"Great Escape"

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Glory To Jesus

Salvation and glory to the King

He’s the reason we shout and sing!

Little time left down here to wonder

Soon God’s people are headed yonder!


In His sight to eternally rejoice

For making Jesus our first choice!

No need to fret over tomorrow

God will remove all earthly sorrow.


Upon the hills of that new shore…

We shall abide there forever more!

Jesus to hold us within His arms…

Tell all nations and sound the alarm!


Glory to God for His sweet love…

Just for us, He came from above!

There is much to be glad about…

Again ye saints rejoice and shout!


Being Set Free

Many things occur every day

Such a need to watch and pray.

Always something trying to hurt

We all must continue to be alert!


Violence to enter without a warning

Late at night or early in the morning!

So very difficult to feel secure…

Terror is breaking out everywhere!


Easy to forget just where we are…

Unless we search both deep and far!

Just take a look into the sky…

Only our God can teach us why!


The Lord is surely so very close

Of our ways no reason to boast!

Jesus has done what had to be…

He shed His blood to set us free!


Escape The Doom

This is a message to help us all

Take the time - upon Jesus to call!

The law of God is written in stone

Repent from evil, sin and wrong!


All that's here upon this scene…

Bombs are blasting on the TV screen!

Terror is moving across the land…

Trusting Jesus is God's great plan!


The Bible is true from cover to cover

Over our heads - Angels do hover!

While on this loving, narrow path

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!


The minds of those who will not see

They're headed down for eternity!

Those to rise above this gloom…

They shall escape the coming doom!


Stable Flight

"America The Beautiful" is no fable

We are ready – free and stable!

The world watches our every move

Let’s be sure just how we choose.


Much of what we do not know…

Our mighty God shall one-day show.

Standing on truth is living in light,

Our nation shines so very bright!


Stay prepared - come what may…

We are headed for a home going day!

Upon the hills of majestic gleam…

Over the mountain is a mighty stream!


Blessings for those who truly believe

Woe to them who practice to deceive!

Keep in touch with the Lord above…

Our country so blessed in hope and love.


On Guard

Stay on guard and be ye ready

God will help to keep us steady.

We are going beyond this scene…

From the cross flows a perfect stream.


Many to not follow the narrow way

Here in confusion they choose to stay.

Such a condition is filled with hate

Destruction can cause an eternal fate!


When the enemy tries to enter…

Just like a virus within a sinner.

We are warned and have been told

Let not such evil into your soul!


On guard and watching when at last

The Word God will bring to pass.

All that’s written will be fulfilled

Heed the warning for what is real!


His Words

We are given a perfect gift…

His Words are here to daily lift.

Doing God’s will is the right way…

Stay on course and rejoice each day!


His Words can give hope inside,

Keep your soul from evil and pride.

Just take my advice – this is real

Yield to truth and God will forgive.


The caring life is to abide in light

Press on in faith and win the fight!

No one can deliver, except our Lord

He gives victory from what was hard.


In every way we can be strong…

Seek His Word and turn from wrong!

On this trail we are so blessed…

Receive God’s love, then comes rest!


Get It Right

Whatever your calling – hold not back

Follow the path and never be slack.

Battles may come to hinder the path…

Upon the Lord – your cares to cast!


Get it right on this go round…

Heaven is watching above this ground.

When we arrive into that new place

We’ll behold our Lord face to face!


All that we do is a matter of faith

A gift is something never to waste.

Get it right while you can…

Put your soul in the Master’s hand!


God the Father is our great King…

Jesus is Lord as we rejoice and sing!

This is true, what here is said…

Get it right and clear your head!


Flash Back

Sudden events we sometimes hear

Many watch but others are there!

What is this so hard to conceive…

Listen carefully and then give heed!


Our minds can only take in so much

We need a caring and tender touch.

As these events continue to unfold…

Prayer from the heart is rest for the soul!


We must face whatever goes on…

Vipers will continue doing wrong!

Wake and watch - while doing right,

We’re called each day to abide in light!


Walls to crumble as lives are changed

Entire nations are being rearranged!

Thoughts that remind us what can occur

Reflect on hope and God will be there!



Weighing the odds is much a factor

Not to believe, like a run away tractor!

Those to ignore the issues at hand…

They end up hurting a very best friend!


Here are factors we must search out…

Evil forces will try and make us doubt!

We need not be confused or lead away

Power of darkness will eternally pay!


Children of God need not to fear…

The Lord will wipe our every tear!

We are on the everlasting road…

Jesus will lift that heavy load!


How we view the events at hand…

Destruction is trying to cover this land!

Some will refuse to go the right way

God has promised us a brighter day!


In Memory 911

For a moment, we pause to wonder

Within the distance - a silent thunder!

Many our citizens to depart this planet

"Peace be still" is written in granite!


In memory of those who left this site

Saved by Grace is to enter the light!

That which for sure has been done,

Cannot defeat God’s begotten Son!


Washington to New York, we are sure

Planes to crash and cause a roar!

Beyond it all we can know this…

Living in faith is not a risk!


Saints have hope if violence does strike

We’re never out of the Father’s sight!

God will help the victims carry on…

To the memory of those done wrong!


For Those

Here and yonder we are advised…

Angels are coming beyond the skies!

With a vengeance - so mighty and great

Those who are slack will meet their fate!


Citizens of Earth, we must speak out

We’re going up with a trumpet shout!

Christian’s will escape what will be left

We’re not here to live for just self!


Make the best of time down here…

Live daily for faith and not in fear!

We are on the sure winning side…

Warn the wicked to repent of pride!


For those who want to find the path

Come to the fountain sure and fast!

The Lord is calling all to come home

Jesus will forgive of sin and wrong!


Safe Forever

Calm and peaceful is the voice

When in truth we make the choice.

The Lord is near to show us how

As we put our hands to the plow!


Safe forever is the caring soul…

Peace to those humble and bold!

Kindness is good when faith is real

Before our God we come to kneel.


Tell a neighbor - encourage a friend

The love of Christ shall never end!

Live a life that can be used…

To be a doer is to not abuse!


Safe forever with a heart so filled

The righteous path is so very real.

Take the Word and feed on hope

Grace of God will help us cope!


Even Stronger

A message is given once received

Offered to others who truly believe!

Even stronger as we daily go forth…

True and faithful are those on course!


Trials will try to push us down…

Arise ye saints from unstable ground!

Go to where the air is clean…

Speak the truth and don’t be mean!


There is a need to never turn back…

Confusion escapes by not being slack!

The army of God will surely carry on

All for the best we must be strong!


What is written is a guide for life

Take the road that overcomes strife!

We’re taught to be keen and aware

Love and faith is how we do care!


An Investigation

This is a report of the investigation,

We give the news without hesitation!

Christ our Lord is in full control…

Give to Jesus your eternal soul.


The report here that now is given

There is a light sent from Heaven!

Read the Bible and know the way…

For our sins Jesus was willing to pay.


An investigation is now completed,

Sin and darkness has been defeated!

Rich in love we can be assured…

Worship the Lord in one accord!


Faith will settle what can’t be seen,

Joy flows deep like a mighty stream!

God will teach what should be known

Trust in Christ and be made strong.


Tender And Dear

Calling for help is often a need…

Doing your best is planting a seed!

Staying in touch is being so near…

A word fitly spoken is tender and dear!

We all can be a part of what’s right

Faith reveals what’s out of our sight!

Carry the banner that can’t be destroyed

Unrighteous ways we must avoid!

There are folks who are concerned

Love is greater than pay we earn!

Giving to others a message to ponder

Tells of a kingdom just over yonder!

Tender and dear we are to live…

Honest and kind is how we give!

Here for now but soon to go…

A life of peace will some how show!


Extra Ready

Echo’s are heard within the mind…

Keep on seeking and you will find!

Extra ready is what we can be…

Love of God will set you free!


Listen to what you are being told

Be very sure what enters your soul.

Taking action is to be on guard…

Being extra ready is not that hard!


Make the choice of not turning back

Come to Jesus and be not slack!

Worship the Lord with a purified heart

Be extra ready while doing your part!


There are rewards for a faithful life

Warn of sin and expose evil strife!

Hold on tight as we escape the gloom

Our mighty God is coming back soon!



Stay involved is what we do

Helping others all so true!

Doing right while pressing on

"All To Thee" is a lovely song!


Strength is offered for the asking

Upon the Lord our cares are casting!

As we follow and live each day

Comfort for those that seek and pray!


God has given to us His strength

Many to comply as they were sent!

Knowing all this we are relieved…

Strength is given once you believe!


What we hear is how we choose…

Rejecting truth will make you lose!

All by Grace we can move forth…

Charity will keep your soul on course!

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