"Perfect Peace"

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Help Me Lord

In the way of Christian faith…

The love of Jesus is on your face.

We need not hide from all unknowns

Just trust in Jesus and be strong!


Help me Lord to follow you,

Giving you praise while being true!

There is purpose within this life…

Come to Jesus and turn from strife!


As the earth spins round and round

Spread the Word from town to town!

Christ shall return for each child…

Watch and pray and rejoice each mile.


What has been and what shall be

Truth is the door - Jesus is the key!

Help me Lord to do my best…

All for Thee, beyond each test!


The Green Hillside

Tadpoles seen in a marshy pool…

The green hillside is a farmer’s tool.

We pray to the Lord our soul to keep,

He is the Shepherd - we are the sheep!


A willow tree is moved by the wind

Birds while resting on a roof of tin!

Fish are swimming in a nearby creek

The green hillside is a sight unique!


Cows are grazing within the gate

Producing the milk, never too late!

Hens lay eggs at the point of sunrise

Showers to fall from the cloudy skies!


The green hillside is a needful thing

Listen very close as church bells ring!

Planting fields while running the farm

God will provide us by His strong arm!



Who we are is what we allow…

To plan your work and do it now.

Surrounded by forces hard to see

What has been is what shall be!


Saying the word and doing it then

Never to start is to not know when!

Surrounded by factors so unknown

Living in love will make you strong!


Write a poem with a happy tune…

Put it in a book - read it real soon!

There is a joy for being involved

All that happens - faith can solve.


As this thought once is given…

Joy is hope sent from heaven!

Surrounded by light from on high

Living in love is the reason why!


We Can Say

Jesus is there in every way

He will teach us every day!

He shall help us to do His will

Jesus can protect us as He heals.


We can say, our Lord is able…

He will surely keep us stable!

Within His care, He offers peace

Hope is eternal to never cease!


A blessing is something very real,

God has promised the Spirit to seal!

Being a child of the heavenly King

Makes me daily praise His name!


We can say, Christ is the One,

Here on earth - God gave His Son!

Jesus has shed His blood to save…

A gift to enjoy with brighter days!


Think It Not Strange

When in doubt and feeling sad

Look to Calvary and be not mad!

Jesus did what we couldn’t achieve

On the cross He was willing to bleed!

The suffering of sin was paid in full,

Think it not strange and be not dull.

Evil powers will deceive and hinder,

Jesus Christ is our mighty defender!


Battles will often tear you down…

No need to wear a continuous frown!

Think it not strange what goes on…

Faith in Jesus will make you strong!


There are many that need our prayers…

The Lord can deliver from ungodly fears!

Abide in truth and keep growing in love

Think it not strange, we’re headed above!


Someone Did

Talk was heard around the city…

Help was requested, not just pity!

A group was waiting to hear the truth

Some could go and wouldn't let loose!


A call was made to a nearby friend

The outreach center needed a hand.

Can you make it is what was said

Finally at last - someone did!


The service went well, glad to say

People all took the time to pray!

After the preaching at the close…

Singing was sweet as a lovely rose!


Being kind is a will to reach out…

Those involved can rejoice and shout!

Sad for those living in a rapid pace,

A Child of God can finish the race!



The Last Gamble

Cards are made with two sides,

Same as a heart living in pride!

Back of a deck has much to say…

Very next hand can take your pay!


They turn their cards one by one,

Some may think that this is fun!

The last gamble and then a fold…

In comes judgment upon the soul!


Many say luck; others say its skill

This wicked habit can even kill!

Roll of the dice - hoping for a hit

Losing it all - then throwing a fit!


Giving away what some once had

This evil vice offers nothing glad!

End of the trail, like a neck on a rope

What was strong can quickly be broke!


Never Ashamed

Never be ashamed of the Lord…

When times are easy or even hard!

Living every second to His glory

Helps to spread the gospel story!


Being a witness of Amazing Grace

The love of Jesus is on your face!

Looking forward to His soon return

To be a doer is to stay concerned!


We are here to lift up His Word

Jesus is why life has occurred.

Within creation God gave each day…

Take this moment to reflect and pray.


Never be ashamed to follow Christ

For all our sins - He paid the price!

Pressing on in hope as time draws nigh

Spread your wings - get ready to fly!


All The Best

When day in over then comes rest

Beyond it all we endure each test.

Having great peace gives us hope

Living in faith is the way to cope.


Doing right is staying involved…

Every situation, a problem to solve!

All the best is what we must do…

Love thy neighbor and always be true!


People will watch as you come and go

Who we are is what we should know!

Wanting the best while making friends

A love that's real shall never end!


Away from truth - many will sink

The narrow path is our only link!

Get to where you need to be…

Fruit is fresh upon a genuine tree!


Fresh And Clean

Thought of kindness to enter in…

Fresh and clean once saved from sin.

Starting off new and moving forth,

The love of Jesus is our real source.


As a soul is fed by light…

God is able with His might!

Fresh and clean within each day

Alert and humble as you pray.


Into the hedges to carry the gospel

Evil forces are vain and hostile!

Prepare for joy beyond all pain

Spreading hope is our only gain!


Day by day so fresh and clean…

Wake to truth and find your dream.

Life in Jesus is the only reason

This is true for every season!


Keep Seeking

After time has come and gone…

Willing to forgive is a heart made strong!

Keep seeking ways to do your best,

Only the faithful can find true rest!


Every valley has a mountain peak,

Happy are those willing to seek!

We have the ability to carry hope

Let joy and love become a cloak!


Often the road can seem very rough

Battles all around seem so tough!

Keep seeking ground sure and stable

Living in charity is not a fable!


Nearing the tunnel of that new dawn

Celebrate Jesus and always be strong!

Keep seeking a vision - then at last…

You'll find that peace is a ongoing path!


Nearing The Station

As this journey nears to a close

The weary traveler surely knows.

On this pathway long and wide

The safest place is to come inside.


Nearing the station while so glad…

Released from pain we all once had!

Sounds of comfort as we arrive…

Forever free from all selfish pride!


Waiting to greet you - Christ the King

Unto the Savior we shall forever cling!

Family back together after a long trip

Nectar flows out for a refreshing dip!.


As we enter our eternal homes…

On golden streets we sing our songs!

Beams of light then shine all around

Those who we lost have been found!


Reach Into Light

Brightness that stretches across the sky

Creating the currents for birds to fly!

Making it last as we gladly ponder

Consumed by hope from over yonder!


Reach into light and find true love,

Lord our Savior - gentle as a dove!

Get to know this wonderful friend

Joy unspeakable that has no end!


Radiant sunlight upon your face…

Feelings so calm within every place.

Surrounded by comfort above and within

Reach into light and be freed from sin!


We can learn what we don't know…

Search your heart and let it grow.

Keep your eyes on the eastern sky

Reach into light and be ready to fly!


Consider My Servant

God has given to us an urgent task

The victory awaits all those that ask!

When in doubt - look to the cross…

We have the message to reach the lost!


"Consider my servant" God once said

"Give us this day our daily bread!"

The Lord will bless the caring soul

Living for Jesus is better than gold!


There was a man - Job was his name

Fought for believing - not for his fame!

Even his wife viciously did say…

Curse God and die - it's written today!


Job stayed faithful as a caring man

Doubt sadly also entered his friends.

Job kept praying with love over fear…

Beyond the pain God was always there!


On A Roll

Within a tablet names are written

On the cross - Christ was smitten!

For our transgressions He did die,

Salvation was paid by a bloody cry!


A haven inside with a flowing stream

Faith in Jesus is greater than it seems.

A child of God with much to say…

We're going home forever to stay!


That which is spoken is very true

God is now telling us what to do!

We have no need to ever turn back

Upward the climb while on this track!


Those who follow are on a roll…

We have victory of heart and soul.

Take a leap into the vastness…

The love of God is everlasting!


Help Has Arrived

We see the road that is before…

Light to escape from within the core!

Shadows depart when day arrives…

The humble soul will outshine pride!


Choices are sure once they're given…

Love and kindness - a gift from heaven

That which is - as time moves on…

Help has arrived - gentle and strong!


Songs are written about so much

Some in anger - others so touched!

Life is certain from what we see

Doors will open once you're free!


Everything matters according to faith

Truth can shine from within your face!

Make a plan and achieve that goal…

Help has arrived into your very soul!


Greater Than Great

He came to love and then forgive

This is how we learn to live.

Jesus achieved what we couldn't do

The Word of God is perfect and true!


Christ the Lord is greater than great

Trust in Him and don't be late!

He is the one that will provide…

Upon the rock we need not hide.


Going to others to tell this story…

Surrender it all and give Him glory!

Now and forever - He is the one

God sent to earth His eternal Son!


Amen forever to this mighty King

Let us rejoice with hearts to sing!

Greater than great while on this path

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!

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