"Third Day Forever"

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God’s People


Living in faith learning how to stay true…

Knowing our God will show us what to do!

 Enduring persecution along this narrow way…

Reprobates talking filth - ignoring what we say!


Faithfully to endure - the work must be done

To be a special part - seek the Three-In-One.

 We need to be sure whose side we are on

Only faith in Jesus can help us carry on!



Being Strong

Not everything in life is just in the mind

Things can also get badly out of rhyme!

Prayer is the victory- enduring such a trial

After the battle ends don't forget to smile.


Today is that moment of finding real hope

Everything matters - careful how you cope!

We need not worry - whatever shall be

God is our plan and His Son is the key!


Do what you must never looking back…

Lessons we learn will keep us all on track!

Go in peace and abide within the light…

Regardless the battle - faith wins the fight!


Reject all evil - turn heartache into a song

How do we do so – by being very strong!


"Get Onboard"

Be happy my friends join this happy crew

Don't be left behind whatever you may do!

There's plenty of room - get ready as we sail:

Now and forever there's glorious news to tell.


Be not sad - by Grace we will survive…

Quitters to go down - winners cannot subside!

Leaders must press on - open now the door

We’re headed to a place upon another shore!


The time is now so bring them safety in…

Ignoring God's truth - that would be a sin!

Friends are forever - undivided we will stand

Get onboard today - escape the sinking sand!


Do your very best - take time as you live…

Whatever you receive also cheerfully give!

The wind as it guides - across the open sea

To find your place in life - Jesus is the key!


"Necessary Backup"

To try and make it without having faith…

That will lead to failure within the human race.

Some folks to win - maybe here or there…

This fact is a warning - you need to be aware!


Necessary backup is not just a passing game…

Prayer, faith, and hope is closer than your name!

In the love of Jesus forgiveness is the seed

Repent and be delivered - mercy to receive.


The Lord is able - His Word to show you how…

Don't wait around for later accepted time is now!


Quick response is needed this is very sure…

God to save our soul and keep us safe and pure


Finding The Pathway

Down the road - just a little way…

A trail emerges - at the light of day!

On up the path - a friend is there to meet

As we travel on - now's the time to seek.


Join us gladly within this place of light…

Beyond all sorrow and the darkest night!

To take your position stay upon this trail…

Pathway of Mercy has done me oh so well.


We have no time to give up on such hope

There is a way - be faithful as you cope.

On this road of life humbly you can find

Faith is our victory here upon this climb.!


The Poem

Poems that are written with a message to tell

Vibrates your senses and make you feel swell.

Even when down a poem can lift you up…

Like overflowing water or juice within your cup!


To write a poem is something very nice…

To enrich a Soul and melt the coldest ice!

As it develops, to search out a reason…

Poems are so good - every day or season!


What we need now - words that will cure

Write it in a book - or even upon a door!

The more there is - the better you can feel

A poem for a heart that's feeling low or ill.


Early in the morning on into the night…

Candle brightly burning as we take our flight!

With pen in hand here's a message for your soul

Majestic as the sunlight much finer than pure gold!


Gift are so wonderful this we can be sure…

Writing a lovely poem can open many a door!

Thank you for caring - truth is the perfect key

This poem has been written here for you and me.


Victory Over Trials

To seek real truth is to abide within the faith…

Living in such hope - flowing in God's Grace.


Being very sure is doing whatever is right

Love over hate - by living within the light.


Follow true peace - rejoicing every day…

Joy beyond sorrow, humble as you pray.


Victory over trials - for every caring believer…

As we carry the cross and warning the deceiver!


We can achieve much - whatever must be done

By trusting in the Lord - knowing He is the One.


The Real Plan

Take the time to listen well…

A moment to enjoy for me to tell.

To hope the best shall come to pass

Making a plan that will always last.

This lovely thought to others say…

"It's going to be a very rainbow day!"

Being a child of the Heavenly King

Such a blessing with joy it brings!

On to victory as you ponder this…

Not a second should ever be missed!

As we travel from here to there

The plan for life is all so clear.

Now as we do what we know best

To never give up is surely a test.

Honesty will always be your friend

Trusting Jesus is the greatest plan!


Having Purpose

However we are, whatever we do

Wherever we go the purpose is true.

Wanting the best out of life…

There is a need for being precise.

Waiting and watching time is fleeting…

Trials of our faith - battles are heating!

How we handle where we've been…

Determines whether we will lose or win.

Knowing the purpose in what we're doing

Lights the path for where we are going.

Regardless of what we've done in the past

True forgiveness is something that will last.

How to live is the way we believe…

Stick with the truth and continue to heed.

We will win the battle at hand…

By putting our life in the nail scared hands.



Painting With Words

A painting of Truth is coming into view

Life is a canvas - like the sky of blue.

My Easel is made in the shape of a Heart

To paint you a picture is doing my part.

Colors of sunlight, yellow and red…

Now and forever just like someone said.

Stroke of the brush, then just a pause…

A Rose is now forming upon the wall.

My frame of mind is telling me this…

"Life is so precious it shouldn't be missed!"

A Painting is something so good to do

Like eating honey while walking in dew.

Upon a hillside a tree with some birds…

Hand me some paint while writing these words.

Heavenly rainbow across an evening sky…

Awe and grandeur when an eagle does fly!

Because there's a reason for all we do…

Painting expresses what we know is true!

Going places before you ever leave…

Paintings can inspire like words we read.


There Is Direction

To stay on course is to find the way

God sent the light of a brand new day.

Leaving for a trip not planning where to go

Will cause a disaster this we need to know.


Reading a map can help you be sure…

Right ways to travel is like finding a cure.

Knowing how to vote before the election

Shows that you realize there is direction.


Life is a journey toward a certain point…

Like a bone connected to a rotating joint.

To get off the path will lead you astray…

There is direction - read the Bible and pray.


After having arrived now to where we are

A brand new challenge is not very far.

While searching for facts in the right section

Always keep in mind – there is direction.


Right Living

Waking up peacefully a blessing is for sure…

No need to ever fret over any radical cure!

Not having to worry of any strange conditions…

Right living is the way by staying in submission.


Finding the correct solution, from any and all pain

Escape the power of darkness, call on Jesus’ name!

Listen to how others - has made this same escape

Come out while you can - don’t even hesitate!


So Nice

We are reminded of a great redemption

Refusing to accept is a deadly prescription!

There is no reason to ever hold back…

Much to pay for anyone being slack


As the world heads down a spiraling trail

Who is willing to obey - only time will tell.

So nice for those that hears my plea

Soon these things are going to be!


We are caught within space and time…

Rebelling against God is a terrible crime!

The door of mercy now is open…

No place to hide for those eloping.


So nice to find a wonderful haven…

Upon your heart the truth is graven.

A friend to meet and show the path

The love of God will forever last.


Royal Priesthood

A special people here to show

God is with us wherever we go.

A holy nation we are called

For giving Jesus our all in all.


A peculiar people we are to be…

Saved from sin and spiritually free.

No fear of ever losing our soul…

Praising our God so loving and bold.


A royal priesthood carrying the light

Reaching the lost in faith we fight.

A chosen people here to grow…

Peace like a river so mighty the flow.


God Is So Good

We are so blessed beyond it all…

God hears our cry - upon Him to call.

To give us strength that we daily need…

Take time to tell others - urgently plead.


Jesus is the way for finding truth…

Joy unspeakable when sin is let loose!

Doing God's will is a gift for sure…

Salvation for the soul is a miracle cure.


Surely, goodness, and mercy is God's plan

Nails that pierced His feet and hands!

Amazing Grace has now been revealed

Within our spirit His kindness is so real.


Be A Follower

Carry the torch of truth and light…

Do your best to fight the good fight.

Be a flame not just a flicker…

To clear a goal you must be a kicker.


Jesus is the example to truly believe

First to give, then by Grace to receive!

To cast your cares is to do your part

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.


To be a follower is also to lead…

Once you learn; afterwards you heed.

Giving your best to the right cause

Jesus is able to keep you from a fall.


On to glory when the labor is done

To bow before God’s begotten Son.

The way is prepared each day be ready

Stay on course and hold on steady.


The Reason

Sometimes it’s easy to be misunderstood…

Especially while trying to do something good.

If you’ve been there to know what it means

Everything is not always the way it seems.


One lesson you learn when doing your best

This can often turn into a genuine test.

On the other hand to say this so clear…

Going on a journey is taking time to be there.


The reason this message is given right now

This may help others that need to know how.

Once you get started no need to look back

The Lord is there to keep you on track.


Give it your all and keep doing things right

There are so very few with a Heavenly sight.

The reward will be to finish this course…

The love of God is greater than any force.

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