"Across the shore"

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Concern For Others

So much has happen from town to town

Across the country - and all around!

People are moving from city to city…

Working so hard but having no pity!


Priorities are slipping – few willing to speak

Others rebelling and many do not seek!

Much is going on - and less is getting done

A generation lost – rejecting God’s Son!


Caring for others is a very true need…

A reason to plant the Gospel seed!

After we know that faith is a fact…

This is how to get on the right track!


Sad to say, only few will really listen…

Some day soon believers will be missing!

We’re going to exit and see our King

Accept the truth while the bells still ring!


Great Morning

While at the table this poem arrives…

The coffee is brewing - and eggs are fried.

The curtain is up and the sun to shine

Here at the Pathway - things are fine.


Prayers are said as the day moves on

The CD is playing a Gospel song.

Peggy is watching how to make quilts

Books are written without any guilt.


It’s Monday morning here on the hill

My back has been just a little ill.

God is able to make me well

Jesus is with us - we can always tell!


What a great morning to move ahead

Thoughts are great - as the bible is read!

Lord help us each day in all we do…

Our hearts and soul we give unto you!


When Is Now

What you give up is all you keep…

In faith we grow as daily we seek!

When is now for those that believe…

Surrender to Jesus and joy is received!


The greatest achievement of all time

God came to earth to make things rhyme.

He spoke of love - for one another…

How to help - your sister and brother.


When is now - our task is made clear…

"Peace be still" give Jesus your fear.

God can make us strong and bold

The blood of Jesus can save a soul!


Everyday is a gift - for all to enjoy…

To have and hold – not to destroy!

When is now - to get on board…

Life is precious because of our Lord!


Touching Earth

It’s for certain that from our birth

We are here while touching earth.

Making a difference in every way…

Enjoying the sunshine and being free!


What a wonderful thing to know…

Everyday is a new adventure to grow!

All that is offered in love we accept…

By God’s Grace to be safely kept!


Touching earth is more that a thought…

Hope for a neighbor – courage when fought!

On this great and worldwide quest…

Enjoy the scenery, and do your best!


At certain points we may not perceive…

Waste not and want not - but mainly, believe!

There is a refuge from every storm…

Abide in truth and be not scorned!


Really For Sure

Each moment has meaning when living pure

Kindness is a blessing – really for sure!

What you make to happen each day

Will give us reason to never stray!


Whenever in doubt - then look around…

Hiding in darkness is no place to be found!

Really for sure – life does have purpose…

We need not live in a three-ring circus!


Those that travel from sea to sea…

They learn the conditions of what could be

Whether on the ocean - or upon the land

It never hurts to lend others a hand!


Using knowledge for the wrong reason…

Will wreck your mind in whatever season!

Taking a leap - into love so pure…

Gives overflowing joy – really, for sure!


Staying Informed

The news of what we know is true…

Informs the folks of what to do.

On the horizon a storm in the making

Ready or not - the earth will be shaking!


Rain and thunder – like bees that swarm…

There is a need for staying informed!

Tornado warnings were all around…

Everyone was ready - across the town!


The Gospel message we must send

Those to heed - are sure to win!

Our time to respond is here and now

Staying informed of where and how!


When the Lord comes into our view…

We need to know what to say and do!

Being informed in the way of Truth…

Keeps the fire from being let loose!


Be Very Sure

Be very sure of what is right…

Souls cry out within the night!

Upon the sea of unknown dreams…

Everything is not always what it seems.


When feeling down and low in zest

Could it be - you’re at your best?

Maybe the next thought that you gather

Will float you upon, wings of a feather.


Wherever you go - there is a view

Above the valley - the sky is blue.

Staying on course is a major concern

Something new around every turn.


To make the best of all you can…

Like forming glass from the sand.

All that is - as we know best…

A time to endure – then comes the rest!


Scanning The Borders

The lines are drawn from the sky

A person can travel only so high!

Upon the earth the line is outback…

Australia to Alaska no time to be slack.


Take a look at the front pages…

Driving a car - people having rages!

Scanning the borders of your land…

Shadows in the night are not your friend.


The people that care are there for you…

Warning of terror – speaking what’s true.

Scanning the borders so that all is safe

Making the community a better place.


We all have somewhere we can go…

What you do is what you know.

Now and always - no need to fret…

Scanning the borders - we’re ready and set!


Singing Hymns

Open to the page - for all to sing

Music to play - bells to ring!

Singing hymns in one accord…

While praising the name of our Lord!


"Amazing Grace and Old Rugged Cross

Send The Light – Jesus Paid The Cost!

On to Glory – Sound The Alarm…

Our Mighty God – His Strong Arm!"


What a blessing to have a song…

Spreading love and warning of wrong.

Living a life - pleasing to the King

Join us together - as we sing!


"Jesus Saves – Our Blessed Hope…

Carry the Banner – He Is Our Cloak!

Pressing on the Upward Way…

We’re headed For A Brighter Day!"



We have been offered to seek the way

More to do – the closer each day!

Searching far and sometimes wide…

Spread your wings and continue to glide!


Greater the search - brighter the path

Whoever you are - just make it last.

Traveling to where you hope to be…

Across the valley - or under the sea.


A search that brings you closer home

Trusting the Lord - can’t ever be wrong.

Being so blessed by those you meet

Learning to move forward - as you seek.


Pressure may come - here and there…

Our Lord is watching and He does care.

Meeting the challenge that is before

We’re headed to a more graceful shore.


Trying to Say

A person asked, "What should we do"

Living in faith is better than a clue.

Read the Bible and take a sure stand

While always doing the best you can.


The moments we spend without delay

Brings us closer to that better day.

Getting this message across to others…

Help those in need – sisters and brothers.


Depths to ponder - we’re trying to say

You will grow stronger day by day.

To be a person that gets things done…

Speak the truth and follow God’s Son!


Watching Their flock

A Shepherd watches through the night

The flock shall never leave their sight.

To care for every precious sheep…

Regardless the weather - if it rains or sleet.


Watching the flock – a very true calling

Keeping the lambs also from falling.

From the youngest and oldest of the flock

So carefully protected around the clock.


The Lord also watches his own sheep

Our God never slumbers, nor ever sleeps.

He is there to meet the simplest need…

Leading his children - so we can heed!


Pastures are green - the wolf must flee

All the sheep - the Lord does see!

We have a true Shepherd - this we know

He guides us to where we need to go.


While You Can

The most of what we would like to do

Sparks imagination - like a sky of blue!

Wanting to get done - all we can achieve

While you can - for those who believe!


Setting off into the vast unknown…

Letting your dreams become a song!

Not afraid to take the great plunge…

Soaking in knowledge - just like a sponge.


While we can - we must go forth…

The God of love is our only source.

So many places - then back again…

On the road to glory - victory over sin!


All the streams and rivers together…

Cannot ever control the weather.

The mighty hand that spun the worlds

Can create life - and forms every pearl.


Real Comprehension

When floating upon a turning creek…

Going up stream can be unique.

Vines will sometimes block the path…

There’s no need to paddle too fast.


Like being within a strange dimension…

What you learn gives real comprehension.

No turning back from where you’re headed

Buckle up tightly and become imbedded!


The water is deep and also pure…

On this expedition - we must be sure.

To leave the boat could be a danger…

We must carry on like an airborne ranger!


Real comprehension is surely a must…

To open the door is to get on the bus.

Cloud are developing incredibly fast

Everyone on earth has a certain task!


Life Is A Book

When writing a message within a book

It’s always necessary to take a look!

The words are there to make us think…

Search your heart before releasing the ink!


Sometimes a message can come in slow…

The more you write - it begins to flow.

Those who await the comments indeed

Feeding upon truth as you learn to heed.


Life is a book written for all to enjoy…

Building up hope for every girl and boy!

We have a desire to know what’s written

Lights are brighter as darkness is smitten!


Across the canyon the flowers are growing…

Books are there for helping and showing.

Birds to sing in the treetops…

Once you start - no reason to stop!


God Is Faithful

We have a God who knows our cares

He is able to calm our fears.

God is faithful in all that He does…

He gave his life - just for us.


A believer can rejoice – as we pray

We need not to worry, or ever stray.

There is hope - sent from above…

We serve a God so rich in love.


Where duty calls – this is so right…

Carry the Cross - fight the good fight.

On into victory - by God’s Grace…

He will be there in every place.


God is faithful - by His great power…

Upon His children, His love to shower!

Keep in step with his Holy Truth…

Vengeance and wrath shall soon let loose!



Nowhere on earth a person can go…

Buttons are needed – this we know.

Serving a purpose - regardless of sizes

Push the button and the elevator rises.


The Space Shuttle goes up into the sky

Push the red button, then watch it fly!

Before the computer can even come on

Push the button - or it will sit like a stone.


Another way buttons are often used

Upon a shirt of the color you choose.

End of a coat sleeve - shinny and clean

Inside a sewing basket buttons do stream.


Turning on a printer, or start up a fan…

Different buttons are designed with a plan.


The point of all this may not be clear…

Think about it - the truth will draw near.

It’s the little things we often don’t see

Like pushing a button, or turning a key.


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