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In That Day

We are closer to what is to be…

Jesus is coming across eternity!

He will arrive on that day…

Now is when we need to pray!


He will put all things in place…

We will forever behold His face!

There is going to be a celebration…

Escape now the coming revelation!


In that day all evil will be captured

Soon the Church will be raptured!

We are headed to an ongoing feast…

Then a fire will be surely unleashed!


This world to pay for wicked deeds

Jesus Christ has the eternal keys!

In that day what has been spoken…

Wrath to unfold - earth will be broken!


He Cares

There is someone that is there,

More than ever - He is so near!

Watching us daily as we grow

God is able, for He does know!


He cares for all day by day…

He hears us always as we pray.

He is guiding us as we learn…

He can help with every concern!


What we do can be a blessing…

Enduring trials overcomes all testing!

Being a doer will strengthen your heart

Living in faith is doing our part!


He cares for what we urgently face

He is able to be there in every place!

He is Lord, our Savior and friend…

He is willing to forgive our every sin!


There Are Those

They came to seek a road of hope…

They knew God would help them cope.

They had a reason to find the way….

They received the Lord without delay!


There are those to find this path,

There are those that made it last!

There are those to never turn back,

There are those, not a second slack!


We are now given this holy Word

We must tell how it all occurred!

We can follow what has been given…

We can prepare for a home in Heaven!


Some are waiting to get this truth

Some are seeking to be let loose!

Many are sadly pushing aside…

Many are bound by sin and pride!


We Can Go

There is a time to learn the truth

Do it now before evil let loose!

We can go and live the way…

Take a moment, first, then pray!


We can go while pressing on…

Help us Lord to sing your song!

There is much to say and do…

We can go while being true!


God is near to answer our cry

Jesus came to tell us why.

We can go because of light…

While telling others this is right!


Words of love - God has said…

He is alive - no longer dead!

Jesus came so we can go…

Such a message will surely show!


Lord, Our God

Lord, our God – He is able…

Truth is real and not a fable!

Let us rejoice and be glad…

Never a reason to always be mad!


Lord, our God – Jesus the King

A loving Savior - to Him we sing!

Open the door let bells now ring

Unto Christ to Him we cling!


Salvation is free – paid in full

Living in faith is never dull.

There is much to learn and know

First of all we need to grow!


Lord our God, the three-in-one…

He is Almighty – the begotten Son!

He is the one to forever be…

He came to Earth to set us free!


There Is

There is power in true love…

There is peace from up above!

There is much to gladly do…

There is hope in being true!


Where we go – we can be…

Where we are – forever free!

Where we live – we can say…

Where there’s faith there’s a key!


Now is what we are told…

Now is when to give our soul!

Now is a need to follow His way

Now is a reason, take time to pray!


As we learn this is when

As we seek we surely win!

As we commit we are blessed

As we endure we then find rest!


Our God

Our God cares for us all…

He will hear when we call!

Never wait when truth is now

Salvation is free – faith is how.


Trust the Lord for He’s the one,

He gave Himself within His Son!

Jesus by Grace came down to Earth

Being saved offers second-birth!


There is peace for a believer…

Be ye warned of the deceiver!

Keep on praising God our King…

Jesus is the reason we do sing!


Our God watches as He protects…

To save from sin that tries to infect!

Living for Christ is such a need…

Once you receive then spread the seed!


On Into Glory

Jesus felt the pain of death…

He overcame every trial or test!

He arose victorious beyond it all

Take the time on Him to call.


On into glory before His throne…

He is willing to save from wrong!

Repent ye sinners both far and wide

Find your place on the winning side!


There is hope for those who care

The love of God is everywhere!

Today is when to open the door…

We’re headed to that heavenly shore!


On into glory for what is written

Power of evil shall be smitten!

What a blessing while daily living

Once for sure you are forgiven!


We Must Realize

Often we look as then to think

Help us Jesus to never sink!

The path seems rough many times,

Things for sure don’t always rhyme!


We must realize, this is the earth…

We only escape putting Jesus first!

Those that turn and go the other way…

They’re headed toward a very dark day!


Let’s now focus - take note of this

Don’t betray Jesus with a kiss!

Either we’re out and headed not in…

Or either we’re saved and now can win!


We must realize this is not a game…

Warning to those who seek just fame!

Where we go - we shall forever be…

When is now to be spiritually set free!


WE Are

We are saved to go in faith…

Tell the world – sinners make haste!

Only a believer is sure to win…

Surrender in faith - be born-again!


We are here to reach out in love…

Speak of Jesus and Heaven above.

Warn of evil and a fire below…

We are here God’s truth to show!


We are traveling a majestic path

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!

There is much awaiting up there

We are assured our God is near!


Weather to come as winds do blow

Rain and sunshine – sleet and snow!

Life is certain - this is for sure

Only Jesus can give the cure!



People will experience a sudden flash

Many will try and make their dash!

Earth and sky will then unfold…

A sword will surely strike their soul!


Cries in vain will all over be heard…

Some will think, "This sounds absurd!"

Wrath of God will violently appear

It’s then too late to shed a tear!


Plagues will stretch across this world

Thunder and lightning will then unfurl.

Angels of might to display such power

All will know that this is the hour!


Upon a White Horse, The King’s return

Armies of Heaven with fire to burn!

Jesus will protect His precious Elect…

Armageddon for sure will then be set!



They bound Him tight and very strong

They beat Him hard, and so long!

They mocked His name, sad to say

They turned their backs not to pray!


They tore His skin with a whip…

They struck His face as flesh did rip!

They scoffed His message very much

They hated His caring and gentle touch.


They led Him over to a rugged cross…

They crucified Him for saving the lost!

They wagged their heads and after so…

They considered Him a vicious foe!


They saw the sky turn grossly dark…

They finally hardened their evil hearts!

They tried to seal His borrowed tomb

They choose to meet with eternal doom!


Let Go – Let God

Today is new – let us rejoice…

Afternoon to come lift up your voice!

Doing right before all is done…

Praising Jesus – God’s begotten Son!


As the evening light fades away

Night is nearing to end the day!

A new morning arrives such a need…

Out to the highway to sinners we plead!


Come to Christ while today you can

Get involved with God’s holy plan

Take a moment humbly to pray…

Let go – let God, then enjoy each day!


Whatever your name whoever you are

Heaven is real and not very far!

A breath away and forever to be…

All by Grace and eternally set free!


Pure Light

The light is pure as can be…

Shining bright like a crystal sea!

You can be sure where you stand…

Reach out in faith - take Jesus’ hand!


God is able to help each and all

Upon our God - let us now call.

He can keep you from a fall

In true faith let us stand tall.


Because of hope let’s gladly sing

Jesus Christ is our Lord and King!

Come to receive His unchanging love

Our Home in Heaven waits above!


Pure light is found within our soul

Spirit of truth - good news is told!

What is spoken the reason is sure…

In sweet surrender we find the cure!


Rejoice Forever

Conditions here soon to change…

Jesus Christ is coming to rearrange!

So very much to see and do…

Spiritual truth is eternally true!


Christ, our Savior - the One to know

Within His Word we daily can grow!

Plant a seed along this narrow way

Soon to enter a much brighter day!


Live in hope - for He is light…

All by Grace He makes things right!

Never give up - continue to rejoice…

Jesus is our ultimate, glorious choice!


Salvation is free for us to receive…

Unto each of those that do believe!

Going forth for our victorious King…

Rejoice forever as we shout and sing!



Here to inform - very soon to be

We’re headed toward that crystal sea!

We will bow before our God…

Christ to return with a mighty rod!


Be very careful before your go

Stay Alert while here below!

We shall leave so very fast…

Home with Jesus – forever at last!


Careful what you do and say…

First to seek - please don’t stray!

What is right is always true…

One of the caring and faithful few!


The message now unto us all…

Upon our Savior we daily must call.

When we leave yonder to stay…

It will be quick without any delay!

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