"Prior Warning"

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Giving Your All

Start the morning in a caring way,

Just thank the Lord for another day!

Stay in touch with the God of love

Jesus came from His throne above!


We are not our own - this is for sure

The Word of God is eternally pure!

Giving your all is a blessing indeed

For our sins the Savior did bleed!


When time on earth has run its course

Fire will devour with its mighty force!

Creation all around will be renewed…

This is not a soul just speaking views!


God has said what we must do…

Jesus died on Calvary just for you!

Giving your all is a gift to cherish…

Tell the world so others don't perish!


They Saw Not

As the message was being given…

Words were sent from up in heaven.

Some to hear as they gave heed…

Others rejected and refused the seed!


Those who didn't accept the Word

They saw not what had occurred!

Living a lie and rejecting the light…

Soul to perish into an endless night!


A person seeking to be a witness,

Prayer and faith is spiritual fitness.

Taking a leap into joy and gladness

A caring soul overcomes all madness!


On this trail we must get ready

Love of God is a road so steady.

Stay on course and be in line

Jesus gives us strength of mind!


Taking The Journey

As the wind continues to blow

Feelings of joy will surely grow!

The ship moves out across the sea

Very majestic are the sights to be!


The vast beauty to surrounds us all

Over the waves is a needful call!

Taking the journey as we seek…

Ocean and sky, together they meet!


There is a time to greatly wonder

To enjoy life is a gift to ponder.

Gladly going wherever you can

Making the choice, then a plan!


On the land you have the trees,

Within the boat over the waves!

A mountain is high – valley deep

What we sow we shall also reap!


No More Sorrow

To this land that we shall go…

Everyone there we all will know!

Pain and weakness shall be gone

Forever free and always strong!


In this place within tomorrow…

There will be no more sorrow!

Canaan land beyond the sky…

Like the eagle we soon shall fly!


The Shepherd of our eternal soul

He will keep us safe from cold!

Giving us pastures fresh and green…

Drawing us close and washing us clean!


Because of Grace - we are saved

Jesus has power over the grave!

No more sorrow when we get home,

We’re leaving here - it won’t be long!


True Gifts

The reason for life as we know…

Accept the Lord then daily grow!

Take heed to Jesus of His ways…

Receive the blessing of brighter days!


Gifts are given within the fold…

Let the gospel consume your soul!

Allow the Lord to clean your heart

Live in faith and do your part!


The Lord our God will be there…

After you speak then show you care.

Our Lord is able to keep us strong

Be a doer and turn from wrong!


Those who pray and do their best…

All by Grace to withstand each test.

Take the trail that is so narrow…

God even cares for a little sparrow!


Going Above

Once the decision has been made…

We need not fear death or the grave!

The curtain is ready to quickly open

Here on earth we must keep coping!


As the clouds then parts the sky

Gone at last in a blink of the eye!

To enter Heaven, surrounded by love

It won't be long - we're going above!


Those to refuse to get on board

Left behind is a deadly sword!

We who speak can offer a solution

Accept God's Word - not evolution!


God created life in only six-days,

Whatever is lost - He also saves!

Going above once you truly believe

Jesus will forgive those who receive!


Repeat The Kindness

Greatest way to overcome gossip

Pray for help that you may stop it!

Once you escape this cruel intention

Don't forget, God's love to mention!


Repeat the kindness of a caring act

Helping others is a sure gospel fact!

Only a soul that is living in faith…

Such humble truth delivers in haste!


Slander will put a mind in turmoil…

Then it bites like a serpent that coils!

After everything is said and done…

Death and destruction is not any fun!

Being a doer of whatever is right,

This is how to have spiritual sight!

Repeat the kindness of a loving saint

Mercy will give you what gossip can't!


Gathering Fruit

In the silence we have down here

A cause to ponder what you hear.

To take a breath of God's clean air

Let's us know that hope is near!


Spring arrives and gardens are sown

Then comes prayer for what is grown!

Gathering fruit when harvest appears

Rejoicing hearts with happy tears!


While upon this glorious venture…

Fresh pure water is a thirst quencher!

For trees to flourish there must be rain

Gathering fruit beyond earthly pain!


Everyday we count each blessing

God will bless in spite of testing!

When life is over we shall come forth

First believe - then stay on course!


This Is True

All of life that we can see…

Only Jesus can set us free!

This is true from day to day…

Take the time to trust and pray.


When we learn what wasn't known

Like a river that is flowing strong!

Mountain high and sea of blue…

A God of love - for this is true!


We are nearing that majestic place

A smile is seen upon your face!

This is true for what all is done…

A Holy God gave His perfect Son!


Seconds are counting while hours pass

We do our best and complete the task!

The clock shall soon tick no more…

Judgment to reach our earthly shore


A Newborn Child

When the time had finally come

God sent to us His precious Son!

What was heard as angels sing…

A newborn Child - a God and King!


Rejoice - rejoice all ye people…

Ring the bells upon each steeple!

Come all nations - now arise…

A newborn baby as He cries!


This little Child is now a Savior…

He gives to life His love and favor!

All ye citizens of this Earth…

God can give us second-birth!


A song, a manger and then a star

The message was heard from afar!

Wise men traveled many a mile…

Shepherds came to worship the Child!



In the Spirit of being alert…

Uncertain ways we must not flirt!

In God's will is how to be…

Calmness will help us to better see!


All to Jesus our cares to cast

Then by Grace in faith we ask.

When a problem does arrive…

Stay very calm and do not hide.


Facing the trials of our life…

Love is how we overcome strife.

Keeping in touch with what is right

Seek the answer and follow the light!


Calmness is needed within a storm

Happy are those after being warned.

When the path then becomes clear

Peace is how we overcome fear!


Running Strong

All over town the sound is heard…

Truth is eternal within God's Word!

Those to find their life in Christ…

Salvation is free - Jesus paid the price!


Running strong in Christ-like love

Spirit of kindness - sweet as a dove!

We are on this journey so clean…

Across the Earth is a mighty stream!


This is the time to go the course

Faith in Jesus is our only source!

Running strong with Heaven in sight

Faithful souls to overcome each fight!


God is with us to keep us safe…

Soon to behold His majestic face!

There is hope for a sold-out-saint,

To follow the call is to never faint!


We’re Going In

Poems are written in such concern

Some are calm and others are firm!

They all are given to show we care,

When joy enters then out goes fear!


We’re going in as conditions are met

Doing what right is nothing to fret!

To receive the gift of eternal peace…

Celebrating truth is a continuos feast!


What often glitters is not always gold

We must be sure what enters our soul.

The path of hope is the way of love…

Heaven is real and we're headed above.


Be not deceived by filth and sin

By God's Grace - we're going in!

Trust in Jesus and follow His plan…

Place your life in the nail-scarred hand!


When He Returns

When He returns - He will unleash

His power will appear from the east.

As the angels are sent all around…

Elect to be gathered from every town.


When Christ returns as the King,

The sword of wrath He will sling!

Striking all evil for rejecting truth,

God's mighty anger will let loose!


When He returns rocks will shake,

Earth will experience such a quake!

Time will halt for what will be

Into the pit darkness shall flee!


When He returns fire will unfold,

What will happen has been told!

The cross of Jesus to draw the line

Repent of sin - then hope you'll find!


When He Came

In a manger He was placed…

Shepherds came to see His face.

A virgin conceived and had a child

God came down and gently smiled.


When He came He spoke in love

He longs to take us up above.

For us to live in that eternal place

Repent of sin and accept His Grace!


Jesus Christ is Lord and King…

Salvation is free so shout and sing!

Trust and pray - He will hear…

Call on Him - He will be there.


When He came He paid the price

The perfect lamb and sacrifice!

Live for Jesus in every way…

He's coming back one glorious day!


There Forever

Some have left to find their home

No more pain and nothing wrong!

Across the vast ocean blue…

What here is said - it's also true!


There forever with the King

Before Jesus to gladly sing!

With the angels upon that shore…

Amazing Grace so kind and pure!


We the people of this planet…

Broken by sin like pieces of granite!

We know not what tomorrow brings

Unto the cross we must daily cling!


A child of faith can always be ready

We're headed up so free and steady!

There forever we will remain…

What was lost is Heavens gain!


Going The Distance

There is a time to make a move…

Even a train must have a groove.

Staying on course is surely a need

A soul in searching will give heed!


Going the distance once you're told

Against the evil we must be bold.

Life is precious and love is pure,

Take the journey and then be sure!


Where the ground is shaky and rough

Never give up when all seems tough!

Take a stand and keep pressing on

Jesus Christ can make you strong.


Be not afraid of unknown resistance…

Count the cost while going the distance!

Darkness will try and drag you down,

Faith will give you courage to abound!

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