Living Bread

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Living Bread

The blessings of a happy life…

Those who surely turn from strife!

In the light of what is done…

Bread of Heaven is Jesus the Son!


For all time once you believe…

Salvation is a gift for all to receive.

Take a taste of bread from within

Jesus saves and forgives of sin.


Living bread is a glorious gift…

The Word of God is for us to lift.

Those who trust in Jesus Christ…

Paid in full at such a perfect price!


Living bread is holy and pure…

Power over guilt and very sure!

Richer than any gold reserve…

Good news of Jesus must be heard.


Don't Ignore

My Lord will come in the sky…

Earth to shake as missiles do fly!

The war will end without delay…

Tyrants to fall and they shall pay!


God to rule this entire planet…

Rewards for saints will be granted.

All God's people shall be blessed,

By God's Grace we pass each test.


No one left will be able to ignore,

Receive the Word or out the door!

Those to reject has been told…

They will answer with their soul!


Come my friend, the time to seek

Live in love and always be meek!

Reach the world with Christ-like ways

God has promised His sunlight rays!


Such Ways

So much happened every hour…

Missiles are hitting with such power!

Soldiers are faced with contention

Enemy fire from the opposition!


The fact is - many are warned…

Those who care are often scorned.

Folks who trust in God above…

Giving their best in Christ-like love.


Day by day as we move forth

God is there to set the course!

We are children of the King…

A gift so great - it makes me sing!


Even though we are often opposed

The battle is raging with many foes!

While taking the Word to each city

Many to reject - and what a pity!


Arise And Shine

We have a reason here to serve

God can see around each curve.

All to Jesus we must surrender

Love is real and peace so tender.


Arise and shine - the light is come

Sin and darkness is surely no fun!

Awake to Christ the winds to cease

At God's table is a joyous feast!


Pure and righteous, our God is able

Power of truth will keep us stable.

Arise and shine as a willing saint

Turn from pride and do not faint!


Rejoicing is heard across the town

In true faith our soul is found.

Now is when to arise and shine

Do it now while there's still time!


Glory To Christ

The Lord is always very near

In His Word He will be there!

Take the truth wherever you go

Jesus Christ - they need to know!


Because of truth we now can see

Living for Jesus will set you free!

Tears of sorrow can be healed…

By God's Grace the Spirit to seal!


Ask in faith and follow in love

Angels are watching from above.

Rejoice in hope - all together…

Jesus is close regardless the weather!


Now is when to do God's will…

The peace He offers is very real!

On we go because victory is sure…

Glory to Jesus and His word is pure!


As You Seek

Those who care will go forth

God the Savior is our source.

We shall prevail in true faith

Only Jesus can keep us safe.


As we do what must be done…

Look to Jesus – He is the One!

Go in love to those you reach…

We have a calling to gladly preach!


Here today but soon to leave…

How we trust is what we believe.

Let us drink where the water is pure

Praise the Lord and always be sure.


The flesh will try and hold you back

Not a second to delay or be slack!

The Word we hear is what we speak

Pray to Jesus and His will to seek.


All Who Obey

We are blessed in faith so strong

Christ will help you to carry on.

Sad for those who will turn away

 Respond my friend, right away!


Here we are – more than filled…

Overflowing joy is something real.

Peace is given to those who obey

First of all take the time to pray.


A challenge surely lay out before

Jesus is the key to open the door!

Live in hope and continue to abide

Turn from sin that causes pride.


It is right to keep doing your part…

The Holy Sprit will direct your heart.

Give your life - be careful and bold…

The truth we send is greater than gold!


Get A Life

Some has not yet made the choice

Many are speaking without a voice.

Sad for those that moves on out…

Few are willing to endure and shout


Get a life and come right on in…

Never again to be controlled by sin!

We’re here now for a very short time…

Trust in Jesus and rest your weary mind.


Take a look at where you’re headed

Get a life and you won’t regret it!

A Word of truth drives out fear

Sing a song and say a prayer.


On this road we encounter bumps

Even at times we experience lumps!

God is there to calm our soul.

Get a life and stay caring and bold!


What Shall Be

God is reaching out in truth…

Beware of darkness on the loose.

The road is straight, also narrow!

 Light can even enter your marrow.


Be not mad when someone cares

Only Jesus can rest your fears.

Take the message you are given…

Make preparations to go to Heaven!


What shall be is soon to come…

The time is here to trust the Son.

The greatest hope is as you grow

After accepting, the light will show.


Many are living in guilt and shame

All will answer to Jesus’ name!

What shall be as the truth is said,

The way to God is paved in red!


Final Judgment

Who we are will ultimately tell…

Make a choice, either Heaven or hell!

Final judgment is nearing so fast

Do what's right and make it last!


We need not fret from this day on

Praising Jesus is a joyous song!

Now is when you can be sure…

Prayer and faith will keep you pure.


Final judgment will come one day

Be ready and willing without delay.

Follow the truth and carry the light

Praise the Lord and fight the fight!


Every soul will one day leave…

All by Grace we must give heed!

Let God's will gladly be done

Worship in love God's holy Son!


Caring And True

Preachers are telling what to do…

The message of Jesus is all so true.

Pray the preachers will do right,

Help them as they teach in light!


Preachers must endure within this life

They also must warn of evil and strife!

Take a look first at who you are…

Then put not the preacher in a jar!


A preacher to study then they preach

Listen carefully to what they teach!

Take the message wherever you go,

Trust in Jesus and continue to grow.


The Lord is there helping us to learn

A preacher to reach in great concern!

God to direct whatever we shall do

Thank you Jesus so caring and true!


The Son To Shine

The day has come at last to rise

Out the door are clear blue skies!

There is a song within my soul…

Good it is, to be humble and bold!


Let the Son shine as you sing…

Rejoice in hope as bells do ring!

Tell the world the time is near,

Jesus is coming this is so clear!


You’re either saved or will be lost

Mercy is offered so count the cost!

Take the gift that can be received

Hear the Word - then give heed!


We are told just what to do…

The final choice is up to you.

How to live is caring and kind…

Daily in love let the Son now shine!


True Hope

At our best and sometimes weak

Daily we grow as we also seek.

To not go forth and to not carry on

Be not careless or you end up wrong!


Stay on track with the Lord…

When life is rough and often hard!

Jesus will calm the raging sea…

In His holy will we are set free!


His yoke is easy and burden so light

Keep His message within your sight.

Without vision people do perish…

Take His Word and always cherish.


Eternal confusion for rejecting truth

The ways of evil are vain and loose!

On shaky ground many do trod…

Jesus will return with a mighty rod!


It’s Time

Woe to a back-bitter living in guilt

Those to curse are consumed by filth.

You need a change from deep within

The blood of Jesus can save from sin.


It’s time to be sure where to stand

It’s time to live within God’s plan.

It’s time point others to the narrow way

It’s time to be humble as you pray.


Jesus is forever the Lord and King

Jesus is the reason bells do ring!

Jesus is the hope as we go forth

Jesus is able to keep us on course!


It’s time for all to hear His voice

It’s time for us to make the choice.

It’s time to listen and be aware…

It’s time to gladly show we care.


That Is Why

What God gives is a gift each day

Trust His Word as you often pray.

How we believe will be revealed

That is why we need to kneel.


When we seek to do His will…

That is why we can be healed.

The life we live is very good

Let us grow just as we should!


When we go to the place to be

That is why we can be free.

Those who show they really care

Live in faith and do not fear.


We all must do whatever is right

That is why God gave His light.

Seeking God's way is what to do

Live in faith - be humble and true.


Across Time

Where are those that do their best

Who will face and endure the test?

What is your reason in life each day

When will the lost repent and pray!


Here is now, yesterday was then

Putting off Jesus is surely a sin!

All we do is known across time…

Faith and hope can save and refine!


"The best they say is yet to come"

God the Father is the Three In One.

Take the hand of a caring soul…

Come to the light and join the fold!


Safe is the people walking in love

Jesus is willing to take us above.

Find the path straight as an arrow

Across time this road is so narrow!



Things we experience can be unique

Like sailing a boat without a leak.

Being sure is a good thing indeed

The gift of love is a wonderful seed!


Everywhere, there’s joy to be found…

Everywhere is shouting across the town.

Everywhere, church bells loudly ring…

Everywhere people rejoice, as they sing!


What don’t work is not meant to be…

The sanctified soul is happy and free!

Those who are hurting can get victory

Daily remain calm - Jesus has the key!


Quickly for sure the Son will shine…

Everywhere there’s peace so divine!

Stay in prayer - move forth in faith…

Jesus gives hope for the human race!


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