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Be On Guard

As we approach that sudden day

Let us cautiously seek and pray!

Those that reject to hear this call

Many are certain to take a fall!


Only the sinners saved by Grace

We shall quickly leave this place!

Rewards await the faithful few…

Because they were kind and true!


Be on guard for whatever is wrong

Live the way your life is a song!

To know you’re on a narrow path

Follow the light (not later) but fast!


Time is a factor in all that is done

Teach of love and obey God's Son!

Take this moment to come to the cross

To make it right is to no longer be lost!


More Of Jesus

Saved at last without any doubt,

Jesus came so that we can shout!

The sky is certain to open soon,

Headed yonder above the Moon!


More of Jesus because of truth…

From evil ways we are let loose!

Now to serve a Savior and King

More of Jesus - to Him we sing!


Worship in the presents of God,

He has delivered us from a rod!

On the pathway of joy and hope

By God’s Grace we daily cope!


More of Jesus – more each day…

Talk with Him as we humbly pray.

More of Jesus for He is the one…

More of Jesus – God’s begotten Son!


Morning Is Coming

Fog now melting with its dew…

Deer are hiding, and not just few!

Light is lifting just over the hill,

Out in the yard with an icy chill!


A majestic calm is something keen,

Every thought so gentle and clean!

Brightness grows like an open mind

Expanding always caring and kind.


Morning is coming with a message dear

Living in love - while conquering fear.

Going forth to be whom God has said,

Jesus is alive - He arose from the dead!


Morning is coming there is a sound,

Trumpet to blow - Angels all around!

Graves to open the Saints are taken…

With the Lord above, forever, awaken!


As We

As we listen this is good…

As we grow like we should!

As we heed upon this way…

As we rejoice day by day!


As we do what all is right

As we endure in this fight!

As we sing because of Christ

As we accept His sacrifice!


As we preach in true love…

As we speak of heaven above!

As we teach about the hope…

As we reach we daily cope.


As we carry the cross in faith…

As we pray from place to place!

As we wait to behold His face…

As we learn we trust His Grace!


The Way

As these words here are given…

John 3:16 is a gift from heaven.

Jesus paid our debt for sin…

Now we must be born-again.


The way is narrow on this path,

What God does will forever last!

The way to follow is in true faith…

Repent and believe in urgent haste!


John 3:16 is not a passing game,

Salvation is not a matter of fame!

We are sinners in need of Christ…

By His blood - Jesus paid the price!


Come and accept this eternal key

The Holy Bible will set you free!

John 3:16 is surely the way to go…

In Christian love we can daily grow!


Only By Grace

We have made it where we are,

Only By Grace to come this far.

Toward the prize while pressing on

Jesus Christ is our victory song!

Only By Grace and no other way…

We will survive that judgment day!

On into glory - heaven is our home

Only By Grace we must be strong!

Whenever we feel like giving up…

Peace to find within God's Holy cup.

He is always there to keep us pure…

Only By Grace we can now be sure!

Take this news to every land…

Nails to pierce His feet and hands!

Christ arose by His Mighty Word

Only By Grace has this occurred!



God has done very great…

Never to be a second late!

He poured out love by His power

He is there every passing hour!


Gladly will we praise His name,

He is God and always the same!

There is joy within His Grace…

Jesus Christ - He took our place!


We can pray to this Holy King

To the cross we must daily cling!

Gladly for our sins - He died…

Repent of sin both far and wide!


Wonderful this truth as we speak

Now's the time for us to seek!

God has done so extremely much,

We are saved by His gentle touch!


God Can And Will

He is near to meet a need…

Every promise is like a seed.

There is love and joy within…

God can and will save from sin!


Let us now reflect His light…

Grow in love while in this fight!

Do His will in every single thing,

Let us also rejoice and sing!


God can and will help us to live

Jesus came to heal and forgive!

Where we are and what we do…

Making the best is staying true.


As we learn to trust and obey…

Press on in Grace day by day!

God can and will bless His child

Truth will guide us every mile!


Greater And Sweeter

Words we speak are such a need

Upon the truth our soul to feed!

Greater and sweeter serving Christ

He shed His blood to pay our price!

Greater and sweeter with such love

A perfect gift sent from up above!

Perfect and purer is our King…

Joyful and fuller as we daily sing!


There is a fountain so very real…

By His Grace - His Spirit to seal!

Before His throne we shall kneel

Jesus Christ - for Him we live!


Greater and sweeter we can know

In His light kindness doth flow!

Arms reached out for to save…

Jesus has power over the grave!


In That Day

There is a time we all must face

A certain day in a certain place!

When it comes we then must know…

Whatever was done to eternally show!


God has told us, we need to trust…

Accepting Jesus is urgently, a must!

In that day the saints goes forth…

We will behold our eternal source!


God the Father is that Perfect One…

He came to Earth and gave His Son!

Because of Christ - now we can say,

We soon shall see Him, in that day!


As a Child of this Mighty King…

Unto the Lord His Word to cling!

This is not just a religious fling…

Forever in love we can gladly sing!


Living In Love

To be a helper - listen real well…

Deeds and actions soon will tell.

Stay on course and do your best,

God will help you pass each test!


Live in love and do God’s will…

Grace gives strength when we’re ill.

Go in peace while abiding in light…

Keep pressing on and hold on tight!


Let not greed stand in your way…

Take the time, be humble and pray!

Never turn back or else you’ll stray

The Lord could return most any day!


Being a doer of this Holy truth…

Sinful pride must then let loose!

What we achieve both here and now,

The Word of God will teach us how!


Take Him In

Don't shut Him out just stay alert…

Evil will cause you very much hurt!

Come to the cross and reject all sin

Call out in faith and Take Him In.


We have no time to ever waste…

Depend on Him - His love to taste!

Take Him In - receive His power

Surrender your life this very hour!


How we live and where we go…

Light of Jesus can daily show!

God will defeat every single foe

First accept and then you'll know!


We are here to make things right

Then we can endure every fight!

Trials may come - but for sure…

Grace of God will give the cure!


Three Rusty Nails

What our Savior on Calvary has done…

God Almighty became the Begotten One!

Three rusty nails pierced hands and feet…

For our eternal souls the Savior did weep!


Now we have a message that's dear…

The gospel Word - our Lord does care!

This our hearts doth rejoice in hope…

God has given to us a heavenly cloak!


Three rusty nails is what all it took,

Such a truth that is within His book!

No excuse to sinners across this Earth

Come unto Jesus for a second birth!


Evil forces that often seem nimble…

Upon their faces at light they tremble!

For us the choice - it's heaven or hell…

All because of those three rusty nails!



This gift we have is perfectly true

God is teaching us whatever to do!

Unless we receive Christ-like love…

There's no other way to heaven above!


Forget not all what God has done…

He gave His life - and sent His Son!

This gift we have is such a blessing

Even at times there will be testing!


Unless we study - you'll not learn,

Listen to Jesus or else you'll burn!

Awake to truth - seek true peace…

Up in Heaven the war will cease!


Continue on and rejoice in hope…

By God's Grace we all can cope!

Turn from evil by hating the sin,

Those that trust are sure to win!


Walking The Walk

Some will say – but they never do,

To lose their way, for this be true!

Not being who you say you are…

Like locking yourself, within a jar!


There are those just getting started

A trial appears – then half-hearted!

Saying one thing - but doing another

Turning a back on sister and brother!


Many a soul are refusing to pray…

Consumed by pride every single day!

Caring less what’s false, or real…

Making themselves and others ill!


Few that listens before they talk…

These are they walking the walk!

Being a Christian is not just a fad…

Growing in love is how to stay glad!


Deep Within

Still waters run deep this we know,

Flowers in springtime as they grow!

Birds to land on a chimney top

Seals upon their belly do flop!


Ships that cross the wide open sea

Our flag to wave majestic and free!

These are things for all to see

While headed toward eternity!


Deep within is a longing soul…

Way up high the streets are goal!

Moment of birth - after the strain

The joy arrives a mother to sing!


Soon an appointment, won't be long

Doing what right, avoiding the wrong!

Receiving Jesus as Savior and friend

Then comes a peace from deep within!


The Time

The time to listen is today

The time to trust without delay!

The time for caring as we pray

The time to worship - not to stray!

The time for hope - it is for real

The time for love - the Lord forgives!

The time to carry truth and light

The time to endure within the fight!

The time to rejoice because of Grace

The time is soon to see God's face!

The time we have is very good…

The time to live just how we should.

The time to be - for sure you can

The time is here to make a plan.

The time to follow - then to lead

The time to do as we give heed!


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