"Jesus is coming"

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Carry The Truth

What is taught as we move on,

Day by day we must be strong.

Doing our part without regret

God will help us not to fret!


Take a look at what is good…

Do the work just as we should!

Live in hopes of what shall come,

Worship Christ the begotten Son!


In that day that our Lord returns…

God to help those who are concerned!

To not look up for what shall be

Upon that day you will not see!


Go in peace while living truth…

God’s mighty wrath to soon let loose!

Now is when to stay involved…

Allow the Lord our trials to solve!


Rather Yet

God is able to do all things well

Jesus came to save us from hell!

We have reason to daily carry on…

Rather yet by faith we can be strong!


On the road to a far better land…

While on earth we take our stand!

Before time is over as we well know

Jesus Christ is surely the way to go!


Not a second to lose in this race

Prayer and hope will set the pace!

Rather yet we must not ever give up

Soon this world is going to erupt!


What we have is a gift to behold

Eternal light is placed in our soul!

Those to ignore will be taken away…

Saints of God are promise a new day!


Wherever We Go

What is real is something given…

Whatever is good comes from heaven!

Christ knows best for each and all…

Upon Christ Jesus we gladly call.


As we learn from what has been,

Amazing Grace is how we win!

Wherever we go the Lord is there

For our souls Christ does care!


Blessings of love is what God gives

Jesus Christ has now opened the seal.

Wherever we go and whatever we do…

The gift of life is majestic and true!


Christ will teach us how daily to trust

Knowing His Word is forever a must!

Closer we get to that certain time…

Hope is how this mountain we climb!



Upon each hill we can learn…

From evil ways we must turn!

God sent Jesus to help us know,

In the light our hearts can grow!


Mountains awaits beyond the sky

Home forever like eagles do fly!

Pressing on in Jesus is a life of love

Every precious gift is from above!


Across this earth is many a hill…

Upon our knees we humbly kneel!

To worship Christ is how we heed

For our soul Jesus Christ did bleed!


Mountains high with oceans so deep

For the lost our Savior did weep!

Before we arrive on that upper trail

All by Grace there’s good news to tell!


Having Peace

We seek in truth to find the way…

God is there as we watch and pray!

Take a stand and follow the path,

The Word of God will forever last!


Having peace is the hope of life

God gives victory over all strife!

Being glad makes winds to cease

Living in faith is having peace!


Take the road that gives real joy

Soon all evil Christ will destroy!

Get ye ready for what is to come,

It is certain our Lord shall return!


Having peace is what we receive

All because of what we believe!

There is no time to turn aside…

God can deliver from sin and pride!


Saints Of God

We are told how we can know

God is there wherever we go.

Saints of God are blessed indeed…

As we live we learn to heed!


That which is we can be sure…

The love of God is the cure!

Faith and hope here is given…

Saints of God are headed to heaven!


We are taught to follow the way…

Straight the path from day to day!

Unto the Lord our all in all…

From our heart on Christ we call.


Saints of God need not fear…

Our heavenly Father will be there.

Take the light of truth and peace

Trust in Jesus as storms do cease!


So Blessed

We have gifts from heaven above

God has given His perfect love.

So blessed we are by our Savior

Truth gives life color and flavor.


Many has given their precious life

Freedom to worship Jesus Christ!

As we move forward in faith…

Light gives hope in every place!


So blessed to be American people

Across this land – many a steeple!

God gives strength to do our best

In Christ Jesus we have true rest.


Flowers, trees – mountains and sea

A God of love that sets us free!

Help us Lord to daily carry on…

God bless America to stay strong!


Growing Up

There is a time to know for sure

A soul is here to be kind and pure!

This whole life is a blessing of love

The truth of life is written above!


Growing up in a Christ-like way

Speak the Word in all you say.

Those who receive shall be saved

Jesus has power over the grave!


We are here to continue the task

As we go forth we humbly ask!

Being a doer is a gift to show…

Take the light wherever you go!


To be a seeker while growing up…

Joy is real like an overflowing cup!

There is hope as we do our best…

Within the gospel we find true rest!


O Lord

Help us, Lord, within Your will

Thy Holy Sprit to daily feel.

Teach us Lord to go in love…

Soon by Grace we’re going above!


Keep us Lord in Your path…

Help us Lord to always stand fast!

Lead us in the righteous way…

O Lord, my God let me not stray!


On this journey keep us strong

Let us sing that glorious song!

O Lord, You are our closest friend

Such a hope shall never end.


O Lord, You’re able to show us how

The time to follow, today and now.

Help us Lord to do what’s right…

Keep us growing and living in light!


Been There

In my heart where we are…

Staying near or going so far!

This is right to know the road…

Living in love will ease the load!


Going to where the message is pure

Been there before because we care!

Doing a work all by Grace…

Take the news to the human race!


Been there before now and then

Day by day while warning of sin!

The sea to calm when in the boat

God Almighty to help us cope.


We are glad to follow the call…

Christ for sure our all in all.

Others have heard what was broken

The Word of God must be spoken!


Unruly Ways

Unruly ways will cut you short…

Unwelcome foe within God’s court!

Those who repent can be forgiven

All by Grace a home in heaven!


Unruly ways will cause eternal harm

Lust and greed like is a warning alarm!

Without the Blood to cleanse your soul

The day of wrath will surely unfold!


Here and now we are taught…

On the cross the war was fought!

In God’s Word we learn this love…

Eternal peace is offered from above!


Unruly ways can cause such guilt

Evil habits are consumed by filth!

Depend on truth without any delay

For our sins Christ Jesus did pay!


Today Is Now

Life in Christ is so very real…

Before God’s throne we can kneel.

Living for hope within the light…

Obey the truth – fight the good fight!


Today is now – forever in heaven

Every good gift God has given!

Peace is how to do our best…

In God’s love we have true rest.


To be a doer is abiding in Christ

Prayer is how to be precise!

God will answer and show us how

Today is when – the time is now!


For the good we can know…

God can direct the way to go.

Results are real from what is told

Submit your heart loving and bold!


Faithful Few

A soul needs truth each and ever day

Hear the words, what others do say.

Come to Jesus and find the way…

Take your time, bow and pray.


We are told just how to live

God by Grace, our soul to seal.

Jesus Christ is able to forgive

The love of God is very real!


This for sure is the eternal key

Jesus forever can set you free!

Trust God’s Word, then you’ll see

Evil ways must surely flee!


This is needful and so true

God can show you what to do.

Very blessed are the faithful few

God forever will make things new!



There is hope - as we have heard

Cleansed within by God’s Word!

We have a gift that is given…

A perfect place, known as heaven!


Such a gift so pure and clean…

Even the water has an eternal gleam!

Light to proceeds from God’s throne

Power so great and a love so strong!


We are told of this lovely place…

Clean and righteous – face to face!

A Christian child is sure to win…

Saved by Grace and safe from sin!


Going to where the good book says

In God’s truth we are forever fed!

Clean and ready while living in power

Jesus could return any second or hour!


Listen To Life

Now is when we need to hear..

Unto Christ we must draw near.

Follow the road so least taken

Soon the earth will be shaken!

Listen to life as truth now speaks

Glory to God for those who seek!

There is victory to daily proclaim

Do all you can in Jesus’ name!

Angels watch as we sing this song

Something blessed cannot be wrong!

God has given whatever we need…

Within the light we learn to give heed!

Careful attention as we listen to life

God offers hope beyond the strife!

What we have is a gift to receive,

On into glory – those who believe!


Clouds Of Glory

Some to hide their careless ways

Troubled mind and darkened days!

Shaking hands with such deceit…

Judgement is lurking at their feet!


Clouds of glory soon to unfold

God will protect the humble soul!

Fire unleashed on the planet earth

Repent of sin and have new-birth!


Not a second to ever hold back,

Faith in Jesus is to not be slack!

Living in love is a path of light

Telling truth is something right!


When Jesus returns we will behold

Clouds of glory will surely unfold!

Get in the ship and daily carry on…

Trust the Lord and then stay strong!



Spoken of often but paid in love…

God blesses America from above!

We are moving forward in faith…

We who trust shall see God’s face!


Many to endure while taking a stand

Others also helped in this great plan!

As this country continues to grow…

There’s hope to spread wherever we go!


Freedom for one and given to all

Peace is a gift for those who call.

Grace upon Grace when we arise…

We who believe need no disguise!


There are some that will not comply,

To fight our belief and God sees why!

The faithful few shall never give up

Freedom is forever within our cup!


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