Donnie, Peggy and son, Kevin Dixon

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Doing Fine

When you feel tired and weak…

Trust in God and continue to seek.

When it seems hard to carry on

Let Jesus be your victory song!


All is well within our soul…

Christians must be stable and bold!

When it seems there’s nowhere to go

The light of Jesus continues to grow!


We are on the righteous path…

Moments are passing very fast!

We’re nearing quickly the finish line

By God’s Grace we’re doing fine


Say yes to Jesus and no to sin…

Freed at last and born-again.

Here for now while on our way

Take the time to watch and pray!


Be There

Be not afraid to do God’s will

For our Savior we must live.

Be ye glad to do your part…

God is able to strengthen your heart.


Be a doer of the gospel call,

Jesus Christ is our all in all.

God is there to guide our way…

Stay in tune and rejoice each day.


Knowing we have the miracle cure

Keep your life clean and pure.

Be a helper to neighbor, or friend

Warn the lost to turn from sin!


By His Grace our Lord will feed

Go in faith – the Word to heed!

Tell each other about God’s love…

Spread your wings like a gentle dove!


To Continue

There will be battles along the way

We’re headed for a brighter day!

Those that follow within the light

God will protect us by His might!


Times are upon us, so very sure

Jesus is the open - eternal door.

That which is done will be known

Only the Lord can make us strong!


Excitement is felt upon our knees

Woe to those living in worldly ease!

We must press on as we watch and pray

Slothfulness leads to spiritual decay.


Let not your message be distorted

Search things out as they are sorted.

The debt on Calvary now is paid…

The offer of salvation has been made.


True Respect

Clean is the heart that can be trusted

Pure is the soul that is not rusted.

Honest is the person that is not wicked

Dangerous is the soul living in a thicket.


Having true respect is very good

We all must live just as we should.

Sad is the spirit that is being wasted,

Vile is deceit – you need not taste it!


Come to this fountain of real peace

On God’s love we continue to feast!

When your ways line up with truth…

Ready is a believer when fire is loose!


True respect is a gift to receive…

Line up your faith with your deeds.

Actions are greater when humble and nice

Doing the opposite – you best think twice!


We Shall

In this place we now abide…

There is no room for selfish pride.

We shall one day behold the throne,

Live in hope and turn from wrong!


Up in heaven we will rejoice…

Jesus Christ is the right choice.

We shall see Him face to face

After we leave this earthly place!


Much to do once getting involved

When ignoring facts nothing is solved.

We shall find a complete solution

You need not fear a revolution!


God is with us, as we daily trust…

Down with hate – it’s heaven or bust!

We shall enjoy the great escape…

Whatever is original is not a fake!


Those Who Will

Jesus offers help unto the weak

God is there for us to seek.

Evil ways will drag you down.

Only in faith can we be found.


Jesus is there to hold us close..

Of our works we need not boast.

Grace is there to bring us in…

Now’s the time to repent of sin!


Death and destruction - move aside

Sin will consume a person in pride!

Willingly submit to God’s true way

Live in hope and learn to pray.


Those who will cry out to Christ…

We have true peace so very precise.

Carry the Word wherever you go,

The love of God will gladly show.


On Jesus Call

Lord, please help us in this battle

Sounds of judgment with a rattle!

People traveling to and fro…

Only Christians to heaven will go!


World is reeling round and round

Filth and hate fills many a town!

Violence is growing like a scum

Nearing to erupt just like a bomb!


Cries of murder on each side

Evil pride refuses to hide.

Corruption is spreading like a fire

Ready to blow like a worn out tire!


Help us Lord to sinners' plea…

Many are bound without any keys!

In true faith – the message to all

Come to truth and on Jesus, call!


Be Strong

Jesus will put you on the rock…

Upon your door - truth to knock!

Grace is greater than all sin…

In the Word we’re sure to win!


At home plate God awaits…

Many are waiting way too late!

Draw nigh in love then you'll know

Jesus is there wherever you go!


No tears found in heaven above

The Holy Spirit gentle as a dove.

Comfort is given within true faith

Peace will follow you place to place.


Our God is like a consuming fire,

His mighty power is so much higher!

The gospel truth must carry on

Trust in Jesus, then stay strong!


Let God Arise

Thank you Lord for eternal hope

All by Grace we can daily cope!

On to victory each and every day…

As we humble ourselves to pray.


Tell a friend our God is love,

Jesus is a gift sent from above.

He gave His life by His truth…

Sin and darkness must let loose!


Worship God - and daily live,

All to Jesus we gladly give!

Thank you Lord for each blessing,

Now we can endure trials and testing.


Lead us down the righteous path,

Your perfect Word will surely last!

Help us Lord to keep pressing on,

To you we sing these gospel songs!


Toward That Hour

The closer we get to that day

The more we all need to pray.

Nearing the second quickly to go,

Many are lost and refuse to know!


Souls that reject and do not care…

Consumed by sin with destruction near!

Judgment will sweep across the land

God will put down His mighty hand!


Screams of people running to and fro

Not caring which way they will go!

Cities to crumble at the trumpet sound

Reduced to rubble - what was a town!


Toward that hour - many a skeptic

Because of evil - they are infected!

Darkness draws nigh - time so close…

Wrath is headed from coast to coast!


The Greatest Journey

Up to heaven we are headed

All because our God said it!

We are pressing on the upward way

Salvation so pure but sin will decay!


So great a journey soon to be,

With our Lord for all eternity!

Jesus is coming to take us home

He can forgive us of sin wrong!


Scoffers and mockers will not go

For ignoring truth - here below!

Those that repent and truly believe

They will go for giving urgent heed!


The greatest journey of the soul…

A Crystal Sea, and Streets of Gold!

Welcome aboard as we get ready to sail

The Gospel message is good news to tell.


Reach For Truth

As we live and daily carry on…

What is right or could be wrong?

Reach for truth and find the way

Rejoice in love - continue to pray.


Life can be tough - more than not

So very trying – like being hot!

Reach for truth - keen and fine

Through it all things will rhyme.


To feel a thought but can’t explain

It’s all right to shout and sing!

Being confused and finding hope

Peace is there to help us cope.


The human race - by faith we grow

When we seek we learn and know.

Reach for truth and do what’s right

Jesus Christ is the eternal light!


We Can

Faith is how we can daily live

By the way we receive and give.

God is able - so we can endure…

To make us strong and keeps us pure.


The voice of Jesus can be heard…

Just take Him always at His Word.

We can receive this message so clear

Live in love and overcome the fear.


Precious in the eyes of the Lord

When times seem so very hard.

God is there to pick us back up…

When we drink from His loving cup!


In spite of battles we can give God praise

Follow His Spirit and live in His ways.

Truth is surely making us better…

Escape the dungeon so cold and bitter!


God Really Cares

God really cares so very much…

He moves us with His tender touch.

God is there to help us grow…

The truth is written so we can know.


As we do what we should do

The Word of God is all so true.

God really cares how we live

All to Jesus we freely give!


Stay in tune with the Lord…

He can ease what once was hard.

God is there to help us cope…

Jesus Christ is our only hope!


Pressing on is the way we must be

Prayer is the door – faith is the key!

Come to Jesus while you can…

Spread the truth across the land!


(On To Victory)

He went ahead with the plan

Nails in feet and in hands.

Jesus never quit what He started…

Sinners were saved when evil departed!


God of love with power and might,

Jesus gave the blind back their sight.

No one greater than our Savior…

He gives life meaning with such flavor!


Where He went, help was rendered

His precious blood is our defender!

What was done upon that cross…

Jesus paid our debt at such a cost!


Never did the Lord change His mind

He came to us within the right time.

As we live and learn to lean…

Faith in Jesus can wash you clean!


Be The Best

Getting started is a task…

Continue on - and make it last!

Once you know what to do…

Be the best while staying true!


Arrival is urgent upon the site,

Doing well is to make it right!

As you put your talents to work

Avoid all danger and don’t get hurt!


Advice is given when a job is ready

Hold the tool very calm and steady.

When at last each mission is done

Don’t forget to praise God’s Son!


Arrival back to your destination

There’s no need for hesitation!

Upon finishing what you started out

Enjoy the victory without any doubt!


Living Right

No better joy than to know,

Living right is to let it show.

Never put your light under a bush,

Although sin will pull and push!


The Lord has given us perfect peace

With true joy we can have a feast!

Feeding on the Spirit of God’s Grace

With a smile upon your unhidden face!


Living right is not just a cliché…

Be sure you mean just what you say!

Make words count in hopes to bless

Endure the trials of every single test!


Unnecessary pain causes many fears

Cast upon the Lord all of your cares!

Keep in touch with Heaven above…

All our sorrows will dissolve into love!


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