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Draw Nigh

Draw nigh to God everyday…

Trust in Jesus in every way.

The burden will lift calm and sure

Speak His truth kind and pure.


How we follow will draw us nigh

Unto Jesus – make your cry!

He will answer for He knows best

God will give you hope and rest.


Call and tell a neighbor and friend

God will take you by the hand.

As He guides us safely home

He will be our music and song!


Draw nigh in love – build in faith

Soon we’ll see His lovely face.

Whether we understand all we read

Victory is given to those that believe!


Rest Assured

As we travel this incredible path…

Memories are created to forever last!

Here and yonder - then off again…

Rest assured – you are my friend!


There are those who do God’s will…

Wanting to help as they cheerfully give.

Reaching out to encourage us all,

Take the time to hear their call!


Rest assured – where there is hope

The Grace of God is how we cope!

When you think you can’t go on

Read the Bible and sing a song!


Everything one day will be cured

Heaven is real – you can rest assured!

One thing is certain – it won’t be long…

All God’s people are headed home!


Vessel Of Honor

In a great house there is so much,

Placed to enjoy with a tender touch.

Vessels of silver and some of gold

Shining so bright to bless the soul.


A vessel of honor for the Master’s use

To flee from sin that causes abuse!

In every situation to serve our Lord…

In times of good or even hard!


The reason to live and carry on…

Trust His Word and repent of wrong!

Let the Good Shepherd guide your heart

Do what’s right, this is our part!


Jesus is aware of who we are…

He is always there – not very far.

Call upon Him both night and day…

Never give up - and do not stray!


Shout Glory

At the church someone did say…

For our nation let’s bow and pray.

We’ve come this far by doing right

We must keep truth within our sight!


A reason to shout glory to His name

The Lord has helped us make a change.

Sending laborers to the mission field

Reaching the lost - the weak and ill.


What our nation has been given

A perfect gift sent from Heaven!

Happy is the people doing God's will

"God bless America" – His Grace is real!


Shout Glory to Jesus for all He’s done

God our Savior is the three in one!

Love will cast out what causes us fear

God shall wipe away our every tear!


Home with Jesus

Joe lived with such a caring touch,

He loved his family all so much.

With the attitude of an humble saint,

Along this trail, he didn’t faint!


Help us Lord in this time of need…

We seek to rely on the gospel seed!

A loved one now has passed this way,

Joe Parnell left memories that will stay!


He’s home with Jesus in heaven above

He came and left in the spirit of love!

While surely fighting a very good fight,

Joe won the victory and sees the light!


By his side his family stood…

God is great - and eternally good!

As Joe said his gentle good byes…

We’ll see him soon, with Jesus on high!


Real Love

Calm and majestic – without selfish pride…

Real love is a spring overflowing from inside!

When it arrives – At last you’ll find…

It will make you strong and feel so kind!


There are some things hard to understand

The need of compassion – reach out a hand!

To feel a sensation deep within your soul

Then comes pure joy to drive out the cold!


Real love is dedicated – like no other sort,

Honest and true – from deep in the heart!

Heaven is real - because of God’s light…

Commitment and friendship is so very right!


What we are offered we need not deny,

Truth is forever and shall never die!

To give your all as we grow each day,

Real love is eternal and will forever be!


At The Riverside

People arrive with picnic in boat

Up the river - then down they float!

On the bank with a pole in their hands

Hoping for a bite – fishing with a friend.


Church folks are gathered to do their best

Telling others how to have sweet rest.

At the riverside so much goes on…

A baptism service as they sing along!


Little child watches as the water goes by

His mind to drift as he wonders why?

Life is so vast - with laughter and pain,

Before and after – what have we gained?


At the riverside answers are clear…

Upstream we paddle hoping to get there.

On the other side - because of true faith

Soon we’ll see Jesus there face to face!


Clear Skies

When heat arises the clouds do form

Then the thunder follows a storm.

Lightning strikes across an open field

Rain then beats upon the windowsill.


Water runs down and covers the street

Fields are prepared so farmers can reap.

Bells to ring as the storm subsides…

Rainbow to appear where an eagle flies.


At last sunshine is seen again…

Children to play – in hopes to win!

Cars resume their normal speed…

Rivers and pond - as waters do feed.


Clear skies are now right at hand…

Joy and laughter - from sea to land!

After enduring this wind and rain

God will surely relieve all pain!


Be Not bitter

When a soul is bitter something is wrong…

They lose all hope and are without a song!

What has been - is that which shall be…

Call out to Jesus - be happy and free!


It’s right to disagree with evil and sin,

Only God can protect and surely defend!

Be not bitter when anger fills the sky…

Stand firm and sure like the eagle does fly!


Battles are lurking while fast asleep,

Once awakened - they attempt to defeat!

When confusion tries to enter your heart

Be not bitter and you won’t get torn apart!


Always hate sin, but pray for the sinner,

Stay very calm, then you’ll be the winner!

Be not bitter because of their selfish pride,

Only believe and you’ll never have to hide!


Living Free

There’s much to know as you can see

What we learn helps us to live free.

To do what’s good is a need and must

Let not your actions turn to dust!


Those who try and do their best…

Their heart can rejoice and be at rest.

Everyday is always a new beginning…

Speaking truth is a sure way of winning!


We need not fret over what is not,

As we grow we accomplish a lot!

Much more is headed our direction

To carry on is a great selection.


If a humble smile does follow you…

Dark clouds give way to a sky of blue!

A friend to meet with a spirit so fine…

Calms your soul and gives peace of mind.


True Grace

What we know we have accepted

Evil and pride must be rejected.

Where we go and how we live…

True Grace cares and will forgive.


Without the truth we would lose hope

True Grace is there to help us cope.

No other power in all of life…

The love of God can save from strife!


Because of Jesus we find the way

Behold the brightness of each day!

Straight and narrow is the path…

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!


Happy in life with no fear of death…

The cross of Jesus withstood the test!

Heaven is open – we’re going soon…

To leave this world of gloom and doom!


Home for Eternity

Chariots are sent from the golden shore

To carry us up where the air is pure!

Angels are there to escort us in

The city of love – no evil or sin!


Pain no more upon our face…

Eternal joy in that perfect place!

Before the throne of God we kneel,

Spirit of light with a peace so real!


Jesus to hold us in His nail scarred hands

Shouting and singing throughout the land!

Across the river gentle waters flow,

Never again to part – for sure we know!


Upon our entrance to behold God’s Son

"On earth, as in heaven – thy will be done!"

Rejoined with loved ones and forever free

Mansions of Glory at home for eternity!



A heart that needs a soft spoken word

The hope of truth all around is heard.

Glad tidings are given from a friend

The love of God shall never end!


Caring is what we all should do…

Helping others is to always be true!

Before we go to meet the King

All around the church bells ring!


Jesus is caring and perfectly kind

Search for Him and you shall find.

We are passing from this domain…

Home forever on that heavenly plane!


Living is what we know is right

Trusting and caring gives us light!

Be for sure one of the faithful few

Let God show you what to do.


Within His Arms

Closer and closer within His arms…

Safe from turmoil without any harm!

We are promised a beautiful home,

Jesus to keep us from all wrong!


Before we leave, as we prepare to go,

The love of the Savior is what we show!

We long to see our loved ones saved…

Jesus overcame death and the grave!


Within His arms such comfort and Grace

Off to see the Savior face to face!

Music is heard as we leave the ground

No way to describe this joyful sound!


Seem so long before we’re able to go

An appointment is certain this we know.

When God says – "it’s now your time"

Within His arms we shall be refined!


Up And Over

Those that take the eternal leap…

Safe from earth across the great deep!

No turning back from this sure divide…

No suffering in Glory on the other side!


Beyond this horizon saints to go…

Escape from death - our final foe!

The most perfect gift ever given…

Safe with Jesus there in Heaven!


Jesus our Lord gave His precious life

The humble soul receives the price.

God shall meet us face to face,

Once we enter that glorious place!


Time is fleeting - hearts are pounding…

Bells are ringing – trumpets are sounding!

As we depart – it’s up and over…

Beyond the galaxies to fields of clover!


Being Inspired

Touched by the Spirit sent from above

All because of a Christ centered love.

Being inspired to do God’s will

Such a feeling so pure and real!


Telling a soul that is in need…

Trust in Jesus and give heed!

Saved forever – because of Christ

By His blood He paid the price!


There is a reason to continue in faith

Grace of God is seen upon your face!

A song to sing from deep inside

Being inspired drives out all pride!


Good news is offered for all to receive

The Bible is the book to truly believe!

Moved by the Spirit of God’s power

Being inspired is like a refreshing shower!


In The Clouds

Lighter than air as they drift on by

In the clouds the lightning to fly!

Above the ground over the earth,

Like the spirit of a second birth!


Rains that water the plants and streams

Rainbow glitters as the sunlight gleams!

A promise sent from God above…

Give to Jesus your life and love!


In the clouds Christ will surely return,

The sky to open - like a fire that burns!

Angels will be sent to gather the elect

Saints of God with an ongoing effect!


After the wheat is taken from the chaff

The smoke shall settle from God’s wrath!

A new planet from what was old…

Jesus can save your eternal soul!

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