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Be A Doer

The road to heaven can be rough…

Even at times things can get tough!

Every path can often be steep…

Those to make it - by faith to seek!


Be a doer of God’s good will

Christ is able to save and heal.

Let Christ in and fill your soul…

Stay very calm even when bold.


Some may ignore - others to hear..

Many will reject and few will care.

You need to know where you stand

By God’s Grace be sure you can.


Be a doer and continue to live…

Peace and joy the Lord will give.

Sweet the labor of a growing saint

Victory for those who do not faint!


The Right Choice

Be ye careful for what is done

Evil hurts and it’s on the run!

Darkness flees from the light

Jesus Christ has won the fight!

Never a reason to ignore the truth

Sin and violence is on the loose!

The Lord is near and very able

Only Jesus can keep us stable!

Be alert of what possibly could be

Stay on course so happy and free!

Jesus came so we can rejoice…

Living in faith is the right choice!

Whatever is best the results are clear

Jesus gives peace and saves from fear!

We are blessed to know the way…

Continue this journey as you pray!


Them Or You

A choice is presented in this life

Them or you - instead of strife!

Strength is given to a faithful heart

Fruit overflows a Christian cart!


Them or you - the answer will show

Pointing fingers is not the way to go!

We all need help along the way…

Sad for those who will not pray!


If this thought you believe is true

Remember this – it’s them or you!

Making the best of the overall situation

We now can join this great celebration!


Them or you is a familiar ring…

We all are invited to rejoice and sing!

Stay upon the straight and narrow path…

Better off growing than living in the past!



What’s Your Decision

To be in touch - now is when

Being saved is to turn from sin.

As we trust in God’s plan…

You’re safe forever in His hands!


This is a message just for you…

Giving God praise is what we do.

On the path of doing our best…

Salvation is free and then the rest.


Within God’s love you find His Son

We gladly worship the Three-In-One.

The truth we have as we learn…

It’s all a gift that can’t be earned!


God has offered a life of peace…

Within His boat the winds do cease!

Here for now then soon to leave…

Continue to worship while giving heed!



It’s Near

All that is, we now can seek…

God did come to save the weak!

Salvation is a gift to receive…

Open your heart but first believe!


So very near - our Savior to come

God’s work on Earth shall be done!

We need not fear the final results

Jesus will save us from all cults!


Christian faith is the only way

Jesus to return most any day!

Get to where you can serve Christ

For our soul He paid the price!


It’s near for us to meet our King…

Humble your heart - rejoice and sing!

We are headed to a wedding feast…

The pending judgment will then unleash!



Living Water

The hill is steep this is true

Up above is a sky of blue.

Music is sweet when in tune…

Way up high is a beautiful Moon.


Living water is offered to all

Upon the Lord we must call.

The Spirit is clean that enters in

All by Grace to be saved from sin.

Joy is real where peace is given…

Ask in faith and you’ll be forgiven.

Rivers flow deep upon this ground

A smile can replace a wicked frown.


Living waters within your soul…

Up in heaven are streets of gold.

Praising God with a heart of love

Faith in Jesus will take us above!


Man Of Sorrows

Beyond the pain that Jesus had

Now in faith let us be glad!

Because of truth everyone can sing

Unto the cross to daily cling!


Man of sorrows - Jesus is Christ

The Lamb of God to sacrifice!

Surrender now while you can…

Rest in love and take His hand!


Truth is here to bless your life…

Warn of sin and turn from strife!

Enjoy the journey as God provides

Love the Word and reject the pride!


Man of sorrows when Jesus wept…

Deep within our pain He felt!

Receive the promise of perfect love

Every good gift is sent from above!


Christmas Everyday

A season is near we love to see…

A little child that can set us free!

Baby Jesus came to give us light

Upon the cross + He won the fight!


Christmas everyday for a believer

We are safe from the vile deceiver.

When we have victory from within

God’s Grace saves us from all sin!


Christmas everyday as we gladly sing

Listen very close as the joy bells ring!

This is a time to be humble and seek

What we receive is a gift unique!


Eternal life has been sent to earth…

Once you receive - then second birth!

Let Jesus Christ then show you how…

Christmas everyday starting right now!


In The Midst

The army of God shall continue on…

Many a believer is being made strong.

In the midst of much doubt and fear…

The power of God will always be there!


We have a goal to prayerfully reach…

The Good Shepherd our soul to teach.

Jesus Christ is the incarnate Word

Because of Him - life has occurred!


In hope and faith we have a reason,

Ever day is like a brand new season.

On the battlefield we need to know

Within a trial God’s love will show.


In the midst of so much contention…

We have been given a great commission!

Buckle up for a roller coaster ride…

Christ can save us from all evil pride!


A Treasure

Short is the time we spend down here

Around our body is an ocean of air.

What makes sense in this span of life:

Only Jesus can save us from strife!


A treasure now has surely been given

Come to Christ and prepare for heaven!

The greatest gift is whatever we receive

Accepting the truth that Jesus did bleed!


Some on earth are not following light

Not much time to get things right!

A treasure if offered so don’t be slow

Receive in faith and then you’ll know!


The Word is there for all to find

Stay on track while being so kind!

Here a moment and afterwards, gone…

Surrender to Jesus and reject all wrong!


Long Haul

We travel much near and far…

Some by plane - others by car.

Where to go we sometimes wonder

When to return - we also ponder!


Very long haul when not sure

Get on track and find a cure.

On this road we must get ready

Be very calm and hold on steady.


Battles can try and knock us down

To not be lost is to gladly be found.

Life can seem to be a long haul…

Faith and love can save from a fall.


News is given a message spoken

No need to fix what isn’t broken!

Long haul taken can wear you out

The narrow path removes all doubt!


Amidst Adversity

After a storm the sky is so clear

Beyond it all - our God is there.

He will not leave us never for sure

Jesus is able His love is that pure!


Amidst Adversity - safe in His palm

In the eye of a storm there is a calm.

Peace is great when we don’t turn away

Jesus will answer - in faith we pray!


Darkness is raging - anger is cruel,

Evil is explosive – hate is the fuel!

Deep is the dungeon – the ice is thin

Not much time to get yourself in!


Amidst Adversity we have a solution

The door is hope without a revolution!

A true caring heart can light the way,

Enter the sunshine and enjoy the day!


Ask The Expert

Who and where can they be found

Up in the air and upon the ground.

Ask the expert for they can tell…

First you must listen very well!


Don’t be deceived by a false smile

Sin is a disgrace and will defile.

Victory comes when making a plan,

Ask the expert and reach out a hand!


Like clouds that develops way up high,

Ask the expert as they teach us why.

Knowledge and wisdom is side by side

When you are right then out goes pride!


Wherever you go - there you are…

Objects are closer - distance is far!

Straighter the line across this space:

Ask the expert and watch their face!


Mr. Champion

This kind gentlemen once was here

In church one morning he wasn’t there!

After being missed, the preacher asked

The nurse to say –"he’s home at last!"


After having heard what was said…

Mr. Champion was not really dead!

After passing this way he entered in:

His soul was saved from all his sins!


On the front row to always set…

Serving the Lord is nothing to fret!

Mr. Champion did his loving part

He gave to Jesus his entire heart!


His family loved him so very sure

They heard the Word spoken pure.

Mr. Champion was ready as he parted

His work was done what God started!


 Try Being Happy

Road is winding and pressure great

Fuel is low and it’s getting so late!

Then this thought occurred to me…

Try being happy because we’re free!


The day was rough while going far…

Equipment broke like a shattered jar!

Cold and tired from a very long day

Try being happy - take time to pray.


Body was hurting badly, throat so sore

Wind and cold - knocking at the door!

Deer crossing over blocking the road

Try being happy is a much lighter load.


Wrong supplies placed in the bag…

Situation of this sort makes you mad.

My heart then rejoiced at this thought

Try being happy - even when fought!


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