Daddy escaped a house fire in 1982 during which time my Mother was in the hospital.

This photo also escaped the fire.

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Truth is given for the asking…

God for sure is from Everlasting!

He is King over the seen and unseen…

From His throne flows a perfect stream!


Everlasting Father - a loving God

He will deliver from the mighty rod!

Having hope gives assurance within

Jesus came to save us from sins!


Now is the present, upward we’re headed

Toward God’s Heaven because He said it!

Angels all around to keep us on course

The Spirit of God is a protective force!


That which is temporal shall pass away

We’re on that path to a homecoming day!

Our Everlasting God will meet us there

In that city without any pain or fear!


Spreading Truth

We need not wander from the path

Spreading truth is without a mask!

The safest place to always be…

Growing in Grace and living free!


We are here and then we’re gone

Seeking right and rejecting wrong!

Believing what cannot be taken…

A soul in touch is forever awakened!


There is much that we may learn…

Salvation is what cannot be earned.

Receiving love is done in faith…

Speaking truth from place to place.


Now that we are moving ahead

What is done is more than said.

Reaching out so kind and pure

Staying honest is being sure.


All Or None

There is a call upon the soul…

Come to Jesus humbly and bold!

Being less than who you are…

Without God’s Spirit you can’t go far!


Much is said but little is done

Doing our best is all or none!

Without willingly giving your heart

Ignoring the truth will tear you apart!


For birds to fly they must have wings

Heavenly angels are majestic beings!

Down to this earth - God sent His Son

The way of Salvation is all or none!


A gift is offered for us to receive…

Great rewards for those who believe!

Having such hope while daily growing…

Joy unspeakable with peace overflowing!


Labor Of Love

The life we live can surely count…

When building upon God’s holy mount!

Understanding what we don’t perceived

Open your heart and by faith receive!


Labor of love such joy we feel…

A need so great and purpose so real!

To follow a path of mercy and Grace

Till at last we reach that certain place!


On this journey of rhyme and reason…

To everything there’s a time and season!

Guided by a vision from Heaven above

Each day and night is a labor of love!


Rest in what we have been told…

Streams of gladness as sea billows roll!

A place to go when our work is done

We’re headed home to behold God’s Son!


Getting There

Getting there is when you finish

Once all evil has been diminished!

The power of living for the truth

What cannot hinder must let loose!


Getting there when not holding back

After you start - no time to be slack!

Where we go before leaving again…

Stay on course and you’re sure to win!


Answers are found along the way

Victory in Jesus is when we pray!

Getting there while setting a goal…

Respect is found in the humble soul.


The care we show and love we give

This is how we should daily live.

It is for certain what is surely clear

What matters most is the getting there!


Untold Message

To never follow what you believe

The untold message is not received.

Keeping in tune with Heaven above

Offers a life of kindness and love!


Those who accept whatever is true…

Teaching others, both many and few.

To sadly reject what we know is right

Plunges a soul into the darkest night!


The untold message will fail to bless

Hope is needed when enduring a test.

Faith is what we seek to know…

Prayer is how we learn and grow!


Reaching those that have not heard

Giving to them an encouraging word.

Truth is what gives peace over fear

Telling a friend is a reason to care!


Fresh And Clean

A rain is good to water the ground…

Fresh and clean from country to town!

So sweet to taste an ice cream cone

Glad to make it safely back home!


Secure inside to enjoy some music…

Something untrue we must refuse it!

What we receive like a flowing stream

Being in tune keeps us fresh and clean!


Now and always such sounds are clear

Getting even closer is overcoming fear.

Trusting the Spirit to protect and guide

Fresh and clean without selfish pride!


What is spoken can point to the path

Doing what’s right will forever last.

Those who are so pure and refined

Fresh and clean both heart and mind!


The Law

Prepared for sure and ready to protect

Some are hired and others we elect!

Regardless of what comes our way

The law is there, both night and day!


Men and women doing their best

Any second could become a test!

Many to ignore the things they do…

The law is here to always protect you!


Pay is not enough with life on the line

Risking it all for our peace of mind!

Shake their hand and tell them you care

The law is a friend to keep us from fear!


For those who have paid with their life

Trying to fight against evil and strife.

A debt so great we can’t fully conceive

The law is there for those in need!


Real Change

Some just think how they may feel

God is aware of what’s fake or real.

We never are really home on the range

Until our life has made a real change!


Glad to know we may carry on

All by Grace we can be strong!

Real change comes once we’re broken

Word of God has now been spoken!


Humbling your heart is the real key

The love of God can set you free!

Our entire outlook can be rearranged

As we experience a very real change!


Jesus came and gave His all…

Upon the Lord, we now must call!

God gives us power to shout and sing

Once we repent there is a real change!


This Is

This is how to seek and know

Yonder there is a place to go!

Up the path, a need to say…

We’re longing for a brighter day!


This is where - after and then

Back too only who knows when!

Ice is cold and heat is hot

Yes is true - and no is not!


This is when - then off we go

Write a poem and let it flow!

Someone left to head out where

There is gone, closer is near!


This is what is said and done

Two or three is more than one.

Glad to know what is to be…

Faith unknown and then you see!


Not Any More

Reprobates try so often to pretend,

They reject the Word given to defend.

Filled with anger and living unsure

In your face they will slam the door!


Gospel is a mission of holy peace

A Love for truth that shall not cease!

Respect for neighbors and our friends

Victory over evil – violence must end!


Not any more will my soul delay…

There’s no time to complain or stray!

We’re in a boat headed across the sea

Destiny is written as we turn the key!


Those who are living upon a shelf

When time is up they will get left!

Soon the ceiling will become the floor

Slander and hate shall be no more!


Any Day

Once you arrive to that new place

All at once then comes the race!

Cars are locked from bumper to bumper

Folks while criticizing the Bible thumper!


Things are said that should not be…

Wrong is done when people don’t pray!

Truth so hated by an angry crowd…

Sin enters in when hearts are unbowed.


Those who are willing to lend a hand

Fought by rebellious women and men!

Everyday we read and hear bad news

Churches are filled with empty pews!


All around corruption is spreading…

Young and old are constantly fretting!

A need to trust and continue to pray

The Lord could come most any day!


Traveling Forward

Joy is gladness when faith is pure…

Traveling forward God’s Word is sure!

Going to where the river runs deep

Swimming up stream is very unique!


Getting strong in both spirit and mind

Learning the reason for every rhyme!

Reaping the reward of what we do…

Knowing is showing that love is true!


Traveling forward with a willing heart

Filled with goodness like an open cart!

Everlasting mercy from God’s throne!

Turning from evil and warning of wrong!


As we rejoice over what is right…

Now and always - to live in light!

Moving forward is a ready plan…

Safe and sure we take our stand!



Blessed are the meek - in such hope

The love of God will help us cope!

To the peacemakers - as we rejoice

Doing God’s will is our first choice!


Blessed are the merciful in their life

They turn others from sin and strife!

Growing in faith overcomes doubt…

Peacemakers are here to help folks out!


When we desire to go the right way…

Listen closely to what a friend will say!

Blessed are those who are pure in heart

Peacemakers will gladly do their part!


We’re here to praise our holy Lord

Worship the Savior in one accord!

As we travel this pathway of light…

Peacemakers are here to teach us right!


Very Fine Line

Your soul depends on what is said

Jesus His blood was fully shed!

Very fine line to cross beyond

We’re not here to just have fun!


A battle is raging across this land…

God is reaching out His mighty hand!

Power is offered to a hurting soul

Come to Jesus – be swift and bold!


This is no idle or foolish game…

Salvation is not a matter of fame.

A very fine line - you cannot see

Rest in love and find the key!


To put into practice what all is true

Greater the knowledge better the view!

Protect your heart and feed your mind

Keep on the path of that very fine line!


Under Much Pressure

Assaults are thrown every direction

Many lies are told before an election!

The teacher to give an unexpected test

Under much pressure even at our best!


Grades are slipping - time running out

Backs getting weaker and a need to shout!

Unexpected bills - with a payment due

Show us Lord - just what to do!


Under much pressure - here and there

Phone is ringing – truck needs repair!

Folks are talking confusion is widespread

Is most all of this just in your head?


As we look to God’s greater plan…

Build not your house upon the sand!

We can endure by Amazing Grace…

Soon we’re leaving this wicked place!


The Publisher

Before we leave and after we’ve gone

What all we say is right or wrong!

The evil-one has surely been smitten

The Word of God has been written!


The publisher of truth is on a roll…

We have been known to be very bold!

There is no room for spreading error

The path we’re on is very narrow!


From town to town, across the nation

All in line – Genesis to Revelation!

Great commission is surely a must

We’re here to rejoice - never to fuss!


The publisher is searching line by line

While being fought for doing so fine!

Like being on an incredible ride…

With no regrets and nothing to hide!


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