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On Lake Road

A great new day to bring a smile

Down "Lake Road" to walk a mile.

This happy moment here in time

Another poem to offer a rhyme.


At the lake, to take a ride…

Across the water boats do glide.

Praising the Lord before we arrive

Living in truth you need not hide!


Another friend to visit our home…

Being very sure is to not be wrong.

There’s very much to be thankful for

A shelter with food my boat and car.


At the lake to reach out to others…

God bless you - sisters and brothers!

All that is - and whatever shall be…

We’re glad to arrive at Lake Wateree


Eagles Nest

At Lake Wateree there way up high,,,

Concrete structure where birds do fly!

Many acres of water filling the void…

Just up the passage lives Uncle Lloyd.


The Eagles nest is a majestic sight…

Fortress of solitude surrounded by light!

Power is made in the deep valley, below

Man named, "Duke" generates the flow.


God sent rain as rivers were formed…

Creator of life waved His Almighty Arm!

Bodies of water gathered all around…

Electricity is sent to illuminate each town.


Eagles Nest - a rock so very stable…

Living in true faith is not just a fable.

Wherever we are and plan to go…

Love and peace, we must let it flow.


Bass Tournament

Boats line up after being entered…

Off to the spot they have centered.

The biggest fish - a Crappie or Bass

Ready to begin - their reels to cast!


We’ve got to apply our best ability,

Technique matters - with humility.

The bait to use is fresh and clean…

Fish are found up the wide stream!


Tournament now is in full swing

Every engine has a unique ring!

Water is rocking back and forth…

Each contestant is right on course!


Back to shore to weigh the results,

Hearts to pound with a rapid pulse!

A winner at last has been called out,

After the result then comes a shout!


Evening Sunset

To watch this site hard to describe,

Purple water as the daytime hides.

Won’t be long the morning to rise…

Time passing on across these skies.


Evening sunset on Wateree Lake,

Come to see - not a second too late.

If you miss it - blame me not…

Beautiful all seasons, cold or hot!


Boats to gather near the center…

Many on shore to watch Joe Pinner!

Holding back will not get you there

Few will notice - some don’t care.


Evening sunset - a scene to behold

It reaches down to touch the soul.

A mighty God created this site…

Beauty of nature is something right!


Ski Alley

Chain of islands just at the shore

All day long - listen as they roar!

Folks on the bank - watches in awe

Skiers holding on - like a seesaw!


Much going on - boats in and out

Better to be glad - sad if you pout!

Life is a gift to cherish each day…

God is love and hears what we say!


Steady is a heart - ready is a mind

Peace in the soul - now is the time.

Sooner is better – yesterday is gone

Faith is the way for us to be strong!


Whatever is spoken across this land

Take a moment - then lend a hand.

Victory is achieved before the rally

Enjoy your visit while at ski alley!


A Cleaner Lake

One end of the lake, to the other…

So much space we need not smother.

At Great Falls to highway ninety-seven

Churches at the water telling of Heaven!

Very long journey to Fairfield county line

Across this vastness - life is very fine.

Hills and curves - bridges reaching far

Boats over waves - faster than a car!


People taking time - as they fish…

Bait the hook - then comes a dish!

June Creek landing - just up ahead:

At Colonel’s Creek - folks were fed!


What we all have - greater than cash,

To keep out litter - depose the trash!

Respect God’s nature - help one another

Do what’s right and keep down the clutter!


Dancing White Caps

High winds blowing across the lake

Like leaves being pulled by a rake!

Fish goes deeper as birds fly high,

Upon the shore - waves that cry!


Weather moves in with its breeze

People in homes upon their knees.

Boats are rocking back and forth,

Nature continues to run its course!


What a sight - awesome to perceive,

Very great - impossible to conceive!

The Hand of God to create a scene,

This body of water was once a stream!


Dancing white caps upon the deep

Such a force could surely defeat!

A challenge for those willing to leap,

Before moving forth be sure you seek!


Buck Hill Landing

Early in the morning till late at night

Boats put in for a fine watery flight!

When they return as prayers are said

A cooler of fish - the family is fed!


Buck Hill landing - here on the Lake

Joy to arrive - a blessing so great!

Teepee Canoe is no longer there,

Land now sold, to pay their share.


Buck Hill landing, a place to meet…

Very much water - a hundred feet deep!

Children to swim at the very edge

Across the cove - is a cement ledge!


So very often, many passing by

Yonder over head - jets do fly!

Shaw Resort area - not far away…

Here at the lake such a lovely day!


Sailboat Dream

Sails are open for a gentle wind

Across the lake - we’re off again.

With ease and grace - in such awe

Neither a glitch -- nor even a flaw!


Gentle as a dove – soft is the ride

Like skating on ice as you glide.

Sunlight is beaming cross our bow

Climb on board - the time is now.


Around the sailboat - rippling waves

Sky so clear - with incoming rays.

Air is fresh - and weather calm…

While holding the oar in my palm!


Upon a hillside - people look on…

Poems are written and many a song!

Pictures taken - memories are made

Yonder we go into the evening shade.


Lessons At The Lake

This book is written with a smile…

While at the lake next to the Lyells'.

Folks enjoying life as time moves on

My gift to you - poems and songs!


This book is added to the collection

Hope you enjoy every single section.

We have a reason to do our best…

Before the victory there’s often a test


Lighting flashes across the dark sky

Thunder is heard from way up high!

Water over a wall creates a roar…

Floods can enter at the front door!


Much is learned while at the lake

Trust in Jesus and don't hesitate!

The Earth is round and water is wet

Life moves but we’re not there yet!


Wateree State Park

Near Winnsboro is a very clean place

Wateree State Park offers good taste.

Safe for the family - come and be glad

Spaces to camp with mom and dad.


Summers are hot - the shade is fine,

Those who enjoy must take the time.

Rangers are there to offer advice,

Canoe goes by - with tea and ice.


Take your pick – stay home or go…

To not ever try - how can we know?

What is not taken - has been given…

Like rain from above sent from heaven.


Wateree State Park, a pleasure indeed

Join together - meet a family need.

Come my friends we’ll see you there

A time to cherish - without any fear!


Reflections Of Light

Upon the waters are many sights…

Some of them - reflections of light!

Shadows across the beautiful lake

Come to visit and don’t hesitate.


Fishermen fishing as campers camp

Back and forth while using a ramp.

Dutchman Creek is not far away

So serene is this most lovely day.


Friends from yonder has arrived,

Across the water - skiers do slide.

Time has stalled or so it seems,

Morning fog arises, like a steam.


New morning now to come forth,

At the lake - we’re still on course.

Reflections of light continues to speak

The sunrise and sunset is at your feet.


The Environment

Roads are available for to enter in…

People all around – also next of kin!

Maps are given - as to find the way

This great wonder changes every day!


Much goes into maintaining a location

Water is provided - for each generation.

Memories go back - that first lovely day

Being at the lake - even finer than pay!


Sad when a soul won't live right…

What do you gain hiding in the night?

When day arrives litter to appear…

Pollution is a fact due to lack of care!


Power is so real - nature such a force

Needed is a lake with a great resource!

Beauty to behold - water and the trees

Life is from God - and the seven seas.


July Forth

Forth has arrived, now that’s it's here

Many to gather without having fear.

People on the lake giving their all…

Fire in the sky like a red rubber ball.


Great celebration, soon to take place,

Excitement is seen - upon every face!

Rockets to vibrate the lake and sky…

America is blessed, we must not deny!


Incredible feelings deep within the soul

Up in Heaven streets are paved of goal.

Being a good citizen surely is a must…

Remember our motto "In God We Trust!"


Safe in a boat - to enjoy every blast

July forth is here, let’s make it last!

Hearts do rejoice, plans come together

So very thankful majestic is the weather.


Chasing Birds

Out across the great open lake

You need not ever to hesitate.

Birds are there upon the water…

They glide across smooth as butter.


Within my boat to find the time

Chasing birds just like a rhyme.

Some goes upward for an escape…

Others go under the deep dark lake!


We sometimes wonder as they fly…

How very beautiful they go so high!

Like the clouds - slowly they rise…

While chasing birds across the skies!


The boat to gather power with speed

A little bird - this challenge to heed!

His winds to flap smooth and clean…

While chasing birds up a wide stream.


On The Lake

Upon the lake are many Ducks

At the edge are Does and Bucks.

Many a time some fish to jump…

Near the shore - rocks and stumps.


Within their homes the people rest

After work they’ve done their best.

At suppertime they eat their meals,

A prayer is said so humble and real.


As the sunlight arrives again…

End of the year around the bend.

We have been blessed all so much

God has sent us His tender touch.


Thanksgiving Day is upon us now

Our Lord is there to teach us how.

On the lake or wherever we go…

Love for truth will always show.


Such A View

Such a view to start this day…

Across the horizon what can we say!

Beauty to emerge, nature at its best

Life is a gift - beyond every test!

Wateree valley so far but near,

An eternal God has put us here!

Sun and moon with stars above…

Oceans and lakes – first comes love!


From Beaver Creek at Liberty Hill

Around each cove a feeling so real.

Upon an island or standing on a pier

At the Lake - hope to see you there!


Such a view to speak of for sure…

Good to know that such joy is pure

Time is not ours a second to waste,

Being on the lake is a lovely place!

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