong or do you try and correct your own mistakes first? To just point at someone else's faults and not correct your own is doing harm to yourself. When we seek the right help for our own life it's then we can better help others.

In most cases when a person comes to you talking bad about someone else, they'll do the same to you behind your back. Now that we have identified a serious problem, let's talk about what can be done to solve it.

I read a thought once, which said, "Don't just wait for others to be friendly - show them how." Jesus taught us how to love one another the way we should. This is not to say we'll always agree: however, the point here is - God sent not His Son to condemn the world, but to save those that will ask to be forgiven of sin. Now that Jesus is willing to forgive us, let's be more kindhearted and forgiving toward one another.


Spiritual Inventory

The same time the old year ends - a new one begins. This could also relate to our spiritual life. When it seems we can't handle it any more, it could be we're just getting started. Hard facts, but true. In other words: Are you facing up to your trials, or do you try and avoid them just thinking they will take care of themselves? I once wrote, "When you turn your back on a problem - then you create another one."

Either we're seeking the right help, or it could be we're causing our own trials. To cause your own trials is to suffer unnecessary harm for rejecting God's Word. When we suffer for doing God's will, then we have the right to rejoice through such persecution and tribulation. In this New Year, I pray we don't have many trials, but if we do - let's depend on Jesus to teach us how to overcome them.


Christian Friendship

(Friend or foe - which way will you go?)

Recently I experienced a very busy day when it seemed many things did not go as planned. After searching and praying, I continued to consider the circumstances to determine what all had happened. Hoping no harm had been done, I depended on Jesus for help so that I could better understand what might have gone wrong!

What happened, you may ask? In a way it seemed much of it was just in my head, so, I decided to relax for a moment in hopes this would help me to better determine what to do next.

After resting my mind and body, I then talked with those that may have been offended in some way at what was done. Much to my surprise, thank the Lord, I found no one had taken me wrong. Again it was obvious, I was only doing my best before all of this occurred: but when it was all over - this is what I have learned:

{If someone you care about is truly your friend, they will let you know if you have done them wrong. From there the key to Christian friendship is working things out in kindness rather than becoming resentful and bitter toward each other!}

No wonder Jesus said: "Let not your heart be troubled.."


Blessings and Rewards

My Granddaddy "Dave" once wrote, "Mankind often underestimates their true values." Now it's obvious some people do know their true values: but, there are others that just won't accept their purpose in life. Everything we do really matters, especially when it comes to accepting Jesus as Savior. To not prepare to meet your "Maker" would be a direct violation of truth and spiritual understanding. Gravity is a powerful force and to stand in its way could cause awesome destruction! On the other hand: gravity is a useful force, as well as one of God's laws of nature. The point is - life can both be what we make of it and how we use it!

What about spiritual truth! Not only has God put the laws of physics into motion, but he also created and rules over His Creation. Out of all this, Satan, along with his fallen angels - and sad to say, even some people are refusing to give Glory to God. Why? Because of free will! Therefore, whether a person praises God, or reject Him, the spiritual forces in Creation are made to do one or the other; save or destroy, reward or punish - depending on how you choose. Do you know your true values in life? Then keep praising God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.


Christmas Prayer

On Christmas Day - a child bowed his head and prayed this prayer: "0 Lord because you are our Savior - let us not forget that you are the reason for the season. Help people everywhere, whether lonesome or cold, rich or poor - regardless of their situation. Let them know you care and because you gave your precious life for us, we can go on rejoicing in your love year round.

Jesus, there may be some in prison, or on the streets. There may be others in Hospitals or serving our Country - which were not able to go home for Christmas. Be with them and let your love and peace fill their hearts with Christmas Joy. Lord teach us to trust you always so that we can learn more about the true meaning of why you came. Again -0 Lord - I give you thanks for what you have already given to us. And now let our gifts be to you, a heart of compassion, and a life of Christian friendship. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen!"


Christmas Is Always

After hearing a Christmas carol, a little child returned home to ask his parents about the true meaning of Christmas. The parents tried to avoid the conversation until the child became even more curious. "Daddy! Mama! Please tell me about the wise men, the shepherds and Jesus in a manger." His parents immediately started crying because they had never told their child about Jesus. After repenting of sin, the parents then began to teach their precious child about the true meaning of Christmas.

Many grown-ups today are hid behind their own make-believe mask, while caught up in silly fads! Such behavior is unacceptable, because it centers on the foolish, rather than the spiritual. Little children are hungry to hear about the Gospel and it's our responsibility to teach them. To not do so is inviting disaster into your own life. Many parents have robbed their children of Christmas by not telling them about Jesus. Let's enjoy the Christmas season by giving and receiving gifts, but let's do so by thanking God for the greatest gift of all - His Son, Jesus Christ! Amen!


Living For Jesus

After being at church the other night, a Christian friend talked about a recent trip his group went on to Africa. He rejoiced while telling about how they led many souls to Jesus. Isn't that great seeing there are such people in our community that are willing to give of themselves in such a way! This reminds me of how we all need to live for Jesus each and every day.

Spreading the Gospel is our primary goal in reaching the lost. This can and will be accomplished, depending on how we live and witness at home, work, school, or wherever we go. Sad to say, not everyone is doing his or her part. Many people are so satisfied in their sins that they refuse to slow down long enough to realize the danger their souls are in! The truth is always the truth, and when we take God at His Word, it's then we are able to be better witnesses for Christ Jesus. Are you letting Jesus have His way in your life?


Love Is Real

Does the love of Jesus light up your life? Love is real and it is the supreme purpose of our existence. This thought, "Life is within itself all things beautiful and without it, there would be no love." Then what is love? Love is growing, love is glowing, love is flowing, and love is showing: Love is also enduring! And above all, love is eternal Ė because, God is love!

The way to show Christ-like love to others is by reaching out a helping hand to them. To just go around and point your finger at someone while just gossiping causes only bitterness and hatred. Such a condition could lead to becoming hard-hearted, along with rebelliousness. By trusting in Jesus we learn that in order to love God we also must love others around us: Including every race and nationality. If you have God's love in your heart then Jesus wants us to witness His truth to everyone we can!


Escape From Vanity

Vanity is depending on self and not Jesus - on the material, rather than the eternal. Lying, cheating and stealing is vanity. Vanity is like locking yourself in a steel vault while becoming consumed by death and hell. Vanity' rejects the truth rather than receives it: Vanity empties and cannot fill - it destroys and cannot heal, unless a person turns from vanity and asks Jesus for forgiveness. Vanity is like a mirror that is shattered. Truth is picking up the shattered pieces of our lives and turning everything over to Jesus. Only Jesus can put our lives back together again. It's up to us to allow the Word of God, through the Holy Spirit to purge us of our own earthly vanity and give us love and beauty in return!


All is vanity that we try and put before Jesus. Vanity is putting our provi-sions before the truth. Truth is putting Jesus before our provisions. False religions, lustful pleasure, and any other harm we let get into our body, or soul is vanity! The soul is eternal - so let's escape from vanity, and allow Jesus to continue and bless us with His love, joy and peace.


The Greatest Truth

Because our God was willing to give His Son for our sins this is the greatest truth in life itself! I am so thankful God saw our need. Now, by trusting in Jesus we can have fellowship with our Creator. Isn't it wonderful to be able to wake up each morning knowing that God loves us and will go with us throughout the day to watch over us! Then it's no wonder now why God wants us to love others, because of how much he loved us by giving us His Son, Jesus Christ.


Then you may wonder: How can we truly love our enemies? Well, itís like my aunt described it: "We love our enemies for what they can be by accepting Jesus as their Savior - not for their evil ways." As Christians, we are to reach out to lost sinners in hopes they will see their urgent need to be saved! It is my prayer that as children of God we will be more concerned in pointing people to Jesus, rather than criticizing them.


Attention Please

What causes worry? Hate causes people to worry because they reject the love of Jesus. Failure causes some people to worry because they're afraid to try and succeed. Money causes some people to worry because they spend more than they earn. Bad habits cause people to worry because they never try to overcome such habits. Pain causes some people to worry because they never try and seek the right cure. Bad dreams cause some people to worry because they won't concentrate on the truth. Find out what causes you to worry and get help: Then you can go on living and rejoicing rather that worrying and complaining!


The Bible says, "Perfect love casteth out fear." Remember, to overcome worry we must be willing to follow the truth! A preacher once said: "You find your identity not by what you keep your mind on, but by what you can't keep your mind off of." When we can't take our minds off of the truth, it's then we learn how to overcome worry and doubt.


Jesus Cares

The Word of God teaches us clearly why Jesus died on the cross and was raised on the third day. What isn't talked about so much is the Revelation knowledge of Jesus! Such power and beauty is described in the Word:

Revelation, Chapter 3, "Jesus is the first' and last, the faithful and true Witness the beginning of the creation of God." Revelation, Chapter 19

Describes Jesus as - "The King of Kings and Lord of Lords."

A Preacher recently made this comment during a worship service, "God has His foot prints in the sea and His head rises above the storms." We are so blessed to have such a caring God. Remember, the Bible says, "With God all things are possible." Take Jesus with you always and don't go anywhere without Him. You'll be glad you did!


Table Of Life

The other day while reading the newspaper, I noticed in the recipe section a statement: "What's the use of a pretty table if there's nothing on it?" Now, let's consider this the table of life. Does your spiritual table offer the milk and meat of God's Word? Do you offer to those around you that are hurting the soup of Christian Friendship? Upon your table of life do you have the fruits of the Spirit? (Galatians 5, verse 22) "Love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance."


Don't forget, "What's the use of a pretty table if there's nothing on it!" Jesus said - "Without Him ye could do nothing:" (John 15, verse 5). There's no better place to be than in God's will. To know how to cook a great meal you must first follow the recipe. Learn the ingredients of God's will in the Bible. Let your Spiritual table be filled with plenty by trusting in Jesus each and every day.


Knowing The Facts

Greeting, Do you have abundant life in Christ Jesus, or do you try and avoid the facts of Eternal life?


Don't be fooled by evil forces and figures! Satan is a liar and is very effective in deceiving people. (I Thessalonians 5, verse 22) The Bible says, "Abstain From All Appearance of Evil." Now I ask - Are you sure if youíre on the right Side of Truth?


Jesus Christ has all power and authority in Heaven and on earth. The love of God is the ruling force over life. Jesus died for our sins and was raised on the third day so that we can be saved. Pray that God will give you the courage and strength to say no to evil and yes to the truth!


Trusting In Jesus

Not everyone is lost! There are those who have already put their trust in Jesus Christ. On the other hand there are those who are in need of salvation this very moment!


Just as we need a doctor to treat our physical condition, we are also in need of a Savior to save our eternal soul. Sin has broken our relationship with God. The Blood of Jesus is the sacrifice for our sins.


By accepting Jesus as your Savior, you become born-again of the Spirit, and are brought back into a right relationship with God. Have you received this spiritual healing upon your soul? John 3 verse 16 - Jesus said, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


Love Beyond Measure

This message is about a sweet little baby boy born in a certain little town. Although not always understood, as he grew older he spoke the truth about life. Sad to say he was not accepted in his own hometown, however, he kept doing all he could to help others.

As he grew older a group of citizens met together to make plans how they could harm the kind gentleman. They decided to tell lies about him by attempting to make it seem as if he was wrong. Their plot succeeded for a short time. People began to curse at the gentleman. They spat on him and tried to mock his name. Finally, the caring and loving gentleman was even betrayed by a so-called friend. He was despised and rejected. The city, nation and world turned their backs on him when at last they beat him with a whip. Afterwards, they placed thorns in his head, then nailed him to a cross where he suffered and died. But on the third-day he arose from the dead. With his stripes we are healed, (Read Isaiah, Chapter 53) only Jesus can save your soul, if you let him!


Precious Time

All too often it becomes easy to get into a habit of saying, "I don't have time." In some situations this may be the case, but not when it comes to trusting in Jesus. The sad point here is - many are just putting off salvation.

Every second we experience is important and what matters also is how we use the time God has given us. Putting off and making excuses for not taking time to receive the right help is no excuse to not get saved. Neither does complaining and feeling sorry for yourself achieve a single thing!

It all goes back to this, "What and who are we living for?" When someone lives for selfish desires then it's obvious they won't take the time to show others how much they care. There will be no excuses on judgment day. Either you have already taken the time to call on Jesus to save your soul, or you may need to make that decision now! God really cares and wants each of us to keep depending upon Him, regardless of our circumstances. Jesus gives His time to us every day: Now let's continue to give Him our time.


Success In Life

In order to achieve something in this life you must set the right goals. Many times there are those that will do almost anything to get what they want, even if it means hurting others. This is not the right way to succeed. Matter of fact, you may reach your goal, however, you still become a failure when you hurt others along the way.

All the success in this life isn't worth anything when you go about it the wrong way. God's way is always the right way and when you seek His way you learn how not to do yourself, nor anyone else any harm.

Jesus said: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6, verse 33). Yes, life is worth it all when you put Jesus first by repenting of your sins! Being a peacemaker is the key to enjoying what you work for and achieve in this world. Not only that: But by putting your trust in Jesus, it will follow you right on up into Heaven! Are you a peace-breaker, or a peacemaker?


Jesus Is Able

What is your greatest source of strength? This thought I wrote, "Love encourages the strongest and gives strength to the weakest." Yes, true Christ-like love is our greatest source of strength! When we seek God's way, it's then we find the courage we need to be strong!

Even in our weakest moments it's important to keep in mind that our God is always in control! Remember also: It is up to us as individuals to trust in Jesus - others can't do it for you. Even in times of trouble we must do whatever is possible to reach out to one another, but we can only overcome by depending on Jesus to give us the strength we need to carry on!

Regardless of how difficult life may seem at times, God has the Grace to see us through. God wants us to have joy and peace: However, when we do face trials, be assured that Jesus is willing to go through it with us so that we can find comfort and help in time of need. (Philippians 4, verse 13) I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Peace Be With You

In the name of Jesus, whatever our plans are each and everyday, we need to stay strong in true faith while learning how to overcome struggles. Yes, when faced with a difficult decision, victory can happen any second by turning from sin while praying for guidance and strength from the Lord. Remember: never give up when faced with a trial! Get the help needed physically and spiritually, then according to the Bible, the God of peace shall be with you.


Fruitful Living

Jesus said: "By their fruits ye shall know them" And the way we become more fruitful spiritually is by growing in Christian faith while applying the Word of God to our actions. Afterwards, rather than being a part of the problem, we can be a part of the solution. To do this would also be to help others. Yes, because Jesus died and rose again, now we can be forgiven of sin! Those that haven't put their trust in Jesus can do so right now. Time is precious and God loves us beyond measure, so let's live daily by trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior.


The Right Source

Recently, I was made aware of someone faced with a trial! The situation became so difficult that the person was about to give up. While trying to stay calm they went to where help was available and after enduring a little longer, the problem was solved. What do we learn from this? Don't give up when faced with a trial, but give into true faith rather than fear! When we seek the right solution itís then we find help and strength in times of need. Jesus understands our circumstances and according to God's Word we can overcome struggles by getting the help we need spiritually. Then comes the Victory!


Right Direction

The control tower radioed and asked a pilot, "Which way are you

Headed?" "Not very sure!" the pilot replied. The control tower then

Warned the pilot that he was headed into restricted airspace:

Either Plot a new course or land his plane immediately!

Are you unsure which way your life is headed? If so - then plot the right course by redirecting your life toward the mercy of God!

Jesus Christ is the right direction and because of this truth,

It's up to us to accept full responsibility for our actions!


Daily Living

True faith with Christ-like love should always be a part of our daily Life!

We all have a special purpose on this Earth and because we are here, it's up to us, as individuals to submit ourselves to God's will through His Holy Word. We may face difficult struggles at times and the Lord said, by His Grace, He would help us bear it. Otherwise, when we truly deny ourselves of sin, itís then God promises to save us spiritually, through His Son, Jesus Christ!


Gift Of Grace

Christ-like love is the right lifestyle when it comes to Truth. Even beyond our pain And persecution, love is worth it all. Truth is our reason for knowing how important life really is because through Christ Jesus we are able to witness God's truth to others!

Life need not be too complicated when we learn to trust in Jesus. Then -What we are not able to do, God according to His Word has a way of Working things out for good. From there we can continue teaching others About the truth of our Savior!

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