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Images Of Time

Upon the mountain a glowing light

So very far - almost out of sight.

Further away at such a distance…

Not to seek it could cause resistance!


Same as the light that renders a beam

Images of time that fades into a dream.

Thoughts of how things used to be

What was then - is now a memory.


We seek to grow as we also learn…

Having true hope - our greatest concern.

Days become months as years go by…

Often we’re happy – sometimes we cry!


Enduring pain can surely cause tension

Trusting in Jesus gives us dimension.

Until we have a real peace of mind,

Life moves on - like images in time!


To Be Godly

The godly person won’t throw a fit…

A misguided soul will give up, or quit!

There is a way to endure the strain…

The Lord will help us overcome pain.


A godly person wants to do their best

Knowing the Lord will give us rest!

As we trust and continue to follow…

A godly person is not vain or hollow!


We all have our trying times…

God can turn confusion into a rhyme.

Day by day, our strength is renewed

Trusting in Jesus is the good news!


A godly person has this hope…

By God’s Grace - we daily cope!

To not stay upon the righteous path,

You'll lose direction - so very fast!


Snow In Spring

When the morning arrived then it was seen

Flakes from the heavens - a snow in spring.

Many were wondering about this sight…

Rough and rocky is now fluffy white!


We often wonder as the clouds move by

All over creation, a scene from the sky!

The weather is changing - so very keen

Sunshine has become – snow in spring!


Only the Lord can give us this beauty…

One day at a time as we do our duty.

Going to visit a friend that is in need…

Doing your best, like a developing seed!


Never to know what a day will bring forth

All that occurs comes from a source!

Life has a reason - with a majestic ring…

Up from your sleep to find snow in spring!


Hope Becomes Brighter

We are never to quit – but stay a fighter…

By being involved – hope becomes brighter!

Trouble passes us over, because of our King

Jesus will protect us as we continue to sing!


Misery has no place in a believer’s life…

Resist all evil and flee quickly from strife!

This message comes from the soul of a writer

Spreading the news as hope becomes brighter!


There in view we can see the new moon

God’s church is ready to leave real soon!

(Resting in peace, is knowing the way)

Hope becomes brighter as we near that day


Out in the desert, rain hardly ever falls

Within the forest - the trees are so tall!

We are headed to a place much lighter…

Faith is stronger, as hope becomes brighter!


Going There

On this road while passing through

Going there - way beyond the blue!

No heat to bear, or pain to feel…

The friends you meet will be real.


We will be fought at times down here

Above the sky – we’re going up there!

A thrill to know, across the great deep…

Once we arrive – rewards shall be reaped!


What a great blessing for us to know

God’s enemies here, they cannot go!

Those that refuse to come to faith

Will lose their name and their face!


The Bible says, "love one another!"

Do no harm to your sister, or brother!

Reach out to a neighbor, far and near!

After this mission, our home is up there!



The Whole Plan

When you’re hurt – seek God's love…

Always remember – heaven is above!

Doing your best to sing-a-long…

Jesus is the music – He gives us a song!


Those our friends - shall also be there…

The gift of kindness is showing you care!

Gentle are the words that will heal…

Yield to the Lord – His Spirit will fill!


Enter into a moment of true silence

Cease from anger and end all violence!

We can reach the lost at our best…

As a soldier we must endure the test!


We sometimes can’t see the whole plan

In the Garden of Eden – God made man!

Eve came next, then Cain and Able

Life is real - and is not a fable!


Second Birth

When we leave from being here…

To take our journey over there!

Smoother than a mountain stream

Even faster than a lightning beam!


Sounds that cannot be described

Within the soul upon this ride!

Words unspeakable to this earth…

Only those that have a second birth!


People that cannot fully conceive…

A darkened heart will not believe.

We who care – to give urgent advice

Seek the one who paid the price!


Upon mount Calvary, the gap was closed

On the third day – Jesus arose!

Now the gates are open wide…

Second birth is to repent of pride!


Never The Same

The change that came

It was beyond my mind!

A feeling so wonderful

Only one of a kind!


So easy to say

And never the same!

My heart was saved

From sin and shame!


Beyond this world

There is a sea!

Crystal and clear

Known as eternity!


We’re going there

Where life is pure!

Soon we shall reach

That beautiful shore!



We cannot understand everyone’s pain

Getting the right help is to not complain!

God has compassion for those in need…

The greatest medicine is when we give heed!


Compassion on others is to stay very calm,

Jesus our Savior has scars in His palms.

He gave His life, so we can know

He will be there to help us grow.


All those days spent worrying over bills

Makes us even weaker - and so very ill!

Use what you have, then get ready for more

Contentment is far better – this is for sure!


It’s such a blessing to offer true compassion,

Keeps us more in step than the latest fashion!

Having a caring spirit is to reach the hurting

Better than doubt that some are still flirting!


Getting The Best

Though we cant ignore what has occurred

We can give into trusting God’s perfect Word!

Nothing can stop us from living this way…

We have the promise of a victorious day!


Whether weak, or strong, never refuse

Life isn’t given - for anyone to abuse!

Take a good look at where you are…

Redemption is at hand – not very far!


Getting the best out of any situation…

John in exile wrote about "Revelation!"

None of us are finished – we all have a song

Giving up on the truth - is so very wrong!


Every day matters - as we take the leap

The time to carry on is not a time to weep!

Where we are - reveals where we've been,

Getting the best of now will help us to win!


Set And Ready

We have a God that will not forsake

He is faithful and never too late!

Those holding back - cannot be sure…

Draw nigh to God – be one of the fewer!


Set and ready - to be a true witness

Exercising faith gives spiritual fitness!

All that we know teaches us to endure

Although sometimes it’s easy to get sore!


On the starters line, as the whistle blows

Set and ready – God already knows!

Staying in shape is feeding on truth…

Off and running - fear must let loose!

At the finish line, tensions can be great

Those to turn back will end up too late!

The ones that are daily pressing on

They will surely have a victory song!


Finding Out

These words are for those very weary

Body so tired and feeling dreary.

You may be in a constant strain…

Soon the Lord will send the rain!


Amen to Jesus - He endured for all

Pain beyond measure - to Him we call!

He will stick there by your side…

His healing touch cannot be denied!


Finding out that we have the solution

God can deliver from any commotion!

Staying close to His wonderful side…

He can forgive the sinners pride!


Caring is trusting in your daily life…

The presence of the Lord is very nice!

Going forward is not backing up…

Abundant joy - within God’s holy cup


That Lovely Place

There are memories that will not leave

A trip to grandma’s - so majestic indeed!

That lovely place we wanted to be…

Fishing from the pier, down by the sea!


It’s good to think back, while moving ahead

Early at morning, "Arise!" Daddy said!

Heading off to school, or to work in a field

Mama gave medicine to help get us well!


Remember also, church doors were open

Folks came to worship – rather than eloping!

Sunday school taught a new bible verse…

Jesus Christ was always being put first!


That lovely place - lessons were learned,

The sweat you felt - was money well earned!

To bow your head – then we were fed…

"Thank you Lord for our daily bread!"

Amen !


Sure And Bold

Anger is when the sky turns red

Allow it not to control your head!

When the heart gets so confused

Your very soul becomes abused!


Be not a part of an angry crowd…

Warn the wicked that are so proud!

Rest your spirit and calm your mind

Things will get better – you will find!


These words are spoken from a friend

Never to hurt – but to lend a hand!

In my travels there have been attacks

Advice now offered - are also the facts!


All my critics have been like an invader

The joy within has been much greater!

Let not your anger get out of control

Be loving and kind – sure and bold!


Humble Saints

Never be afraid, ye humble saints

You need not fear – or to faint!

God will hold you very close…

The love of Jesus won’t let loose!


It may seem very hard at times

Listen closely to the heavenly chimes!

The music is saying "Peace Be Still"

Don’t give up when tired and ill!


God is always so very near…

He’s there to catch every tear!

Jesus broke the chain – He has the key

His wonderful Grace sets us free!


Ye humble saints feeling so weak…

Continue to pray – as you seek!

We made it this far because of faith

On the cross – Jesus took our place.


A Real Family

Telling each other the way of the cross

A Savior that loves us – and saves the lost!

Coming together to worship our King…

Listen to the singing as Church bells ring!


A real family will encourage one another

Speak very kind to a sister, or brother!

Wanting the very best for them all…

Telling then how, upon Jesus to call!


A visit to someone that is feeling weak

Sending a card that they will keep!

Telling a relative how you miss them so

Glad to see them wherever they go!


A real family will always stick together

In every situation, regardless the weather!

Receiving the blessing of showing you care

Keep doing right, while we are still here!


To Be Free

When holding back from receiving the truth

If you want to be free – you must let loose!

We have on earth no permanent home

Jesus Christ is our victory song!


Many seek the gifts, without the giver

People like this makes me shiver!

There must be sincerity to find the key

A caring heart is the way to be free!


We cannot force a person to change

A willing soul can worship and sing!

For a person to not ever be humble…

Life is no game - especially a fumble!


To work is to work – but do not stray

God is moved when we trust and pray!

Faith will speak as you bend your knee

Rejecting all vanity is how to be free!

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