"Eternal Crossing"

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As Of Now

As of now - we have been told

Be a seeker and grow not cold!

Turning away will take you down

Judgment is coming to this ground!


As of now - the time is near…

Live in faith and turn from fear!

Do what's honest and stay right

Live in love and walk in light!


Count your blessings that are many

Amazing Grace is more than plenty!

In the fields of hope and faith…

You can be glad in every place!


As of now - many have refused…

Sad for those to reject the news.

Jesus is coming sooner than before

We're headed into that eternal door!



The Outer-edge of what shall be

Experiencing a change of reality!

Violence tries to take us over…

Awake from sin and be sober!


Battles now at our front door…

The enemy will soon hit the floor!

False religion is a hopeless case…

It also strikes in most every place!


The outer-edge is drawing so near

Spread your wings, those that care!

Take the pathway toward the east

We are invited to a heavenly feast!


Saints are suddenly going home…

World to wonder, what went wrong!

Many to wonder what's going on…

Believers are going to their eternal home!


Upon Your Knees

Before our journey beyond this earth

Much to learn starting at birth!

Joy and tears so often takes place

Without prayer we'll lose the pace!


As we grow we find the way

Then a trial darkens the day!

When it clears then back on path…

Hope over despair will always last!


Sweeten each moment with a song

All by faith - while pressing on!

Love is refreshing to the heart,

Sudden fear can tear you apart!


We often wonder in such times…

Some things happen without a rhyme!

After the confusion finally leaves…

You find yourself upon your knees!


Open Your Heart

Be much aware - this to know…

Who we are will eternally show!

The road we seek is a narrow trail

What we achieve - time will tell.


Glad to know - others we affect

Wicked habits - the soul will infect!

Open your heart and find the way

What isn't right can cause delay!


A rainbow shines for all to view…

The promise is given just for you!

How we trust will be a witness…

A dreadful mind is an evil sickness!


Open your heart to find the stream

Keep your life lovely and clean!

Help a friend along the way…

We're getting closer to that day!


Daily Blessings

After my prayers have been said

A spiritual table then is spread!

Bible is studied and teaching heard…

Thank you Lord for the perfect Word.


God has blessed me with so much

First of all with His saving touch!

A wife who helps those in need…

We love to spread the gospel seed!


Kevin, my son, loves the Lord…

In his business he works so hard!

At the Church a weekly outreach…

They offer me total freedom to preach!


Daddy loves to work around his place…

Mama meets everyone with a smiling face!

Family and friends are all so dear

Blessings of God are everywhere!


The Word

We are blessed once we pray…

Praise the Lord and live each day!

On a mission to follow the path

Upon the Lord - our cares to cast!


The Word is perfect - every page,

Saving our souls from a bitter rage!

Let us rejoice while pressing on…

By God's Grace we can be strong!


Love takes over once forgiven…

Every good gift comes from heaven!

Continue to believe what all is true,

Jesus will show us what to do.


Without a map you lose direction,

Truth gives hope in every section!

Keep in touch with what is right

Jesus Christ has won the fight!


The Open Road

At the door as we head on out…

Prepared for action as we shout!

Going to do a work of faith…

Taking Jesus to every place!


The open road to show us much…

Rough at times then a tender touch.

We have a choice to get things done

Only by Grace within God's Son!


Hate of truth will crash your life

Evil ways to cause you strife!

Living in love to give us hope

Growing in faith is how we cope!


The open road goes many ways,

Ungodly fear will darken your days!

A path that puts us on the rock…

Upon the door our Savior to knock!


Reach Them Now

Without faith while waving a fist

Rebellious hearts are daily at risk!

To turn from hope and not engage

Many minds are caught in a daze!


Not a second to wonder how…

Say a prayer and reach them now!

Souls need love because of Christ

God is Savior - He paid the price!


Come home to where life is clean

Calvary's cross is a perfect stream!

Find the peace from what is told

Salvation is needed for every soul!


We have no time to wonder off…

Those to ignore will pay the cost!

We are not here to seek after fame

Once being saved - it's not the same!



Happy And Sure

When the sun comes up high…

Beauty is seen even in the sky!

Birds are singing a tender song

Happy and sure is to not be wrong!


The love of truth - a path of life

Like cutting butter with a knife!

Bees make honey that taste so good

Doing our best the way we should!


Change to come within the weather

Air we Breathe is light as a feather!

Water can quench physical thirst

Give your best for all its worth!


Happy and sure we all can be

Truth is given to set us free!

Here and now - yesterday is gone

Make every second a caring song!



Coming together with a song…

A smiling face makes us strong!

Wanting to help others to know

Living in love is how we grow!


Fellowship is something we all need

What we do is the way we heed!

Trusting Jesus is praising our Lord

Whatever is right is never so hard!


Caring for what is honest and pure

Nothing bad about being so sure!

Never let self get in the way…

Fellowship comes once you pray!


On to where we can meet together…

Safe inside from freezing weather!

Never any excuse for holding back,

Those involved are on the right track!


Taking In Joy

Much is spoken across the land

Being honest is a wonderful plan!

When in tune with truth and love

Blessing will flow from up above.


What you speak can offer a cure

First of all we must be sure!

Research is needed as we study

Without faith the sound is muddy!


We need not worry from what is told

Allow God's Spirit to have control.

Taking in joy that gives direction…

The Word of God needs no correction!


Call out first to get the real story,

After then we can give God glory!

Never to quit what God has finished

Taking in joy shall not ever diminish!


What was Said

Many folks have been misunderstood

If only people listen as they should!

A heart of love will overcomes fear,

The power of God to keep us near!


What was said was a song so clean

The open mind is a flowing stream!

The Holy Bible has been written!

Evil ways will ultimately be smitten!


What was said has now been heard

Gladly receive and speak the Word.

The time is here for all to know,

How we choose is where we go!


From the sidelines it's hard to tell,

Jump on in and drink from the well!

Go to where the waters are pure

In true faith stay glad and sure!


Help-Line Open

When you ask to be used…

Living in faith is to not abuse.

Having respect is good indeed

God has given us the gospel seed!


Help-line number now is open…

Pray for those who struggle coping!

Jesus will direct us by His light

All by Grace - we win the fight!


Never give up once involved…

Only Jesus, every problem to solve!

Listen close to His gentle voice…

Help-line open, so make the choice!


Some may not care for their life

Sad for those consumed by strife!

Make the best of every situation…

Take the challenge without hesitation!


Pathway Of Life

There are those to pass down blame

It's not necessary to call their name!

They look at many and wag their heads

Within the Word they refuse to be fed!


God has made it firm and clear…

Trust His love - Grace will be there!

Pathway of life will bless your soul

The Word is perfect and pure as gold!


Power over sin is to follow the light

Jesus shall lead us through the night!

Pathway of life came from His truth…

Bondage is over and restraints are loose!


Let us rejoice in what is great

Come on in and don't hesitate!

God is there to show us how…

Surrender your all - time is now!



Much is said but little is done…

Moving so fast while on the run!

What has been is what shall be…

Makes me want to shout and flee!


Glad to know that where you are…

We need not live in an airtight jar!

Going is what we are told to do

Telling the world what all is true!


One day soon angels shall be seen…

Saints to rejoice, the lost will scream!

The saved are going to heaven above

Liars will be caught in a fiery flood!


Change is needed before we go…

All by Grace we can surely know!

The power of God is here to save

Get ready now, not after the grave!



Blessings are given for all to receive

Find true mercy while on your knees.

Whoever we are depends on faith,

The love of Christ is in your face!


Those who trust the perfect Word,

What we accept has now been heard!

Such a gift after having been told…

The joy of Jesus to flood your soul!


However the message that is given…

Whatever is right comes from heaven!

Wherever we go, God will guide…

Whenever you turn from sin and pride!


There is a mission for all to follow

Love the truth and be not hollow!

A happy soul is thankful and true

However we accept is what we do!


Inside The Ark

Eight willing souls entered the ark

A caring life is a loving heart.

Spiritual faith will help us grow…

Safe in Jesus whether rain or snow!


Two-by-two the animals went in

If it were now it would be again!

Folks hardly learn from the past

Wages of sin is going down fast!


Rain came down forty-days and nights

Water did cover the mountain heights!

Those shut out refused God's call,

All were offered but many did fall.


Noah did preach what was to be,

Others to laugh and would not see!

Next time God will send a fire…

Come to Jesus and head up higher!


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