"Under and Over"

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In Those Days

We can live the way it should be…

In the Gospel we’re eternally free!

As we go to where there’s light,

God will help us to stay in flight!


Daily we rejoice in Christ-like love,

Giving a message of hope from above.

Soon to go to our heavenly home,

Tell the world of a faith so strong!


In those days that were so great…

Many trusted and not a second late.

They felt the need to not turn back

In their belief they were not slack!


As we learn to give our all…

Tell them how upon Jesus to call.

Once we do what has been told…

Keep pressing on, loving and bold!


Teach Me

There are folks they have a mission…

Like a rocket with it’s ready ignition!

On the pad - then suddenly a blast…

Thoughts are deep and moving fast!


Teach me how to follow this path…

Whatever we do it shall always last.

This is how my soul does feel…

Words of hope whether strong or ill.


Never to doubt the things to do

What is real is that which is true.

Make a plan then do your best…

Teach me how to endure the test.


Seasons will come which is a fact…

Continue the mission and stay on track!

What is done is victory you achieve

More blessed to give than to receive!


Have A Song

Christian people they are my friends

Living for Christ and saved from sin.

Together we sing and give truth to all

Growing in faith and on Jesus we call!


We have a song that teaches the way

We have a song each and everyday.

We have a song to tell all nations…

We have a song about true salvation.


Take good advice that isn’t wrong

Be very careful, alert and strong!

When a tune is not spiritually in line

An evil soul has a nefarious mind!


To have a song we need true love

Trust in Jesus - then look above!

Get ready to go where angles abide

We have a song and need not hide!



Noah is rejoicing in God’s sight…

He built the ark while walking in light.

Those to refuse to get on board…

They fell beneath a mighty sword!


We must learn within this life,

Only God can save from strife.

Carry on and be not afraid…

Jesus arose up from the grave.


We must be willing to do our part

Give to Jesus your entire heart.

We can rejoice once we obey…

Take the time to submit and pray.


Upon the ark of love and hope

God by Grace helps us to cope.

Tell a friend and reach the lost

Jesus for sin has paid the cost!


As You Know

As you know - time is near…

Christian folks they need not fear.

Jesus will return to His own…

In true faith we are made strong.


As you know – the Word is written

Evil and pride will soon be smitten.

This Old World is not our home…

God will bless us with a song!


As you know – more than ever

Across the way is a very deep river.

Take the path of hope and peace

Soon the warfare suddenly will cease!


We are moving toward that day…

Continue to worship as you pray.

Grow in love and do your best

All by Grace we endure the test.


One Day

There is a promise that has been given

Trust in Jesus and you’ll go to Heaven.

This is all because of God’s Grace…

One day soon we’ll see His lovely face!


The Word is light and has been written

One day soon - evil will be smitten!

Live in peace before it’s too late…

Receive God’s love and reject all hate!


One day soon we’ll be home up there

God will wipe away every single tear.

To all who listen and will receive…

Forever saved when you truly believe!


Not everyone is willing to repent…

To save from sin our Lord was sent!

Will you trust in the Savior of life…

Surrender your soul - accept Jesus Christ!



He alone is great and strong…

He alone to right each wrong!

He alone can save from sin

He alone will come again!


He alone shall break the sky…

He alone for our sins did die!

He alone can cleanse the soul

He alone is mighty and bold!


He alone is the three-in one

He alone the battle has won!

He alone the enemy to smite

He alone can give you light!


He alone will calm your mind…

He alone is so humble and kind.

He alone can help you grow

He alone is the way to go!


Always Trust

We are taught to always trust…

Doing our part is a spiritual must!

Lives do weight in a balance of fear…

Without Christ no one goes up there!


Always trust and find real peace

Jesus shall return from the east.

Graves will open when Christ return

To not get saved is to eternally burn!


Once forgive we can daily go forth…

God’s Holy Word will set the course.

Trust always and be sincerely blessed

Living in faith while doing your best!


This is the time - today is the day

Start the mission after you pray!

Go in love and carry the light…

Always trust God’s truth and might!


New Vision

Our mind is a gift so very sure

That is why it must be pure.

To live in truth is to grow in love

God to open the windows from above.


Give to Christ with a cheerful heart

Abide in faith and do your part.

Whatever is true is surely right

New vision will come to your sight!


Often we experience a little pain

Sunshine comes just after the rain.

Jesus is there to protect and save

He has the power over the grave!


Let the Word so gladly reach…

The Holy Spirit is there to teach.

Be in awe of whatever is good

Do all things just as you should.


Be Not Afraid

First in prayer then comes hope

God can protect as we daily cope.

Abundant life is a gift to receive

Be not afraid to always give heed!


This is now what we are told…

Sweet and thankful caring and bold!

Be not afraid to humble yourself…

Turn from doubt to escape the shelf.


Carry the water to those in pain…

Every promise we can gladly claim!

God is near so we can rejoice…

It’s up to you to make a choice!


Be not afraid to surrender your life

Doing God’s will is so very nice.

Pray for help in everything you do

Be a part of the faithful and few!


The Way

Be not stuck upon yourself…

Consumed by pride with nothing left.

We are not to be a vessel of filth

God can save us from our guilt!


The offer of love is given to all…

Upon the Lord we gladly must call.

Within the boat of hope and faith

Abide in truth and keep your place.


Come apart from a path of temptation

Warnings are told about a revelation!

Ready for service and willing to obey

Jesus can return any second or day!


Go and teach that mercy is real…

The Holy Spirit we can gently feel.

Remember the message that we are told

Help one another from heart and soul.


Get Back In

Out in the elements of a windy blast

A life of wickedness - it will not last.

The prodigal son – he finally came back

Faith is something that is an eternal fact!


Get back in and find the right home

Peter finally turned from his wrong.

Some may refuse, but tell them how

Get back in - and do it now!


Peace to those with a caring mind

Be ye humble and always kind!

Escape the gloom of a smelly hog-pin

Turn from sin - then get back in.


Forgiving one another is a blessed need

It’s time to respond to the gospel seed.

Live each moment as though the last

Get back in, and remove the mask!


More To Learn

The life we have is what to give

More to learn as to how we live.

Each new day is a message of love

The Son was sent from up above.


As our minds are made to wonder

Why things happen we often ponder.

People hurting while many ignore

Very few are willing to offer a cure!


It’s not for us to turn our heads

Never stop till all souls are fed!

Now’s not the time to look away

More to learn - but first to pray.


Be alert then get ready for action…

Trusting in Jesus gives great satisfaction.

Power of faith is to never look back

Surrender your all and stay on track!


We Can

We can go to a place of hope

We can daily learn to cope.

We can rejoice over what is right

We can follow the path of light!


We can help a friend in need

We can gladly on truth to feed.

We can keep from a dreadful fall

We can daily on Jesus to call!


We can worship is Spirit and truth

We can receive a prayerful boost!

We can rebuke all sin and doubt

We can preach, sing and shout!


We can love our Lord so dear

We can be strong and draw near.

We can overcome evil and fear

We can tell others –God does care!



In this calm and peaceful hour…

A time to worship in love and power!

The Holy Spirit to show us how

Take the time and do it now.


Lift your hand unto the Lord…

He can ease what seems so hard!

Without His Grace there is no peace

In His presence the storms to cease!


There is such love we can behold

Let His joy now flood your soul.

Worship in His place of prayer…

Trust in Jesus – He’s always there!


Like rain that falls from the sky above

Every drop speaks of His holy love.

Again we come to worship His name

Because of Jesus we’re not the same!


Do What’s Right

Many doubts that can lead us away

Rejecting truth will make you stray!

Take a stand and complete the task

This Old World is going down fast!


Now is the time to know for sure

Others may reject this eternal cure.

Do what’s right and get on board

Don’t get hit by a two-edged sword!


A student must listen and then respond

Like fish that grows within a pond.

Avoid the net of confusion and hate

Lift up the Word and never be late!


Do what’s right while you are able…

Ignoring the message is very unstable.

Greater the will - cleared the way…

To be on course - continue to pray.


All For Good

When your intentions meet with Christ

All for good – steady and precise!

Not a word to harm a single soul

Speaking truth so caring and bold!


All for good to reach the lost…

Jesus came – so consider the cost.

After He died and rose from the dead

He’s coming back like the Bible said!


All for good in Grace we live…

Right a wrong - be willing to forgive.

Stay in prayer and rejoice in love

Gentle and calm like a morning dove.


What we have can gladly be blessed

Live in faith and commit the rest.

In the light just as we should…

Give glory to God - all for good!

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