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Being Sure

We are facing many situations…

There is no time for any hesitation.

Finding the way is having a plan

Especially when doing all you can.


Summer to return after winter leaves…

Springtime is when we plant our seeds.

After the ground has been prepared

Wheat will grow along with the tares!


As best we can possibly know…

We should be ready wherever we go.

Staying aware of the latest news…

Keeps us informed of certain views.


When all is said – the chips may fall

Living in faith is to answer the call.

Saying one thing but not doing right

Can keep a soul from seeing the light.


Faith And Knowledge

When we are given something sweet

To make you strong and never weak!

Faith and knowledge works together

When you trust no matter the weather.


We are taught to humbly, ask…

Be calm and pray – for joy to last.

Jesus will help us in His own way

For our souls – He did pay!


Such a gift offers us knowledge

Wherever you go – home or college!

In the streets the bells do ring…

Church now as we preach and sing!


Build in love and live in hope:

There is no other way to cope.

Faith and knowledge is very real

Your soul and spirit – God will fill.


So Wonderful

People with vision – trying to reach out

God gave us life as we search all about.

Over to a neighbor to see how they are

Knowing the way - we can travel afar!


Doing an honest job - the family is fed…

Helping the hurting – just like God said!

Encouraging one another whenever in need

Christian friendship – the Bible we believe!


So wonderful to watch the clouds unfold

This poem is written from heart and soul!

The flowers are blooming all over town…

Springtime is here and such joy is found!


All that we know from what we have learned

What you can’t buy – there’s no way to earn.

Wonderful and pure - real and free…

Salvation is a gift – throughout eternity!


Fresh Each Day

The trail gets weary from time to time…

Some moments great - others, not so fine!

Although feelings will try and control

Let faith in God rule your soul.


Fresh each day - the Spirit renews

Regardless of our earthly views!

We have a source of strength within…

Because of Grace we’re saved from sin!


Fresh each day with a new sunrise,

We have no reason for any disguise.

The gift of love to enter your heart

Keeps us all from falling apart!


When someone goes the opposite way…

Their life is confused like hardened clay.

Fresh each day - the comfort of knowing

Plant in hope and continue growing!



Whenever you hear the trump to sound

All believers will evacuate this town!

Toward the mountain of the new horizon

Resurrection morn - souls will be rising!


Excitement building most everywhere

God will wipe away our every tear!

Saints should be ready for that day…

Whenever God calls us home to stay!


The front-page news will surely read…

"Millions are missing – to vanish indeed!"

Those who did not respond to this warning

Will not depart that resurrection morning!


Whenever is now – no time to pout…

"Come up hither" will be the shout!

Revelation is certain to head this way…

Get on board for that grand reunion day!



Even a fish knows when danger is near

They also will avoid uncertain fear!

Though often times they still get struck

We as people need to take a closer look!

Unexpected situation creates a must…

Some folks will even swear and cuss.

Anger is not how we are to get by…

Unto the Lord - be humble and cry!


Beware of causing your own trial…

Ignoring problems will prolong each mile.

Take a step toward the right elevation…

Trust the Lord without hesitation!


Beware of blaming others for your guilt

Backbiting is another form of filth!

Take responsibility for your ways…

Receive good help and seek better days.


For The Good

A victim is someone that gives up

Even though pain can empty the cup.

Getting the wind knocked from the sails

All for the good but, so hard to tell.


Being overwhelmed by sudden trials…

Hurts your plans – can hide many smiles.

Luck has nothing to do with escape…

Search for help and never hesitate.


Whatever happens – there is a reason

Ignoring facts can disrupt any season!

For the good we have real hope…

Reject all vanity then cut the rope!


Hold onto faith and continue doing right

When dawn appears – then comes light.

Give your best effort – God will provide.

For the good – we shall not subside!


Across The Land

To teach someone else, how to be

We ourselves must first be free!

There is a path – once you find…

Gentle the soul with peace of mind.


Great success once you have arrived

To reject evil is to turn from pride.

When you reach that greater plain…

Then for sure your life will change.


Sunshine is bright all across the land

Water is purified with rocks and sand.

Bees are needed to give us honey…

Perfect love is not a matter of money.


So very real is a caring friend…

The wisdom of God has no end!

Surprises are fine – tricks are deceiving

Going to Heaven – Saints will be leaving!


True Dedication

There is always a need to carry on…

Things get rough and can go wrong.

True dedication is the best we give

A Christ-like heart will forgive.


Reject lying and all evil ways…

Purer the heart – brighter the days.

The best advice to ever take…

Learn your lesson – not too late!


Never a reason for being lost

Without delay - count the cost!

What is hidden shall be told…

A satisfied mind is a happy soul!


True dedication to a calling…

Can keep you from sadly falling!

Laugh not at someone you don’t know

You shall also reap what you sow!


Like A Tall Tower

Priorities are good – more than that

Being very sure of where you’re at!

From the distant – a beam of power

We too can be like that tall tower!


There’s more than getting all you can

How brave you are, is to take a stand!

Open your heart and receive a shower

Stay sure and firm – like a tall tower!


A message to send for those in tune

Find the channel – don’t wait till June.

Never let a second overtake the hour

Reach out in love – like a tall tower!


Going To Where

The crow will alert their own to flee

A deer will hide so we don’t see.

All squirrels gather for the winter

Name of the Lord is our defender!


Going to where there is green pasture

We’re headed there so much faster!

Thoughts are keen – Spirit overflowing

Greater than gold - very brightly glowing!


Folks will choose what to follow…

Faith is genuine – selfishness is hollow!

Words and action speak for itself…

Complaining can place you on a shelf!


Get in the arena – leave the sidelines

God is love – and that’s just fine!

We’re going where everything is pure

Beyond the galaxies to a perfect shore!


Out There

When the showers are gushing down

Streams will run across the ground.

Completely wet - from trees to yard…

While on the road - dangerous and hard!


Life can be like a spring-shower…

In love we grow by God’s own Power!

Out there in the streets - folks are sliding

Some confused while scared and hiding!


Upon this Earth - here for a short stay

Some refuse to take time to pray.

Others are rejoicing with hearts that care

Soon our journey will take us out there!


Staying ready is being in touch…

God has blessed us - so very much!

Out there the skies are clean and bright

Faith will take us into that light!



Our thoughts are leading a certain way

Allow me to take this moment to say.

"When you direct your mind to seek…

It’s then to others - a message to speak."


Not everyone hears the majestic sound

Many are in darkness – few are found.

"Come to the well and drink so free"

This is how life should always be!


Few are accepting the invitation to sing

Hear ye people as Church bells ring!

Preachers, Deacons, Neighbors and Friends

Jesus is the victory - we all can win!


Across the canyon there is a home…

People are happy and staying strong!

Few to visit where others do live…

Spreading God’s Word is how we give!


Here And Gone

Getting things right - we sometimes miss…

Seems almost surely – there are certain risks!

The only thing that is always for sure

Mercy and Grace are eternal and pure.


When you feel your strength is weak…

There is a silent place we can seek.

Calm your heart and surrender your mind

The Lord is there - so beautiful and fine!


Here and gone without a solitary trace…

Many will be headed to that glorious place!

Rest in love and get ready to leave…

The rapture is coming God’s Word to heed!


Here and gone the Word has spoken…

On every hillside trees will be smoking!

Flames to consume this entire Earth…

Without Jesus – there’s no real worth!


He Hears His Child

God the Father - He hears His child

He is with us every single mile!

Abba, Father – He will daily provide

He will punish the sinner’s pride!


God our Savior knows our cares

He is there to sooth our fears.

The Lord is just a prayer away…

He stills the night and gives us day!


God is watching over His sheep…

He has promised our soul to keep!

He hears us when we make our cry

We’re headed home – like a bird to fly!


All to Thee – our Lord, so dear…

Thank you Father for being near.

He hears us as we make our plea

Jesus is the door – He has the key!


The True Witness

False religions are all over this place

An evil grin is upon their face.

Most of these people are so confused

The Truth of God - they surely misuse!


Well, it’s not a joke to mislead a soul

These folks are even sassy and cold!

Their plan is to fight against the Word

They pretend to know what has occurred.

A true witness will live in love…

To let you know Jesus came from above.

A perfect life - our Savior did live…

By His blood He's willing to forgive.

No other way to find real salvation…

Rejecting the Blood leads to revelation!

Add not or remove from the Holy Bible

God will judge upon His next arrival!


It Is Finished

Moses did much to help the nation…

He did it all without any hesitation.

David, the King, went the extra mile…

His victory was known many a mile!


Elijah was willing to hear God’s voice

To warn of evil was his greatest choice!

Isaiah took a stand for what was right,

Ezekiel was sure - he saw the light!


Deborah took a stand against the enemy

They ran from her army toward infinity.

Rachael even died - while giving birth…

The truth she lived was a greater worth!


When Jesus came the Word was fulfilled

A Savior would suffer - His life to give!

Evil was defeated and sin was diminished

Upon the Cross, He cried "It Is Finished!"


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