"Snow in Summer"

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Let Jesus

When very tired and feeling so sad

Let Jesus be there to make you glad.

On the road to thinking you can’t

Let Jesus bless His loving saint!


All for Thee we live to please…

Let Jesus put your heart at ease.

Be not weary in doing your best…

Let Jesus give you victory and rest!


There is love to spread all around

Let Jesus protect and keep you sound

While on this present enduring path…

Let Jesus give you joy that will last!


By accepting truth that is real…

Our Savior cares just how you feel.!

While here upon this earthly domain

Continue to trust His Holy Name.


Keep Contending

Giving up is harder than moving ahead,

There is no victory for those that have fled!

Being a quitter, after being soon shaken

Such a soul may not be truly awakened!


In the forefront of the searching mind

The Word of God can make you so refined!

Consumed by the Spirit of our mighty God

Shall deliver us from the coming rod!


There is not a crown for a person in fear

Trust in the Lord and show you really care!

We must not look back into a life of sin

The truth is; "You must be born-again!


Being a saint is more than just a feeling…

We have assurance so loving and willing.

Humble yourself before the great King

Unto Jesus, continue to rejoice and sing!


First And Foremost

Sorting out what all has occurred…

We find the answers in God’s Word.

First and foremost there is peace…

What was confusion now must cease!


Once a soul is cleansed and changed

Our life is wonderfully rearranged!

For the person that is saved by Grace

True assurance is our resting-place.


Freed from chains that had us bound,

In God’s love we are eternally found!

There is a foundation - so far, but close

Make your choice, first and foremost.


Reach a neighbor and tell a friend…

Upward we go – where there is no sin.

The Kingdom of God is open wide…

Once a soul repents of their selfish pride!



There are people upon this earth…

They have experienced a new birth!

To live and praise our mighty king,

These folks do love to shout and sing!


"Today is the day the Lord has made"

Thankful forever – His love He gave!

The cross has pointed the way to Heaven!

That is why a sinner can be forgiven.


Taking this message of what to do,

Telling others that God loves you!

Teaching the truth of what is right

Tomorrow can’t save, so escape the night!


Touching the earth before we leave…

Together we rejoice - while giving heed!

Tokyo to Taiwan, and to every other land…

Teamwork is how we offer God’s plan!


He Never Fails

Questions will arise and shall often be,

Other things will also become hard to see!

Sometimes you may feel like spitting nails

However, the love of God will never fail!


In the path of what may go unseen…

We find ourselves within a rapid stream!

The occurrence we face will all but derail

Then comes the victory, God never fails!


Some say they know what you’re facing

Others are too busy so rapidly pacing!

Things can be confusing, you can tell…

This truth remains – Jesus will never fail!


There is much agitation that is going on,

Little seems right, and so much is wrong!

Almost like everything has been priced to sale

In the midst of it all – Grace will never fail!


 We Have

We have a blessing to give to all…

Speak the Word - upon Jesus we call!

Every nation, and the islands of the sea,

Spread the news so graceful and free!


We have a purpose with much reason

The sky unfolds to reveal each season.

Time is nearing that glorious day,

God will take us home to stay!


We have been told to be alert

Never with sin are we to flirt!

Right on course into the light…

Gates of pearl and mansions bright!


We have a God that will be there

Calm your heart of uncertain fear!

Go to where you know is great

Abide in peace and don’t be late!


Up And Over

No getting around what has no sides

Outside of truth you cannot hide!

Moving in faith will get you there…

Then comes peace over ungodly fear!


Up and over the hills and valleys…

Across the ocean – we sing and rally!

A song of praise unto our King…

Come to the fountain - pure and clean!


Help is there, when love is within

Our caring Lord will save from sin!

Up and over the gloom and doom

Jesus Christ is coming soon!


There is comfort so sure and bold

By being humble, the blessings unfold!

To balance our life, we must be sober

Go through the door, then up and over!


Yellow Mustang

There was a car that passed by here…

The yellow mustang was driven in care.

Day by day while getting around…

Responding to calls across the town.


The vehicle was purchased clean and new

One of a kind - or maybe even two!

An emergency radio was placed on board

The whip antenna looked like a sword!


Being on call while burning the candle

"Ambulance Driver" it was my handle!

At the fire department the car would sit

Then off to Bethune with Peggy to sit!


When called to work, red lights would flash

Off to the hospital, with siren under the dash!

This car for certain has moved away

Now these memories are here to stay.


 Fort Leonardwood

To zero my weapon out in the rain…

After getting to Missouri on a Delta plane!

Standing at attention - two by two…

Thinking the enemy was watching you.


While in training the sweat did pour

Many to leave for the Vietnam shore!

Letters were written back to home…

Being away seemed so very long!


Four months it took to get in step

Upon your shoulder - many a whelp!

Feeling tired from the miles you marched

Clothes were cutting from the daily starch!


All for good to serve this great land

We were willing to take the stand!

Guarding the country and its people…

God bless America – from hills to steeple!


Rescue One

Waking up - and then off to work…

Never knowing who may be hurt!

"Unit one" respond to a call…

A gentleman has slipped at the mall!


Paramedics are aware of their task,

Rescuing others, so sure and fast!

Treating each patient with tender care

Seconds do matter- while getting there!


Those that are hurt due to sudden impact

Medical professionals cannot be slack!

Splint the injured and transport them in,

The sick and hurting in need of a friend!


Although Paramedics do risk their life

They search for victory over the strife!

We should keep praying for all involved

Regardless the battle – the Lord can resolve!


 Thank You

Thank you Lord for always hearing

The love you give - and for caring.

Thank you parents across the land…

For doing your best and giving a hand.


Thank you Doctors dedicated to the call

Medical workers – including you all!

Thank you preachers for standing sure

Christian churches, so kind and pure!


Thank you factory workers, all is well

The products you deliver are very swell!

Thank you Volunteers across the land

Local merchants, and local policemen!


Thank you school workers, for your deeds

Military, Legislators, and farmers that feed!

Thank you Lord for the land of the free

Secretaries, businessmen, and boats on the sea.


 The Moon

The moon does shine across the sky

Like a great eagle - way up high!

Difference quarters before it’s full…

Never is this object lazy or dull!


The moon gives light from out yonder

Causes us to often search and ponder!

With a gravitational pull on the earth

God put it there far before our birth!


The moon is considered many things…

"Made of cheese or a face with no name."

Some have landed there - at least they say

Makes you wonder from day to day!


Thousands of miles, yet it’s seems so close

Affecting seasons, and tides on the coast.

The children of God are also like the moon,

Reflections of light and warning of doom!


Being Saved

Thank you Lord for being there,

To give us peace beyond all fear.

Let my life be used by you...

Precious Jesus, so kind and true.


Being saved is to be found

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.

All to thee, My life to surrender,

Love is real and truth so tender.


Let each day be blessed in faith…

While spreading truth to every place.

Being saved is the greatest of all

Upon the Lord take time to call!


Come and follow the caring Savior

He gives our soul a lovely flavor.

A purpose to do whatever we can

After being saved – it’s then you win!


He Is The Reason

There in light the Word is written

Live for truth and be not smitten.

We receive God’s guidance as we pray

Come to the well – Jesus is the way!


The water is fresh – He told the world

God’s holy kingdom is like a pearl.

Pure and shiny - unique and precise…

Jesus is Lord – His blood paid the price!


He is the reason we have true love

God came to earth from up above!

The time to draw nigh is every day

For our debt the Lord did pay!


Onward to what God has in store…

Our heavenly home is upon that shore!

Visions are real - where Grace abounds…

Trust in Jesus and be homeward bound!


 You Don’t

These things we speak are for sure…

You don’t mock God and find a cure.

When a soul turns and sadly walks away

You have no assurance of a brighter day!


You don’t laugh in the face of sin

Rejection is certain to never win!

Some may think they will get out,

That type of road is a broader route!


Totally inescapable - once you’re gone

You don’t get freed by doing wrong!

To ignore the cross is an eternal shame

Without Jesus – you’ll lose your name!


Those that have spiritual peace inside…

You can have victory over evil pride!

Stay on track with the Lord and King

Live for Jesus and continue to sing!



Little is much when the Lord enters in

He can save and deliver us from sin!

Much in store for a true believer

God can heal from pain or fever!


Much all around in the service of Faith

Doing God’s will is the right place!

Much real joy when pressing on

A life of love can make you strong.


Great things are mighty in God’s hand

Jesus is Savior and my best friend!

Much we have to do for our Lord…

Reaching the world in one accord!


On this journey we have a tool…

Learning to live – life is a school!

Much is offered once forgiven…

Eternal peace with Jesus in Heaven!


A Needed Task

On the way to what you must

Take a train – or maybe a bus.

Once you at last safely arrive…

Continue to search deep inside.


A needed task is what we do…

Make a bed then tie your shoe

Going there to get the bread…

Rake the yard or wash your head.


Direction are given how to bake

Rice and gravy and birthday cake!

A needed task is when we pray

Then we’re ready for the day!


To shake a hand as we meet…

Off again – a schedule to keep!

On this road to true success…

A needed task is doing your best!

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