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In The Shadow

Folks are watching for to see

Many refuse to insert the key!

Hard to take it - some to say…

Sad for those that will not pray!


Within the shadow many hide

Some are lost in lustful pride.

Few are seeking what to do…

They even choose to be untrue.


Illegal drugs do fill the streets

Gangsters also are in for keeps!

Parents suffer as a child rejects

Across this nation evil infects!


Within the shadow for many miles

Names and places are filling files!

Christians pray as darkness flee…

Come to the cross and be set free!


As To

As to what we have been told,

Let true light within your soul.

As to yesterday it is gone…

God can save us from all wrong!


As to where we’ve arrive today…

Take the time – be humble and pray.

As to where we go from here…

Trust in Christ - be saved from fear!


As to others – we tell them now

Jesus Christ can show us how!

As to what we need to do…

Praise the Lord - caring and true!


As to when to leave this place

After then – we’ll see His face!

As to what we directly see…

The Word of God sets us free!


O Give Thanks

There is much that we can know

First give thanks as daily you go!

Live in love because of Christ

The time is now to be precise!


O Give thanks more than before

Day by day - from shore to shore!

Go to where you need to be…

Get ready soon to cross the sea!


On into light is where and when…

Jesus can save your soul from sin!

Those that accept can be forgiven…

These are those ready for heaven!


O give thanks for mercy, indeed

For us all - our Savior did bleed!

What is said and shall be done…

Keep praising God for His Son!


Warning Of Falsehood

Many times folks will ignore…

Hide their faces and shut the door!

When a soul is in such ways

They for sure are sadly dazed!


Warning of falsehood across the land

Darkness is spreading just like sand.

A hardened heart will quickly go down

Corruption is seen all across the town!


Let us listen and urgently give heed

For our sins the Savior did bleed!

Go in love and grow in Grace…

Let truth be heard in every place!


We must not let falsehood rule…

A stable mind is a powerful tool!

Open your heart and let love in…

The message now is be born-again!


Voice Of One Crying

A message spoken from day to day

Surrender to Jesus without delay!

Live each second in Christian faith

Repent and rejoice in tender haste!


John the Baptist offered others truth

Fires of judgment are on the loose!

Be not deceived by evil around,

Make unto the Lord a joyful sound!


Voice of one crying – now’s the time

Humble your heart and open your mind!

God has blessed us from up above…

The Lord has given us Grace and love!


Come and receive what freely is given

A perfect gift from God in Heaven!

We are soldiers of this Holy King…

Lift up the banner as we together sing!


As We

As we live upon this Earth

As we experience second-birth.

As we trust in Christ our Lord…

As we obey it becomes less hard!


As we press toward the gold

As we rejoice within our soul.

As we look to the Holy King

As we pray it’s then we sing!


As we grow in Christian love…

As we prepare for Heaven above.

As we gladly receive our Savior

As we taste we enjoy the flavor.


As we seek from day to day

As we study we do not stray.

As we listen for truth to hear…

As we worship the Lord is near!


Complete Commitment

Within the silence before the storm

Many a soul is being forewarned!

Darkness is headed just up the coast

Creating damage like a fiery roast!


Across the planet as people do hear

The judgment of life is getting near!

Those that turn from what is said…

The moon will become a bloody red!


This my friend isn’t a silly joke…

Eternal torment will become a cloak!

Those that reject this perfect gift…

Destruction for sure their soul to sift!


Complete Commitment for a believer

Don’t be tricked by the deceiver!

Hope is near and will be given…

By God’s Grace our home is Heaven!


Celebrating Truth

Things that matter are always real…

Caring for others as to how they feel.

Doing your best regardless the mode

Living for Jesus is no secret code!


God will direct us within His love

We the people are headed above!

All that we have can be a blessing…

God can help us endure each testing!


Celebrating truth as we glide along

The music we hear is also a song!

No cause to worry when faith is pure

Being a doer is the very best cure!


Honest are those that accept the fact

Grace is eternal and shall never lack!

On to glory with a powerful boost…

Praising Jesus while celebrating truth!


All For Truth

We are called and it’s all for truth

Evil and darkness is on the loose!

Today is now tomorrow we hope

Only by Grace can we ever cope!


All for truth and light will follow…

The filth of sin is vain and hollow!

On the path we have surely been told

Let not corruption within your soul!


Glad we are to complete each task

Upon the Lord - our cares to cast!

All for truth as we continually achieve

When in the Word - we humbly feed!


No better place to be and grow…

Reach the lost and let then know!

All for truth when they come to Christ

He gave us mercy at the highest price!


Light And Peace

Light and peace go hand in hand,

Just like having an eternal friend!

We need to know how daily to live

Knowing Jesus is willing to forgive.


Light and peace is offer to everyone

A perfect gift from the begotten Son!

This life we have is a blessing indeed

Now let us spread the gospel seed!


Light and peace comes from up above

The breath of life from a God of love!

On into glory for what we are told

Let not darkness enter your soul!


Light and peace can help us to see

Jesus Christ can make evil to flee!

Take the promise that God provides

Truth and faith shall not subside!


God Loves You

We have a promise so very true

Jesus is able and God loves you!

Because we have a desire to live

Christ our Savior is willing to forgive.


God loves you and He is the Door…

He gave His Word for a needed cure!

Angels watch from all around…

We now can make a joyful sound!


Power to live beyond the strife

God has given us His own life!

Christ arose because of Grace…

Soon we shall behold His face!


On that day, such shouting to be

A trump to sound from eternity!

Up in glory we will gladly go forth

God is always our glorious source!


God Gives Gifts

The wheels are turning for all to see

Truth is real and will set you free!

On this pathway many are crying

Sad for those that are denying!


God gives peace to a searching soul…

God gives life when we’re in His fold!

God gives freedom on the road of hope

God gives Grace so we can daily cope!


Let’s be glad for all that is given…

Let’s be humble once we are forgiven!

Let’s go forth as we witness God’s love

Let’s get ready for a journey above!


Where we go is a lesson now learned…

Salvation is a gift - not something earned!

Goodness and mercy is more than enough…

Jesus can deliver us when thing seem tough!


Awake Quickly

Be a soldier – always on guard…

Live in peace and speak the Word.

Stand on truth every single day…

Stand on truth so you don’t stray.


The time is moving closer, for sure

Those that worship can remain pure.

Stay on course with Christ the King

Praise the Lord as you gladly sing.


Jesus is the Savior of our soul…

He can keep us from growing cold.

Go in love that came from Heaven

Awake quickly and be forgiven!


Take a moment to thank the Lord

He can ease what could be hard!

Seek the path that God has spoken…

Jesus can heal what once was broken!


Go In Love

Be not like a deceitful foe…

What they reap they will sow!

Live in love with a ready mind

Also listen while being kind!


Go in love for this is right…

Grow in Grace and live in light.

Give us Lord our daily bread…

From His side flowed blood of red!


Many a soul has passed this way…

Some refused to behold each day!

Those that rejected down the pit…

Forever more they’re lost and unfit!


Go in love and you’ll find the path

Make life count and peace will last!

Stay in touch while pressing on…

Let true faith become your song!


Some Will

Some will give their very best…

Some will endure every single test!

Some will live in childlike faith…

Some will soon behold His face!


Some will be a part of the solution

Some will warn of a revolution!

Some will carry the banner in love

Some will make it to Heaven above!


Some will teach that truth is real…

Some will care just how you feel!

Some will quickly come to Christ

Some will gladly accept this price!


Some will find this eternal rest…

Some will wear the gospel vest!

Some will go and not look back

Some will pray and never be slack!


Total Surrender

God has given us a perfect peace

Once forgiven - we are released!

Come to this fountain rich and sweet

Total surrender is at your feet!


Bow in heart and live in love…

Grace so real - tender as a dove.

Going to others with good news

Truth is a gift - not just our views!


Total surrender with hope for all…

Look to Jesus – then tenderly call!

Let us be honest in whatever we do

God created life and a sky of blue!


Here is the place – now’s the time

First comes reason then a rhyme.

Total surrender while on your knees

Our God is able – Jesus has the keys!


We The Few

We the few that gladly sing…

Unto truth we daily do cling!

On to victory beyond it all…

We the few to answer the call.


Many are upon a shaky road…

Many are carrying a heavy load!

Many are turning to self and sin

Many refuse to be born-again.


Those that listen can be saved…

Those that repent will never fade!

Those that follow – Heaven is near

Those that love are safe from fear!


Some have heard but turned away

Some did choose to never pray!

Some that could and never did…

Some are running and are not hid!


Glad we are to complete each task

Upon the Lord - our cares to cast!

All for truth as we continually achieve

When in the Word we humbly feed!


No better place to be and grow…

Reach the lost and let then know!

All for truth when they come to Christ

He gave us mercy at the highest price!

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