"Sweet little Flower"

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Get Ready

Time is fleeting so very near…

The Lord shall return to put down fear.

The light of Jesus shines all around…

Christians are sure to leave the ground!

Get ye ready - it's now or never…

Very soon – the earth shall quiver!

This is real - my friends, indeed…

Jesus for us on Calvary did bleed.

Go in faith - trust and pray…

Stay ye ready each and everyday!

There is peace for that special child

Be very sure each and every mile.

There is no time to worry or fret…

Ways of life is to not gamble or bet!

My words are few and very steady

Now and forever – stay always ready!


New Adventure

As we began this day brand new

Thank you Lord for what you do.

Painting a picture or to shake a hand...

To spread God’s love across this land.


Every moment is a blessing indeed…

A new adventure as we plant the seed.

The Gospel message we must tell…

The Word was written with a rusty nail!


Speaking to others - God’s will be done

Reaching and preaching to everyone.

This great commission in faith we plow

Knowing is showing - teaching others how.



To experience a change from within

Getting saved is to be born-again.


Spirit of God to live in your soul…

To ask in faith God’s Word is told.


By Grace we receive this gift of love

In faith believe Jesus came from above.


Then after you repent of your sins,

This is when you’re born-again.


Now and forever - to say in truth

The love of God won’t let loose!


To have this power is to know for sure,

The name of Jesus is precious and pure.


What A Savior

Only Jesus could love me so...

Help me Lord - your will to know.


Thy Word is great form your Holy Son

By your Grace- the battle is won!


Come quickly Lord take us home to stay

But while down here teach us to pray.


The tomb is open the grave has lost

Your perfect blood paid the cost!


Only Jesus could complete this task -

To be His child - repent and ask!


Awake While Sleeping

Within a picture there’s often a poem…

Awake While Sleeping coming while going.

Nearing the edge of a vision in sight…

From thought to canvas like day or night.


This is my message given in hope

More than just the way we cope.

Here in time while in this place…

Beyond this canopy there is a face.


Colors appear just as they are…

Some are near - echoes from afar.

A gift is used as we seek and pray

Beyond this world is a brighter day!


Awake While Sleeping it won’t be long

Poems and Paintings are like a Song.

If you care to do your best….

Endure the noise and pass each test.


Perfect Beauty

The truth within - a need to describe

A beam of light you cannot hide.

Toward the surface as it arrives

No turning back or you will subside.

Behold the wonder - sober and true

Speak the Word - this we must do.

All by Grace the sky of blue

Perfect Beauty - A gift for you.

The rings of Saturn gold and bright

Frozen in space but not out of sight.

What we do whether wrong or right

It will come back so walk in light.

Perfect Beauty comes from above

On the wings - like a Spirit Dove!

The Creator of life our God is love

In His head the thorns were shoved!

Caught in between like lemon and lime

Put here for a reason with a rhyme.

To never care would be a crime.

First and last - now is the time.

Perfect Beauty across the sky…

Upon this earth - truth tells us why!

No looking back with no need to deny

The choice is yours - on Jesus we cry!


Rejoice and be Glad

Let us rejoice…

Ye Saints, each day

In the name of Jesus

Take time to pray!

Beyond the storms

And even in strife.

Remember that Jesus

Gave His life!

Victory is free

Paid in full.

To be a Christian

Is to not be dull.

Let the Lord

Give you hope.

He will show you

How to cope.

Keep pressing on…

In the name of Christ!

Jesus on the cross

Did pay the price!


The Bridge

Life is a bridge across the unknown

A bridge can be short - or even long.

A bridge must have a solid base…

Getting us safely from place to place.


When we arrive to a deep wide valley

We need a passage like in an alley.

To not get across would be a delay

A bridge is there to make a way.


Knowing for sure like near a ledge

A valley is a pit without a bridge!

So when you cross that great divide

Be thankful our Lord will provide.


Eternity for sure is also the same…

One way to Heaven - in Jesus' name!


Clouds In Space

Clouds in space gathered around…

Saints of God to leave this ground.

Over the earth - a meeting up there

Caught up so quickly within the air!


We are nearing this great event

No earthly power can prevent.

To put off Truth is to not really care

Live in faith or be consumed by fear.


God is listening - a prayer of love

Surrender your soul to Heaven above.

All to Jesus my heart to give…

Salvation is free - to accept and live.


You cannot earn what can’t be taken...

When you are saved - you are awakened!


Upon That Cross

The time had come - the Son of man

Nails to pierce - His feet and hands.

The earth to tremble as Angel's weep

Upon that cross - Gods Word to keep.


Lord of Lords - Creation rings…

Jesus our Savior – King of Kings!

He paid the price - at last to be

God Almighty has set us free!


By His Son - upon that Cross

His own blood to pay the cost!

The third day up from the grave…

Because of Grace - we are saved!


Because of truth - to say again…

Jesus is Savior and my closest friend.


Finding Your Direction

To know where we're headed

Is to be sure where we’re at!

It's not where we've been…

But where we hang our hat!


We reap just what we sow

Life is no game.

Where we are now

Will follow our name!


Many places to go…

Those that seek shall find.

Regardless of any belief

Calvary draws the line!


Does He Not

Does He not love you?

Just talk to Him and pray.

He gave us life and truth

He made another day.

Does He not love you?

More than words can tell.

He gave us eternal salvation

He overcame death and hell.

Does He not love you?

He loves us, this is sure.

A Savior that will guide you

To keep us honest and pure!

Does He not love you?

What more can He do…

He gave His life on Calvary…

His Word is eternally true!

Does He not love you?

He knows our every pain.

To meet a need - He’s able

He gives sunshine after rain!

Does He not love you?

Hope in Him - by faith…

From Heaven to save us

A gift of God’s Grace!

Does He not love you?

Now hear my earnest plea!

Trust Him as your Savior…

Jesus can surely set you free!


Father's Day Forever

A Father is someone

Very kind and true,

Doing what they can

They listen closely too!

Someone that is always

A daily friend indeed,

They teach what is right

And tries to meet each need!

Who is a Father?

Someone very close,

A good example always

Not just someone that will boast!

A Father helps a child…

While pointing them to faith,

With such a Christian love

To never be replaced!

Unto Thee O Lord –

Hear them as they say,

Call gladly upon Jesus

Do so as you pray!

A Father points everyone

To that old rugged cross,

Reminding friend and foe

Jesus has paid our cost!

So let us honor our Father's

Especially on this day,

Whether they are down here

Or up in Heaven for to stay.


Always And Forever

To God we pray

He loves us so.

Take His love

Wherever you go.


Now is the time

Today is the day.

Live fully for Jesus

He is the way.


Free To Be

God is love - He will forgive…

How we believe is the way we live.

All to Jesus - my Savior, Thee

He saved my soul - Truth is the key!

Paid by Love – forever redeemed…

The Blood of Jesus washes clean.

Now and always - good news to tell…

We’re free to rejoice - while doing well!


God Is Love

God is love

This is true.

He cares for us

His love is true.


Trust His Word

Without any delay!

Remember always

Take time to pray.


Thank you Lord

For giving us life!

Grace is real…

You paid the price.


Going Home

Up in the sky - a place to go…

Friends and loved ones - not ever a foe.

Far above by faith we climb…

Doing great while feeling so fine.

Plan to go - there’s plenty of room…

When the trump do sound we're going soon!

The Lord has gone to prepare this place

Be ready my friends - no time to waste.

Our God is speaking - His Truth is able

To point the way - this is not a fable.

We fly high - as we journey above…

The road to Glory is paved in love.

Peace to those that accept this gift

Get on board this heavenly chair lift!

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