"Fully Prepared"

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He Is Wonderful

He is a God - you can trust

Living for Jesus is a must.

Without the Lord there is no hope

Only our Savior can help us cope.


When we surrender - He is there

He is creator and He does care!

Come to Jesus out of love

He will open heaven above!


He is wonderful - by His Grace

God one day will show His face.

It won't be long but until then…

Live by faith and reject the sin!


All to Jesus let us freely give

In His presence to daily live.

There is victory for a true saint

God will help us to never faint!


As We

As we continue in this way…

Hear carefully what God does say!

Come to Him and always be glad

Jesus can keep us from being sad!


As we do what must be done

We become stronger in God's Son!

Jesus will help us to overcome…

Love His Word and live as one!


As we show this path to others…

Keep reaching out - sisters and brothers!

Staying on course is an urgent need

Trust and obey is how we heed!


As we listen and draw near…

Jesus delivers from ungodly fear!

Surrender to Christ every single-day

Always remember to watch and pray!



We have a choice to trust or ignore

Truth will measure and give a cure.

To refuse the light of hope and peace

Outside of Christ all joy will cease!


Compassion has been offered to us all

Victory for those when on Jesus you call.

Telling a friend is the only real way

Taking a moment for others to pray!


Jesus cared and then gave His life…

He arose again over evil and strife!

There is love for a soul in need…

Straight and narrow is the path to heed!


Such a comfort is experienced within

Compassion is a gift once saved from sin!

This is the day if you only believe…

For our soul Jesus was willing to bleed!


Who Will

Who will go and be on time…

The ways of God is mighty fine!

There are blessings in reaching out

We're headed up with a joyful shout!


The call is given the debt is paid

Jesus came to seek and save!

Who will tell this wicked world…

The Church is like a refined pearl.


When the trump is ready to sound…

We're leaving from this earthly ground!

Who will tell the hurting and lost…

For our soul Jesus paid the cost!


As that day comes to a close…

Don't forget to smell a rose!

Offer a hand to those in need…

For all sinners continue to plead!


Infinite Divide

There are those who have gone on

Some have found their eternal home!

Those who lived in evil and strife

The infinite divide will cost their life!


Over the edge a soul will depart…

Breathing stops and then the heart.

The infinite divide draws the line

A soul that's saved is doing so fine!


To leave earth and not know Christ…

Torment is certain with an eternal price!

As we seek to grow in faith….

Spread the truth in every place.


The time is nearing to never hide…

We're headed across the infinite divide.

Soon we must all cross that road…

Jesus will help you to carry the load.


Thank You Lord

You have blessed us all so much

By your love and tender touch!

We have no home outside of Christ

No one else could pay our price!


You gave your life on the cross

Jesus Christ is my eternal boss!

As we head into that place…

Faith for sure will win the race!


Thank you Lord for coming here

By your Spirit you draw us near!

You have given our life true flavor

Jesus Christ is God and Savior!


Because of hope we can do right

To reject the sin and walk in light!

Down the path of joy and peace,

Soon all evil and pain will cease!


When We

When we learn to live in love

People are pointed to God above.

As a soul is blessed by truth…

Evil ways must then let loose!


When we seek to do our best…

All by faith we endure each test.

God is there to help us out…

Jealous ways will make you pout!


When we carry the light around

All by Grace a soul is found!

The day is nearing - this is sure

Jesus Christ is our eternal cure!


When we trust the Savior so dear

He will surely draw us near!

The time to follow along this way

Peace for those who trust and pray!


Going There

This is spoken, as you know…

Be very certain where you go!

Going there and not being sure

Uncaring ways offers no cure!



Now the time has arrived…

We are met with a new sunrise.

Morning has come once again…

Let us rejoice and reject all sin!


As we do each needful task…

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!

Going there where hope is real…

God is aware just how we feel!


Soon the evening sun will fade,

A day to pass then the shade!

Joy and pain has come and gone,

It won't be long we're going home!


Getting Better

Some may ask - how are you…

Getting better so kind and true.

Finding strength to watch and pray

Looking forward to this new day!


Tomorrow is waiting for its turn

Now is here with no time to burn!

Yesterday was not given to a quitter

Today is here and so much better!


On we go without any hesitation,

Within the truth is our meditation.

Much is offered - not just fewer…

Getting better like a willing doer!


Love that is - shall always be…

In the light we are gladly set free!

Whatever is needed shall be done

Getting better is so much fun!


Gentle Boost

Over the top the soldier goes…

Victory for certain as it shows!

Friends to encourage - don't give up

Hope overflows from a righteous cup!


We all need a gentle boost…

Doubt for sure must then let loose!

Prayer can help make a change…

Our entire life to be rearranged!


Taking the advice you know is sure

First and foremost - calm and pure!

A Gentle boost will get you there…

Those who will are those who care!


Never turn down what is a gift

Truth is given for a soul to lift!

Heaven is nearing our visual sight

Speak the Word and live it right!


Preaching The Word

What we speak is how we live…

Evil is dangerous and love is real!

Hear the message of God's truth

Filth and sin is a very tight noose!


Preaching the Word is my call,

Telling others how not to fall!

Going to anyone that will receive

Jesus is Lord and He did bleed!


Salvation is a gift for the sinner

First repent then become a winner!

Get into the ship headed toward home

Live in faith and turn from wrong!


While preaching the Word - now to say

Jesus shall return most any day!

Come to the fountain safe and clean

Plunge into this crimson stream!


Most Wanted

Sad for folks to leave the path,

Evil ways they cannot last!

Those who argue as they fight…

You cannot live apart from light!


Most wanted now but after then,

No one has peace that lives in sin!

We are warned and have been told

Selfish pride will consume your soul!


Come to where the love is kind…

Trust in Jesus then hope you'll find!

When you look to the rugged cross

Only Jesus Christ can save the lost!


On the run a sinner will ignore

Their road will end at a solid door.

Violence is not the answer at all…

Accept God's mercy and on Jesus call.


Finish To Start

When you think about this fact

Finish to start is to not be slack!

Those who quit before they plan…

A house will fall when built in sand!


Winning the race is when you believe

Victory is certain for those who receive!

After the truth has entered within…

A home is waiting once born-again!


Take hold of what is just and pure

Finish to start is when you're sure.

The time we have and what we do

Who we are is either false or true!


Whatever you say it will always be

Caught in madness or happy and free!

Finish to start - the race is not over

The way you live is foolish or sober!


The True Explorer

After the trail has been explored

Rocket to blast - and engine roars!

Off into the vast blue yonder

Fields of space as we ponder!


Pressure is pushing across the pane

Stars are passing - so glad you came!

The true explorer has met the sky…

Destination is certain for those who fly!


Rainbow in sight that God has made

Far beyond both hell and the grave!

Heaven is real with streets of gold

The true explorer to open their soul!


A landing pad is now is view

What we speak is swift and true!

Dreams of what was hoped to be

Home with Jesus for all eternity!


Red Alert

From His side a river to flow…

Pain unbearable so hard to know!

A path was cut and now is made

Hope in greater than the grave!


Red alert now has been given…

Jesus can take your soul to Heaven!

Get on board this lovely ship…

Come right in for a spiritual dip!


The Word is sure and has been written

Darkness forever has been smitten!

Red alert for those seeking help

In God's love we can be kept!


Take the news and rejoice each day…

Praise the Lord and continue to pray!

Always is now - as the joy grows

This red alert from Calvary flows!


Joy over Defeat

Something here is going on…

Some so right - many are wrong.

Living for self is no excuse

Such a fire is on the loose!


Decisions we make are forever

Avoiding the truth is not so clever!

What is obvious is clearly seen…

Objects are closer than they seem!


Love is given so hate can leave…

We make the choice how to heed!

Mercy or madness is the road…

Freedom to accept is no secret code!


Joy over defeat can be received

Shut the door and you will bleed!

Get to where the shelter is strong

Accept the right and turn from wrong!


Just Now

Thoughts that enter into my mind

A feeling so pure and very kind!

As the message then is spoken…

God can heal what once was broken!


Just now is when it came to me,

What isn't captured is fully free!

Take the hand of He who knows

The love of Jesus daily shows!


Going to where few will tread

The Word is written down in red!

Many have paid a greater price,

All the scriptures point to Christ!


Just now and always is the time

The Sprit of God our life to refine!

As we move ahead in love….

Soon we're headed up above!

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