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Hidden within the mind there you will find the images of the heart and soul.

Out of these images comes:

My First book:

I have enjoyed bringing forth to you my very first works.

If you benefit from this book then my work for you is completed

At the same time it has just begun.


Chapter 1


While trying to be a poet on earth,

I learn our real message is about Heaven.

And soon as I bow down before the pearly gates,

I shall reveal my greatest works:

Unto me this homecoming day,

The day of peace - Oh Lord I pray.

Into your Spirit my final rest…

This poet has found my home at last!



As I look toward yonder hill…

Grass of Green - there's daffodils.

Roads of stone stretching miles,

Sea of gladness visions wild!

Onward now, a journey new:

Distant drums while calling you!

Deep sensations search for Home…

Following paths through life's unknown.

Traveling times both near and far,

Awaken now, heaven you are.

Streets of gold and water pure-

Distant drums now cease their roar.



The world around us is not right in a way -

Because the people within it do not live day by day!

This world we people live in it's hard to dig…

Because so very many are living somewhat like a pig.

Wallowing in gossip and things that are untrue:

If you think of it, this affects not just me but you!

Each person on earth known as human beings

Believe it is possible to say you never sinned.

If this be true, then you all would understand…

That everyone in this world would be your friend.

But being like this is impossible as you see,

Because of a thing called greed and jealousy!

However, as people, what are we to do:

Whatever is right and be caring and true!

Then live our own lives and be happy in this way

And hope other people will hear what you say.

My message is this and truth will stand behind:

This is not my type world regardless of time!

But because my work has just begun-

Look at me as a person, or one of your sons.

Born into this world trying to grow to be a man,

To wait for death, and go back to sand.

Then enter my eternal home in Heaven above:

Thank you for listening as we walk in God's love!



Vibrations unlimited, sensations all around -

To see, hear and feel:

Life after death is like a developing cloud!

The world is so big, let us walk in the sky:

Look over the horizon and ask yourself - why?

The flowers, the bees, and birds up above:

People relating to people - subjects of love.

 Visions of who you are - how can this be!

Is there no return?

Illusions of what could be - Is there no end?

As we avoid the darkness, God - give us more light!



Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could see,

That the greatest person to try to be -

Is yourself and always believe:

That it is impossible to be someone you can't conceive.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were no killings

And every disease had a way of healing.

There were no pain, sorrow or fears

And a way to dry all saddened tears.

Wouldn't it be nice if all people could love:

And appreciate the things that were sent from above.

Honor, care, cherish and obey - our father and mother

And respect what they say.

Wouldn't it be nice if the world could be changed -

And do away with all violent things.

Be so that with the next sunrise: No one in the world would have to hide.

Maybe the way for now it shall be…

And the caring folks of the world

Are here to help others see!


(Awaken From Tomorrow)

Woe unto the fields of mediocrity

Twilight’s distant gleam…

A journey into righteousness

Life is a flowing stream.

Feelings within the subconscious,

Against the spirit unknown:

Searching now you’re searching.

Sensations very strong!

Hope and dreams so it seems the ways we all survive.

Imaginations beyond our own – we run but cannot hide!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I know not of that day.

Yesterday is in the past –

Today, today, today!



Yonder there an evil lies -

We must see right through its eyes!

Or could it be a darkened mind:

Another truth you cannot find.

As we learn what the answers are –

Continue to search near and far!

Or is it now you can't conceive:

Then unto you who do believe!

A picture now will soon appear,

Look again as it becomes clear.

Then you realize what is right…

Pride and hate is destroyed by light!

This message is given with a plan…

It's now your turn to take a stand!


(Note: This is the first poem written by Donald F. Dixon

About his granddaddy and friend.)


One day on earth a man was born

And like every man His mind was unworn.

He worked toward a gold he hoped to reach;

However, his love was always here to keep.

While upon this earth he worked so hard.

But alive or dead – he will never be ignored.

While at work he did his part.

But most of all his children were closer to his heart.

Dave went through times we don’t understand.

But there was never a time he was unproven a man!

At one time he thought he lost all he had:

As he watched his loved ones burn in a school, so sad.

Year after year he would mourn this loss:

To Dave there was hope because the Lord would see him off.

It wasn’t until that fiftieth year –

As God was seen there to wipe each tear.

While Dave paid respect at the School Fire grave –

God commended him for the accomplishment he had made.

But never by anyone must I say –

That Dave gave up till his dying day!

The proof of that is here to stay.

Because he stood on one leg his very last day.

However, one day after threescore and ten.

God reached out and took Dave in!


(Be Real)

I am a man, a hopeful and peaceful man,

While trusting God without delay!

I am a man, One prayerful and caring,

Whose thoughts are written every day!


Now if you are your man…Please try to understand,

The way it is, the way it often shall be.

Live out your day in a most righteous way:

And get down on your knees to pray!

I know sometimes - I seem out of rhyme:

But to keep my faith I will find -

To survive I must abide,

And in every way

Believe more in truth each day!



Never disparage yourself - for you are a special person in this world.

Escape from violence for love is the answer.

Be humble and you will continue to progress

And help others to see and understand their reason for being.

Salvation is at your feet if only you open your eyes;

Afterwards you will experience serenity:

The world around you will then be more open.


Don't let your life be like a calamity - enjoy your dreams.

Follow not someone else's trend -

Have your own and let them follow yours.

Be young at heart - be yourself always and stay happy!

Be considerate and love others…

And give others reason for loving you.

Stand firm and sure of what is said!

Discipline your psychological reactions

And spare yourself physically.

Forgive others, as you too may need to be forgiven.

Turn on the light of freedom and happiness

And you will never, never again be mystified by your surroundings:

As thereafter, you can truly say:

I have reached for the other side.

Great expectations surely will follow!



After watching the news of the world today-

High unemployment and too little pay.

People without food, taxes are too high

And everyone is looking around asking why?

There are kidnappings, killings, hi-jacking and rape-

Why can't these things stop before it is too late?

What can the people do and how can these things be solved-

If only everyone could get together and become more involved!

There's too many good things in the world today

For people to worry about too little pay.

God, forgive the people which are greedy for just wealth,

And God please help the people who ask for good health.

Now let us be thankful to be an American and live and show

How glad we are to live in this country and grow.

To see and appreciate everything we learn

About the good things of the world;

And be thankful for what we earn.

And remember our motto, which is a must:

"With liberty for all" and "in God we trust."


(Getting Better)

Life to me is everyday a new beginning

And at times a desperate struggle to survive.

To be and to grow I confess there is that need.

If I hurt you, I did not mean to,

And if there be another time we are together,

Then I am happy!

Sometimes it becomes easy for me to need

And I hope to not ever make it hard on anyone else.

I will always keep trying to better our relationship.



Everything stands in silence while gathering my thoughts during a moment of meditation.

Now while projecting into speculation, my subconscious obsessions shall be envisioned.

Many thoughts are passing and while attempting to inject into mystery???

My previous sufferings will surely assist me in overcoming new hardships.

Now while returning from that radiant pause,

It is time to awaken to the findings of another truth

Then smile in the face of its glory.


Be Not Deceived

'Tis what the mind can't perceive,

'Tis what the mind can't be!

Open thy eyes to that which is not, but is.

Judge not who he or she is,

Just live and let be!

Lonely not is the Seven Seas without thee,

For what some calls "nay" can live on.

Give all a chance even in doubt

And ignore not what may be.

For 'tis those that imagine what is not

That ends up not believing what is!



Winds over the horizon blowing violently across the desert -

For everything there is a purpose!

  Rains sadly washing away the foundation for which we exist!

 Please God - give me a sign to reverse my thoughts,

or, is it my inconsistent mind that eliminates my understanding

Of such violent occurrences!

 Resistance sometimes so weak, It's hard to understand that

Reality creates everyday situations!

 Once blinded - now to open my eyes to the true reason

For why all things do happen:

 Then realizing - for everything there is a purpose!

 After doing so, you also learn your mind does possess spiritual knowledge,

As your thoughts become a part of the universe and all that surrounds.

You then begin looking toward the sky!


Chapter 11

(My Very Own Thoughts)


 You can act intelligent and think

Someone is ignorance, Or use common

Sense and know the difference.


The most incredible journey you could go on is life.


Jesus died for us . . . what have you done for him?


I gave away all that had

And now have

All that I need - -The Truth!


As reality slips into a dream, A dream then becomes reality.


Life is a shelter for all things.


Anger is the time when even the sky turns red.


My feeling of an angel is like a butterfly with eyes on its wings!


A head-on collision is caused by not thinking ahead.


If you know who you are you can handle where you're at!


To stall is to fall, to live is to rise.


If a secret is known by anyone other than yourself, Then it is no longer a secret.


Getting to the facts in a roundabout way is just working your way through a lie.


Even though I can’t speak to you now…

One day you will hear what I am saying.


Give me red, yellow, black or white –

And I will build you a rainbow.


Begin your work now – You have all your life to complete it.


Some people are like faucets – They leak.

Beware of leaky faucets.


After you have stepped on me – Then you are welcomed to step into me.


Honesty is our greatest reward.


The truth is said – a lie is spread.


I can mean much to anyone, But nothing to gossip.


Gossip recognizes evil

Where good is seldom seen.


For every armor raised there lies the remains of a soldier.


The least you do bad is the most you do good.


The higher the waves, the better the surf!


Rock my boat for I can swim.


Execute caution in every possibility.


Even Rover won’t roll over unless you tell him to.


If you look at me write,

Then you may see me wrong.

But if you look at me wrong, You will surely see me write!


Starving the truth will surely feed a lie.


Sometimes you may hurt – But we must keep on trying to be happy.


Better it is to overcome a problem first before someone else tells you what it is.


Life is like a chess game –

Someone is always trying to get your check.


Habit, had-it - No longer the same: Someone warned me, and now the pain!


To have courage one must be able to think, Be careful, Willing to die

And stay strong!


Careful attention is rarely given to the right things.


Self-respect is gone if you think someone owes you something –

We own it to the Lord!


It seems sad that one must die –

But don’t forget that there is a Heaven.


Peace is now – not just a final resting place!


A dream is an unmodified imagination –

Use your imagination and continue to dream.


There are many spices in life – Life and love are the greatest –

For if it were for neither, Neither would it be for us.


Show me a mountain, I will show you a stream.

Offer me a thought and I will tell you my dreams.


I roll and tumble – I twist and then shout!

This can’t be a dream – I’m walking about!


I won’t ever walk away from being who I am - A friend!


Pampers to a baby is like money to man – it reaches from front to rear and controls the flow.


There’s a hero born within most every soul – but most heroes are dead!


Danger is the fear of knowing –

We must also fear the danger of not knowing.


If you try and do not succeed, you still have not failed.


Life is of the greatest expectation and we must give it our greatest!


I look out while seeing in.


My last thought was about you.


Faults are many, but few to see.


You say you have some problems – Then try having more faith!


If you turn your back on a problem – Then you create another one.


Beauty against age – Then age against beauty.


It takes many years to die old – But a second to die young!


If it is within reason, Then it becomes without doubt –

We shall meet soon.


You’re gonna like my company – You!


What is the clock telling us?

"You're nearing the last so don’t be ticked off!"


It becomes so sad those you want to hear the most – often hear the least.


The stars are God’s glitter sprinkled across the universe.


What I am best at is living, and that I can always improve.


One was left repeating, "It can’t be done."

While the other one did it!


Whether I understand you or not – At least you will know I tried to listen.


Color wraps awe around the imagination – It takes away from the darkness -

And adds to serenity.


Air is the breath of life – May we inhale its goodness and exhale its mercy.


In real life I have proven to myself, I can imagine to be something I’m really not –

And turn around and be what I want to be.


If the situation gets out of hand – Use your head!


There are two sides to everything – Defend the side you are on,

And keep reaching for the other.


Circumstances seldom spoken of – but often caught in.


You don’t have to be excused for something you didn’t do.


A rock is like a soul – It does not become moved until it is lifted.


Babbling is a spoon for gossip, whereas all things that become collected are consumed.


Life is like a poem – It doesn’t always rhyme, But there’s always a reason.


I made a real change in my life today that also will help others.


The only thing given to us is life – The rest we must achieve.


Beauty to me is when you smile.


Some thing said will never change others – But not to say will never change anything.


Confusion, confusion - just pass it by!


Why go backwards when forward is ahead.


Life is within itself so wonderful and beautiful and without it we would be dead.


The unique spirit is not bottled it is born.


A drunk throws up on himself; A drunkard throws up on others.


We must enjoy what we do have, so that we don’t be discouraged with what we don’t have.


I would like to say one thing to you people before I return. I never left!

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