"Nearing the edge"

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This is not just another rhyme…

There was a storm, one of a kind!

A day to remember and also recall,

Around the city down came the wall.


Souls cried out while in distress…

Is this a nightmare or maybe a test!

Many made it but others are gone,

Right is right but wrong is wrong!


Let face it now, as fires did burn

Out came flames as waters turned!

People trapped within their roofs…

Whatever happens, evidence is proof!

Snipers shooting as gangs ran loose…

Rescue workers gives victims a boost!

A modern exodus after winds did cease…

Katrina has spread her destructive fleece!


Sticking Together


Sticking together is greater than not…

Sticking together when things are hot!

Sticking together through thick and thin

Sticking together both now and again!


Sticking together come what may…

Sticking together every single day!

Sticking together is better than words…

Sticking together no matter what occurs!


Sticking together makes things right

Sticking together - morning till night!

Sticking together we need to know…

Sticking together and ready to go!


Sticking together while time will allow

Sticking together is the best way how!

Sticking together upward to glory…

Sticking together is a wonderful story!



Whenever always hope is needed

Hearts cry out to not be defeated!

Take my hand and pull me back in

Everyone needs help now or then!


As we survey the damage we see…

Overcoming hardships is making a plea!

Once someone is able to reach your place

There’s nothing like a friendly face!


The aftermath may take time to survey,

There’s always hope for a brighter day!

Through all darkness from such gloom…

This is for sure – not everything is doom!


Sun will come out - waters will recede

Plates will fill up as people then feed!

Thanks will be spoken much to be given

Every good gift is provided from heaven!



Into a disaster willing to risk all…

Rescue personnel duty beyond call.

Compassion poured out even from others

People helping people, sisters and brothers.


Compassion runs deep from within a soul

This type of faith is greater than gold!

Sad for those that will sling their dirt…

Truth mends all wounds and heals the hurt!


Compassion is stronger than a vicious storm

Love must be offered but of evil we warn!

Mercy runs deep where Grace is received

For every soul our Savior did bleed!


To get out ahead of what is to be,

Open your eyes that you may see!

Whatever is said and also being done…

Compassion should always be number one!


Heart Rending

Desperate souls cry - someone to come,

Caught in the middle with nowhere to run!

Many sick that was unable to flee…

Hurricane Katrina creating much debris!


Time heals much but what went wrong

America, America is a beautiful song!

Learn from the past don’t wait too long

We need to move forward and be strong!


Volunteers rushed from near and far

Some by plane others in their car!

Bringing in food with other supplies…

Thank God someone was willing to arrive!


Victims angry for what should have been

Forsake not others that are trying to win!

Urgent situations we must get then out

Do not ignore a heart-rending shout!


Leaving Forth

As they fled the mighty destruction

Then came in such vile corruption.

Houses scattered with boats on land,

Streets were replaced by ocean sand.


Katrina arrived very much unwelcome,

Underneath the radar like a swift falcon!

Those that remained to have a party…

Escape while you can - don’t be tardy!


On the news they saw what was appearing

Those that left believed it was nearing!

Some was unable due to their condition

Others decided to keep their position!

Leaving forth was a very good decision…

Helping the hurting represents true religion!

Christian that cares to stand up in faith…

Even other nations so humbly made haste!


Make It Work

Best that could happen is quickly flee

We can have hope and in faith be free!

If you have doubt there’s a place to go

Down on your knees is the way to grow!


When you need help first take control

Don’t let a storm hit deep in your soul!

There may be times we almost were late

Remember with destiny, we all have a date!


Plan ahead is the message we speak…

Those to escape are they that will seek!

Basic problems offer a simple solution

We do not need a rebellious revolution!


If a wall comes down then make a path

Beyond such calamity only love will last!

Grace will follow while not giving up…

Sunshine ultimately to flow from your cup!


Continue To Be

It’s easy to overlook the good that’s done

There is a reason that God sent His Son!

Life is fragile but a gift to receive…

Being alert is one of our greatest needs!


Continue to be a part of this calling

Out in the streets souls are falling!

A battle is raging not just the wind…

Now is the time to be born-again.


To offer them love in a outreaching Spirit

Be never ashamed for they need to hear it!

Jesus also suffered in the pathway of life

He is able to give victory over strife!


Continue to be a praying saint…

Stay always willing – do not faint!

God will show us what is truly best

By His Grace we can endure the test!


The Sounds

Just overhead like a freight train sound…

Katrina had arrived in the center of town!

She wasn’t invited - but came anyway…

Main levy to break thus causing decay!


The sounds of cries piercing the walls…

Across our airways people heard the calls.

Supplies will come - sooner or later,

Restaurants empty without a waiter.


Electronics taken from showroom floors,

Glass and bodies - crashing down doors!

Food that was given needed and used…

But shooting at others is no way to choose!


Families torn apart by time and space…

Some departed with tears on their face!

Few holding out guarding what’s left…

In came water on the grocery store shelf!


There And Gone

They immediately lost communication

Something happen like a revelation!

People residing on a cement bridge,

Some spent days on a stadium ridge!


There were survivors that endured long

Only by faith many remained strong!

Citizens going forth leaving their town

Suffering and dying from all around!


What was the plan to follow next…

Such an unknown, like a hidden hex!

What had happen was what was feared

But thank the Lord for those who cared!


Help then arrived while risking life

There are heroes beyond this strife!

All that was given the Lord provided

Scenes so awesome as waters subsided!


What To Be

Water on the roof even in the street

Water in the face also on your feet!

Water from the sky flowing in the homes

Water with mud headed for the dome!


Katrina had a message given to us all

Trust in the Lord – He’s the One to call.

Jesus is able – He endured a rugged cross

A Jewish Carpenter is forever my Boss!


Buildings on the ground many leaving home

Animals even wondering what's going on!

Birds made of metal flying across the sky

Bodies scattered yonder children asking, why?


Let's take a look where we are headed

Life is not a matter of how we dread it!

Making the best of a terrible situation…

Believers to escape a worldwide revelation!



While criticizing folks trying to live,

Reach down deep and urgently give!

Ignoring needs of what’s being done

Be not obnoxious because of a tongue!


Anyone to wag their heads for naught

Now is the time to do what they ought!

We all have viewed an awesome sight

Let’s seek daily to follow the light!


Katrina has struck us below our knees…

Victims of reality but where are the keys?

Keep pressing on that others may survive

There is no reason to fall into pride!


Food and clothing – shelter and more

If you are willing - knees on the floor!

Thank you Jesus for giving us hope…

By your Grace help the victims cope!


We Need

Compassion is what we can use,

Not just words that will abuse.

People are suffering and in pain

Giving a hand is better than gain!


We need kindness with such care

We need peace for God is near.

We need hope to move us forth

We need prayer to set the course.


Storms will come as they leave

After then there’s people to feed!

The gospel of truth shows us right

After then you’ll find the light.


Hope replaced what winds tore down…

Having faith makes us spiritually sound!

Never despair where needs are great

God is there and not a second too late!


Have No Fear

Once we’re saved then others to reach

A flood can sometimes urgently teach.

Bring in supplies now that we see…

What has happen is whatever will be.


Have no fear – trust Jesus each day,

Perfect love is surely the right way!

Having an attitude of Christian concern

This is greater than money you earn!


Many are crying across the gulf coast

A time of action not for any to boast!

Take a look and then move forth…

America the beautiful has the source!


From above God’s angles will protect

Beware of words that can badly affect!

We are people of a mighty Holy King

In every way let the church bells ring!


Hurricane Path

A hurricane path that was so real

Hundreds so sadly missing or killed.

God can answer whenever we call

His Almighty hand is our all in all.!


Christ is working to give a message,

Hearts to heal regardless of wreckage

Truth cries out to lives being shattered

Our Nation for sure has been rattled!


As human beings whatever occurs

There is comfort in caring words!

You never know what next could be

Either way - Jesus Christ is the key!


To read this book my heart has written

Although it seems we have been bitten!

No giving up when being a doer…

Love thy neighbor and live purer!



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