Life Offers Much


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Life Offers Much

Life offers much to learn and say…

The answers are given from day to day.

Doing what’s right is a blessing

All for good - beyond the testing.

While we are on this celestial ride…

We should avoid living in pride.

The best to offer is what is given…

The Word of God is a gift from heaven.


The Ways of life are so very clear

Free from sin - the truth is near.

Within the soul, there is a choice

Put your heart before your voice.


As we continue what God has started

The vale of the temple surely was parted.

The throne is open to come before

Above this planet, there’s so much more.


He Came For All

He did His part – on Christ we call

He came to us and gave His all.

There is no other to save our soul

Come to Him humble and bold.


The Lord of love, by His Grace

Came to die for the human race!

Trust His Word and do His will

He can save and strengthen the ill.


Surrender your life and give your heart

Accept His truth and do your part.

Jesus Christ is the way of hope…

His Word can help us daily cope.


He came for all to know the way

Bow to him and take time to pray.

Life is given for us to believe

On the cross our Savior did bleed.


A Christian

Here in time we have been told

Trust in the Lord with all your soul


He will give us a brighter day

Accept His love and live His way.


A Christian believer knows for sure

The hope of God is eternal and pure.


Stay on the path and live what’s right

Do God’s will and fight the good fight.


Today and forever Jesus is there…

Living for Him shows you care.


Go in love while learning to lean

His perfect blood can wash you clean.


What is a Christian … to trust and obey

All to Jesus – surrender and pray.


A Need To Listen

Within the mirror there is a face

Friend or foe – to rest my case.

If being untrue to who you are

You end up sinking so very far.


Those who listen and give heed…

Upon the truth they do feed.

When the Lord is in your ways

You learn to look for brighter days.


To not respond to what is right

You lose your direction like in the night.

A need to listen as God speaks

In true faith we should daily seek.


When in tune with the Holy Spirit

Death and judgement you need not fear it.

To be a doer is the way to live…

All to Jesus your life to give.


Hannah Rose Up

Hannah wanted help within her soul

She prayed to God so humble and bold.

Hannah was fought for living right…

She never gave up fighting the good fight.


Eli listened and became aware…

Hannah wanted a child to daily care.

She promised to give the child a home

Hannah’s constant prayers kept her strong.


Hannah was granted her humble request

She did for sure her very best.

Within the temple the child did grow

A prophet was born – Samuel did go.


Hannah carried out what she said…

She trusted God and her soul was fed.

God was willing to give her hope…

Hannah was blessed – prayer is how we cope.


Take Time To Care

What you say must be clean and pure…

Take time to care and always be sure.

When you put your faith into motion…

This is how to keep down commotion.


While doing what we know is our best…

You find true victory and then comes rest.

Being a part of the right solution…

Protects you from a violent revolution.


On into light as we follow the way

Now is the time - today is the day.

There is peace for living in truth

Stay on course and don’t let loose.


To ague and complain gets us nowhere

Never getting help causes ungodly fear.

By the Grace of God while spreading light

There is comfort for doing things right.


The Erie Canal

In 1817 the Erie Canal was begun….

Many had said, "it couldn’t be done."

One man commented "it would break the nation"

Another then said "no need for hesitation!"

Forty-feet wide and four-feet deep…

Those who helped had victory over defeat.

Starting at New-York, then to the American west

From year to year - they gave their best.

Three-hundred sixty-three miles "what a job"

Digging into rock and moving many a log.

Seven and a half-million, the work did cost

It took ten years to get it paid off.

People worked for around sixty-cents a day

Many did suffer - others continued to pray.

In 1825 - the work had been done…

Eight-years to complete, as victory was won!

If it were built today; four billion it would cost

Hudson to Lake Erie "the canal is the boss."

Also in memory of the dearly departed…

They did their best what others had started.


So Glad

This is the day God has made

Jesus arose up from the grave


We can rejoice in God’s love

Jesus was sent from above.


So glad to know God is there

He can calm your every fear.


Trust His Word and be very strong…

God will protect us from all wrong.


Even in hard times Jesus will bless

He can help overcome our every test.


There is strength for those so weak

Day by day in faith we seek.


So glad to realize we need not give up…

Overflowing joy flows from God’s Holy cup.


Being A Soldier

Many a song shall continue to be written

Truth shall triumph - evil will be smitten.

On the battlefield while pressing on…

Christians are winning over all wrong.


Take a moment to know your direction

The message is clear within each section.

We have heard the victory sound…

Wave the banner from town to town.


Being a soldier is a great occasion

Warn the people of Revelation!

When our Lord calls us out…

We’re going up with a shout!


Get in the ship that is headed straight…

Waste not a second and don’t be late.

We are on the upward trail…

The joy of Jesus shall never fail.


True Faith

The thoughts of what has been till now

All that happens - we know not how!

What is to learn we should daily seek

Without true faith there is defeat.


Being taught what needs to be…

Helps us all to better see.

To carry out what must be done

Being informed is a victory won.


As we move toward the narrow path

Stay aware of what will last!

We must be warned of this world

Being careless is a downward swirl!


As fast as a train near the edge of a hill

Rejecting truth makes a soul very ill.

Not taking inventory of a spiritual test

Without true faith - there is no rest.


This Is Today

There’s nothing better than today

It’s all a gift truly to say.

Every minute is precious as can be

We should use it in every way.


So great it is to surely know

Our life is free to love and grow.

No one can take it – Today is yours

Spread your wings like the eagle soars.


Look as the clouds cross the sky

Listen to the little baby cry.

Sounds can make us so aware

Behold the sunlight as we bow in prayer.


Reach out and help someone in need

Let the people know – life is a seed.

Keep plowing in love, as you reap

Salvation is amazing and so complete.


Beauty Of Life

What is restored has been given back

To receive it now is to not be slack.

What was lost is no longer gone away

Being humble is a gift each day.


There is a promise to receive

Surrender to faith and believe.

Who we are is what we know

What you do is a way to show.


Getting to where we need to be

The window opens so we can see.

In these moments of peace and silence

God will protect us from all violence.


When you remember where you’ve been

We find the places to go again.

To laugh and sing – there is a reason

The beauty of life is like the seasons.


The Way To Follow

This is the time to do God’s will

Whether strong - or Feeling so ill.

Our dear Lord will make a way

Take the time to trust and pray.


The way to follow is in true faith

Come to Jesus – not a second to waste.

Tell the family, and your friends

The love of God has no end.


There is truth for a believer

Warn all backsliders and deceivers.

Speak in love about Amazing Grace

Take God’s Word to every place.


The way to follow is daily care…

Show the people there’s peace over fear.

Do the things that pleases God…

Jesus can deliver from the rod.


The Day After

The day after, you suddenly awake…

You feel the Spirit – not a second late!

The burden of sin leaves your soul

Jesus brings you into His fold.


There are thoughts within your mind

Clean and pure – like gold refined.

To experience joy of a gentle peace

Salvation enters to never cease!


You want to shout and tell a friend

Heaven is real when safe from sin.

This new-birth which has occurred…

Came by faith in God’s Holy Word.


Now the news is "hope in Christ"

Jesus is Savior – He paid the price!

So thankful to be a saint indeed…

It’s time to spread the Gospel seed.


You Can

In this day God has given…

Rest your heart when forgiven.

Now get ready to move ahead…

Use your heart – not just your head.


As we seek to find the solution

Problems can be solved before a revolution.

To be a soldier, whether woman or man

By God’s Grace just know you can.


This is a challenge that is for sure…

To find the answer that gives a cure.

When you call upon the Lord

What was impossible no longer is hard.


The best for sure is already here

When you learn to conquer your fear.

Today is a gift to appreciate and use

Helping others is the way to choose.


A Rainy Day

Here on this day of abundant rain…

Down the hillside we watch it drain.

The trees and birds are soaking wet

God sends us rain, so we need not fret.


Upon the rooftop we hear the sound

Water is headed back into the ground.

Farmers to rejoice as the crops do grow

Off to the store - the people shall go!


Folks are thankful to receive this gift

After a drought - the burdens do lift.

This need of rain is an answer to prayer

God is telling us - He really does care.


Life without rain is impossible you see

Once it arrives, we feel happy and free.

In spite of the floods, we seek higher soil

Rain from above is as precious as oil.


New Year Forever

We now have entered a brand new year

The Grace of God has brought us here.

What have we learned within this time?

Counting your blessings is so very fine!


New years may come, and then they go…

Who are our friends - where are our foes?

The way we are will determine so much

Bitter in spirit, or either… gentle in touch.


To set new goals is great indeed…

Long as we pray and continue to heed.

To find your hope in a vision, or dream

This gives us courage, like a swim upstream.


Today is the time to gather our thoughts

God will save us from sin and our faults.

Now as you pause in this moment to reflect

New Year is eternal for God’s chosen elect.

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