"Don"t Be Left"

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Grace And Truth

In the hope of what is here

Come to Jesus and draw near.

Take the time to humbly pray…

Receive the Word and gladly obey.


Grace and truth, this is right

God is love and He is light!

Sweet and wonderful is His way…

To drive out night and give us day.


To the ones who really care…

In God's will we overcome fear!

Life forever is in His hand…

Spread His message across the land.


We need not ever be afraid…

Jesus has power over the grave.

Go the path of power and peace

On true joy we daily must feast!


Serious Situations

When a soul in lust consumes…

Judgment is coming so very soon!

Warnings ignored - because of sin

In such evil - you cannot win!


Many to follow that wicked way

Like an earthquake - it will sway!

Some to listen and give heed

Few to repent - as they plead!


Serious situations, caused by pride

Punishment comes for living in lies!

Enter the ark and then be safe…

Come to Jesus and now make haste!


We know not what's next to be

Salvation saves and sets us free!

Trust in Christ - He will deliver

Heaven is real - truth is forever!


Thank You Jesus

Thank you Lord for all you do

To give your life so very true!

We can rejoice because of love

You came to us from up above.


Thank you Jesus - You are the One…

You made the world and placed the sun.

To offer your truth so we can live…

Because of Calvary you will forgive!


Thank you Christ - my Savior divine

Upon the earth you took the time.

You came to show us what to do…

You also painted the sky of blue!


Sad for those who turn from light

They lose their way into the night.

Help us Lord to point the way

Teach us Lord just what to say!


Upon Calvary

God did come to give His all

Upon Jesus we need to call.

The way to live is live the way…

Be humble and thankful everyday!

Upon Calvary our Savior died

Unto the Father as He cried!

My God, My God while in such pain

Sunshine comes just after the rain!

Where love is offered hope is given

Jesus is the door right into Heaven!

Up from the grave Jesus came forth

The Lamb of God is our only source!

The battle was won over evil and sin

Now and forever - be born-again!

We have a promise we can receive

God our soul - is able to feed!


Above And Beyond

Greater things are soon to happen,

Voices shouting hands are clapping!

What for sure shall be so soon…

We're headed quickly over the moon!


Above and beyond the journey is near

The Saints of God are leaving here!

Get on board just while you can…

God has told us about this great plan!


We are chosen to take the flight…

Above and beyond to escape the night!

What a promise with an eternal blessing

By God's Grace to overcome all testing!


Invite a friend while telling others…

Very good news for sisters and brothers!

Above and beyond for accepting Christ

What is spoken is honest and precise!


Such Love

We are given a wonderful gift…

Although our soul darkness to sift!

Within the light of faith and truth

Evil ways must surely let loose!


Behold such love that we are given…

We're headed up into God's Heaven!

Let the joy our Lord has bestowed…

Consume your heart like a river flows!


Such love is real such love is right…

Such love to brighten the darkest night!

Such love is now and will be forever,

Such love always will hold us together!


All other ground is sinking sand…

Put your life in the nailed scarred hand!

Jesus is the hope of what shall to be

Such love as this will set you free!


Saved By Grace

Without Jesus there is no joy

Living in sin is not a toy!

Grace has come so we can escape,

Rejection for sure will seal your fate!


Saved by Grace is an eternal hope…

Now is the time to cut that deadly rope!

Come to Jesus and have true peace

After then the storms will cease!


Paid in full on an old rugged cross

Jesus Christ is my eternal boss!

Saved by Grace - He gave His all…

Quickly my friend - on Him to call!


Whatever you need, God will provide

Only get rid of that vicious pride!

Humble your heart and live for Christ

Saved by Grace - He paid the price!


Jesus Is The One

He's the Master of the sea…

He gave His life for you and me.

He's the One that really cares

Only He can dry your tears!


He's a friend forever more

Jesus Christ - He is the door!

He's the bright and morning star

Down to Earth - He came from afar!


Jesus watches over His own

He's so caring and so strong!

Little children hears His cry

They are His - no one can deny!


As we grow by His Holy Grace

We shall soon see His Holy face!

On to glory with Him to live…

All because He's willing to forgive!


A Battle

When you feel a trial is near…

Look to Jesus and have no fear!

As we pray for strength and power

Jesus is there each passing hour!

No matter what comes at you

Jesus knows just what to do!

A guide to us within the rain…

He can heal through all your pain!

A battle may try and make us doubt

God is there and will get us out!

We are on that upward path…

This Old World is sinking fast!

Stay calm and ready to move ahead

Those who don't their hands are red!

Wake to truth and be a caring soldier

Victory will come along with closure!


So Very Soon

The sound of music and it’s song…

Soon the Bible Church will be gone!

We are headed toward higher ground

Here upon earth we won't be found!

So very soon the Savior will arrive…

Up to Heaven where there is no pride!

The world will then go into tribulation

For sure there's coming a revelation!

Those who ignore will be shut outside

Judgment to come with nowhere to hide!

Come on in and don't wait till later…

Reject all evil that tries often to cater!

So very soon this could be the time

Have true joy and keep doing fine!

Live in love and abide in the truth…

Surely and quickly a sword will let loose!


Where Are We

On the edge of something so great

Now or never - don't be too late!

A second could hit when all is changed

Your entire life will be rearranged!


Where are we - now we're here…

Not very long - then over there!

Just a moment - then we're gone

Saints are headed to that new home!


Look and ponder at what is said,

Thank you Lord - our daily bread.

Every need has surely been met

Saints of God need not to fret!


Where are we - we're on the way

Take the time to seek and pray!

What’s loose on Earth appears in Heaven

Salvation down here - by faith is given!


Once Forgiven

On that date as we remember…

Thank you Lord so kind and tender.

Upon this Earth and into Heaven

Rejoice forever once forgiven!


Those who are gone will be missed

Day by day our Lord will assist!

Soon we're going - no looking back

The Word of God is never slack!


Follow the way God said to be…

Live each second happy and free!

Continue going forth doing your part

Always keep a loving, caring heart!


This could be the day we finally go

Jesus is Lord we all should know!

Trust in Christ and you shall see…

Heaven is real and salvation is free!


Later Than You Think

To do your best - this is right

Later than you think - day or night.

Let's be certain - either way…

Later than you think let me do say!


You need not consider otherwise;

A ready mind will not compromise.

We all need hope or you will sink

Remember again, later than you think!


You can be happy as you grow…

First be willing to get up and go!

Now we're here but soon we're gone…

Later than you think whether right or wrong.


Words can be many - or either few…

It doesn't matter as long as they're true!

Say what you mean and stay in your rank

Just never forget - it's later than you think!


Real Purpose

Real purpose is when we have true peace

As sure as the sun does rise in the east!

Whenever we learn from what has been

Real purpose is achieved by rejecting sin!


When living a life of Christ like love

There is a joy to feel from above!

The willing soul that remains aware…

Real purpose comes to those who care.


Pleasing God is to humble yourself

We were not made to sit on a shelf.

To enjoy life is to be honest and real

Before the altar take the time to kneel.

When we listen and study what's said…

Rejecting truth, though living, you're dead!

Come to the waters and plunge deep within

Real purpose arrives when Jesus comes in!


A New Day

A new day has now arrived…

Enjoy it all - don't let it slide.

Go to the ocean or visit a friend

Never be afraid to lend a hand!

This new day is headed toward noon

Morning is passing - evening is soon!

Before the night comes back again…

Keep praising the Lord and avoid all sin!

Keep yourself pure minutes go by

Take the time - to others we cry!

Stay on course and be a vital part

Live each day with a humble heart.

A new day is here - let it not waste…

Take sunshine with you to every place!

The more we pray - the better we are…

Keep drawing near and you will go far!


After The Fact

After the fact when all is done…

Our reward is trusting God's Son!

This is when we must be sure…

The spoken Word to keep us pure.


After the fact for those who care

Others by Grace will also be there!

Up in Heaven - together we go…

Be born-again and you can know!


Those in tune with their call…

They give to Jesus their all in all.

No need to fret or ever be slack…

To reap what you sow after the fact!


Also remember this is not just a drill

Many are dying - suffering and ill.

We must be willing to offer the truth

After the fact – blessing to let loose!


Always There

Only Christ Jesus knows every care

Praise the Lord - He's always there!

Down from Heaven He came to Earth

God's offer to us is a second birth!


Beauty of mind with a joy of soul

Come to Jesus loving and bold!

Wanting to know what is to be…

Humble your heart then you will see!


Always there - our Savior divine

Call upon Him then you’ll find!

Take the time and continue to pray…

Thank you Lord for a brand new day!


Peace unto those who really will hear

Now and forever He's always there!

Jesus the Savior and also our King

Now is the time to shout and sing!

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