"Mars or Earth"

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Enjoy The Victory

Where there is a vision from within

Not to capture it - could be a sin!

Inspiration and truth must be spread…

A gift from God – not just in your head.


Someone may think – it doesn’t really matter

Otherwise to ignore may cause you to shatter.

Use this ability because it is a blessing…

Enjoy the victory whether awake or resting.


Inspiration to use is never a waste…

Something wonderful - like having good taste.

Take it with you wherever you may go…

As you live it – the love will then show.


Be who you are - stay kind and sure…

Make your plans exciting and always pure.

Whether the world will accept it or not…

Dig even deeper and give it your best shot!


Take A Good Look

Behold the beauty of God’s lovely Earth

Only Jesus can give our life worth!

Here and yonder - within God’s Book

Learn the truth and take a good look!


We all should daily make the best

Seek the Lord and find true rest.

All there is and much more is given

The love of God is a gift from heaven.


Take a good look and you will know…

God is there wherever you go!

Never hold back giving the Lord praise

Jesus can bless you with sunny days.


Endure The Test

Over to where - just as you are…

Then carry on – so near and far.

Be in touch of what should be…

Upon this shore and across the sea!


When and where – this we know…

Closer you get - the further you go.

That which is - as we daily wonder…

Once you start then soon over yonder


To listen and hear is to speak and say

"Morning till night – then another day!"

Give the best when accepting the call…

Take a stand - or else you will fall.


Hope over despair – life over death

To not give up is to endure the test!

Upon the hill - beyond the horizon…

The sky is fading - sun is now rising!


On His Return

When the Lord comes upon the clouds

He will rule and destroy the proud.

Saints to reign with Him while at peace

Evil shall flee and all wars shall cease!


People to rejoice and have no fear

Jesus Himself will always be there.

Little children will sing and shout…

Power of darkness will be shut out.


Now is the time to be not afraid…

We need not fret death or the grave.

The battle on Calvary has been won

Jesus Christ is the Almighty Son.


On His return there will be justice

Organized crime will be busted!

No one again will spread his or her filth

God will expose and punish all guilt!


Writing A Poem

Faith is believing before it is seen…

Surrender to truth and find a pure stream.

Loving others is the way you can tell…

Seek the answers and drink from this well.


How you handle a sudden situation

Can give your reason for celebration!

When you do what you know is right…

Blessing will follow both day and night!


That which teaches gives us hope

A reason to live is how we cope.

Hiding from truth can cause a snare

The eyes of God are everywhere!


Charity speaks softly wherever you are

Victory is certain and we're headed afar!

Although we walk an invisible line…

Where life is leading is so very fine!


On Into Glory

Rebellious hearts know not the truth

They care not a fire will let loose!

For those who trust the giver of Grace

They will arrive into that heavenly place.


On into glory for those that believe…

Keep warning others that practice to deceive.

Be a follower of the Lord’s holy light…

Escape the dungeons of the darkest night!


We the people of God that knows…

Enjoy the victory of a faith that glows.

What we believe has a blessing within

Knowing our soul is saved from sin!


There on the clouds - the way is spoken…

Thunder and lightning, as the seal is broken!

God sends showers to water the ground

On into glory - we shall forever be found!


Souls Made Ready

The door to open with an angelic song…

A mighty light to surround God’s Throne!

Face to face - so calm and steady…

Before our Lord – souls made ready!


Our King to speak as the sky unfolds

A river of joy that floods our soul!

Family and friends are near at hand

Saints of God to escape this land!


The time for blessings and rewards

Shouts of praise - unto our Lord!

Faithful saints are given their crowns

"Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound!"


Souls made ready by an everlasting love

We are citizens of a kingdom above!

Abba, our Father - is Creator and Savior

Children of God - are now in His favor!


No Reason To Argue

Those that are unsure of how to believe

Are not fully aware of what they conceive.

No reason to argue when you are convinced

Jesus Christ (our God) offers a defense!


Tongues that speak without true faith

Could be living in a careless haste!

With the right intentions words are spoken

To encourage a heart that has been broken.


All that we think and do not know…

Input and output is to let a message flow.

Reading a sign can offer you direction…

Your next choice may be a final selection.


No need to argue with a soul untrue

Their mind is confused without a clue.

Speak like the pen of a ready scribe…

Whatever you say there's need to hide!


We Have Been Told

That which is said - not always is right…

Look before you leap - then proceed in light.

When we’re informed which way to go…

It’s good to be sure as you learn and grow.

We have been told how to first ponder…

A willing soul is getting ready for yonder! .

Search your best from what is heard…

Real truth is found within God’s Word.


Take a moment to consider this…

Jesus was betrayed with a kiss.

We have been told – "Be not deceived"

Look to the cross and then give heed!


The advice you get comes from all around

Over the airways, and across the town.

Be very sure – we have been told

Allow the Lord to direct your soul.



Not just an idea for certain folks…

The gift of joy is like many spokes.

A lovely feeling that goes round and round

Being born again is to know you’ve been found.


The Joy of the Lord is your strength

After having received - we then are sent.

Never hold back this wonderful Grace

Joy is even seen upon your very face.


We are here to always stay true…

Spirit of God shall surely guide you.

Rest of the soul with prayer and love

Assures you a mansion up above.


From day to day - on through the night

Like fire in the bones - burning so bright!

Joy is there to fuel the eternal flame…

After being saved you’re no longer the same


Avoid Severity

There are things that are severe

People that make greed a career.

Those who trust in the Lord…

Have reason to sing in one accord.


Severe is the attitude of unconcern

Thinking salvation is what we earn.

It’s good to receive from honest work…

However; rejecting Jesus with death to flirt.


The greatest gift we may achieve…

Give unto Jesus what we receive.

Then we can rejoice what is ours

Life unfolds like a garden of flowers.


For a soul to cause their severity…

We lose our identity without true charity.

Peace and mercy to those that give

A life of faith is the way to live.


Swift And Gentle

Think not upon things that make you sad

Hope and pray to be abundantly glad.

We may experience some uncertain pain

Through it all comes sunshine over rain.


There is much to know in all we do

One step forward - then comes, two.

The sun to arise as time moves on…

Keep moving ahead while singing a song!


Traps are made to quickly escape…

To give up easily is to lose the cake.

What was unknown now is revealed!

Prepare to succeed then comes the meal.


From here to yonder - the place to be

Seek the truth - and be set free!

Encourage the weak and grow in love

Be swift and gentle like a heavenly dove.


Dreams And Visions

False believers will deceive and pretend

They could care less their ways will end!

For attention they offer uncertain peace

This type of vanity will surely cease!


Eternal life is a gift from God…

Revelation warns us of the rod!

Dreams and visions are far and few…

Our greatest victory is to follow through!


What some may call a heavenly vision…

Depends upon how we make decisions.

A dream may sometimes not be too clear

Once you're awake there's no need to fear.


All we ever hope to one day find…

Stop and wonder then rest your mind.

Dreams and visions are for those that will

Knowledge and wisdom is a truth revealed.


Close Observation

Give close observation to those who care

Why should anyone ever live in fear!

To approve of wickedness and mock at sin

Without true faith you will certainly not win.


Sounds of gladness – sure and clean

A heart of love is a bubbling stream.

Living in light gives us great peace

Sober are they at a righteous feast!


Wanting the truth but to follow a lie

A stone sinks quickly and cannot fly.

Keeping alert of where you are

Can often take you so very far!


We should listen to a caring friend

Never let anyone lead you into sin.

Give close observation unto the truth

Flee all evil or the fire will let loose!


We Know

This is a fact of what we know…

What’s in our heart will one-day show!

Spirit of God can make us complete..

A soul that is saved must remain meek.


Charity is the ability to trust and care

Where you go your actions are there.

We know that always hope is given…

A child of God is a citizen of Heaven.


What we learn we should pass on…

Encouraging others is never wrong.

To listen and hear before using your voice

Shows we are making a loving choice.


All we know we spiritually do learn…

Daily knowledge is a foundation firm.

To fall for anything and not be sure…

Such a condition will land you out the door.


Sound The Alarm

Some things said are there to warn

A reason at times to sound the alarm!

Students shooting classmates as bullets fly

Wounded and suffering - others to die!

Swat team moves in to find a position…

A gangster emerges cursing and hissing!

Emotions confused much danger to health

Pain never considered is suddenly felt!


Who will listen to the urgent call…

Before anymore children takes a fall!

Get out the Book and read the truth…

When people rebel - a fire can get loose!


Times are upon us - love of many to wax cold

Bible says "judgment shall suddenly unfold!"

Get into the boat and urgently be warned

We’re leaving soon – sound the alarm!


We Should

We should be ready for that time…

Lights of glory very soon will shine!

The hour is nearing - the Lord knows when

To take the journey is to be born-again.


Not being ready upon your last breath

A soul undone will never have rest!

Receiving a blessing is to first give heed

Forgiveness of sin - in faith we believe.


Those who find this eternal peace…

Live not in torment - on truth we feast!

The ones who rebel against our Lord…

Consumed by guilt not heeding the Word.


The reason we should always stand fast

Accept and follow what will forever last.

Eternity is real and Heaven is certain

Ready or not here comes the curtain!

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