"Any Second"

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God Knows

God is aware of who we are

Wherever we go – near or far!

God is there to help us endure

Love of God is perfect and pure.


God knows surely what is best

He will give us His daily rest.

Eternity is safe within His hands

Put Him first in all your plans.


Where there’s truth – God is there

He can drive out ungodly fear!

God knows what is on your mind

He is mighty – caring and kind.


Upon the path of what we know

In true faith we continue to grow.

Soon to behold our Savior and King

God is why we shout and sing!


After The Fact

Earth so great in its dimension…

People are living in so much tension!

Across the span and ultimate divide…

Not even a shadow can possibly hide.


After the fact of what shall be…

Don’t give up - be sober and free!

From the hills to the ocean sand,

Spread the truth across this land!


To the basics we must get back

Right away - not after the fact!

Get to where you can find hope

Jesus Christ is the way to cope!


Those who have this love inside…

Delivered from guilt caused by pride!

As we do what must surely be done…

Victory achieved is better than none!


Over Here

The way we live while over here

Sorrow and pain covered with fear.

It never fails - each time so true

Many are lost not wanting a clue!


Nearing Earth is a gathering cloud,

A storm is headed upon the proud!

All across the mountains and sea…

What has been written will surely be!


Peace within when spiritually awake

We will escape this terrible quake!

Over here we are made ready…

Love of God will keep us steady!


Tell the world that time is now

Jesus Christ will show you how!

In God’s will we are safe inside…

Warn the people to repent of pride!


Forever Truth

Freed at last from all pain…

Earth to depart - Heaven to gain.

We are headed to that great city

Here below from guilt and pity!


Forever truth has been given…

By God’s Grace up to Heaven!

The Blood of Jesus paved the way,

We’re going home to a brighter day!


Loved ones there forever more

Upon that lovely golden shore!

Jesus to meet us as we enter…

He came to Earth to save the sinner.


Every tear shall soon be dried…

For repenting of sin and evil pride!

Forever truth our God has given…

Home at last in a city called Heaven!


On The Job

When request are given on a job

To put off such work is a way to rob!

When performing a task there at hand

Achievement is part of this great plan!


On the job is to do your work…

Be very precise and avoid getting hurt!

Then as you complete what was needed

Much is learned from how you heeded!

As we do what we know is right…

Responsibility is there to shine the light!

On the job that we are to carry out…

Know your duty both inside and out!


Avoiding work is to cheat and steal…

Pretending to be sick can make you ill.

When payday arrive then comes rest…

That check is earned for doing your best!


Many Book

The many books someone could write

Would keep them going day and night!

Must study is a weariness of the flesh

Only God is able, our soul to refresh!

Once you start there’s no turning back,

More you search - deeper the facts!

Many books to write on this mission,

Spirit of God teaches submission!


Poetry is a message written in time

Developing rhythms, with a rhyme!

Hope and faith will bring us close,

From the heart, without a boast!


All my books are written in love,

Pointing many folks to Heaven above.

Giving advice to encourage my friends

Gifts are offered to lend others a hand!


A Second

Every second something takes place

Answers are written upon each face.

Joy and laughter - tears and sadness,

Good news arrives, with much gladness!


A second seems short but can be long

What we learn can make us strong.

Sudden events, then comes the news

Giving us peace, or distorting our views!


Babies are born and home they arrive

Others are aborted while still inside!

Never do harm to God’s little ones…

Judgment day you’ll answer to the Son!


Those to reject and leave unsure…

Losing all hope for closing the door!

The souls who lives in love and faith,

A second passes – to Heaven in haste!


A Familiar Face

While in the store the other day…

A familiar face came near my way!

They spoke to me across the isle…

This friendly person had a lovely smile!


My mind to travel back so far,

Finally at last - within my car.

Reflections entered within my mind

This person is obviously very kind!


It's great to meet folks day by day

We speak to them without delay!

While at church or across the road,

Being very nice can lighten a load?


As this thought just came to me…

A friendly attitude shows you're free.

A wave or handshake while passing bye

A child of the King will hear your cry!


Weary Traveler

On the road is a weary trail

To take its toll so, listen well.

Weary traveler - as you carry on

Keep the pace – it won’t be long!


Many to meet with a message clear

Some are living in terrible fear!

Lonely are those who turn away

For their souls - continue to pray.


Weary traveler - with love for all…

Unto the multitudes to make a call.

Be not afraid to keep on reaching…

Willing hearts to hear your teachings.


Lift the banner strong and high,

Trust in Jesus as you draw nigh!

Weary traveler – for certain to be

Your home waits across eternity!


Poem For Jesus

Thank you Jesus for being you

Your love is perfect and so true.

Within my heart there is great peace

The internal struggle now has ceased.


A poem for Jesus now to write

Jesus Christ gives us light.

On the road of gospel truth

Evil ways must let loose!


Those who live for the Lord…

Have true hope when times are hard.

Jesus Christ is our Savior and friend…

Blood poured out from feet and hands.


We love you Jesus.. Here below

Heaven above we shall go!

All because - Jesus is the door

We’re headed to that golden shore!


On To Where

Living in love gives us reason…

As we enjoy the moments and season.

On to where we’ve never been…

Every day is like starting again!


At times the miles can get long,

Open the door to a happy song!

As the load become much lighter

Love of God makes life brighter!


Within our heart is a map of life

A gentle peace overcomes strife!

When you seek to turn from doubt

On to where we can sing and shout!


Come along and be a part…

Speak a word from your heart.

Go in strength with a blessed hope

God Almighty gives Grace to cope!


Speak And Live

There is more that must be done

Abide in the light of God’s Son.

Speak and live – follow and believe

Surrender your all and give heed!


A caring person has true love…

Telling folks about Heaven above!

On the path of a great unknown…

Word of God will make us strong!


Forces all around, hidden and seen

Keep yourself pure and clean.

What we say and all we do!

Speak and live while staying true.


Now that we are carefully told…

Open your heart and speak your soul.

Watch your tongue - what you say,

Ready to leave and willing to stay!


You Are Invited

Send out the word to every nation…

There’s going to be a grand celebration.

You are invited to take part…

Give to Jesus your willing heart.


Bring a friend – whosoever will

God is able to comfort the ill.

The love of Jesus also shall bless

The Lord will help us to do our best.


Once we arrive all sickness will heal

Before our Savior we shall kneel.

The table will be ready for a feast…

Sorrow and heartache then shall cease!


Angels will sing as saints gather around

Redeemed from Earth safe and sound!

You are invited, because of the lamb

Trump to blast as we leave the ground!


The Forgiven Sinner

New day is coming by God’s Grace

Judgment is nearing the human race!

How we live and whatever is true…

Will be determined by what we do!


The forgiven sinner will make the grade

We need not fear death and the grave.

Salvation is given at such a great cost

Jesus Christ is my eternal boss!


Glad to know we can find real peace,

Mercy and joy - confusion to cease!

When you are a forgiven sinner…

The Word of God is our winner!


Tell a friend that hope is great

Warn the lost to not be late.

Time is even closer than before,

Jesus is knocking upon the door!



They are here giving knowledge

Life is daily like going to college.

Bells to ring and the clock to tick…

Open your books – the pen to click.


Turn in homework one by one

Make very certain all is done.

Eyes on the board – next assignment

Keep your thoughts in good alignment.


We’re getting closer every week

What we sow we shall surely reap!

Report cards tell what was achieved

After the teacher planted the seeds!


Classmates are there to be your friend

Listen carefully and lend a caring hand.

What we learn will help us to grow

Sooner or later it will one-day show!



Gentle as a breeze on a new day

Fresh like a daisy growing in May!

Sweeter than honey upon a comb…

Tender and caring without any wrong.


Folks who are living in Christ like love

They enjoy thinking of Heaven above.

When you have the mind of Christ…

Kindness is what makes you so nice.


Sea gulls fly majestic and free…

Whales are swimming in the sea.

Early at morning the sun arises

Kindness has no hidden disguises.


We are here to do what’s right…

Let your candle burn very bright!

Be humble in heart - alert in mind

Most of all – always be kind!


Unknown Title

Reading a poem with a title unknown

Makes me wonder what went wrong!

To hear a song and not the words…

Like on the ocean without the birds.


When running a race always be ready

Upon a tight rope, be calm and steady.

While on the road, watch the lines

Unknown title is a difficult rhyme.


A friend will listen to the need…

God will direct those who believe.

Rain will soak the ground when dry

A little child will ask you why!


This unknown title has been given

Stand for truth and speak for Heaven.

What once was lost, now is found…

In God’s love we’re safe and sound!

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