Because Of Truth

Theses are the days to know for sure

Strange behavior outside the door

We are daily upon the firing line…

All in the streets is not so fine!


Listen to these words at last…

Upon the Lord, our cares to cast!

Because of truth, we’re headed above

Trust in God and receive His love.


Jesus came to give us Grace…

On the cross He took our place!

Because of truth we can do right…

Endure the trials and walk in light!


On toward glory to meet the King…

While down here to rejoice and sing!

We are going to make it through…

God is with us – His Word is true!


America Under Attack

What is this we all have seen

Fighting freedom and its gleam!

Help us Lord as to what to do

Our ultimate trust is in you!


September eleventh, rising of the sun

On Tuesday morning in 2001!

Terrorism happened within the skies

Many of our citizens innocently die!


Not any time for us to hold back…

Awake! Awake! America under attack!

At last! At last! We must take note

Let not our nation go up in smoke!


In the memory of those who have died:

We’ll meet you there above these skies!

Those of us down here that remain…

Continue daily God's truth proclaim!


True Liberty

As we continue to do as we should

Living clean is so honest and good.

To be a doer is to always be strong,

Follow the right and reject the wrong!


True liberty is a way of daily coping

Many from truth are surely eloping!

Headed forward is to face the facts

There is no victory by being slack!


Those to reject this narrow way

Lost in confusion and disarray!

When we follow what has been told,

True liberty will flood your very soul!


Rejoice, rejoice – be glad and sing…

The old rugged cross we are to cling!

Always have peace and then be sure

True liberty is what will keep us pure!


A Stormy Blast

Across the Earth turmoil is crawling…

A stormy blast and buildings are falling!

Sudden calamity with many a cry…

Due to hostile attacks from the sky!


Those who are living in Christ-Like love

We are headed toward a kingdom above.

Our security is real, paid for by Grace

God will protect us in every place!


Events to occur that we have seen…

What is it for - what does it mean?

Crashing planes into innocent people…

Defiance has appeared, tall as a steeple!


Thousands to suffer from a violent blast

We who are left - so shaken at last!

As America arises beyond this storm

Christians are told to sound the alarm!


Seek His Will

Seek to be a witness of love…

Jesus is Lord here and above.

He came to earth to pay the price

"Jesus is Savior, The Anointed Christ."


Never can anyone give such peace

In His presence storms must cease!

All to Thee, our Lord we give…

In your Word we seek to live!


All by faith is to do what’s right

Grow in Grace and walk in light.

Jesus is also our closest friend…

Whatever is eternal shall never end!


Seek God’s will day by day…

Speak to others what Jesus did say.

Follow the path of hope and kindness

Warn the world of spiritual blindness.


Overcoming Heaviness

Help us Lord to be on guard…

Your mighty Word is our sword!

Cut us loose from sadness and doubt.

Give us strength to sing and shout!


Heaviness will try and wreck our life

Creating contention and so much strife.

We need not to always be afraid…

Jesus has arisen from the grave!


When we follow the righteous path

Overflowing joy will forever last!

Take your cares back to the Lord

What was impossible is no longer hard!


As we carry the Word all around

Doubt and heaviness is no longer found.

Telling to others about our hope in Christ

Peace and assurance is the greatest price!


Good News

Now connected to a Gospel line:

For all believers, we’re doing fine!

When in touch with truth above…

There is hope in Christian love!


As we press for the eternal prize

Unto Jesus - lift up your eyes!

The gift of life is freely received

The greatest blessing is to believe!


Good news daily for others to hear

Call on Jesus and He will be there!

Go tell the message in urgent haste…

Being saved is to accept God’s Grace!


Very real are the things in life

Fear and hate covered in strife!

Many folks are giving their views

Reaching others is telling good news!



Sometimes things will try and block:

Situation can strike hard as a rock!

Circumstances may seem to be out of hand

Until we survey God’s perfect plan!


There is a pathway leading ahead,

Telling a believer, we need not dread.

You can rejoice and be so pleased…

Now is the time to plant the seeds!


Circumstances will often try to hinder

God almighty is our only defender!

Jesus came so we can know…

Love and truth is the way to go!


Never give in to what causes pain…

Faith and prayer is our greatest gain.

Going to where we need to be…

Can give us courage and set us free!



All Over Again

When a new day has entered into view,

Some people are living without a clue!

Then it happened all over again…

A slip of the tongue covered in sin!


We must stay ready for what is to be,

Trust and believe is the way to be free!

All over again we can do what’s right

Be very sure you’re walking in light!


There is comfort for a soul in seeking

God is near in sowing and reaping.

We can have a real peace of mind…

Having true faith is how we can find!


Going to where we can have sweet rest

Calm your spirit when facing a test!

As we follow this great victory trail…

All over this World - Good News to tell!


Surrender And Serve

Without a Savior there’s no other hope,

All by God’s Grace we’re able to cope.

Surrender and serve is the attitude to take

Follow the commander and never be late!


Our life is safe upon the righteous path

Sin will destroy – evil will not last!

Love is the reason – we must carry on…

Reaching out in truth will keep us strong!


Surrender and serve is the road to lead

Trusting in the Lord is how to believe!

All that we have and to ever receive

Peace over doubt, if we give heed!


These short day’s we have down here

It’s all right to show that you care!

Be very sure you’re in the right line

Only by faith - Heaven you can find!


The Question

If this were the day…

What would you say?

If this were the hour…

Would you have power?

If this were the season…

Would Christ be your reason?

When The Lord calls us out:

Will you leave with a shout?

When the last trump sounds:

Will you leave this ground?

When all is finally said and done…

Will you be ready to meet the Son?

When Christ returns from above

Will you be living in Christian love?

If this were the time…

Would you have a steady mind?

Any second all this could be…

And only Jesus can set us free!


What To Do

Believe the Gospel day by day

Walk in a loving Jesus way.

Go in faith to reach the lost

Tell to others "Count the cost."


A soul is either right or wrong…

Ready for heaven or without a song!

We are here to serve the Lord…

Rejoice in hope – press on when hard!


What to do – as we often wonder,

Speak in truth and point to yonder!

Tell of what God has prepared…

Know our Lord does answer prayers!


All to Jesus we freely give…

Submit to God by faith to live.

Get ready for what is soon to be

Follow Jesus so others can see!


So Much More

We are seeing the nearing of Christ

Holding back is a dangerous vice.

What is needed is a revival within

Trust in Jesus and turn from sin.


Send the message to every shore

God does offer us so much more!

A home in heaven by His Grace…

When we leave this earthly place.


On the horizon there is a sound

You’re in or out – lost or found!

Confusion or peace is a real choice

Hear and heed God’s majestic voice!


So much more we have been told

Give your life - surrender your soul.

In the beauty of what is right…

Live each day in God’s holy light!


Being A Believer

In these times we need to know

When to come and where to go?

Things for sure are changing each day

Pressure is great with spiritual decay.


Being a believer is a blessing indeed

Comfort within for those who heed!

On this journey of everlasting love…

Joy is given as a gift from above!


This is the promise we are given…

Those who accept are surely forgiven.

Whatever we do and however we live

Unto the Lord - our soul to give!


Take this message and become a part…

Surrender your all and humble your heart!

There is no assurance for a deceiver…

Growing daily in faith is being a believer.




One-hundred fifty years it took to build…

A flood was nearing powerful and real!

The Ark was ready and work was finished

After the flood the Earth was replenished!


Noah and his family was safely on board

Eight human souls were in one accord.

Two of each animal came right on in…

The rest of the world was wrecked by sin!


Forty-days and nights the rain did come

Those shut out with nowhere to run!

God did warn the World to repent…

Many to drown with a knee unbent!


Right at a year the Ark did float…

Four–hundred eighty feet - what a boat!

Upon mount Ararat and back on land…

God’s spared the crew by His Own Hand!



Keeping Safe

What we don’t know and cannot see…

Sudden things can cause a calamity!

It’s hard to know from day to day…

Where to go and what to say!


Keeping safe is a need to be sure…

Preventive medicine is a great cure!

Staying ready for what could be next,

Without hope a soul can become vexed!

People are fought on most every side…

Our greatest enemy is a thing called pride!

Knowing our reason and doing our best

This is also a way to pass every test!


Those who are hurting from within

God is always there to help us win!

Keeping safe is to keep pressing on

"All to Jesus" is my favorite song!


Forever and Ever

Challenges will come as the sun arises…

The Word of God sees no surprises!

Forever and ever the Truth is written

All evil forces shall soon be smitten!


Sad for a soul to reject God’s love

Salvation is paid with perfect blood!

Jesus took our place upon a rugged cross

A Jewish Carpenter is my eternal boss!


On this straight and narrow path…

Life down here is closing so fast!

Ready or not, the Lord shall come back

Times and seasons are showing the facts!


Forever and ever to live with the King

Shout for joy and continue to sing!

We have a promise that God will keep

Those who are saved are willing to seek!


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