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He Shall

God is always there to help…

What we experience He has felt!

Time is fleeting here on earth…

He sees everyone even before birth.


He shall accomplish all He said

He is alive and no longer dead!

He defeated death - now He lives

He is Lord and willing to forgive!


Give Him control and then carry on

He shall help and make you strong!

A trial down here tries to make weak

Jesus is there if only we'll seek!


He shall deliver all that are oppressed

He gives us Grace to endure every test!

God answers prayer within His time…

He gives reason when things don't rhyme!


God is watching and He's also able…

He is there to keep us honest and stable!

Never give up when things fall apart…

Keep praising God from within your heart!


Things To Know

This is what we all must do

Stay in touch with what is true!

Learn from what you do and say

Then make the best of every day!


Wherever you are and plan to go

There are many things to know.

Live each second within the light

Walk by faith and not by sight!


Many are straying off the path

What they're doing it cannot last!

Only in truth can we gladly rejoice

Take the time to make the choice!


Going forth is to follow the way

Places to travel and words to say.

Telling others about Jesus Christ

He is the way - He paid the price!


Whatever Has Happened


This is the day the Lord has made

His wonderful love it shall not fade!

Whatever has happened now we know

The Truth is written so let it flow!


Rejoice and sing for time is near…

Our God is able to meet each care!

Whatever has happened, no turning back

To grow in faith is to learn the facts!


We have every reason to carry the light

By God's Grace we have spiritual sight!

Whatever has happened - there is hope

Because of Calvary we all can cope!


Never fear when evil rears its head…

Claim the blood that flowed out red!

Whatever has happened we can overcome

To give us victory - God sent His Son!


When Christ Returns

The moment nears this is for sure

Christ is coming with a perfect cure!

Serve Him now but first believe…

Trust His Word and give heed!


When Christ returns we will see

The truth of God to set us free!

Those that reject will be sad…

Lost in sin with no more fads!


We must be ready in order to go…

Spread good news wherever you go!

The goodness of God is offered to all

Unto Jesus, make haste and call.


When Christ breaks the eastern sky

Saints of God is headed up high!

Safe with Jesus within the clouds

We shall escape the wicked crowds!


Yonder In Glory

Be aware of what is to be…

Yonder in glory for eternity!

Open your eyes that you may see

The Word of God to set us free!


Being saved is a gift indeed…

Surrender your heart and give heed!

Going to where our heart is fed

Born-again and no longer dead!


Time for sure, we should not waste

Here and gone - to rest my case!

Quickly now to do His will…

By His Grace His Spirit to seal!


As we grow within this way…

Take this moment now to pray.

Commit to truth and then rejoice

Here and gone - so, make a choice!


Taking A Stand

We have a charge that we must keep

Taking a stand as we daily seek!

Holy is the lamb that was slain…

Jesus Christ is His glorious name!


This hour is given so we can plan…

Speak His Word while taking a stand!

Where we are is a witness each day

No one conquers unless first we pray!


Truth is written and signed in blood…

The greatest victory came from above!

Taking a stand for whatever is right…

We grow is faith, then comes sight!


Praising the Lord is not just a thought

Doing it correctly you will be fought!

We’re being lead by a nail-scared hand

Living in love while taking a stand!


Much To Do

Much is learned when we seek

How we follow keeps us meek.

As we grow and carry the light

God will help us win the fight!


Much is done when faith is real

Joy each day our soul to feel.

Doing right is showing the way

God will hear us when we pray.


In His time when our job is done

All by Grace - victory is won!

Reach the people that are sadly lost

The blood of Jesus paid their cost.


Much is achieved when we trust

Total surrender is always a must!

When we leave then yonder we go…

Keep growing in truth and let it flow!


High On Love

The sweetness of a gentle smile…

Truth that strengthens every mile!

Hope that comes from up above…

Joy unspeakable while high on love!


Talk to God as you humbly kneel

He always cares just how we feel.

Where we are and how we live…

High on love is something real!


Onward as we continue in faith…

Soon to behold God’s Holy Face!

High on love and heaven bound

Once was lost - my soul is found!


The distance between here to there

Peace can help to overcome fear!

Upon the wings of a gentle dove…

Keep praising God while high on love!


Love Is Why

Love is why we can rejoice

Jesus Christ is my first choice.

On into glory whenever we leave,

While on earth we must give heed!


Love is why we can go forth…

God is truly our eternal source.

Take the leap into each wave…

Jesus has power over the grave!


Love is why our Savior is dear…

He can calm our every fear.

Won’t be long we’re going home

Up to Heaven to sing this song!


Love is why to live each day…

Praising God is greater than pay!

A gift to all that will receive…

For our soul Christ did bleed!


Much To Do

Much is learned when we seek

How we follow keeps us meek.

As we grow and carry the light

God will help us win the fight!


Much is done when faith is real

Joy each day our soul to feel.

Doing right is showing the way

God will hear us when we pray.


In His time when whatever is done

All by Grace, souls are surely won!

Reach the people that are sadly lost

The blood of Jesus paid their cost.


Much is achieved when we trust…

Total surrender is always a must!

When we leave then yonder we go…

Keep growing in truth and let it flow!


Be Not Deceived

There is a message for each and all

Jesus to hear when in love we call!

We are safe within the gospel ship

Those that ignore will surely flip!


To be on track is to stay alert…

Those who don't, with death to flirt!

Be not deceived by evil and filth…

God can deliver from sin and guilt!


Peace is given to those who care…

Jesus can save from uncertain fear.

Be not afraid when darkness deceives

Over death and hell - Jesus has the keys!


On we go with a reason to live…

Accept the truth our God will forgive!

Be not deceived and don’t hold back

Faith in Jesus is to not be slack!


Let Us

Let us trust as we seek and pray

Let us praise our Savior everyday!

Let us grow in knowledge and Grace

Let us get ready to see His Holy face.


Let us carry the banner of faith…

Let us worship in humble haste!

Let us be what God has called…

Let us give Christ our all in all.


Let us continue to listen and heed

Let us know now what to believe!

Let us shout for truth and love…

Let us prepare for heaven above.


Let us rejoice in sincere hope…

Let us endure as we gladly cope!

Let us press on beyond the trials…

Let us let go and trust God each mile!


Upon The Lord

Take this day and use it well…

God has blessed us, we can tell!

Walking in faith with hope for all

Upon the Lord - we need to call.


We need not fear what cannot be

Look to truth and then be free.

Go in kindness and flow in love

There is a joy sent from above.


Searching for what shall carry us forth

Knowing that Jesus can set the course!

We are here for just in passing…

The peace of Christ is everlasting!


As we do whatever is right…

Make the best of day and night!

Live as if today could is your last,

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!


Without Him

This world of sin that offers pain

Without Jesus you’ll go in sane!

You can be sure that soon to be…

Christ will return across eternity!


To push out truth your hope will die

Judgment will come you can’t deny!

Make the choice that will deliver…

Those who don’t they need to shiver!


Jesus the Savior is the right solution

What all that is - it’s not an elusion!

The Lord is speaking to everyone…

Without Him your life is undone!


Corruption is wicked and so mean…

Such evil ways are cruel and unclean.

Jesus can give you hope and love

Without Him you won’t make it above!


Praise Him

Praise Him for the things He do

Praise Him daily – He is so true!

Praise Him in the morning time…

Praise Him from heart and mind!


Praise Him always - He is Lord…

Praise Him even if things are hard!

Praise Him in the evening breeze…

Praise Him while upon your knees!


Praise Him gladly - He is the Christ…

Praise Him because He paid the price!

Praise Him across land and sea…

Praise Him wherever you may be!


Praise Him beyond all sin and strife

Praise Him, Jesus – for He is life!

Praise Him, Creator of all He made

Praise Him humbly all your days!


Without A Pause

This is the time to become a part

Do it deeply from within your heart.

Our life is here to serve a cause…

To seek and serve without a pause!


Often found within the open space

Seldom you’ll find an honest face.

There is hope when we all do right…

This is when the world seems bright!


Glad to know when things are good

Then doing daily the way we should.

While walking together hand in hand

With peace and joy over sea and land.


A blessing to visit our next of kin…

Helping others - neighbors and friends!

Such love is great but hard to find

Without a pause we must be kind!


Send A Smile

Where the light shines the most

Starting here – then coast to coast.

Over yonder is many a mile…

Take the time to send a smile.


Stop the fighting and hatred, please

Look to heaven while on your knees.

We need not fret nor cause distress

Pray in faith and find sweet rest!


Send a smile while today you can

Speak humble truth and be a friend.

The sky is blue just after a storm

Point to hope to those that mourn!


As we gladly seek that better way

It’s then we’ll find a brighter day!

Whatever we believe is what we do

For best results - be kind and true.


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