"Sand and Sea"

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Endless Stream

Those that enter as light surrounds…

Perfect beauty is everywhere around!

Spirit of comfort while speaking to you

Rainbows of glory now flood the view!


What was faith has become sight

No longer confused by the night.

Visions of what is forever to be…

Throne of God next to a crystal sea.


Let your heart be humble and true…

Your mind wide open - like a sky of blue.

Keep your conscience pure and clean…

Soul overflowing like an endless stream.


Thankful are those that are forgiven,

Our home awaits us up in Heaven.

Never be ashamed of what is real,

There’s more to life just over the hill.


Results Of Prayer

Clouds floating gently above a creek

Thoughts to ponder - a poem to seek.

The moon above shining very bright

Upon a hillside this poem to write.


Majestic sounds within my van

Cherry limeade is right at hand.

Getting ready a message to send…

Back from town to the woods again.


Owl in a tree where deer do roam…

Images of the soul that becomes a song.

Place of solitude to reflect on the day

There’s no going back to yesterday.


Earlier a group visited "Poets Pathway"

"Such a lovely place" A child did say.

All and all - this message is clear…

Such a feeling is the results of prayer.


A Careless Heart

When feeling sadden by front page news,

Many have spoken with opposing views.

What is said must be sure and grounded

Speak not at all if words are unfounded.


Some have lead others into the dark…

Many have followed with a careless heart.

Strange behavior before getting caught

Many such battles are being fought!


Those who try and lead you astray…

They ignore the facts of judgment day!

Advice that is offered when it’s given

Should always point you up to heaven.


Folks who don’t care how to speak…

They’re out of the way and do not seek.

Follow the path you know will bless…

Happy is the soul that withstands the test.


It’s For Sure

There are no magic carpet rides…

Within your soul you cannot hide.

Where you go - there you are…

Whether on a plane - or in a car!


You have the knowledge with the key…

You’re living in bondage or eternally free!

You’re on the path toward everlasting life

You’re living in peace or caught in strife!


It’s for certain what many have said

"Daily your soul must surely be fed."

The bread that fills is sent from above

The hope of life is the way of love.


This we can say – and it’s for sure

Life is a gift - like water is pure.

Wonderful to know you have arrived…

Within green pastures you need not hide.


Count Your Blessings

There are times thing don’t go right…

Darkness all but consumes your sight!

What we do seems to often go wrong…

Till we let our trials become a song.


Then the sky begins to clear…

All along – the Lord was there.

What was impossible now is achieved

The power of faith is what we believe.


Count your blessings, which are at hand

More than numbers across this land.

Pride and vanity that can conceive

Such evil ways will have to leave.


Calm your senses - hold on tight,

Beware of doubt within this fight!

Before the clouds then roll away…

Escape is certain for those that pray.


For The Best

When you live for what is true…

A plan is made as to what to do.

Being aware and avoiding the wrong

Lesson we learn will make us strong.


Things will happen for the best

Even beyond every trial or test!

They that overcome by God's Grace

A light does shine from each face.


All that has happened within the past

We have assurance of what will last.

Before we journey to Heaven up there

A soul was not meant to live in fear.


For the best to happen every hour…

Enjoy each second then comes power.

Beyond the strains, and often pain

God will send His refreshing rain.


Onward Bound

The upward way can often seem steep

Middle of the ocean is very deep.

Safest place to ever be found…

Upon your knees and onward bound!


A child will heed whatever is said…

When riding a bike, protect your head!

Wherever you go and things we do

Onward bound is to always be true.


We clear a trail and cut a path…

Moving slow or maybe too fast!

Take a moment to search around…

Those who believe are onward bound.


Stay on track with what you know

Doing it right will forever show.

Onward bound is how to follow…


Across The Sea

Engines to fire with a powerful roar…

The plane departs unto another shore.

People onboard are safely buckled in…

This chariot of fabric is covered by tin.


Down the runway - passengers hold on

Coming and going - a place called home.

Up and away, their head in a breeze…

Higher in the clouds the air to freeze.


Across the sea as they safely arrive…

Those that make it are glad to survive.

Fish in the water - down deep below…

Living for Jesus or walking with the foe!


New location as the craft touches down

A celebration is heard across the town.

One day soon - we’re leaving here…

Within your heart – Heaven is near!


Forever We Sing

Why would anyone try to ignore…

Thunder shall unleash a mighty roar!

Things down here shall then be gone…

The way to do right is turn from wrong.


Great is the day for those that care

We’re going up without any fear!

Songs of praises unto the Holy King

Angels join in - as forever we sing!


After then what was here on Earth

Majestically renewed like giving birth!

Nature to flourish; Creation will rejoice

Now is the time to accept this choice!


That which builds up, deep inside…

Gives us courage with no need to hide.

Eternal life is like a mighty stream…

Before the Lord forever we shall sing!


A Great Day

What we have from what we perceive

Gift of life - for those that believe.

A great day is upon the horizon…

Eternal morning shall soon be rising!


Come and gather where the saints cry out

We’re going up with a glorious shout!

From all nations – and everywhere around

A great reunion - those that are found!


That day is nearing - surely by far…

Few and chosen - knows who they are.

The people of God that were awake…

We’re headed home – not a second late!


Resurrection morning across the deep

To worship forever at our Lord’s feet!

All is wonderful beyond the night…

Seek the Word and follow the light!


Come And See

The call was given – "Come and see"

This is the one who set me free!

He is so real within my soul…

The greatest peace to ever unfold.


On this journey we have a choice…

Listen daily to God’s lovely voice.

Without God’s will the heart grows cold

When you don’t let joy within your soul.


Come and see – our Lord forgives

Up in heaven we can forever live.

This is not just a passing dream…

From God’s Throne flows a steady stream!


For the record - this is an eternal fact…

Jesus can keep you on the right track!

Get on board – we’re leaving soon…

Above the earth and over the moon!


What It Takes

This moment now is special indeed

Living in faith like planting a seed!

All it takes is a heart so true…

Thank you Lord – we do love you.


God took the time to send us rain…

He helps us when going through pain.

The Lord does more that we can see

He holds us close and sets us free!


It’s hard to imagine - whatever it takes

For a soul to be humble - and appreciate.

The way that God has offered us peace

To accept this gift confusion must cease.


Only the Lord can know for sure

It's up to us to seek this cure!

What it takes is a total surrender

Abide in faith so pure and tender.


A Real Smile

Sometimes words cannot fully describe

A feeling so deep - from down inside.

As though the well goes on for miles,

When you meet someone that smiles.


Many today do not want this gift

Some would rather drink a fifth.

Maybe because a smile is free

The soul in sin refuses to see.


A caring smile can bring real hope,

Those who refuse cannot fully cope!

As they move from here to there…

Without a smile - there’s ungodly fear.


There are a few to notice this trend…

How faces are confused from within.

On the streets – even in the Church…

Finding a real smile is an ongoing search.


Twenty-Four Hours

The message here as sure is written

Powers of darkness will be smitten!

Some things said may not change others

Peace unto all my sisters and brothers.


Twenty- four hours to write this book

A lifetime to learn from what it took!

We are here from season to season

God is there to give life a reason.


Without a source the spring goes dry

God will answer us whenever we cry!

There are rainbows to assure our hearts

God will teach us how to do our part!


One may travel to a different place…

Our path may cross - then face to face.

We shall speak of our Lord’s great power

Like walking together in a spring shower!


Where We Go

Where we go is something so good

As we accomplish what we should.

Not being slothful meets each need

Send a message for others to feed!


Wherever we go, before you depart…

Know the way and search your heart.

On the road to true Christian success

Having a friend can offer you rest.


Wherever you go - enjoy the scenes

Climb a mountain or float a stream.

We should always stay on guard…

Travel lightly and depend on the Lord.


"Seeing is believing" – someone did say

"Peace in the valley" whenever we pray.

Faith, is believing - what we don’t know

Take God with you – wherever you go!


What We Have

Songs have been written – also heard

They point to life within the Word.

What we learn will soon unfold

Let not greed within your soul.


Never add or take from the truth…

Sky to ignite and a fire to let loose!

God will bring judgement to the light,

Open now your heart to spiritual sight!


That which we cannot always see…

Shall quickly appear and forever be!

What we vision will suddenly change

All that is - shall be rearranged.


There is a reason to know the way…

Warn a friend of that dreadful day!

Take the road least traveled upon…

Soon on earth our work shall be done.



Wants Don’t Save

Reading the words of a ready scribe…

Wants don’t save where evil can’t hide.

There's richness of life within the mind

Remain steadfast – be caring and kind!


Help is given as every need is met,

Gamble not your life upon a silly bet.

Self cannot be happy and wants don’t save

What you don’t need is an early grave!


A ride on a wagon across the field

What will strengthen - it cannot kill.

All for good - the things we do…

Wants don’t save and lust is untrue.


Taking yourself far from nothing

Gives you hope - without the fussing!

Away from everything that will destroy

Wants don’t save – but love gives joy!

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