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God Will Provide

The window to open the sun to shine

More than plenty - while doing fine!

We are blessed to have the real light…

Gospel of love with power and might!


Take the truth wherever you go

Tell your neighbors – they all must know.


Into the Word as we continue to speak

A time to rejoice - a time to weep!

This calling is given for all to accept…

By Grace we’re saved, as faith is kept.


There are gifts along this narrow path

What God provides will always last.

Up in Heaven the rewards are great…

More than plenty – no need to hesitate.


Calm And Sure

Have a feast and invite a friend…

Quitters to lose, and doers to win.


Reaching a destination beyond your own

Take a journey either short or long.


Being the best of what you do…

Soar like an eagle into the sky of blue.


Enduring each battle is reach a goal…

When giving up – dark clouds unfold.


Staying on course you first must start…

Do what you must only from your heart.


Upon this trail of everlasting peace…

Hold up truth and storm clouds will cease.


Something Wonderful

A word of kindness is all we need

As to others we lovingly plead.

We are here to be a blessing…

While in our heart hope is resting.


Something wonderful is about to happen

Reasons to shout as hands are clapping.

Someone is listening and willing to receive

The love of God once they truly believe.


All in a day - the time is now…

What we do is what we allow.

Making things right with each other…

Shows we care for sisters and brothers.


Something wonderful has been given…

The Lord our Savior came from Heaven.

Jesus is the answer to every situation…

He’s coning soon according to Revelation.


Controlled Anger

When a problem stares you in the face

This doesn’t mean you’ll lose the case.

Take prayerful aim at the pending trial

Control your anger then you can smile.


Those who create their own fear…

Will lash-out at someone very near.

To not give up when being fought…

What next to do - you shall be taught.


In the center of a violent storm…

More to come we have been warned.

A Child of God need not be afraid…

Our Savior has power over the grave.


Controlled anger shows you have direction

Life is more than winning an election.

Although we dislike a hidden disguise…

True believers are headed beyond these skies.


Totally Surrendered

To try and make it on our own

Such a condition is very wrong.

We brought not ourselves into this world

To live without Jesus is a downward swirl.


Totally surrendered is a righteous key

In the Word of God we are set free.

There is much more beyond this life

Love over hate – peace over strife.


You are who you are – this is for sure

God’s eternal Grace makes us pure.

Upon this earth so much is said…

Totally surrendered when the soul is fed.


A mind so stable with Heaven inside

Saints of God need not to hide.

What is heard within your ear?

While telling others make it all clear.


What Have We

What have we that isn’t ours?

God gave us life and made the flowers.


What have we not that isn’t needed…

Sin and darkness with anger so heated!


What have we here that has been given

God sent us Jesus from up in Heaven.


What have we now that is forever?

A truth to save and power to deliver.


What have we daily and can’t be taken…

Our soul to rejoice from darkness to awaken.


What have we near and not just afar…

Jesus our Savior – as we open the door.


True Salvation

True salvation and hope over the grave

The Lord is able our soul to save.

Today is the day to turn from sin…

Accepting Jesus is the way to win.


True forgiveness is surely a gift

The Word of God - we must lift.

All to Jesus to give your heart

Faith is how we do our part.


True Salvation is a glorious sensation

We need not fear wrath or Revelation.

Our home is waiting up above…

We praise our Lord in Christian love.


True Salvation a gift from the Spirit,

Evil destruction - we need not fear it.

Being born-again is the way to know

Saved by Grace – and then we grow.


To Be

There are people that are so sad

Without knowing why they’re mad.

To be this way is not the answer…

Like losing your balance as a dancer.


Tears fall down when pain is near

Victory over doubt is found in prayer.

To be a runner in a certain race…

Get ready for battle and take your place.


When breaking out from despair and pity

Like taking a journey beyond this city.

To be on time is planning ahead…

Then comes strength - like eating bread.


To have true courage is being very sure

The answer will come like opening a door.

To be a Sailor is to get on board…

We’re going home to see our Lord.


The Greatest Song

The words pour out like milk and honey

Greater than life more richer than money.

The message is heard from town to town

"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound."


We sing the song year after year

All because our God does care.

The light upon the people’s face…

Singing this hymn "Amazing Grace."


We have a Savior who gave His all…

Unto you, Lord Jesus we make our call!

When speaking truth - we rest our case…

As we sing out loud "Amazing Grace."


The greatest song to ever be written…

Tells how selfish pride can be smitten!

The love of God for the human race…

Let us sing together, "Amazing Grace."



These are the days each second is the time

What we didn’t know often is a sign.

Hustle in the aisles - jostling in the streets

Year is like a month /a month is like a week.

On the other hand we are eternally blessed…

Believers growing strong living at their best.

Churches preaching truth telling all the world

Once a grain of sand – now a beautiful pearl.

What we do right as we bow in prayer…

Those that are concerned show they do care.

Anyone to reject while losing all hope

Any evil pleasure is not how to cope.

Closer as we move – moments are passing by

Take the hand of Jesus - hear His loving cry.

He gave His very best so we can be sure…

What has been offered is perfect and pure.


Garden Of Prayer

We have come into a peaceful place

A silence so calm there is no haste.

Flowers are standing tall and bright

All pain and sorrow is out of sight.


Garden of prayer is straight and narrow

You feel the fruit within your marrow.

The pedals of each majestic leaf…

Reaches higher than the ocean reef.


The souls of those who enter there

Consumed by joy beyond compare.

Thoughts of goodness a feeling so real

Eternal Assurance with a permanent seal!


Angels are near - Although not seen…

Spirit is drawing us like a mighty stream.

This place is called - "Garden of Prayer"

To live in faith is to show you are there.


What We Allow

What we allow is who we are…

Upon the ocean, or within a car.

Going places we have never been

Returning home - then back again.


What we allow is a choice we make

Whether planting trees or eating cake.

To meet a person and become a friend

Putting forth effort while trying to win.


What we allow shall determine a lot…

Staying calm when temptations are hot.

Being kind and honest in everyday life

Turning from sin that stirs up strife.


What we allow so much the more…

Puts us on a solid or an uneven floor.

Where we’re headed will be determined

Every day you preach your own sermon.


It’s True

What does occur is always a factor…

Like breaking ground with a tractor.

To ignore the purpose of why we’re here

Makes every thing shaky and so unclear.


It’s true that humans are given free will

That doesn’t mean we’re to make life ill.

Doing things right is learning to do better

Giving up on truth is like being a quitter!


It’s true for sure and very certain,

Life is a stage with an open curtain.

All we are and the best to be…

Only true faith can set you free.


As these thoughts continue to grow,

Toward the ocean all rivers do flow.

It’s true we’re here season to season

A time and purpose for every reason.


Feeding On Manna

The sun arises early in the morning…

When the horn sounds there is a warning.

People are moving from place to place…

Many are running in some other race.


Those at the rear should move ahead…

No need to wait for the sky to turn red.

Feeding on manna is the place to abide

Living in light overcomes selfish pride.


Even in the heat you can find true rest,

The battles are real like an algebra test.

When the numbers line up - this is good

Feeding on manna the way you should.


Song are written to hear and to sing

Bells in the steeple are made to ring.

All because the Lord is so near…

Feeding on manna so tender and dear.


Being There

Going out to visit is being there

Taking the time because you care.

Going in love is to encourage a soul…

Teaches us how to be humble and bold.


Not everyone is out to lend a hand

Only those that will be a friend.

When a person stands by your side…

They want the best and will not hide.


On a mission to spread good cheer…

Keeps your heart and mind very clear.

Together we stand without any doubt…

To help someone - there’s reason to shout.


This is how to light the flame…

Do all that you can in Jesus’ name.

The fruit of gladly being this way…

Being there can brighten someone’s day.


A Needed Message

While surfing channels only to see

So much violence was on satellite TV!

Sounds to hear could not be repeated…

Much is happening, but not all is heeded!


Some were saying, "come go our way"

Not even taking the time to pray.

Others are stumbling within the dark

Many are lost with an unsure heart!


It wasn’t until someone came on…

They said that sin was very wrong.

The Word was spoken so very dear

The Preacher did made it all so clear!


After a hymn the people were told…

"Let Jesus Christ come into your soul."

Christians are headed to a glorious feast

The Lord shall return so get released!


To Truly Believe

What we have - a hope that’s real

When in sincerity - we daily live.

To truly believe is to go this way…

Say what we mean and mean what we say.


There is more than just thinking you are

Staying on course is to not live in a jar.

In the heat of trials we must keep the pace

This is how we win the will win the race.


To accept the things you often don’t know

Sooner or later what you believe will show!

We get more comfort when we forgive

Abundant life is how we faithful live.


A gift is given with a promise so firm…

Salvation is something we cannot earn.

When God opens wide the Pearly Gates:

There we shall enter without pride or hate.

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