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Brighter Days

Today the sound has been given…

Reject not truth sent from Heaven!

Sad the soul for turning away…

Such a condition will cause delay!


Never ignore what’s being said

The Bible is written all in red!

Many died but still lives on…

Up in glory while singing a song!


Jesus paid the ultimate price…

Come to Calvary and be precise!

Seek and pray by being daily true

Word of God shows what to do!


Spread this sound from place to place

Soon we’re going to see His face!

Trust in Jesus and shout His praise

Living in faith gives brighter days!


God Already Knows

Joy so great that we can receive

Live in hope by the Gospel seed.

To have such love deep within,

Take the Word and hate all sin!


We may meet with circumstance…

Surrender to Christ then daily advance!

Beyond all things that will come…

There’s nothing new under the sun!


We haven’t been ignored at all…

We must continue to follow the call.

We are protected in whatever shall be

We are saved by Grace and forever free!


The Lord is near – closer than you think

Prayer and faith is our greatest link!

That which is written and as it flows…

What we can’t see God already knows!


Some Are Some Ain’t

Life is full of so many things…

People that shout some that sings!

There are those who say they can’t…

Making it clear – some are some ain’t

To do your best - you will achieve,

First of all – you must believe!

When a soul will not even try…

You cannot help but wonder, why?

Some are some ain’t may be the case

Not to attempt you’ll lose your place!

Get up now and then go forth…

Faith will help to keep you on course!

Carry the water to those in need…

Help the starving – let’s try to feed!

Those who will need not to faint…

One of the other – some are, some ain’t!


Wilt Thou

Wilt Thou come and gladly hear…

Wilt Thou believe, then draw near.

Wilt Thou go and tell a friend

Wilt Thou love and lend a hand!


Wilt Thou be a soldier of faith…

Wilt Thou witness place to place.

Wilt Thou reach a neighbor indeed

Wilt Thou teach that Jesus did bleed!


Wilt Thou grow, and stay ready

Wilt Thou live, holy and steady.

Wilt Thou receive God’s very best

Wilt Thou pray and endure each test!


Wilt Thou carry your cares to Christ

Wilt Thou rejoice and be precise!

Wilt Thou listen as others do speak…

Wilt Thou trust whether strong or weak!


Seven Trumpets

Noisome and grievous sore

For those to hold the mark:

The sea turned to blood

Some folks are not so smart!

Every soul died…

That was out upon the sea:

Rivers and fountains turned to blood

Quick as 1-2-3.

Heat of the sun to scorch men

By a thing called, fire:

What else is soon to be…

As flames kept getting higher!

Seat of the Beast –

His kingdom became very dark:

To gnaw their tongue for pain,

Like chewing on a dart!

Vials upon a certain river –

"Euphrates" is its name:

Waters were dried up…

Kings of the east, as they came.

Voice then said, "It Is Done"

Great earthquake to occurr:

Great City divided into three parts

For all that didn’t care!

Every Island fled –

As the mountains were not found:

One hundred pound hailstones,

Across every single town!

Now is the accepted time

For all you people to know:

Get saved now –

Before these trumpets do blow!


With Jesus:

All is well beyond the pain…

Love is genuine – sunshine or rain!

Forgiveness is eternal all by Grace

Help is rendered to the human race!


Without Jesus:

There would be no truth

Everyone would lose hope

Love would be obsolete

Life would be futile!


The Word Of God

A launching pad into Truth!

A roadmap through life.

A gateway beyond the stars!

A pathway into Heaven with Jesus!


Christians are called:

To preach and to teach…

To live and to give!

To love and to listen…

To help and go forth!

To reach out in hope…

To seek and to serve!

To warn and to heed…

To grow and to show!

To press on and stay strong

To learn and rejoice.

To lift up truth and endure…

To speak of Jesus and be ready!


 Once a Saint enters Glory

We would have:

Meet the Perfect Holy King!

Reached the ultimate goal

Received the greatest gift

Achieved the most majestic dream

Conquered the greatest challenge

Entered the most perfect city!


To Contend for the Faith:

Stand for whatever is right…

Utilize what has been provided

Carry out that which is wholesome…

Never retreat from what is necessary

Take note of what is, has been or could be!

Go forth without compromise…

Let love be your reason!

Keep Jesus at the center of it all


Trials come for various reasons:

To draw us closer to God…

To remind us this world is fallen!

To teach us faith and hope…

To show Grace when necessary!

To get us ready for Heaven

To warn us of sin!

To allow us a witness…

To help us be stronger!

To carry on in spite of a trial…

To make us appreciate the Word more!


Garden Of Light

To visit this place, was it real, was it not

Once to arrive, was it cold or maybe hot?

Suddenly to recall, this place was so fresh

My mind was revived my soul at its best.

What was this marvel? My memory to reply

Not a place to fear, even after you die!

Birds were singing, you could not be harmed

Like a Mother with child, safe in Her arms!

This place is Holy, clean and pure…

Thoughts with a reason, message from afar!

Name of this place now coming in clear

Awake from your dream, you’re almost there.

Speak to us softly so tender and calm…

Life is a journey like an oasis with palms.

Once you humbly arrive to this height…

Welcome forever to the Garden Of Light!


Let Me Dance

To make a point and tell you why

Let me dance - for this is my cry!

Going where my heart can sing

Over yonder - then back again.


Round and round, up and down

Never a fret - not even a frown!

We that do this as others glance…

The reason why is, let me dance!


Caring for what all is right,

Way up high into the light.

Let me dance is now my song…

What doesn’t hurt can’t be wrong!


Join in – across ocean and land…

Open your heart to God’s great plan.

Let me dance - and be your friend!

True love is a gift and shall not end.


What Is A Christian?

We are a group of people on a mission!

We are called to carry out a certain task!

We live for and follow an invisible God!

We obey a certain set of Standards!

We believe in a perfect book!

We are headed to an Eternal City, called Heaven!


Why is it necessary to witness?

Souls weigh in the balance!

 Time is passing away each day!

 God is a loving God and wants to save others!

 People are in great need of salvation!

 Benefits and rewards outweigh the risk!

 Revelation is even closer that ever before!

 Every soul matters to Jesus Christ!


There would be hope for the future if we learn how to live in the present and grow from the past.


The greatest things in life are often the smallest.


Better to have one big room in a small house than many small rooms in a big house!


When you can’t figure someone else out try figuring yourself out.


By faith we are far stronger than our troubles, although our troubles try and seem stronger than us.


When God don’t seem to be there that’s when He’s there the most!


Give your worries to God and He will give His peace to you.


 Arrest your fears and pain immediately, and be set free by hope and peace!


The rest of your life starts where you’re at not where you’re headed!


Look both ways twice - but don’t just sit there dreaming!


Get over it and move on!


Cry at what could be - laugh at what is not - stay aware of what is!


 We often think the worst when things are at their best.


 Many lose it all by wanting more and enjoying less!


 Calmer we should be even if things are at their worst.


Never give up on what has already been won…The Truth!


All people are subject to the same events on Earth:

That is why we need to submit to the same truth!


Christians are lied about often but must always keep speaking the Truth.


Christians may even mess up but they must keep getting up and looking up and get ready to go up!


Peace is letting Jesus take your battles upon Himself!


Peace is to continue to go forth especially when things try and hold you back!


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