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Starfire, Starfire with your love—

Open ye wide, Heaven’s above.

Thunder keys and a mighty roar—

To open now, that Starfire door.

Starfire, Starfire thou art mine—

Beginning and ending, merciful and kind.

Beneath this sky, before the cistern is broke—

Please hand me down a Starfire cloak.

Then take me in with this desire—

Take me up with your Starfire!!!


Echoes Of Life

"Hush, hush,"

Someone to say

Echoes in the night,

As it drifts away.


Silence upon us…

The sun goes around

Echoes of life…

Majestic the sound.


It’s good for the mind

To remember a dream

Asleep in the moonlight,

Afloat in a stream!


" Hush, hush,"

Again they repeat

Deep in the subconscious,

As found in your sleep.


Last Warning

Warning, warning, this is not a drill,

Many are dying, others are so ill.

Look around - know it’s not a game,

Listen, listen, regardless of your name!


The wolf and thief, who is this foe,

Doing their best to hurt others so!

Even in the streets, or in the homes,

All the time spreading such wrong!


Open the envelope, easy as can be,

False advertisement, real as can be!

Look at the news on the front page,

People while crying, some in a rage.


Warning, warning, time will soon end,

Only Jesus Christ can save us from sin!


Forgiveness Of Sin

While living for Jesus,

There’s joy to be found.

Release from your sins,

Which once had us bound.

You receive it so fully,

When not holding back.

Cast your cares on the Lord,

Then learn the right facts.

Worry and heartaches…

Without assurance of mind!

When turning from truth,

Your soul becomes blind.

Jesus has told us,

Peace He gives to you.

Accept it very gladly,

God's love is so true!


First and Last

To write this book in words to all,

In love so true - on Christ to call!

Parents, Brothers, Sisters, and Friends,

To all my neighbors in other lands!


For in this life so thankfully,

Given by God and then set free!

Knowing our Savior to win the fight.

Christ is Lord - He is the light!


Spread the message to every place

Soon to stand before His face!

Our time on earth is so very dear

Closer is now and quicker is near!


First and last is given this truth

God's own wrath shall be let loose!

Come on in where peace is real,

By His Spirit the Savior will seal!


God Made Us All

Earth is seen from where we stand…

Large blue object with rocks and sand!

Oceans and mountains, day and night

Into the sky so clear and bright!


Stars that glitter, way up high…

Suns and planets and birds that fly!

Hearts that beat, rivers and streams

The Earth is blessed with many things.


Children and flowers - this we know

Weather can offer us rain or snow.

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall,

And a God of love that made us all.



When you study what here is spoken

God can mend what once was broken!

We live our life in a caring way...

Thank you Lord for this new day!


Jesus My Savior

To praise my dear Savior

He knows this of me!

Come in my child

Come in to stay!


Within God's kingdom

The water so pure!

It fills your spirit…

And refreshes for sure!


Sounds of sweet singing

Where we can rejoice!

Within His sweet presence

And a Word from His voice!


Glad we can say it

Sing with me too!

Jesus my Savior…

Our praise is for you!


Seeking The Way

Across the valley - echoes to fly…

Growing in Grace a man to ask why?

Searching within a way to do right

Hoping for others to find the light!


Friends to visit and stay for long

Glad they came to hear this song!

Paying attention without any fear

Step by step - the Lord is there.


Joy so real for those who pray…

Closer we get to that brighter day!

Daily while seeking - because of this

My Savior is with me - this is no risk!


Let us tell others with love inside..

God is able and He shall provide.

Aware of each poem written to be…

Nineteen eighty-one Jesus set me free!


Kill The War

Aloud, Aloud, A battle cry

Sounds of cannons by and by!

Troops now coming to and fro

At last, At last, where did they go?

Enemy hiding in the dark

Warn the others of his mark!

Teach the children, help your wife

Tell the prisoners no more strife!

On and on the battle rage…

Thunder, lightning, then a blaze!

Bodies hiding in the night…

Souls cry out, "Now stop this fight!"

Heroes wounded while fighting best

Stop the killing and help the rest!

My friend is calling, another reply

Stay on guard or else you’ll die!

While looking up to see a face

A voice to speak, "leave this place."

Into his chest while off his feet,

Another soldier falls into sleep.

One last word before he’s gone

"Kill the war and take me home!"


Born Again Soldier

Many are warned across the town

Violence forces are all around!

A soldier will cry, beware you all

God has given us each a call.


Born-again soldier upon the shore

To suffer for love against the roar!

Within your body to feel the pain,

Your labor for sure is not in vain!


Once entering into eternal rest…

God will reward for doing our best!

Before we depart, those who care

Wherever you go the Lord is there!



As we look into the skies,

By my side, even if you cry.

To pray my Lord for sure to be

Take me now, oh heavenly!


This to say for others to know

Smile for me - and then to go.

Gently now with nothing to hide

This rest for me is no surprise.


Another Shore

To look afar and through a door

A perfect place on that new shore.

A pillar poured of gold and glass

Foundation firm forever to last!


The brightness of a city high

New Jerusalem, up in the sky.

No darkness known, or pain to feel

Within that city - eternal and real!


The Lamb’s Return

Behold the day the angels come…

A cloud appears they cannot run!

Behold the day when fire rains down

Bodies then fall upon the ground!


Behold the day you look above

The moon becomes a sea of blood!

Behold the day the mountains fall

You speak aloud, but do not call.


Behold the day the enemy dies…

Lightning to stream across the sky!

Behold the day it will appear…

On each of those who did not care!


Behold the day, the very end…

When the wrath of God destroys all sin.

Behold that day the door then slams…

Behold that day, here comes the lamb!


Study God’s Word

To met an eternal King and say

Help me Jesus your Word to obey!

For this is true whatever we sow

All that we do forever will show!


Hear this message the willing ones

Within God’s sight, you cannot run!

Bow you heads and sincerely say

With Jesus my Lord forever to be!


Then let no harm into your soul…

Turn from sin - humble and bold!

Open you spirit and from the heart

Live by faith and do your part!


Keep a mind free from strife

Receive the gift of eternal life.

All by Grace live each day…

Take the time for others to pray!



Renew Yourself

When autumn breeze to fill the sky

Our mortal body waits to die.

Then the many hearts that cry

Oh God, please tell me why?


Soon to be at solemn rest…

We touch the earth to endure the test.

And it’s then, we’ve done our best

Now Mother Nature to open her chest!


This awesome force, that is to be

Don’t take my soul away from me.

What is it that we cannot see…

To seek more answers day by day.


With all this power that is to come

Teach me more to be like your Son.

For Christ we know He is the one…

Bring us together, God’s will be done.


Chapter 11

 Yes Sir, Captain

He came to town one day, a heart so touched by love—

Then the woodman said, "Elijah looks above."

God direct me in my searching, a place I can reside—

I thank the Lord for giving, Elijah hope inside.

The path of life has lead to where he is today—

Elijah keeps on saying, "Jesus leads my way."

Known by many people, so many I cannot say—

They know who they are, but also known by me.

A bag to give of sweetness, while filled with peace inside—

Elijah shared his kindness and never tried to hide.

"Yes sir captain, I know who is that child"

Elijah always laughing…

They came from miles and miles.

Then one day it came, in maybe ’62—

His calendar on the wall gave to me this clue.

Elijah has moved on into another town—

Always happy and rejoicing, no matter where he’s found.


Everyday Life

I don’t want to be just a number

Written all over the place.

I just want to be me and have my own face.

I don’t want to be put in any uncertain frame—

I just want to be me and have my own name.

I don’t want to do anything, never out of wrong—

I just want to do right and keep on singing my song.

Then when I’ve done my best in all I say and do—

I can keep doing more to help the others too.


Lord Here am I, Send Me

Where am I at now, going or been—

I’m searching out reasons, Lord hold me in hand.

While testing the spirits, who are my friends—

So I’m asking, Lord who will you send?

Here am I Lord, here am I, what must I do now—

Lord here am I.

Where there is vision, God help me to find—

The questions, while asking, a reason a rhyme.

Today as my heartbeats: I know it’s made strong—

My mind is awakened, Lord keep me from wrong.

The impulse of my feelings draws closer to God’s love—

Deep in my soul, now I’m looking above.

Closer and closer, while learning what’s right—

There He is waiting, now standing in light.

I am free, at last I am free—

Thank you Lord Jesus, at last I am free.

"If I could go now" Isaiah once said—

"Here am I, send me Lord," Isaiah then was lead.

Lord, where am I at now, going or been—

Today I have found it, on your Word I do stand.

Here am I Lord, Here am I, what must I do now—

Lord here I am, send me.


Sing Together

Give me a word, to speak to a crowd—

Sing us a song - sing it out loud.

Show me a dance, graceful and pure—

Quote me a verse, to reassure.

Read me a book, short or long—

Telling it right, not hiding its tone.

Sharing in kindness, so we can relate—

For us to enjoy keeping it straight.


Unto Thee O Lord

Dear Father in Heaven, O Lord I pray,

Strengthen my life in every way.

When I sleep and when I rise,

Protect me from their evil disguise.

Teach me always, whether I’m weak or strong,

Turn my troubles into a song.

Where I fail, do pick me up,

Let me drink from your loving cup.

Lead me in the righteous path,

Keep me in your will, I ask – Amen.


Chapter II1

Thoughts To Teach

 I watched and I wondered as I continue to care—

Given to one, for others the share – love.


A solemn promise, the lover’s request.


Some hate those who love, but love destroys hate.


Ah, at last I say – 'Tis the morning of another day.

Come with me, come my love, walk with me at will.

I’ll say so true, pray for you and comfort you when ill.


I’ll say to you with no regrets—

Those times of lasting sigh.

Deep inside I know 'tis true—

Love cannot subside.


Love is a conscious awareness of one’s self and the desire to help others.


A rose for my love—

My love is a rose.


Love encourages the strongest and gives strength to the weakest.


In my heart I know you are—

By my side in every hour.

To the sinner who won’t repent from wrong—

At death, the only flower.


A new dawn is nearing.


Only one side will win—

But the right side never loses.


To understand and not explain—

A friend indeed I will.

Talk with you just the same—

And ask you how you feel.


Too much of not enough is too little of what is needed.


The old house is solid—

When not beaten by the rain.

A tender heart is just as strong—

When treated as the same.


This is the day, just say you can—

No matter how hard the savior is at hand.


Good thoughts flow upward—

As the sea goes inward.


The silence is broken by a hungry, bleeding tongue.


Love is an endless road.


Within your minds and beyond this earth

Within these galaxies and universe!

Come along my friends, I say once more

Search your heart and unlock the door.


You are defeating yourself

When you try to hurt others.


A big mouth swallows itself.


It’s a short distance to nowhere.


Much advice is given—

But not always is it being followed

By the ones who are giving it.


To steal is to take more from yourself

While robbing, less from others.


Don’t overload your mind

When it’s all in your head.


Calendar Clock

January we say to February’s dream—

We’re looking for March, but April we mean.

May I go with you, as June will reply—

July is now August, September to cry.

October be with us, November has come.

December is back and a year is gone.


Good is telling you to do better—

While bad just keeps getting worse.


We may know others, but may not know ourselves.


Situation, you are being lead into a trap—

Solution, avoid the situation.


Embarrassment sees itself even—

While trying to hide others.


The best you can do is keep trying to do better.


To hold a rose, you must first feel the thorns.


When the heart stops beating, the body begins its rest—

And the mind leaves behind what the soul carries on.


Search for the light and find your reason.


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