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Better Than Yesterday

Ponder deeply whatever you hear,

Living right and knowing you care!

Better than yesterday - glad to be

Keeping pure and forever free!


We must seek the righteous path

The world of sin is sinking fast!

As we grow and enjoy the light…

Better than yesterday in this fight!


Let us stay where truth is spoken

Give to God what once was broken!

Take true love wherever you go…

Rest in hope, and continue to grow!


We can do what must be done

Follow the truth of God's Son!

Peace is real for those who pray

In God's will no time to stray!


Needing to Hear

Sad for those who turn away…

An evil collapse that coming day!

Rejecting mercy is a deadly snare

Sad for those who do not care!


Glad for those with a happy soul

With faith in heart - calm and bold1

This is what we all should hear…

Our greatest victory is found in prayer!


Sad for those who ignore the truth

A sudden fire will soon let loose!

When on the shaky road of hate…

Many will seal their eternal fate!


Find your place within this life…

In true hope we overcome strife!

Lift up the Word as you grow…

Sincere believers can surely know!


Join Right In

Join right in and gather around

Some to come from out of town!

With a song that offers so much…

Such a majestic and caring touch!


Join right in and clap your hands

This is something so very grand!

Children to shout the older are glad

Love the good and reject the bad!


 We have the message with a reason

God Almighty made every season!

His heavenly angels are so keen

The love of Jesus keeps us clean!


Join right in and do your part…

Live in peace - surrender your heart!

Jesus Christ has been given all power

Rejoice in truth every day and hour!


Christian Love

A caring saint upon this shore…

She loved to greet you at the door!

"Enter in, you’re welcome please"

To pray each day upon her knees!


Thank you Lord for what is true

Christian love is a gift from you.

Help us grow in truth each day,

All by Grace we trust and obey!


Inez Dixon was anybody’s friend

Her love for Jesus shall never end!

With tender smile and humble ways

She pointed many to brighter days!


Christian examples are hard to find…

"Muh" we called her – she was so kind!

Forever at home with Jesus in Heaven

Her hope for others was to be forgiven!



In the light of what is given…

All by faith the gift of Heaven!

Jesus came so we can go…

Abide in love so you can know!


Let the Word of Christ go forth

The Holy Spirit is our source!

Stay in tune with the truth…

Evil ways will then let loose!


Be very sure of what you say…

Peace is given to those who pray!

When you travel upon this path…

Abiding in Jesus will forever last!


Keep the gospel within your soul

Then the joy will surely unfold!

The entire world must know of Christ

We have the message that is precise!


In His Word

In His Word is perfect peace

Evil ways by Grace to cease!

In His Word we have true hope

Daily in love we learn to cope.


In His Word – we’re on the way

God has shown us a brighter day!

As we live by His Spirit power…

In His Word we’re safe each hour!


Humble ways we are now given

Jesus came to take us to Heaven.

By His Word while in this path

Faith in God will forever last!


The blessings we have are so real

Because of Jesus – God will forgive.

Take His Truth wherever you go…

Pray and seek what all should know!


A Ready Mind

Always be true and live in love

A ready mind will look above.

As we travel down this road…

A caring heart to loosen the load!


What is hidden shall be known,

From this Earth we will be gone!

Before the Lord we all must stand

A willing mind is a humble friend!


Here and now before we go…

In God’s Word is how we grow!

Take the time to speak in faith…

Praise the Lord for Amazing Grace!


A steady mind will go the course

Staying in line is a greater force!

Being a doer for sure is right…

Because of Jesus we win the fight!


Rescue Ship

Near the coast the ship to sail…

Waves to toss and sea to swell!

Approaching the horizon is a storm

Horns to blow - folks then warned!


Sudden-danger has captured some

Their battered boat it cannot run!

Overboard into the deadly deep,

Help is there for those who seek!


Rescue ship in seconds arrive

The captain offers a safer ride!

Reaching out to give a hand…

Because of truth God has a plan!


Now the victims have been saved…

Rescued gladly from a watery grave!

Get on board this great gospel-ship

Within the cabin you will not slip!


Faithful And True

He is God and Holy King…

To our Lord we can sing!

There is hope forever in Christ

Trust in Him and be precise!


Faithful and true – He is able

Jesus Christ is not a fable!

He cared enough for us to die

Unto the Savior we need to cry!


On our way to a lovely shore…

Where all things are eternally pure!

We are taught how we must live…

Those to repent – God will forgive!


Once you’re saved from your sins

The gospel truth is the way to win!

Obey His Word and grow in love

He sent His Son from up above!



Another day with many a blessing

Another time to overcome testing!

Another reason to trust and pray

Another need to never stray!


Place you life into His hand…

Place your all within His plan!

Place your mind into His will…

Place your heart where truth is real!

Once you find that Jesus cares…

Once you accept – out goes fears!

Once you come to Christ in faith,

Once you leave you’ll see His face!


Gone is hate when mercy comes in…

Gone is rejection when saved from sin!

Gone is darkness as hope takes over

Gone is despair when you are sober!


Going Ahead

The border is marked as you see

Going ahead after finding the key!

Up the coast then across the line

Traveling free and feeling fine!


People with jobs to make a living

What they offer is love in giving.

Helping others to know the route

Within the Church saints do shout!


Going ahead where much is seen

Within the window sunlight beams!

Goodness and mercy are at our side

Caring souls without selfish pride!


Now the journey has led us here

After getting back from over there.

Going ahead with charity of mind

A heart of faith while doing fine!


There Are

Rude can be the ways of man,

Hurting people across the land.

Those who try and harm a soul

Such a heart is evil and cold!


We are called to protect each other

Pray for every sister and brother!

Reach the sick and do what’s right

Point all people to the gospel light!


Anyone caught turning from love

God looks down from up above!

Jesus came so we can know…

Take the truth wherever you go!


There are many needing help

What is thought is what is felt!

The life we have God did give,

What we believe is how we live.


Very Early

Morning prayers are now in place

Seeking the will of the Father’s face!

Sun has risen the moon goes down

Many are headed to a busy town!


As we achieve what is so true…

Help us Lord what we must do!

We are moving into a scene…

Blood of Jesus washes us clean!


Very early and then we launch…

Like typing words with certain fonts.

Going where the truth is spoken…

Getting help for what was broken!


God our maker is making a way

Very early is to speak and say!

Spend each moment staying strong

Stay on course and warn of wrong!


In God’s Word

We have a Word from our King

Unto the Lord let us daily sing!

On to victory is the blessed hope

Within God’s Word we can cope!


This wonderful news we can tell

Point to Heaven and warn of hell!

The risen Christ has made a path…

This Old World is headed down fast!


In God’s Word we have assurance

Spirit of Grace will give endurance!

Let the message direct your life…

Blood of Jesus overcomes strife!


What was done when Jesus first came

There are those to worship His name!

No one else can deliver your soul

Trust in Jesus so loving and bold!


Give The Word

Every minute that we are here,

Give the Word, in love, not fear!

Take a moment to bow your head

"Thank you God for all you’ve said!"


This is a blessing to get involved

All our cares the Lord can solve.

Every desire according to His will

God by Grace will surely fulfill!


Give the Word from your heart…

Believe in Jesus is do your part!

We are here and whatever is good…

Spreading faith, the way we should!


There is hope because of Christ

In great pain - He paid the price!

When all was finished upon the cross

For our sins, Jesus paid the cost!


Forever Is Forever

Many times we wonder much…

God to send His tender touch.

All so freely our Savior to give…

His own life and Spirit to seal!


Forever is forever in His sight

Jesus has all power and might!

Upon the water and on this Earth

God did come to give us worth!


To raise the dead and heal the sick

The face of evil received a kick!

Jesus the Savior is our all in all

Never hesitate on Jesus to call!

Forever is forever so give God glory

"Jesus saves" is the Gospel story!

Take this love and rejoice in light,

Soon to behold Him with our sight!


Being A Follower

Living in faith and desiring to seek

God will guide the caring and meek!

Those who ask to be a witness…

God by love offers spiritual fitness!


Being a follower is a perfect goal

Spirit of God to enter your soul.

As we trust and learn to obey…

Within your heart Jesus will stay!

Those that choose to stay on track

What we speak is a Gospel fact!

To be a doer and keep in line…

A true follower makes use of time!


A born-again child does believe

That is why we all must heed!

In the pages of what all is given…

Real disciples are headed to Heaven!


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