"Facing the Truth"

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Headed Upward

As we travel both to and fro…

Whoever we are and wherever we go.

Abide in love as you open your heart…

Keep living in truth and doing your part.


Many will not follow the narrow path…

Anything they accomplish it will no last!

What we know and much more to learn

Time is fleeting as the earth does turn.


Decisions to make - not just a dream

Even when awake or so it seems.

To do what’s right is a great endeavor

We must give account more than ever.


In this poem there is much hope

To be a ship is to stay afloat.

Get on board and make your cry

While headed upward - WE Fly High!


As We Travel

To have it together is to stay in tune

Day after day - from noon till noon.

Surrounded by questions as we seek to win

To accept the truth is to be saved from sin.


The flowers in springtime - peace and love

Let there be light sent down from above.

Joy over sorrow - hope beyond despair

Sunshine over rain and faith over fear!


As we continue our journey season to season

We search and wonder - everything has a reason.

To reap what we sow - a fact of real life…

Spreading compassion or caught up in strife!


Some folks are busy - while doing their part

Sadly there are others with uncaring hearts.

Waste not is to want not - Someone did say

But what matters most is take time to pray!


Achieving the most may get you some fame

Being a cheerful giver is far better than gain.

Taking what is yours and giving it to God…

Blessings are so great when not under the rod!


God’s Holy Cup

There is a way to make the escape

No time to lose but don't hesitate.

Time is fleeting – now or never

From God’s throne flows a river!


Come and be saved - live for Christ,

Jesus died and arose to pay the price.

Be sure and safe – rejoice and pray

Jesus could come back even today.


Tell your family and all friends

The love of God has no end.

Live in faith - the time is now

Let the Word show you how.


Get on board this gospel train…

On Heaven’s shore there is no pain.

It won’t be long – we’re going up

Drink Salvation from God’s Holy Cup.



Lord, you are my friend

We need thee every hour.

Without your lovely Spirit

We would have no power!


We give to you our all in all,

On thee, O Lord - we daily call.


Keep me Lord in Thy good will

Your loving Spirit let me feel.


Lord, You are my reason everyday

My life is yours - to you we pray!


My Guide

Lord, you are my guide

In everyday life!

You give me strength

To overcome strife!

There is no other

By Your loving Grace.

Our only hope…

For the human race!

Take my life

And make it Thine,

Purify my heart

And cleanse my mind!

Use me Lord…

For your good will.

By your Spirit

My life is sealed.


A Godly Mother

A godly Mother is a beacon of light…

Standing for truth fighting the good fight!

A true Mother will walk in the way

While being honest from day to day.


A Mother of prayer will take the time

To worship Jesus so humble and kind!

A godly Mother is a gift indeed…

Knowing our Savior - He did bleed.


A caring Mother surrenders to Christ

Jesus our Lord did pay the price!

A Mother of faith will always be strong

Living for truth while warning of wrong.

God gave us hope - this is so true

So we can say to our Mother

"We love you"


Lovely Little Star

Sweet and lovely - O gentle star

Up above so near and far.

What a blessing - to know you are

You can even be seen from my car.


The clouds do try and cover your face

Your light is seen from place to place.

There is joy at the thoughts of such Grace

To not speak this truth would be a waste!


Thank you my friend for being so free

The God that made you also made me.

Now as we ponder the mountains and sea

Within my heart you shall always be.


My Wonderful Father

On this day as we take the time…

To honor our Fathers - they are so kind.

Thank you Lord for blessings of love

A caring Father is a gift from above.


This is a moment to reflect and pause

God gives us purpose with a cause.

Because of Fathers there is a reason

To rejoice in truth - season to season.


God gave His Son - by faith we grow

Jesus is that light - so we can know.

A loving Father will point the way…

While living in hope each and every day.


"All to Jesus - We fully surrender"

Thank you Lord for a Father so tender!


Saul loses at life

Saul was a man of unsure ways…

Sad was his spirit with darker days.

Saul fought David while angry at heart

David kept rejoicing - Saul fell apart!


A man of confusion - like a troubled sea

Not any peace - like a fire of jealousy!

He hoped his ways would see him through

But without faith - he knew not what to do.


Saul wondered far from God's Grace…

He cried like a baby from place to place!

Unstable was Saul - so all alone…

Like a singer without a pretty song!


Finally at last - Saul paid very well

Upon his own sword - finally he fell!

Even in death he threw in his hand…

He lived, as he died - a very sad man!


Sunday Is Everyday

Sunday has arrived

To me it's everyday.

Praising the name of Jesus

Now - let us bow and pray!


Preaching and singing

What a wonderful joy!

Time for praising Jesus

Man woman girl and boy!


Sunday is a glorious day…

Humbling our hearts together!

Giving God all the glory…

No matter what the weather.


Not a more perfect time…

Being with family and friends.

We must tell all nations…

The love of God has no end!


Obeying truth is a gift

Forgiveness to receive…

Give your heart fully to Jesus

Surrender and give heed!


The Brave And Strong

Those that served - they did their part…

To stand for liberty from within the heart!


We thank our Lord for those that served

They stood for truth within God's Word.


Their memory shall live on day by day

They gave their life - not just for pay.


Their sacrifice of love is a gift indeed

For us to grow - they planted the seed.


Now our churches can spread the Light

For our freedom, they were willing to fight!


In true faith - as we now carry on…

Thank you Lord for those brave and strong.


The Way It Is

The way it is, we can’t help but wonder…

Why doesn’t God unleash His mighty thunder!

Hustle and bustle with chaos in our streets

Why don’t people bow at Jesus’ feet!


Some has responded, thank God for that

Others living in pride won’t even tilt a hat.

So much sadness, can’t someone even smile?

Love one another - and go the extra mile.


The way it is - how can this ever be,

Only Jesus Christ can set you free!

At last, while awake! Or, was this a dream

A lake in the canyon - a river and stream!


Jesus protects His children, tender and sure

He gives sweet peace - Grace is the cure!

The way it is - take a look all around…

Before leaving Earth - will you be found?


True Mercy


Mercy is offered

To all who pray.

A gift for us…

To receive each day!

Mercy is great…

Wonderful and free!

Jesus paid the cost

On Calvary!

Whosoever will

Can have this gift.

To ease a hurt…

With a burden to lift.

Mercy is eternal

And offers a cure.

God is love –

His mercy is pure.


When God Speaks

When God speaks

Souls are changed.

All is made well

As our life is rearranged!


When God speaks

Hearts are blessed.

We endure the trials

And overcome every test.


When God speaks

All is made right.

The Spirit will deliver

Evil flees your sight!


When God speaks

Heaven stands still.

On earth we rejoice…

As broken dreams are healed.


Here In Time

Here in time to say for sure…

Speak in truth - open the door.

Let someone know they are unique

Put on earth to learn and to seek.


Thank you my neighbor for caring so

Your being here helps others to know.

There is hope within this life…

To be a friend is to turn from strife.


Those who arrive upon this ground

Are welcome here without a frown.

Words and actions can speak so well

To live in peace is to never fail.


Here in time we must carry on…

Growing in faith will make you strong.

Over and over - like gold is refined

A will is a way - a reason is a rhyme.


Woe Is Me

On the day you were going to do for self

Forget for a moment and put me on a shelf.

Do something for those that are unable to go

Let love be your reason to live and show.


Don’t let self ever hold back a friend

For this condition will lead to a sin!

To live for self is to stand in your way

Do unto others - be humble and pray.


Lend a caring hand - this surely is right

Be friendly and cheerful day and night.

Reach out in love - hear what others must say

Then overcome this person, they call – just me.


True Friends


God gives us friends we can know…

They really care as we also do grow.

Friends are those who truly loves Christ

Jesus our Savior paid the supreme price!


God gives us friends for He is one too

Nation to nation - across the ocean blue!

A friend in need truly is a friend indeed

On the cross of Calvary Jesus did bleed!


Thank you Lord…

For being a true friend!

Closer than a brother -

A love that shall not end!

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