Let Us Continue


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Let Us Continue

Let us rejoice- for God is able

Let us sing so firm and stable!

Let us be loving and kind…

Let us keep a spiritual mind.


Let us praise His Holy name

Let us not be bitter or vain.

Let us enter His holy path…

Let us daily our cares to cast!


Let us only trust fully in Christ…

Let us be thankful He paid the price!

Let us grow in childlike faith,

Let us accept in urgent haste!


Let us not a second delay…

Let us be humble as we pray.

Let us seek whatever is right

Let us live and walk in light!


Today Is When

He is able as we rejoice…

Jesus Christ - He is the choice!

Go in faith and live in peace…

Watch the winds and waves to cease!


He is able to meet each need

He is there to help us heed.

He is near and so great…

He is God - there's no debate!


Today is when to call His name

Trust in Jesus - no more the same.

To bless our heart and flood our soul

This message of life is greater than gold!


He is able for He is the Son…

He is the trinity - the three in one!

There is a time we all will see…

In glory above like a bird set free!


For Sure

He is coming this is sure…

Keep your life humble and pure.

Take no evil within your life…

Be safe each day from sin and strife!


The warning here is very real…

Rejecting truth a darkness to feel.

Repent of pride and come to Christ

He is the Savior that paid the price.


Be not controlled by worldly lust

Being saved is an urgent must!

Because of Jesus we have true hope

By His Grace we all can cope!


On this path or gospel road…

Only Jesus can lift the load!

As we pray and rejoice in love

Our eternal soul is headed above!


Hear Ye

Many are rejecting the gospel cure…

This Old World has become so unsure!

Alarms are sounding across the coast

Hurricane Rita with her winds to boast!


Beware that soon this system shall fold

Let not your heart grow weary or cold!

Let us go forth as we shout and sing

We're going up to see Jesus the King!


On the news things are drawing so near,

Living in love will cast out fear!

We need not let sin cause us delay…

Hear ye gladly what the Bible does say!


What is needed - what God has given,

He sent His Son down from Heaven.

Peace on Earth God’s will to men…

This can happen once you're born-again!


You Can

God has made it so we can learn

Those that won’t cannot discern.

The time to grow is always here

Day by Day we show we care!


You can do right by listening close…

You can be strong – no need to boast!

You can be humble by listening well

You can be saved and not burn in hell.


Heaven awaits the contented heart…

While down here we must do our part.

You can be offered true peace within

You can be saved from all your sins!


Time to rejoice as we humbly pray

Read the Word and don’t delay!

You can continue to grow in Grace…

You can be ready to leave this place!


Time To Confess

His name is wonderful for this is sure

Time to confess and live life pure!

Here for a moment then we’re gone…

There’s nothing good in doing wrong!


Going in faith is what we must do,

Be among the humble and few.

Time to confess as we daily press on

Let us sing an old gospel song!


Now’s the time to look to the light…

Today is when to fight the good fight!

Turn to Jesus for guidance up above

Trust His Word out of Christian love!


We have been taught while being told

Let not evil come into your soul!

A heart of kindness will seek in hope

Growing in Grace is how we must cope!


Turn And Rejoice

God seeks those that seek His face

His offer is here for the human race.

We have a will to choose or reject,

A heart of truth will surely affect!


We have a Savior so very real

By His Spirit our soul to seal.

When we live in childlike love…

He gives us assurance from up above!


Turn and rejoice for He who cares

Jesus can calm and rest your fears!

How we live can make things right

That is why we have the light!


In all that has been said and done

Live in faith and trust God’s Son!

In His kingdom we can carry on

That is why we can sing this song!


To Ponder

Upon this great and winding path…

We seek for what we know will last!

Fields of clover – mountains up high

Before we arrive, we wonder, why?


Way back then some would say

"We’re hoping for a much better day!"

When finally it comes, some are gone

Not very long and we’re headed home!


To make the best of all we know

Then from there we let it flow!

Till finally at last we know for sure

There is a medicine for every cure!


Before we leave we need to ponder

Let’s now get ready for over yonder!

As we prepare - now let me say…

We must make the best of every day!


We Are Free

We have the Word – surely indeed

Unto the lost – now let us plead!

Tell the weary to trust and follow

Warn of evil and be not hollow!


There is a cause for this new day

Take this moment to not decay!

Talk to Jesus as you pray…

This is when to have your say!


Let us learn just what to do

Stay very careful be always true!

More than ever let us press on…

Now’s the time to sing that song!


Jesus is the reason as we cry

For our sins He came to die!

On to where we need to be…

The blood of Christ can set you free!


Fruit In Life

The fruit of life is very real…

By God’s Spirit - we can feel.

Let us carefully live this way…

The way to grow is rejoice and pray.


Fruit in life then on to glory…

Keep on telling the gospel story!

There is hope for those that trust

Living in faith is daily a must!


Fruit of life this we know…

Like a stream we must let it flow!

There is joy for all that receive…

Victory for those that gladly believe!


Now to where this message to hear

God will wipe away our every tear!

Then when our work has been finished

Our love for Jesus will not diminish!


A Mighty Stream

The light to shine from day to day

Help us Lord as we seek and pray!

That who ignore shall in misery reap

Sadly then fiery coals will heap!


Warning to this world of sin…

Without hope you cannot win!

Turning away from what is right

Be very sure you’ll lose the fight!


We grow in faith in Christ-like love

Saints of God has a home above!

This my poem to write for all…

Upon the Lord to urgently call!


Whatever has been this will be…

A choice to make and be set free!

Come to where the water is clean…

From God’s throne there is a stream!



This is when to listen well

Then forever time will tell!

What is right for us to know…

Everyday we can let love show!


Listen first and then we heed…

Respond in faith to the gospel seed!

Learning is what we all must do…

Caring comes from being faithful and true!


Living for truth this is so good…

Doing each day just what we should!

Glory to God for He is the One…

He gave Himself – His begotten Son!


Listen as all nature doth sing…

Rejoice as the church-bells ring!

By God’s Grace we have been told

Give unto Christ your eternal soul!



Nearing closer day by day…

A ready heart will humbly pray!

Time is near for all to see…

Our greatest need is to be set free!


Nearing closer to Christ’ return

We as believers must show concern!

Doing whatever our Lord doth say

We are closer to our home-going day!


Time and again we can stay ready

God is near to keep us steady!

No need to fret what is to be…

Jesus Christ – He is the key!


Nearing closer - we His people

Shout from atop the highest steeple!

Come to Jesus without delay

Nearing closer day by day!!


Truly Right

All for good let us gladly sing

Unto Jesus – His Word to cling!

Take His hand and live in love

He came to us from up above!


Sold out in faith this we say…

Living for Jesus in every way!

Taking His Word wherever we go

First the truth and then we’ll know!


Sold out for sure and glad to be

Soon to enter Glory for eternity!

Going up there to see our Lord…

To rejoice and sing in one accord!


His banner waves as the enemy flee

Unto you Jesus - we worship before Thee!

Sold out to what is truly right…

Reach out in kindness – live in light!



Getting it right and doing your best

Mercy is offered to endure each test!

We have a mission to carry the LIGHT

This is the way to fight a good fight!



Priorities are needed to set a course…

Like moving forward while riding a horse!

That which is shall soon come to pass

True love in Christ will always last!


No need to fret - God is our defender

Whatever is necessary He will render!

His power is great His Grace so tender

Prayer is a key that will not hinder!


Now it’s our choice to willingly go

Let God’s peace continue to grow.

Come in faith and by Grace to cope,

Rejoicing in truth in what offers hope!


We Are Here

We are here to live in love…

Trust the Lord and look above!

Obey the Word in all we do…

We are here to be kind and true!


Let us listen to what is right

Let us follow within the light!

Let us be who we must be…

Let us rejoice and always be free!


We are on a journey so keen…

We are headed up a majestic stream!

We don’t consider ever giving up

We are drinking from a Holy cup.


Do what you can in this time…

Never delay from staying on line!

Receive a gift that’s paid in full…

We are here to never become dull!


Nearing That Time

The New Year has arrived just in time

Hopefully again each reason will rhyme.

We have a Savior that is also a friend

In our life there’s an invisible hand!


God is watching from up close…

That is why of self don’t boast!

Be a soldier in all that we know…

Carry a cross and let the Spirit flow!


Nearing that time - Heaven shall open

By God’s Grace we continue coping!

Upon a rock that shall forever stay:

The Blood of Jesus has set us free!


This is what we are being told…

"Give to Christ your eternal soul!"

Salvation is what everyone needs

The Lord, our God has the keys!


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