Written By: Pastor Dixon

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Arise And Set Sail (8/4/98)

A very tragic event took place once in history (May 15, 1912) called:

"Sinking of the Titanic."

This was the awakening of what is to come! Much is said about the fifteen hundred that died – But thank God for those who did survive! The evidence of being ready was so true during this event because we all one day will have to stand before Almighty God!

Whether suddenly, or gradually, the day will come to give account of our soul to God.

Now that we too have survived expected and unexpected trials within our given time – God wants us to keep spreading the gospel message, while upon this sea of life. There’s so much to tell, but little time to tell it. Even though our ship has been battered and at times our sails have been torn, God wants us to know, He is still in full control. (Mark 4:39 Jesus said to the winds and waves, "Peace be still.") Isn’t it great we have a Captain that sees the danger and is willing to go with us to keep us safe within His will. Jesus arose from the dead and have the keys of hell and death, but the question is, "Are you in the right ship, or, have you struck an iceberg while slowly sinking to the bottom?"

Remember that Jesus is also the lifeboat – so get in while you can!


Calm Beyond The Rage

No one ever loved you like Jesus! He was lied about, criticized, mocked, rejected, persecuted, tortured, slapped, and kicked, His beard plucked out, and so much more. He was nailed to a cross, spit upon, laughed at by a mob of Christ haters, but He stayed calm and never gave up so we can be made strong in His Word by His grace. People at times give up when in a battle; and if nothing else, they will sometimes blame God for their problems. Also, if a person’s television goes out, or radio doesn’t work, it’s almost like the end of the world has come! We are seeing the tides of confusion crashing upon the shores of happiness and contentment. But in the midst of all this, there is an oasis for a believer. A Christian doesn’t have to fret the battles brought on by the times we now face! Jesus is our deliverer, a Savior that will stand for what’s honest and true. Now we can have every reason to carry on when battles comes our way. Jesus is always there, and His Word will cast out your fear. So keep trusting God, because.. He still answers prayer.


Carry On

Why are we here? Where are we headed? Two questions, but one answer! (Jesus gave us life so we can one day live in His eternal kingdom) Thank you Lord for allowing us to be your child. Our Heavenly Father wants us to make the best of the time we have here, so that we can be ready for what is in store for us when we leave for our heavenly home. The Bible says, "This is the day the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!" How do we rejoice and be glad? Give your sadness and pain, your weakness and your doubts to Jesus. In return, He will give you love, peace, understanding, and strength to carry on by having faith in His Word. God’s Word will teach us; God's Spirit will lead us; and anything that try’s to hurt, or hinder us, God will move it aside so that we can keep pressing on in Jesus, while getting closer to our Savior, daily. Our God is able, however; it’s up to us to do our best by taking God at His Word! Amen.


Doers Over Quitters (8/26/98)

If you think the worst of everything then everything will seem to keep getting worst.

If you just think about doubt, fear, and confusion, then you end up living what you think.

If you think evil about everything, and everybody, you end up not knowing who your friends really are.

If you just search for wrong, and not the right – you end up ignoring the right, by keeping your mind on the wrong.

(On the Other Hand)

When you think about Jesus, your mind is at ease. When you survey the cross, your soul is at rest. When you study the Word, your soul overflows with joy. When you accept Jesus and live in faith – You show others how to find truth and love. If all you think is wrong – Then there’s something wrong with the way you think. If you seek for help and trust God with your cares – you experience peace over torment. James 1:22 says, "But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only." (Remember, be a doer, not a quitter)


God Is Love (9/20/98)

L – is for the life he gave so we can be saved,

O – is for the open tomb, when He arose from the grave.

V – is for the victory God won, over Satan at Calvary!

E – is for eternal life He offers, for those who are set free!


What a wonderful gift to know we can be God’s child by faith. Jesus wants everybody to know this truth - and even more - He wants to live in our hearts forever and ever! John 14:26 Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you." (And isn’t that good news for us!) Yes, God is on our side when we trust Him by faith. –And, if you’re saved, He’s in your heart to stay! Some have not received this truth, but God is doing everything He can to let people know about His saving power. But time is getting shorter! Are you ready?


God Is There (9/9/98)

God is never too busy to dry a tear: To bless a soul and calm your fear.

God sees the sparrow and sends rain and snow. He watches over us wherever we go.

God remembers our prayer and grants our request: He meets our needs and gives us rest.

God shows us how to depend on His Word: God has the answer how life occurred.

God is a friend as He helps us be strong: God is able to keep us from wrong.

God wants us to be sure so by faith we can stand: God made every boy, girl, woman, and man.

God is the one who gave His all: He sent His Son so upon Jesus we can call.

God can relate to your every pain: God will be there and He knows you by name!

God wants the best for His child, so dear: God will draw you close to keep you near.

God is able and will not forsake: God wants you to trust Jesus and not wait too late!


God’s Word Is Eternal (9/21/98)

The Bible says, "The Word of God endures forever." Which means – It was here before we arrived, and it will be here when we’re gone. Those who don’t depend on the Word are not in tune with life. There are others who have replaced the Word of God with sin and self. (John 6:63 Jesus said, "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.") So in order to be in tune with life, we need to stay in touch with Jesus! The only way to be in touch with Jesus is (accept His Word by faith.)

When we truly obey Gods Word, our life has direction and peace. God wants us to trust Him everyday, in every way, because according to (Proverbs 27:16, "for thou knoweth not what a day may bring forth.") So the point here is; get in tune, be in tune and stay in tune – with Jesus!

Money will fail you, your strength will get weak at times, and our understanding will fall short in many situations. Even a friend may not be there when you need them: but God’s Word will see you through and beyond any trial. God’s Word never fails, so don’t give up – Jesus will see you through, because He really does care for you. Amen


I’m His Forever (9/19/98)

"All to thee, I surrender" – A beautiful hymn, I really love. But what does it mean to surrender your all to Jesus? I believe it’s to know you have no where else to go but to Jesus. When we try to live life our way we learn things just don’t work out at all! But, when we do things God’s way, things always work out for the best; regardless of our being able to comprehend the results, or not!

[Trusting is accepting the fact that God knows best]… [Surrendering is putting your faith into practice]… There’s no way to escape life without Jesus. To try and do so just leads you away from help, rather than into the light. It’s a long dark tunnel when you put off accepting truth. But when you surrender your all to Jesus, the Word of God teaches us how to not let our circumstances overcome our faith!

Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (And this is so good to know) Because, God cannot lie. Keep your sights set on Jesus and He will give you strength to carry on by His Spirit.


Jesus (9/7/98)

Who is Jesus?

A friend that sticks closer than a brother!

A comfort to those that are in need!

A light in your darkness!

A counselor for those longing for understanding!

A breath of fresh air for those being consumed by circumstances!

A guide for those that are wandering in the wilderness of confusion!

A fresh cool drink of water on a hot thirsty summer day!

A cool breeze across you body and soul on a muggy night!

A soft-spoken word to a broken, hurting heart!

A wall of defense to those surrounded by angry vicious wolves.

Who Is Jesus?

My Savior – My Lord – My God and friend. Jesus is my all and all for eternity. And He will be this, and even more, if you trust Him with your life.

(John 14:6 Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.")

Now that we know – we need to keep letting it show. Jesus is the only way to enjoy life.

"Thank you Lord for saving my soul"! Amen.


Thank You Jesus

"We need thee every hour:" What a beautiful hymn! Why do we need God?

God gave us life.

God is our provider.

God knows the answers to all our situations.

God can overcome all evil.

God meets our every need.

God is eternal.

God is love and wants the best for us all

God is our Salvation.

The Lord also controls time and space. He is a good shepherd that oversees His sheep. He leads us, protects us, and feels our every pain. God can and will comfort us in time of distress. He wants us to depend on Him everyday and in every situation. (Psalms 100:1 says, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.") When you do this, not only do we show humility, but we also teach others that God is our reason for life, our reason for love, and, our reason for carrying on in the midst of trials. "Thank you Lord for being you." Amen. So remember this: Whoever you are; not only do we need Jesus every hour, but also every minute, every second and everyday!


True Blessings

There are so many blessings in life and God is letting us know that He is our great provider! There’s the blessing of truth, the blessing of love, and, these two are enough to keep us praising the Lord for eternity. But don’t forget that there’s also the blessing of knowing one-day soon we’ll be able to see the one who is the greatest blessing of all, Jesus Christ, our Savior! (Where there is truth, there is Jesus and where the Lord is we find joy and peace.) When we hurt, He helps. When we smile, He smiles with us. Where we go, He goes. God is always there; even when we think no one really knows what we’re going through, God is right by your side. Our Lord is also able to move mountains, or, He can give you strength to climb, otherwise, God knows what’s best, but it’s up to us to trust and obey Him daily in order to learn how to overcome pain and heartache. The world is headed down; but Christians are going up! So be ready, because soon the trump is going to sound! (Psalm 23:1, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall nor want!") What a blessing! God said, He is there to give us contentment knowing that Jesus is our all in all! Keep trusting and praying. The Lord is at hand!


Victory Is Certain

Recently a sharp shooter at 89 yards shot a pistol out of a man's hand that threatened to shoot himself while setting upon a chair in a neighborhood street. What aim and precision! This shot was accurate enough to save a man’s life. Why was the man going to shoot himself? Because his girlfriend left him and she didn’t want him back.

Although the man loved the woman, he felt like giving up was his only solution. But remember; Jesus loves us so much that He gave His life so we can know He can and will meet our every need. Not only will Jesus save us from sin when we repent; but.. He also gives us fulfillment within our soul. We may feel defeated, abandoned, ignored and rejected by others here on earth. But, the good news is; Jesus will never give up on us when we’re hurting, and He will keep on loving us when we think no one else understand our trouble. Yes, Jesus takes aim at your heart and soul and His Word hits the center of our condition every time in order to deliver us from distress. So, keep calling on Jesus, He will be there to rescue us from danger.


We All Need Jesus (9/21/98)

We all need the Lord. He made us, He watches over us, He saves us by grace, He loves us and He’s willing to use us. There’s no problem too small, or great. He’s there to heal, to deliver, most of all to save us! And, He’s able to meet our every need if we have faith and ask!

Yes, sometimes we do have to wait for the Lord to work things out, but it’s worth it all to know that while waiting, we’re growing stronger in our faith.

Everything will surely work out to the good for a true believer, otherwise, to ignore the Word of God would be to try and do things your own way. (God is our source of life when it comes to life, hope and peace) And by grace, God came here in the person of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to show us there is hope in every situation when we put our trust in Him. (Psalm 46:1 says, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.") I’m glad to know this! Now I can look forward to spreading this good news to others whom wants to be encouraged in their faith. Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before! Why? Because He’s coming soon to take us to our eternal home! So if you’re holding back – Don’t delay, because Jesus could return any day!


What A Journey (9/23/98)

When a person finds the Lord they start out on a Journey that will lead them through valleys and over mountains. On that journey (you) will experience peace, and at times some confusion. There will be rain and sunshine – Friend and foe: Good times and hard times. Then comes having to take the bitter with the sweet.

Like traveling down a highway, you may encounter a few bumps along the way, and every now and then get caught in busy traffic. And, when you least expect it – you could find yourself broken down while waiting for help to come your way.

The good thing about all this is, As a believer, our God is there to help you get started again – He’s also able to smooth out the rough roads. The Lord is there to calm the traffic and put you on a safer highway. Our Savior is also able to defeat our foes – put a rainbow in the sky and place a song within your heart.

Amen! So stay on the right road while moving straight ahead by faith. Jesus is with us and He goes out ahead of us so we can be assured of victory in our daily Christian life!

(John 14:46 Jesus said, "I am come a light into this world that whosoever believeth in me should not abide in darkness.")

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