"Wind across the land"

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Higher The Better

Flying across open terrain

Eternal joy beyond all pain.

Swift and majestic caring and keen

Moving forward while going up stream.


Higher the better - further we go

More to life than what we know.

Going to where the air is pure…

Plunge into life so honest and sure.


A bird needs altitude as they fly…

More they seek the greater the sky.

On their journey they love to sing…

Now is the time to spread your wings.


This is the moment to speak your peace

Warn of danger – confusion must cease.

Higher the better - stronger the climb…

Humble your heart and protect your mind.


Going There

We have the offer of a perfect gift…

Blessed assurance with a banner to lift.

A soldier is ready to take the call

Give the Lord your all in all.


Going there to live Forever more…

Loved ones to rejoin on that shore.

Music will sound a happy tune…

We’re headed upward very soon.


Glory to God for all He’s done…

We are going to behold the Son.

The cross has made the way to go

Faith is how we live and show.


Going there is a firm guarantee

Jesus Christ – He is the key.

Gabriel will also be there too…

Across the sky – beyond the blue.


Sun Flowers

Such a beauty so we can behold

Like a song within your soul.

God created them by His power…

Clean and neat – the gentle Sunflower.


Like a poem with a reason…

They shine so bright for a season.

Refreshing they are like a spring shower

Only God can make a beautiful Sunflower.


Many a picture has been drawn…

Fragile and weak yet so very strong.

Winds to blow from hour to hour…

Standing so tall is that same Sunflower.


All around there are birds that sing

In the distance the Church bells ring.

Above the earth like a mighty tower…

Feeding on light - the majestic Sunflower.


Think Smart

When our mind tries to wonder…

It’s hard to know just what to ponder.

The best place to be when you start

Take a pause and then think smart.


We can make it by setting goals

When the plan enters our soul.

Getting involved is doing your part

Every day we should think smart.


Over the ocean is much to see

Certain places we long to be.

Trust and pray within your heart…

Love and faith helps us to think smart.


Asking for direction can surely help

Listen very closely what to accept.

Never put your apples before the cart

Being on time shows you do think smart.


Someone Said

At last for sure a joyful sound

What then was lost now is found!

Those that were astray now are back

Someone said "No time to be slack!"


Those who returned were heard to say…

"Thankful to have been given another day."

Let us tell others about the escape…

Trust in Jesus and don’t wait too late.


Before the revival had fully ended

Another stood up to be defended.

"Jesus my Lord – we call out to thee"

Another sinner was then set free.


Bells did ring as lives were changed

Evil had lost and Heaven did gain!

Now’s the time - gospel we must further

Keep pressing on my sister and brother.



Whatever we do - we need to pray

Wherever we go - we need not stray.

However we live - we need to care

Whoever you are - no need to fear.


The reason we listen is to learn

The reason we work is to earn.

The reason we eat is to be strong

The reason we smile is to get along.


Because of love - we feel true peace

Because of friendship - wars do cease.

Because of knowledge - we learn a trade

Because of Jesus our soul is saved.


Whatever your goal be very sure

Whatever your pain - God is the cure.

Whatever your thoughts - there is hope

Whatever your trials by Grace we cope.


Resting While Awake

There are ways to know what’s right…

Resting while awake both day and night.

Peace over doubt – we have a reason

Today is always – now is the season.


Wanting to find what is so near

Like taking a trip to over there.

Resting while awake is staying calm

Jesus holds life within His palm.


Let’s be glad that where we are

Is very close and not so far.

To enjoy what all God has made…

What was lost Jesus will save.


Live for God and don’t ever be late

Growing in love is resting while awake.

Because we have the here and now…

Eternity is certain and faith is how.


Get It Done

Priorities are made to carry out a task

Get it done and it will always last.

Those who react to the request…

Give it your all and do your best.


Be there when the door is open…

Know your position without eloping.

Stand your ground for what is right

Get it done before that final night.


The job is accepted – plans are made

Counting the cost before being paid.

Work always comes before clean fun

Taking responsibility is to get it done.


All is well when we carry on…

What draws us closer makes us strong.

The best is here and more to come

Action is the way to get it done.


When And Where

Always be ready to show you care…

Regardless of the day – when and where.

Life is what you live each day…

Faith is the reason – Jesus is the way.


When and where both high and low

Prayer is the key before you go.

Love is the gift to offer and give…

Truth is the way we must daily live.


Those we reach shall come forth

Get involved and stay on course.

When and where - you will find…

Power under control - meek and kind.


Enter the light without a doubt…

Be not afraid to sing and shout.

When and where upon this search

The body of Christ is the Church.


Being Informed

Weather is closing clouds all around…

A warning goes out across city and town

Get ready for rain - along with high winds

The folks took counsel and survived again.


Being informed helps us to know

What to do and which way to go.

When the message has been received…

It’s time to listen – take action and heed.


"Clear the shore - shark near the pier"

The horn to blow - many to fear!

Upon the shore - now it’s safe…

All because people made haste!


Being informed is what we do…

Weather now clears – The sky is blue.

Tell a friend and warn the rest…

Staying prepared is to give your best.


Home Free

Being involved we need not fear

Give to God your every tear.

We are promised to make it through

Never give up on what is true.


What has been and what will be

There is more than we can see.

Finding a place to live and stay

God will guide us when we pray.


As we arrive to our destination

Move right in without hesitation.

Home free is the place to remain

Calm your soul and stake your claim.


Many to travel not being sure

Wondering about without a cure.

To leave behind what we can’t take…

Home free forever – not a second late.


Over And Beyond

Doubting in what should never be

Sin and pride is something to flee!

Over and beyond is a better way…

No turning back from that brighter day!


Head on up to that higher ground

Love is real where hope is found.

Over and beyond is a safer place

Now is the time to make haste.


All for sure we know is right…

Humble your heart and follow the light.

Learning to lean is a solid foundation

Spread the Gospel across the nation.


Within that kingdom above the sun

We will enjoy what God has done.

Over and beyond - we shall behold

For allowing Jesus to take control.


Enjoy Knowing

All we have is for the asking…

The mercy of God is everlasting.

Given by Grace while daily growing

What we learn we enjoy knowing.


Up the stream there is so much…

Feeling the Spirit of a gentle touch.

Majestic power with peace overflowing

A calm assurance to enjoy knowing.


Being thankful - so happy and free…

A message of comfort to hear and see.

Faith is something that is showing…

Not being ashamed is to enjoy knowing.



Words are spoken then received

More to learn - we must give heed.

Like a lamp forever glowing…

When you’re saved you enjoy knowing.


All Because

All because of what has been…

Around the corner and back again.

Make the appointment and be on time

Open your heart and protect your mind.


All because of what’s being told

Let true joy consume your soul.

Keep the lower lights burning bright

Go in faith and fight the good fight!


Tears fall down in snow and rain…

Prayer will help to drive out pain.

Then as the sun shines again…

You’ll feel the victory of another win.


All because we’re getting better

The love of God is forever.

Going to where we need to be

Jesus Christ can set you free.


Trees Are Trees

Upon a hillside they stand so tall

Summer, winter, spring and fall.

Trees are trees with roots so deep

What we sow is the way we reap.


Fruit to grow upon limbs so strong

Falling of leaves like a lovely song.

Trees are trees with much to give

Grace will teach us how to live.


Wind to blow across the land…

People to follow - hand in hand.

Trees are trees for us to know…

Day by day together we grow.


Rain that waters then the blessing…

God is there even when we’re resting.

Trees are trees to offer us shade…

What a gift our Lord has made.


Ever Again

Forces all around – so very effective

Be very careful of what is deceptive.

Faith over folly is how to win

Don’t be deceived ever again.


Battles are raging we can see

All around are powers that be.

Giving up on life would be a sin

No need to turn back ever again.


We have a mission to complete…

Yesterday is gone – daily we seek.

God is there – He shall defend…

Doubt cannot control us ever again.


Riding upon wings like a dove

Heaven in view – God is love.

Jesus is the key so let Him in…

Self can’t defeat us ever again.


Been There

Across the city with a gospel plan

The love of Jesus shall not end.

We are given a flowing peace…

The power of God will never cease!


You will know if you’ve been there

A change will come to calm your fear.

The Spirit of life from God’s throne

To enter in like a heavenly song!


To have this love is like a deep river

Richer than gold – finer than silver

Joy unspeakable and full of glory

Eternally saved by the gospel story.


Once for sure you have been there

Cast upon the Lord your every care.

More than ever what we have seen

Makes you want to shout and sing!

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