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Early To Rise

Up with the morning down on my knees…

Take my feelings Lord as you direct my ways.

Through the window the light gently appears

Thank you dear Lord for calming my fears.


As we head into this glorious new day

Protect your people, Lord, as we pray.

Make your thoughts our very own…

When we’re weak - please make us strong.


Help me Lord to do your will…

Deliver the weary, the hurting and ill.

Save the lost and lead the humble…

Keep us close so we don’t stumble.

In Jesus’ name - Amen.


Set Free

The debt is paid the door is open…

To have the victory is to go on hoping.

We have been assured and firmly told

There is peace like a river for your soul.


Joy is real with promises from beyond

God has sent His only begotten Son.

Now we are able to continually praise…

On the third day up from the grave.!


The power of death could not remain…

Salvation does not come by wealth or fame.

Thank you Lord for being our all

On your name we shall gladly call.


To worship a King this perfect being

By Hisgrace we are saved from sin!

Set free to live within His truth…

Chains of darkness have broken loose!


Safe At Home

The windows are secure the doors are closed

Another day has ended the night now shows.

Inside there’s comfort the bread is now done

Everyone to gather to thank God for His Son.


After the meal into the living room they walk

While relaxing on the couch taking time to talk.

Music is being heard in another room

"Jesus is coming, could be very soon."


Safe at home a time we can relax…

Someone then said, "time to hit the sack."

God bless America the strong and the brave…

Families holding together the gospel will save.


Those that are suffering because of their faith

God will give you strength to win the race.

Families across the nation so very blessed

Safe at home you can surely take your rest.


Be Made Aware

To make a point within this poem…

Life is very sad for those with evil doings.

Putting forth your best is a labor of love;

Being a part of slander is not from above.


There are some folks trying to do right…

Never creating problems while living in light!

On the other side of this certain little town…

Gossip and lies are being spread all around!


Trying to hurt a person that does their best…

Can only hurt the ones that are causing unrest!

It’s better to reach out and offer a hand…

Be also very sure – vanity is not your friend.


Those that ignore, or leave the narrow path

A sinful, rebellious heart surely cannot last.

Also, be made aware - this happens ever day…

In spite of this strain - trust God and never stray!


The Last Shall Be First

In this world things don’t work the same

The Spirit is aware of each and everything.

What we don’t see by Faith we perceived…

For those who are honest and truly believe.


It is written in the Word "The last shall be first"

Weak and the weary shall overcome the worst!

Even some Kings and Queens will be left behind

The faithful to escape - Truth they did find!


Everyone is being told of God’s redemption

When it comes to sin, there are no exemptions.

The cross draws the line - Jesus has spoken…

Without faith - your relationship with God is broken.


Only the willing as they sincerely do seek

Our every enemy we shall boldly defeat!

The first shall be last - the last shall be first…

Being a child of the King is our greatest worth.


Those that make it this life is a blessing

Charity is also a gift that goes on giving.


He Is There

Keep praising God for His wonderful power

His sweet Spirit is like a spring shower.

Being a witness of His saving Grace…

Reveals that we are daily seeking His face.


He is there – in good times and hard

Behold the truth of our lovely Lord.

He is there and will lead the way…

Never will He leave us from day to day.


Always and forever, God shall protect

No time for worries - no need to fret.


What a Savior, and also an eternal friend.

He will deliver us by His Mighty Hand!


Those that trust Him will be saved

For our souls an eternal debt was paid!


A Special Word

It’s hard to endure unnecessary pain

Trying to hurt others is not a game!

When being fought for staying so true

Jesus is there to show us what to do.


Blessed are the peacemakers that daily pray

God will strengthen you, His Word to say.

After the storm we will come forth…

Life can often seem like an obstacle course.


A special word to that Christian saint…

When being tempted don’t give up or faint.

Staying very calm you will find the power

Plants grow taller after enduring a shower.


When headed up a hill the strain can be great

The cross of Jesus will overcome all hate.

To be a doer while upon the firing line

Will put to silence a jealous, greedy mind.


Broken Chains

The sounds of rejoicing in the halls…

A verdict is given, on truth they called.

Now the Word has set them free…

The chains are broken - Jesus is the key.


Grace to take over the debt has been paid

Darkness is defeated - victory over the grave!

The gift is eternal no prisoners are taken…

Shouts of glory our soul has been awakened!


On a mission to spread this great commission

A sinner has come home evil has been smitten!

The banquet is made ready bring them in

Broken chains are fallen truth has no end.


The bars are shatters windows are open

Forces of evil have been mightily broken.

Angels rejoice when a soul repents…

After being saved then we are sent.


A True Vision

There came a vision into my head…

Man on a Cross just like the bible said.

To give His life this true man of love…

He came from a kingdom up above.


The time had come to suffer upon a tree

For our sins, He died, upon Mount Calvary.

After paying our debt they put Him in a tomb

Body badly beaten to save us from doom!

A two-edged sword appeared, then a silent roar

As my name was called, there was an open door.

The Savior has risen - arms reach out so wide

Come in my child, safe from the enemy’s pride.

While wanting to remain - never to leave again

Others need to hear how to be saved from sin.

Now the vision is clear - Jesus is the one…

Come to Him in faith - God gave His perfect Son.

This message is a gift something to accept…

Before the curtain closed there were also whelps.

Soon to take us home - upon a heavenly dove

This vision was so real –like a gentle caring hug.


Help A Friend

There are needs that must be met

Like catching fish within a net.

Pull them in and lend a hand.

Do your best to help a friend.

We are people of the Holy King

To do His will is to rejoice and sing.

The only way ever do your best…

Help a friend that is enduring a test.

Never ignore a hurting soul…

To turn your back is so very cold.

Go in love and be on time…

Help a friend so humble and kind.

Compassion is what we have to give

Without such hope we cannot live

All for Jesus is the best we can do…

To help a friend is being honest and true.


After Shock

The major damage has been done…

While earth is shaking you need not run.

Remember the after shock will soon occur

More to happen we know not where.


Thunder all around can darken the sky

As storm clouds gather way up high.

We are being fought on every side

Nature itself is about to collide.


Unrest is seen on the news…

Everyone has opposing views.

Can’t people see the time is near?

To live in peace is to drive out fear!


The after shock can cause more pain

Jesus Christ is His Holy Name.

He’s the one to keep us close…

Around His people is a majestic host.


Medicine For The Soul

The body when hurting must be treated

To keep your health from being defeated.

Once the examination has been done…

A prescription is filled then taken by one.


Life is put here so we can cherish…

God gave Himself so we don’t have to perish.

Medicine for the soul is a needful source…

Spiritual forgiveness will put you on course.


Medicine to a body is like a plant to a seed

We go to school so we can learn to read.

The preacher speaks and the sermon is clear

Call upon the Lord while He is near.


The longest journey starts right at home

To never give up is to always carry on.

Medicine is given so the body can keep pace

To receive Salvation is to win the race.


Speak Ye Truth

Telling others there’s hope in Jesus Christ…

The wonderful Savior paid our supreme sacrifice.


Read the Bible and learn this truth…

Running the race like a fire on the loose.


Undergoing such trials and not turning back

Understanding God’s will without being slack.


To Speak Ye Truth while staying in tune

Teaching that Jesus shall come back soon.


Helping others to know that God does care

Having true faith and believing in prayer.


The God Of Deliverance

The man called Daniel truly despised sin…

His critics placed Daniel down in the lion’s den.

The king was saddened the law was written

Daniel knew his enemies would be smitten.


As Daniel prayed the lions were stopped

Seconds went by like days on a clock.

When the time was up the stone was removed

Victory was gained the enemies did lose.


When the man of God did emerge…

The faith of Daniel by others was heard.

Worship the Lord that created life…

God can deliver his children from strife.


This message you hear is not yet over…

The enemies of Daniel became very sober.

All those that attempted to hurt this man

Were eaten by lion’s and failed in their plan.


The Well Is Deep

The woman that came to draw from the well

Met the Messiah that can save and heal.

They talked for a moment then she perceived

God sent this man no doubt indeed.


Jesus told the woman about true belief…

Jesus offered salvation with eternal relief.


We are warned to not accept a curse…

From God's endless well comes second birth.

In His kingdom there's overflowing peace

The promise of love and evil shall cease.


The woman rejoiced that God cared so much

As Jesus spoke her heart was then touched!

No longer living in pride or self pity…

She left her water pot to tell the entire city.


Next To Go

Days are shorter as the nights are stronger

The years are not getting any longer.

Next to go are those that remain ready

The ship is battered but our faith is steady.

We are here for just a short time

Living for truth is an uphill climb!

Battles are there to give up hope…

The Grace of God will help us cope.

Next to go while staying on course…

The power of darkness is a terrible force!

A light up ahead and the armor is on

We’re going up and it won’t be long.

The best for sure is yet to come…

Heaven is certain when our time is done.

Saints are headed beyond this trail…

The next to go – the truth shall tell.


Be There

Today is closer than where we were

We’re on the way to be a joint Heir.

Given a promise that won’t ever be taken

Soon the heavens will surely be shaken.


Into God’s city we are going right in…

People of God that was delivered from sin.

Jesus made the way to overcome fear

By His Grace we shall soon be there.


There is more that we must do

Be honest and faithful, kind and true.

Use your talents while you can…

God has graven us in the palm of His hands.


Be there daily where His Spirit leads…

Remember on Calvary our Savior did bleed.

There are crowns for the kind and humble

Live in a way to make no one else stumble.

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