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Beyond It All

We as Americans are being fought,

"Never give up" is what we’re taught!

Some to reject freedom and life…

Then they try and cause us strife!


Those who fight against our way…

They’re headed for a much darker day!

Beyond it all, we shall carry on

In the end we’ll still be strong!


A terrorist is someone religiously blind,

They hate the good and are sadly unkind!

Anyone to strike at someone’s back,

Their style of believing is very slack!


Our people who left in the recent wave

Into Heaven, for those who were saved!

Beyond it all, our nation will succeed…

Help us Lord as we pray and give heed!


Back To Normal

After the attack of nine one-one

We felt America was under the gun.

Tension was high because of the hit…

Terrorism had surely came from a pit!


After several weeks as we prayed…

Even more threats were being made.

Mail was tainted, some even died,

Chemical was wickedly hid inside!


Our leaders knew defense was needed,

Our military set out to try and defeat it!

Taliban was trying to destroy the nation

Time for them to have a new revelation!


We were told to keep doing our best

Only in Christ we have spiritual rest.

Back to normal we were told to go

Staying on guard against the foe!


Making A Deposit

When we put our life on the line

The love of God you will find!

All we do while hoping to be…

Within the light, darkness must flee!


Making a deposit is a need for all…

Upon the Lord we daily should call!

Giving to God what can’t be taken…

Because of Grace our soul is awaken!


Good news to carry both near and far

Whether by boat, plane or a car!

Talents we have surely are blessed

Being a doer is our greatest test!


Wherever we live and what we believe

It’s up to us to keep planting the seed!

When the harvest is then complete…

Whatever we give souls we will reap!


(No Compromise)

The window opens to give a breeze

Set your conscience now at ease.

When forgiven we need not fret…

Into the waters you can cast a net.


Other souls are seeking to know

Peace forever is the way to go!

No compromise when sin shows up

Drink in hope from salvation’s cup!


Stand very firm in what is given…

The love we have came from Heaven.

Take the plunge into an endless well

Power in faith - good news to tell!


Where we are is the time to start

Do God’s will from a caring heart!

Clouds may try and surround the sky

God is there from His throne on high!


Talking Faith

Many words are said each day

Some are sweet - others decay!

We are called to speak in love

Humble words are from above!


Come to the fountain in such haste

Kindness will destroy bitter waste!

Talking faith is a blessing indeed

Now is when we must give heed!


We are here to learn our best…

All by Grace we endure the test!

Our Holy King is with his people…

Perfect as light - straight as a steeple!


Majestic and mighty is the Lord

Worship His name in one accord.

Jesus is God, as He came to earth

Now we are given a second-birth!


(On The Plane)

The recent attack on nine one-one

Our citizens on board were so stunned!

A terrorist group had surely gone mad

What did happen was very sad!


On the plane a battle was fought,

Live in faith is what we’re taught!

Those who stood against this attack,

The courage they had was not slack!


We are aware that evil runs wild…

The horrible affect is felt for miles!

We need a love that’s firm and sober

A home in Heaven when life is over!


Jesus will help those that will ask

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!

The many trials we are facing…

Life is passing like cars are racing!


Attitude Change

Pressure is great on all sides…

Especially a soul living in pride!

To ignore the path that is right

A heart in sin rejects the light!


An attitude change may be in line

Do it quick while there’s time!

Smile at truth and grow in love

Calm and sure as a gentle dove!


It’s very keen to show you care

Gentle kindness is greater than fear!

We need not have a bitter heart…

Arrogance hinders and tears apart!


Come on in where the air is clear

It’s all right to say what you mean.

Keep you words under full control

Then let the joy flood your soul!


All That Is

All that is - to say the least…

Get involved and have a feast!

What we are, and shall become…

Depends on how we trust God’s Son!

Here we are – and then we leave

Where we go is what we heed!

Living right is to stay on track

All that is will reveal the facts!


Doing better is surely expected

Many others will be affected!

All that is – either near or far,

Sweet as honey within a jar!


When you enter God’s Holy place

We shall see Him, face to face!

Soon to depart this earthly dimension

Freed forever from worldly tension!


(Thanksgiving Is Real)

What God gives is very great…

Come right in and don’t be late!

Stay in touch with Heaven above

Jesus is Lord and gave His love!


Thanksgiving is real in every way

For our sinful debt - Jesus did pay!

On this road of mercy and faith…

God will save you by His Grace!


When we seek the righteous path

This is what we know will last!

The Gospel light overcomes doubt

Victory forever and reason to shout!


Set your eyes on that upward trail,

Whosoever will - only time will tell.

God already knows how we believe,

Eternal gladness for those who heed!


Best Of All

The sun has risen at break of day…

This is a time to be thankful and pray!

Then we head on into the light…

Glad we made it through the night!


As the birds sing within the trees…

A soul that’s ready is a mind at ease!

The Spirit of life is reaching yonder

Deep inside the heart will ponder!


Much we see that continues on…

Much is good and some is wrong!

Most of all – we have a reason…

Praising the Lord in every season!


Rest for the body is sure a need…

Growing fruit after planting a seed!

To do a job is to make a plan…

Take the gospel to every land!


The Coming Day

Salvation is offered full and free

From all evil - and sin to flee!

God will help you if you call…

Waiting too late is a permanent fall!


We need to listen and stay on course

Being sincere is a glorious source!

People controlled by a perfect love,

They are promised a home above!


Above this Earth the sun will shine

Rest your weary wondering mind!

Eternal peace is something sure…

Grace of Jesus is that healing cure!


Time no more shall soon take place

We must answer to God’s Holy face!

Saints and Angels to gather around

Only in Jesus can a soul be found!


It’s True

Mercy is received by a yielding heart

We are blessed for doing our part!

This message is now offered to you

Jesus is Savior, now lets be true!


In the pathway there is a stream…

Overflowing joy with perfect gleam!

The Lord has saved my eternal soul

To live with Jesus on streets of gold!


It’s true my friends, there is no doubt

Children of God can eternally shout!

Come and follow where there is light

Now’s the time to get things right!


Forever more there is a reason…

Preaching the Word in every season!

Getting ready for what soon shall be

Trust in Jesus and find the real key!


(Greater Than Ever)

Had it not been for Christ…

No one else could pay the price.

He does all things so very well…

He saved my sinful soul from hell!


Greater than ever we have a hope

Jesus offers us a heavenly cloak!

Keep standing on the solid rock…

God can change this earthly clock!


Here we have a moment to ponder

Saints are headed way over yonder!

There will be singing like never heard

A sure foundation within God’s Word!


More than anyone could imagine

Greater than any long lost legend!

We are going to meet the eternal King

In the porters of glory we shall sing!


(Getting There)

The majestic eagle climbs so high,

Toward the sun as they continue to fly!

Getting there is their natural goal…

Maintaining flight as wings unfold!


Over mountains - they ride the wind

Into the heavens - over and again!

Moving steady where few will dare

Higher and higher - into thin air!


No other creature that we can say,

Over the valleys both night and day!

The eagle has ability to quickly dive

Such a speed is a powerful ride!


Eyes are used to seek their prey…

Hidden in the rocks their nest to lay!

Getting there is to spread their wings

Makes me want to shout and sing!


(No Strings Attached)

This world will offer false ideals

As it does is hinders and kills!

When it comes to God’s true plan…

Eternal freedom by taking His hand!


No strings attached as truth is told…

Trusting the Lord will save your soul.

Faith is deeper than the widest ocean,

Growing in faith is more than emotion!


Love of Christ refreshes the mind,

In return your heart becomes kind!

Life is a gift – Salvation is free

Now is the time to turn the key!


We have a reason to carry on…

That is why we can sing along!

Hope is speaking as a message is heard,

Joy and peace as found in God’s Word!


At This Point

When we come to where we are

At this point we’ve traveled far!

Moving forward is a testing…

What we achieve - surely a blessing!


Here today and glad to be,

At this point we are so free!

Family and friends will be near by

Jesus is there to calm your cry!


Now underway a parade has started

Celebrate the love that is imparted!

America the beautiful is so great

Trust in God and don’t be late!


At this point to where we’re going

Abide in faith and keep on growing!

Never before so hard to perceive…

Heavenly manna our souls to feed!



Who we are is what we allow…

To plan your work and do it now.

Surrounded by forces hard to see

What has been is what shall be!


Saying the word and doing it then

Never to start is to not know when!

Surrounded by factors so unknown

Living in love will make you strong!


Enjoy the music with a happy tune…

Name it whatever and sing it soon!

There is a right for those involved…

Careful preparation for what is solved!


As this thought once is given…

Joy is strength sent from Heaven!

Surrounded by gravity from on high

Where ever the earth meets the sky!


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