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In That Place

Wherever we are - whatever we do

Many a time and more than a few!

In that place that some can’t see

God Almighty can set you free.


Let the light now flood your soul…

Be not troubled but humble and bold!

Carry the torch that ignites the flame

Bow to worship God’s Holy name!


When you feel that you can’t go on,

That is when to remain very strong!

To have the hope that will overcome

Grow in Grace because of God’s Son!


In that place you will find true peace

In that place every battle will cease!

In that place that overcomes fear!

In that place our Lord will be there!


Going To Tell

We have a message now to give…

For Jesus our Savior we must live!

Hearing first and then to receive…

For us all He was willing to bleed!


Going to tell - every tribe and nation

Going to tell - without any hesitation!

Going to tell - get ready for the call

Going to tell - God saves from a fall.


Take this moment - ponder what is

A soul without light loses the fizz!

Awake to glory while pressing on…

Make Jesus Christ your victory song!


Going to tell with whatever it takes…

Never tied down by unwanted stakes!

Going to tell gentle as a spring breeze

Going to tell while on bended knees!


The Real Reason

The Real Reason for whatever is said

Our Lord is alive and no longer dead!

Wherever we are within this domain…

Once you're saved we're never the same!


The Real Reason to carry on in love

Those who do are gentle as a dove!

Such a gift along with many blessings…

Grace is there to overcome every testing!


The Real Reason life has true meaning

Joy over sadness is brightly gleaming!

Because Christ arose on the third day

God will hear us as we humbly pray.


To understand why water keeps flowing,

Seeds are planted, in faith we're growing!

For everything there is a place and season

All because of Jesus - He is the real reason!


He Is Greater

More than life - beyond this place

Jesus is able to defend our case!

He is willing to forgive our sins,

To be saved is to be born-again!


All glory to Jesus in Heaven and Earth

Because of Grace we put Him first!

Our Savior will quickly carry us home

He will surely correct every wrong!


Jesus Christ - the Almighty God…

To rule this Earth with a mighty rod!

To rid this planet of every sin…

He is greater and will forever win!


Jesus will do whatever is right…

He is the way to walk in the light!

Take His love to every single place…

Soon we're going to behold His face!


Come Forth

Only thing wickedness can offer to give

Spiritual darkness where we can’t live!

A mind in turmoil caused by deceit…

Locked in confusion and incomplete!


Come forth and find - hope is there…

Come forth in light - our God is near!

Come forth to receive eternal blessings…

Come forth in truth to conquer all testing!


Lust will cause a soul to stray…

Lies will try and deceive each day!

Living for self can cause much hurt

Lower you get with death you flirt!


There is love offered to everyone…

Receive the gift - God’s begotten Son!

Then from there you have sweet peace

After that the waves will surely cease!


It Shall Be

Before the return of our Christ

It shall be - hearts cold as ice!

Many down here will go astray

Even the elect frightened to pray!


Some to oppose true Christian love

Knowing that Jesus came from above!

It shall be very soon for sure…

Souls will reject this spiritual cure!


On and on – they fight and hate

Not very long and then too late!

It shall be only few to trust…

Hope so real and truth is a must!


Carry the light then gladly rejoice

God, by His Grace gives a choice!

Depend on Jesus for eternal salvation

It shall be you will escape devastation!


Jonah Needed Help

This man, Jonah – ran from the light

He tried to even hide from the fight!

On a boat while running from God…

He never even feared a coming rod!


Jonah was thrown out of the boat…

His heavy soul was unable to float!

Within the belly of a very great fish,

Mr. Jonah, himself, became the dish.


Tangled in seaweed over his head…

Almost better off as if he was dead!

God being aware - and then at last…

Once spit out Jonah preached very fast!


Once in Ninevah many repented of sin

Then Mr. Jonah even got mad again!

He wanted judgment to kill them all…

Jonah had to repent of a selfish fall.


Those That Abide

Because of truth there is a need

Call on Jesus urgently to plead!

Take His Word deep down within

Turn from darkness – repent of sin!


Those that abide are faithful and few

God will show you just what to do!

There is power to overcome fear…

Where there’s Grace - Jesus is near!


We the doers of God’s will each day

Those that follow refuses to stray!

This is the time to humbly obey…

To heed the Gospel is to go the way!


Those that abide are praising God…

Whosoever will are safe from the rod!

Get ready now for what soon shall be

Only by faith - our Jesus is the key!


True Reason

Seeking sunshine, embracing it’s glow

Deep in the valley where lilies do grow!

Making the best is a true reason why,

Mountains with rocks, reaching high!


Here as we watch times marches on,

Within the silence feelings are strong!

Off in the distance an echo now cries,

Help them escape so they can survive!


A moment to think before going forth

Life is a gift - not an obstacle course.

Intentions are pure deep in the heart…

Never put the apples - before the cart!


There on a hillside – shadows of light

Spread your wings then comes flight!

Don’t be controlled by doubt or fear…

Where there is peace, love will be there!


Bright New Day

This morning came as a gift

My eternal soul felt the lift.

Like a breeze across my mind

Awake at last and doing fine.


Bright new day and hope within

Free from doubt, saved from sin.

Living in faith growing in love

Such a blessing from up above!


Bright new day - now let's enjoy

What we have is not to destroy!

God allowed us to receive this day

As it appears - now let us pray!


Bright new day to never complain…

Once you're forgiven never the same!

Birds even know to sing and leap

How much more should we seek?


On Jesus Call

Let us be a sold-out saint…

Someone strong - not to faint!

Taking water to desert places…

Encouraging souls with sadden faces!


We are called to carry on…

Speak the truth and warn of wrong.

Staying humble and being sure

Words of truth, so king and pure.


Those who ignore and turn away

Let us teach them not to stray!

Hope for one is love for all…

Tell them now - on Jesus call!


Here today but soon the sound…

Trumpet to blow over this ground!

As we leave suddenly to depart

Saved by Grace and happy in heart!


Do So Now

Folks that care that made the choice

They can endure and even rejoice!

Others that haven't escaped the doom

Come to Christ - quicker than soon!


Not a second to put off or waste

Now's the time to make haste!

Here for now; afterwards, we're gone

Have true faith and then be strong!


If you're not already born-again…

Repent of evil - turn from sin!

Trust Jesus as Savior and Lord

Escape punishment of the sword!


Freedom to be one of the fewer…

Salvation is real - peaceful and pure!

The Word of God tells us how

Come by faith and do it now!


Give The Word

There's a way to lovingly teach…

Always caring while learning to reach!

Live each day knowing just why…

For our sins the Savior did die!


God knows best all by Grace

Jesus arose to settle our case!

To be who God made us to be…

This is the hope of being set free!


As we continue to carry forth…

Fight the good fight stay on course!

Telling the world - time is near,

Glory to God for He does care!


When Christ returns - now listen well

You make the choice - Heaven or hell.

Accepting truth is the way to go

Then from there you can know!


A Real Soldier

To come to light is having faith

When in glory we'll see His face!

A real soldier makes a plan…

In God's love to take a stand!


Within this battle of evil and good

We must do just what we should!

Whatever is needful and also right

A real soldier never leaves the fight!


Depending on Jesus we can know

Receiving truth is letting it flow!

Wherever we go is what all we do,

A real soldier is one of the few!


God is there to protect and lead…

For our soul the Savior did bleed!

Showing us how to not give up…

A real soldier toward Heaven to look!


Humbly Pray

The time to rejoice is every day…

It's a wonderful gift to seek and pray!

Give unto Christ your very all,

Upon the Lord to humbly call!


God is aware of what is to be

Only Jesus can set us free!

Abba, Father - He hears our cry…

Only our Creator knows just why!


Go to where the water is pure…

Trust the Savior, He has the cure!

Christ is there to be a friend…

A caring Shepherd that will defend!


Humbly pray because God is good

We can do right like we should!

Without the truth to give us a plan

All other ground is sinking sand!


Faithful Living

We now can live so faithfully…

Trust in Jesus - then we're free!

Go in love to live each day…

Not even time to ever stray!


Faithful living is surely a need

Only comes when we give heed!

Never quitting whatever is right…

Pressing on even through the night!


There is always a glorious reason

Going forth in every season!

Lifting the banner very gracefully

The cross of Jesus for all to see!


God is able by His Holy Truth

Evil ways they must let loose!

Faithful living we know is good…

Then comes joy -God said it would!


Touching Jesus

Offer your heart - then, to say

Forgive my sins - this to pray!

Help me, Lord - to live for you…

Show me now -just what to do!


Touching Jesus - once we're saved

For our soul - He overcame the grave!

We now have peace with our Lord…

In all times whether easy or hard!


Christ, the King, He's Savior, indeed

Come to Him - in faith to plead!

Our Lord also, is a forever friend

Such a love that shall never end!


Touching Jesus as we tell the world

Man and woman, also boy and girl!

By His mercy this is for sure…

His perfect blood makes us pure!

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