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Growing In Faith

There is a need to stay in step

Look to Jesus and find real help.

Growing in faith will show us how

The time to start is here and now.


As we head to that lovely land…

Humble your heart and lend a hand!

Friendly faces with caring smiles

This will take us many miles.


Growing in faith is what we learn

Doing right is staying concerned

Jesus has taught us what to believe

Love and Grace is a gift to receive!


Without ever doing what’s right…

Fear will become our darkest night!

We should not go the opposite way…

Growing in faith will brighten the day!


We As People

Wherever we live - whatever we do

What God teaches is blessed and true!

We as people need to know…

All by Grace we daily grow!


There is hope for a real believer

Into the pits goes the deceiver!

We as people need not to fear…

Live in love and show you care!


Today is a gift to use in peace…

Truth to flourish - evil must cease!

Upon the road of what is to be…

We the people are eternally free!


Stay on course with what is said

To worship God - we then are fed!

Live in love and achieve that dream…

We shall prevail on this gospel stream!


In Focus

Battles may often try and come in

Stay on guard against lust and sin!

Keep your heart humble and true…

The Lord will show you what to do!


Let the love of God be near…

Stay in focus and protect from fear!

We must keep living in childlike faith

Seeking to serve from place to place.


Power is offered and freely given,

Jesus Christ is a gift from heaven.

From this moment we must go forth

Fight the battle and stay on course!


Although surrounded by awesome trials

We’ve made it across so many miles!

Being in focus is where to be…

Only Jesus can set you free!



Mail right now is not safe to open,

Many are fought while daily coping.

Anthrax is making our people sick…

Evil doers are out getting their kicks!


Congress is now out of session…

America fights a great recession!

Plagues are spreading across the shore

Surgeon General is looking for a cure!


Greed is rampant where there is pain

False religion is seeking their gain!

Terror seems much a way of life…

Bombs are striking against the strife!


Threats are present - hate is widespread

Danger is lurking and innocent are dead.

Heaven gates are now open wide…

Come to Jesus and repent of pride!


Ongoing Thoughts

The blessing of a seeking mind…

Ongoing thoughts with reason and rhyme!

Communication with a need to say

What we believe is how we pray.


Dimension has both depth and shape

Freewill and belief shall determine fate!

What we do - in time shall tell

Climb on board and lift the sail!


Ongoing thought that gives us hope

Amazing Grace will help us cope!

Reaching out toward heaven’s shore

Soon we’ll arrive within that door!


A place of joy and forever free

Saints of God - there we’ll see!

Ongoing thoughts we can behold…

The love of God to flood our soul!


Glorify His Son

God has said what to do

Trust in Him and be true.

Go in faith – live in light

Serve the Lord, day and night.


Glorify His Son – Jesus the Christ

On the cross He paid the price!

Stay in contact with His love…

Eternal Grace is sent from above.


Here we learn as we grow…

Accept by faith, then we’ll know.

All to Jesus – a life of hope…

The Spirit of life to help us cope!


What is done has been revealed

The return is true and so very real.

Be ye ready for that coming hour

Jesus will return in glory and power!


This Little Child

This little child is here to grow…

Thank you Lord for what we know!

While pressing on in our daily life

Hope and peace overcomes strife!


This little child is a precious gift

Unto the Lord to them we lift!

We are thankful this is for sure

A tender heart so kind and pure.


As we seek that which is real,

Who we are - in time will tell.

Faith will surely get us there…

Let the children know you care!


A little child should be kept safe

Pray for guidance in every place.

Hold them close and show them love

This little child is a gift from above.


Beautiful Ways


When you perceive a calm within

There you’ll meet a lovely friend.

Like the rhythm of a majestic song

Beautiful ways so keen and strong!


It’s very right to do your best

A humble soul can surely rest.

You can be who you long to be

A seeking soul is glad and free.


Trails can lead from here to yonder

Honest and true is how we ponder.

To carry out your greatest plan

Allow the Lord to guide your hand.


Courage is given upon this way…

Accept the challenge of everyday!

The reason why shall then be clear

Victory will follow without any fear.


On Course

A vision shows us what is real

Faith is how we open its seal.

As it appears the gift is seen…

Like a boat on a majestic stream.


What you seek you’re sure to find

Answers are given right on time.

Closer we get to being there…

Deeper we go - visions are clear


Love can be our greatest desire

Consumed forever with a holy fire!

On course is where we hope to stay

Take a moment to listen and pray.


Receiving the message is to heed,

A thought to speak becomes a seed.

As ideas continue to take strong hold…

A poem is written from within the soul!


Catch The Dream

We can achieve whatever we do

First we must be kind and true.

Love should be our goal indeed

When to others we care to plead!


To pour your soul into this task

This is what you know will last!

Helping a soul who wants to know

These such ways will gladly show!


This is life while at its best

When in hope you endure the test.

All by Grace upon this path…

Catch the dream and make it last!


Sounds of joy with truth over doubt

Faith in Jesus is a reason to shout!

Some to refuse to walk in light

A child of God has heaven in sight!


Before We Leave

Soon to enter that eternal place

Jesus Christ will rest our case!

We must be ready before we leave

Take the time to daily give heed!


Many have left without a prayer

All because they refused to care.

Saddened days can be blocked out,

When in faith you reject the doubt!


Before we leave - there is a way

Be very humble in all you say!

Reach out to others and offer light

Let Jesus give you spiritual sight!


We need not ever fear tomorrow…

Mercy gives hope beyond all sorrow!

God has offered His eternal Grace…

Soon we shall behold His lovely face!


Taking Off

When the plans are finally made

Then all doubts can surely fade.

Taking off to accomplish the task

Starting slow and finishing fast!


Being on time to do what’s right…

Keep the plans within your sight!

Taking off - before getting back

Not a second - to ever be slack!


Real ideals can finally come true

When you plan just what to do.

Every day should be a blessing

After that comes joy and resting.


As we study before completed…

Very good news should be repeated.

Taking off to where there’s reason…

Gives us Grace from season to season!


On The Path

On the path of love and peace

War must end and violence cease!

As we move toward that hour

The love of Jesus offers power!


Where we go matters much…

Joy and hope with a gentle touch.

On the path of what is right…

The Word of God gives us light!


Let not evil within your heart

Live in faith and do your part.

We are called to accept the way

God will give us a brighter day!


This is now and yesterday is gone

God will forgive our sin and wrong!

On the path there is true direction…

To enjoy life is to learn compassion!


Where we Are

Where we are tells us much…

The Holy Spirit with a gentle touch.

Going places we’ve never been

Free as space and saved from sin!


Music comes from all around

Take the news to every town!

Where we are is where we go

Jesus Christ; they need to know!


There are folks willing to pray…

After that comes a message to say!

Whatever happens can be so good

When you live like a believer should!


We owe our life unto the King…

Unto Jesus we worship and sing!

Where we are and ought to be…

Praising the Lord for eternity!


What Will Be

What will be is something decided

Wrong decisions will be subsided!

As we think - then so we are

Drawing nigh - or getting far!

Ways of life will make or break

What you do is true or fake!

Action speaks where hope is real…

Our thoughts shall soon be revealed!

This is for sure and not a game…

Victory is not a matter of fame!

The humble heart is what will be

Jesus Christ can set you free!

Now and then we wonder why

Often we laugh and then we cry!

Beyond it all we seek to know

What will be and where to go!


We Need

Wants will often block the path,

Lust and greed - it will not last!

Either we care or some may not…

Cold is cold - and hot is hot!


Being lukewarm is less than right,

We need to live and fight the fight!

Avoid the evil and seek the best

Calm your soul and find true rest!


We need kindness with much love

Every good gift is from above!

On to glory beyond this scene…

Crystal sea with a golden stream!


Being careful is to find the way

Victory comes whenever we pray!

To gladly have what we cannot lose

Truth will reveal just how we choose!


Much More

Few be they who will go forth…

Life seems like an obstacle course!

Streets are filled with those in pain

Others just seek wealth and fame!


Much more to living than giving up

Love is not a matter of luck!

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Hope and peace go shoulder to shoulder!


We have been told and given time

Without delay to engage our mind!

Let you heart be guided by truth

Evil ways will then let loose!


Much more than what can be perceived

Eternal blessing for those who believe!

A greatest gift than can ever be…

Home with Jesus for all eternity!

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