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Into Thy Hands

The blood of Christ poured onto earth

Offering to mankind a spiritual birth.

To receive the gift is here and now…

The willing heart will find out how!


Into thy hands - the Lord paid it all

Upon the Lord - repent and call!

The perfect gift is given by love

Jesus has opened Heaven above!


No need to fret when you’re saved

Jesus has power over the grave.

Trust His Grace - escape from fear…

We're headed soon to a place up there!


Thank you Lord for being the way

We have the promise of a brighter day!

Trials will pass as we endure…

Help us Lord to be loving and pure!


A Pardon

Quickly! Escape - without any delay…

The dungeon of self will cause decay!

A pardon is offered in our sinful stead

For the soul - our Savior has bled!


Upon the exit from darkened ways…

Sun shines bright – and burns the haze!

Life is a gift when upon your knees…

Rejoice in love and enjoy the breeze!


The debt has been paid - a gift is given…

A pardon for sinners, from God in Heaven!

Mercy is eternal when Grace is received…

Freedom for those who repent and believe!


Spirit to call when a heart is not hardened

Then we accept this humble pardon!

Afterwards our soul is given true rest…

Safe at home – like in an eagle’s nest!


Joy Forever

On the express way as you ride

Upon the winds a sailplane glides!

Over the mountain and out to sea

Joy forever for all to see!


Shining a light across the lake

Singing and eating birthday cake.

Across the snow upon a sled…

Joy forever so happy and glad!


A child is crying out for candy…

Skipping rope is fine and dandy!

Telling a soul to trust in Christ

Joy forever is the greatest advice!


There at work while having lunch

Bow your head and thank God a bunch!

Going home to rest your back…

Joy forever without being slack!


We Must

Standing firm upon the open shore

The tides come in as the water's roar.

So much depth to daily ponder…

Crashing of waves from here to yonder.


While beholding the beauty of a new dawn

Surely being happy can't ever be wrong.

Get on board and grad the wheel…

Plan your course and then set sail!


We're headed out into the deep…

Reasons to rejoice - take time to seek.

The wind to guide us straight ahead

The sun above us is a fiery red!


Sea gulls are closer to the land…

Seashells are resting within the sand.

All around there are endless creatures

Each of them has very unique features.


Different shapes with innumerable sizes

Ocean of commotion as the sea arises.

Mysteries are hidden behind the curtain

We must realize life is for certain.


The Right Way

To be a believer and carry on…

Shows you have a heavenly song.

Giving up on truth and turning back

Reveals your life is becoming slack.



The right way is how we live

All to Jesus your soul to give.

When in trouble - don’t ever give up

Keep drinking daily from God’s holy cup.


Overflowing love to fill your soul…

Truth and power - so humble and bold.

The right way to follow is a need

Surrender your all and take time to heed.


Being Very Sure

Always and forever - now hear this

Accept the truth - and do not miss.

What you say and always do

Will surely come back to you.


Be ready always to live the way

Watch carefully how and what to say.

Take time daily to seek the light

Grow in faith and fight the good fight.


Always be alert to the facts…

The Word of God never lacks.

Be who you are - God's willing child

Take the gospel each and every mile.


No turning back - always be sure

The love of Jesus is the cure.

Always be humble - stay very calm

God has the world in His palm.


God Is Able

This is the day - the time is now

Salvation a gift - the bible tells how!

Heed the truth - peace is real…

God is love - Jesus will forgive.


Always is forever - everyday we pray

One breath it's over - any moment the day!

We are here in a temporary home

Make it right - repent of wrong.


There is power when we surrender

The way of Jesus is all so tender.

Here at last! Gone to stay…

Heaven above – so, do not stray.


Be ye sure - steadfast and stable…

Always remember - our God is able!


Upon That Cross

The time had come - the Son of man

Nails to pierce His feet and hands.

The earth to tremble - as Angel's weep…

Upon that cross - God's Word to keep.


Lord of Lords, Creation rings…

Jesus our Savior - King of Kings!

He paid the price - at last to be…

God Almighty has set us free.


By His Son upon that Cross…

His own blood to pay the cost.

The third day - up from the grave…

He defeated death - by Grace we’re saved!


Because of truth - to say again…

Jesus is Savior and my closest friend.



From Above

There is a message given here

Listen closely and do not fear.

A Wheel that soars across the sky…

Ezekiel chapter-one… a reason why!

This object in view - although far away

Scans the Heavens night and day.

How sure are you of what you know?

Wherever they are is where they go!


What we do and so much more...

From above - higher and lower!

In this moment ... a terrestrial view

A powerful force surrounding you!

Over the mountain a mantle to fall…

Upon my shoulder to answer the call!

Keep Pressing on - Victory is in sight

From Above - while walking in light!



To be a witness

As we grow in Grace.

Our Lord will guide us

From place to place!


Today is the day

Rejoice and be glad.

He will keep us happy

No need to be sad.


All to Thee

We give you our all…

To be a loving child…

And upon you we call!




As we seek to do Thy will

By God's Grace - our soul is sealed.

To be a doer and learn Your ways

Keeps us in a glorious phase.


Nearer to Thee we long to be…

From the pit our soul must flee.

To behold the majesty of such love

God left his portals from above.


There is no other to take your place

We long to bow before Thy face.

So great a power - our soul to please

You move the mountains and calm the seas.


Why must we believe in thy truth?

To experience victory - from sin let loose.

"Alleluia" we sing - To Thee we pray…

Jesus defeated death - He is the way.


Be Strong

We are called to live in light…

Grow in faith and fight the good fight.

Being in tune with our Lord…

When times are easy or even hard.


The Truth will teach you day by day

God's Spirit will guide you as you pray.

A cause to live and be aware…

To praise our Lord and show we care.


Be strong my child as you speak

Go to the lost - the sick and weak.

You can make it by God's Grace…

With our Savior - you'll win the race.


Victory is certain - be strong and sure

The Word of God will keep you pure.



Careful at home, careful as you go…

Careful who you meet especially what you know!

Careful what you say, careful what you do,

Careful everyday, careful me and you.

Careful how you work, careful how you feel,

Careful what you think, careful how you live.

Careful with your money, careful with your time,

Careful what you eat, careful what you find.

Careful what you wonder, careful how you stare,

Careful what you' hold, careful what you wear.

Careful with your family, careful with a friend,

Careful around your neighbor, careful all you can.

Careful at the store, careful on the phone,

Careful how you play, careful on and on.

Careful man and woman, careful girl and boy,

Careful with a tool, careful with a toy.

Careful what you read, careful what you write,

Careful what you hear, careful day and night.

Careful how you laugh, careful how you cry,

Careful how you live, careful by and by.

Careful when awake, careful when you sleep

Careful what you sow, careful what you reap.

Careful with your heart, careful with your mind

Careful with your body, careful all the time.




A bill to pass without a catch…

Once the loopholes received a patch.

Studies said - the time had come…

To solve a problem, something must be done.

On the floor someone to say…

Let's delay the budget for another day.

A new study will be required

Before our term becomes expired.

The election now is drawing near

Candidates are telling how much they care.

So many changes will soon occur

Another study will tell them where.

After recess - then back again…

Some they thought would never win.

In the halls where justice is written

The lobbyist pleads for a bill to be smitten.

A new member at last agreed…

Another study is what we need!

As the bill then hits the floor

The nays have it - then out the door.

Even beyond all the up and downs…

(Voting is a right) so let your voice sound!



Afternoon Shower

The thunder roared as the rain came down

The people rejoiced across the town!

Dry for so long after praying hard

Dust once covered the entire yard!


Now the water is running loose

Down the (street) like a wet goose!

Birds while singing a happy song

The rain is back that once was gone.


Thank you Lord for taking the time

You are able to give back a rhyme!

We shall continue to call your name

Hoping others will do the same!


We sometimes wait until the sound

Distant thunder is back around!

You have saved me from my sins

Afternoon showers are back again!



A Caring Mother

We love you Mother’s all so much

For your caring, and tender touch.

Red is for the pain you endure…

While reaching out loving and pure.


Yellow is for sunshine that you bring

"Amazing Grace" - you love to sing.

Blue is for the sky above

For your tender Christ- like love!


White is for your godly ways…

For giving us hope, and brighter days

We thank you God for each Mother

So we can learn to help one another!


In the memory of those gone on

They left us with many a song.

Soon in Heaven we’ll meet again

Heavenly Mother’s are saved from sin!


Godly Ways

The life we show as we live

Day by day we learn to forgive.

Godly ways are clean and pure

Jesus Christ is our only cure.


On the pages written in time

A caring soul is helpful and kind.

We are members of this race

Only God can set the pace!


In the light of this gospel plan

On the Word we take our stand.

Godly ways are sure and strong

God can keep us from all wrong!


Being a doer – we have real peace

Joy over despair as storms do cease!

To do God’s will all your days

Shows you’re living in godly ways.

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