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Carry The Banner

Where are those willing to live…

Serve the Lord and forgive.

People who care all the time

Strong in heart and pure in mind.


Where are those reaching out

Praising God with a shout!

Following the truth in every way

Living for Jesus everyday.


Where are those humble of heart

Folks that do more than their part.

Soldiers that speak what is right

Pressing on both day and night.


Where are those that lift their eyes…

Pray and seek without disguise.

Carrying the banner willing and able

Telling others so kind and stable.


Watching The Breeze

A purple sky as the sun goes down…

Stars come out – the earth goes round.

Day by day – on into the night…

Upon the seashore a feeling so right.


Sandcastles fall when hit by the waves

Seashells are shining like bright sunrays.

People are talking about creation…

Preachers are warning about revelation.


The birds all over covers the air…

Angels are watching from over there.

Buildings reach high into the sky

A beauty so real you can’t deny.


This lovely place is so majestic…

Going there is time well invested.

Over and over a message to repeat…

Watching the breeze is very unique.


Over The Hill

Over the hill is what can’t be seen…

By faith we believe the pastures are green.

One glorious day this land we shall see

Until then we must continue to pray.


Only the ones that have already arrived

Knows what is there on the other side.

The Bible is written perfect and pure

Release from this earth is our final cure!


Over the hill we shall one day go…

What is there we will surely know.

Streets of gold before God’s Throne…

Saints are singing that redemption song.


Sadness and heart ache at times we endure

Over the hill - the water is pure.

Soon all sorrow will be forever taken…

A trump to sound the eternal awakening!


Writing A Book

When the pages are carefully read…

Then you ponder what the writer said.

Many to enjoy learning the facts…

Writing a book is no time to be slack.


After the message is carefully conveyed

The book is completed with no delays.

From page to page a picture to flourish

In hopes the reader will be encouraged.


Hearing things you’ve never heard…

All because someone wrote the words.

Like a photograph within your mind

Writing a book so loving and kind.


Once you get your thoughts together…

Joy of writing is like a floating feather.

Folks to appreciate the studies within…

This vision proceeded from my pen.


The Better Life

Some to offer you what isn’t right

They take you out into the night.

Getting you further away from truth

Then they hide and let you loose.


The better life is a narrow path…

What God offers will forever last.

The power of darkness does not care

The love of Jesus we must declare.

Those who reject surely will lose…

The righteous life is how to choose.

Taking risk with your mind and heart

That type of risk will tear you apart!


The better life we live each day…

Time to be humble - a reason to pray.

We are facing a major decision…

Use each moment with utmost precision.


A Walk With God

A walk with God is a wonderful fact

While living pure and staying on track.

Getting closer because of faith…

Light and truth from heart to face.


Being true to who you are…

Following closely - not from afar.

A walk with God is a life of hope

The promise of love is how we cope.


We have a Savior so very near…

He is able and will be there.

His name is Jesus Christ our King

The Perfect One is our reason to sing.


Walking with God our greatest need

All by Grace to sinners we plead.

What we sow we surely reap…

To walk with God is to daily seek.


Income Tax

What has been is sure to come

Year by year the work is done.

The time has arrived to do your taxes

Paper with pen - and then the faxes.


Counting receipts while filing bills…

Numbers climbing like a spinning wheel.

Off to town for some clerical advice…

Tension is building like melting ice.


Income tax should not be delayed.

Render to Caesar what must be paid.

To ignore this date will cost more pain

April fifteenth is like a run away train.


What is said within this poem…

Pay in cash or even use coins.

You may possibly get some back

It’s time to do your income tax.


Along The Path

A majestic morning becomes the day

Sunlight appears across the bay.

Mountains draw closer within our sight

All is beautiful and so very bright.

The Clock alarms as people arise…

School bells ring – a whistle cries!

Night shift workers home to rest…

America the beautiful at her best!


On the streets vendors are set…

Folks are working to pay their debts.

Phones are ringing businesses are open

Meeting the budgets they are hoping.


These are things we all can relate

Like eating bread or baking cake.

Along this path before the curtain closes

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.


Speak Clearly

Those who are saying what they mean

Needs to keep their words so clean.

To not say things that are very clear

Can cause a soul to become unaware.


Speak clearly and find true peace…

Hearing the truth is a sigh of relief.

Those who carry the message of light

They sow good seeds day and night.


Whatever you say surely comes back

Pray your tongue will not be slack.

Keep your ideas straight to the point…

Bones works better when in the joint.


Much advice is always given

Being honest is a way of living.

The best of all - we can be free…

How we speak can help others to see.


All Around

All around folks have great expectations

We are dealing with a lovely situation

There are those getting more involved

Finding victory as problems are solved.


All around we are seeing much change…

Souls are getting saved - no longer the same.

Stability is certain when faith is in motion

Forward in love like a ship on the ocean.


All around we have seen the signs…

Hearts seeking truth with open minds.

Many being delivered are growing bold

Spreading light before the sky unfolds.


All around children are gladly singing…

Voices cry out and church bells ringing.

Tears of joy when a sinner comes home…

Angels rejoice as the meek are made strong.


We Should Know

We are given a short time on earth

While being taught from our birth.

We should know why we’re here

Before we leave for over there.


Taking the time to protect your heart

Shield of faith deflects fiery darts.

Powers are coming from every side

Living for Jesus you need not hide.


We should know our greatest need…

Being a soldier - learning to give heed.

Every action will one day be revealed

All by Grace – God’s love will forgive.


Whatever is said we can be sure…

We should be glad Jesus is the cure.

On the forward path there is a way…

Overcoming the pain of yesterday.


In Christ Jesus

When hearing the Word – call out to Christ

Jesus came to earth to pay the ultimate price.

Being convicted and repenting of sin

This is how to be born again.


In Christ Jesus after being saved…

No need to worry or fear the grave.

A child of faith belongs to God…

We’re under Grace – not over a rod.


To repent of sin and surrender your all

Daily we grow and to others we call.

Reaching out is the way to be strong

Jesus can save when you turn from wrong.


In Christ Jesus we have full assurance…

The Holy Spirit gives strength and endurance.

We also have a blessed glorious hope…

Jesus will return with our heavenly cloak!


Salt Of The Earth

Salt is put here in order to preserve…

Like living in faith and learning to serve.

By trusting in Jesus we are told…

Spirit of God shall protect your soul.


God gave us salt with a good taste

Salt can also seal just like a paste.

Living for Jesus is a holy blessing

Abiding in truth while daily testing.


God gave us salt for many things

Day by day we can rejoice and sing.

In God’s Word we are taught…

Upon the cross the battle was fought.


Now and forever - God has won…

His name is Jesus – God’s Begotten Son.

In the light of what is to be…

Only Jesus Christ can set you free!


Within Reason

On a journey across the blue

There are many things to do.

Within reason we should live…

In such a way a smile to give.


Sometimes we may not understand

Why someone refused to shake your hand.

Just stay calm and rejoice instead…

"Peace Be Still" is what Jesus said.


Within reason we can do so much…

The right attitude has a special touch.

More we endure the stronger we are

To exercise your faith - we go far.


Being at peace with the Lord

Keeps us close in one accord.

No need to fret over needless things

Rest in hope as you shout and sing!


Unto Jesus

Be a doer not ever a quitter…

Follow truth as a go-getter!

Centering on where you need to be

Gives you courage and sets you free.


Saying one thing and doing another

Puts a person out even further.

When you find your right place

This is when you win the race.


By letting the light shine in you…

The Lord will show you what to do.

To never lift your eyes above…

Takes you away from peace and love.


We have a call upon our life…

Now is the time to be precise.

Get ye ready for what is to come…

Turn from self -pity and the battle is won!


Not Everything

Not everything works just our way

Only God can create a new day.

On this course of life we learn…

Eternal Glory is not what we earn.


Across the valley there is another land

Higher and brighter and so very grand!

A place where life is calm and pure…

Over yonder is such a beautiful shore.


Not everything we think is right

Only those that follow the light.

Many warnings down here below…

How you believe will eternally show.


To not accept what you cannot see

You turn from what is going to be.

Not all that glitters is pure as gold…

Salvation by Grace makes a happy soul.


Songs Of Light

We have a gift so pure and right…

A heart so clean with songs of light!

Let us all rejoice as we sing…

Trumpets to sound and bells to ring.


We have a reason to tell a friend

To help the weak and warn of sin.

Christ is able to strengthen a heart

When in love you do your part.


A song of light will point the way…

Use your talents both night and day.

To turn away from God’s great call…

Everything you achieve will lead to a fall.


The life you live can always be steady

When in faith you’re firm and ready.

Jesus gave His blood upon the cross

Our debt is paid, by accepting the cost!


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