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A Real Need

Spirit of truth by love is given

Sent to us – a gift from heaven.

The Grace of God living inside…

Faith comes in – out goes pride.

When Gods Spirit enters this place

A friendly look is seen upon your face.

Overflowing joy and eternal gladness,

Peace is able to drive out sadness!

Burning a candle is often a need…

Abiding in hope is planting a seed.

Spreading kindness, the way to go…

There are others who seek to know.

We are here to rejoice, for sure…

Goodness and mercy will keep us pure.

More than ever - wanting to be

Home forever, within eternity.



A people of love moving forth

The Word of God is our source.

Those who care for family and friends

The power of God shall never end!

We as Christians all have a reason

Trusting in Jesus in every season!

Believers are here to teach the cross

Our mighty Savior paid the cost!

Christian folks are on the go

Living in light as we grow.

Letting the Lord show us how

Living for Jesus – the time is now!

Followers of Christ endure the trials

Spreading truth across the miles!

We have the hope to continue on…

Having great peace makes us strong!


(Whether Or Not)

Whether or not, as life moves on

The choice is either right or wrong!

Love over hate – we now must choose

Liars and cheaters are going to lose!

Whether or not you go along…

Be not weak when you can be strong.

Scanning the regions of the mind…

Sad for those who are so unkind!

Often it’s said, "We need to know"

Whether or not we come or go.

Standing still will get you lost

You must be aware of the cost!

Information is given upon your call

Whether or not you’re short or tall.

A guiding light across this land

Be a soldier and follow the plan!


(Keen Senses)

Sincerely of heart is such a need

Soul and spirit in light we feed.

Understanding life even the more…

Flowing water is refreshing and pure!

Always for certain with keen senses

Fortifying walls, securing the fences!

Oiling the gates upon a solid post…

Words of kindness from hills to coast!

Here to seek while doing your best

Receiving the offer of eternal rest.

Never harming others along the way

Taking the time to bow and pray.

Setting goals we all can follow…

Never selfish – bitter or hollow!

To carry on in all that we do…

Faithful to the finish – keen and true!



Somewhere out there are so many…

Folks in need – more than plenty.

Someone crying within the night…

Christian soldiers wounded in the fight!

Somewhere yonder God already knows

A friend is warning against the foes!

Multitudes are wondering from the path

How much longer can this battle last!

Somewhere out there: you will find

Vicious mobs with corrupted minds!

Things are happening most anywhere…

Parents helping children because they care!

Somewhere a sinner is getting saved

A saint goes forth after having prayed!

Hope is spreading all across this land

Believers are walking hand in hand!


(Drakefords Park)

Off Highway 34 in Lugoff, SC…

Drakefords Park was the place to be.

Two-story platform, which was unique,

Sixteen-foot high-dive is somewhat steep!

Year after year, summer was the time

All who arrived felt glad and fine!

Community center was also on the site

Families came together never to fight!

Picnic tables surrounded the park…

Relaxing there was a joy to the heart!

Majestic pine trees stood all around,

Children laughing, Oh what a sound!

Keeping in touch was what we knew

Friends met often with much to do!

Getting there was a journey unique…

Memories we cherish are treasures to keep!


(Never Ending Trail)

Gracefully moving across space and time

Never-ending trail of the human mind!

Everybody here – before we go…

Has the right to reach and grow!

Within the desert is very intense heat

Children are precious and so meek!

Never-ending trail – depths of the soul

Planes fly high where the air is cold!

Lonely is a person, never to wonder

While on earth it’s good to ponder!

Catching the wind with an ocean sail…

Grasping for life on this never-ending trail.

Many refuse to go on this trip…

Timid and afraid to take the dip!

Scared of what others may think

Ungodly fear will make you sink!


(Real Power)

One billion volts across the sky…

Lightning is sharp – no need to deny!

A force so incredibly hard to measure

Unknown dangers without any pleasure!

Real power is great – nothing can compare

The light of truth, love over fear!

Spirit of goodness – an eternal being

God Almighty – He a true friend!

To help a neighbor in the right way

A caring soul will take time to pray!

Real power is found in a good deed

When in faith you plant a seed!

Rain develops with heat from the sun

Vapor collides as the water then runs!

Energy is constant – given in time…

Real power transfers from Spirit to mind!


(Tunnel Of Time)

Across the regions of where we are

We’ve traveled near and so very far!

Within the vastness of all spaces,

Tunnel of time has many places!

Matter is formed as continents divide

Rotation takes place – then the ride!

The Earth to circle around the Sun

Creator of life is the Three-In-One!

Tunnel of time will get you there

God is love and Jesus does care!

All for good we live and learn…

Never to waste what can’t be earned!

Names can describe what you believe

Faithful are the few to truly give heed!

This tunnel of time soon will tell…

The truth of God will never fail!


(Ezra Went Up)

From the pits Ezra made an escape

He refused to live in evil and hate!

Never to approve of filth and sin…

On God’s side, Ezra was able to win!

After captivity Ezra went to a city…

Many cried out, "Oh Lord have pity!

Their years were rough in Babylon…

Glad for those who were headed home!

The time had come for a great escape

God made a way to rebuild the gates!

Nehemiah the prophet was also there

Many went back with peace over fear!

The Word was preached as folks cried out

Praising the Lord is to sing and shout!

As we move forward we have the love

Give glory to God before going above!


(False Doers)

A promise made is often broken

Better off if it wasn’t even spoken.

Follow the path and stay on course

Live for Jesus and find the source!

False doers will not take the time

Seems their life is out of rhyme.

Getting things done in the right way

Ask in faith whenever you pray!

God can use a person that believes

The best solution is obey and heed!

On this path - power is given…

All by Grace our soul is forgiven!

Let us rejoice along this road

God can lift that heavy load!

Get involved with what is right

To be a doer is live in light!


(After All)

For the good of what must be…

Things we do and what we say.

Careful thought to where we go

The way we live and daily grow!

After all has been completed…

Death will eternally be defeated!

Be assured it won’t be long…

Doubt is weak and love is strong!

Watch the sky and pray for rain

Get needed help when in pain!

After each event has run its course,

Faith will surpass every single force!

Carry the shield of hope and peace

Feed on truth and enjoy the feast!

Because of Grace it will work out

After all is over – continue to shout!


(Then They Came)

After the explosion and a fiery rain

Destruction hit, and then they came!

It was too late to safely get in…

Lost in darkness and consumed by sin!

The warning was given – life or death

Repenting of evil offers true rest!

Now or never the message is given…

Calling on Jesus will land us in heaven!

This fact of life still remains

Far too late; and then they came!

Wanting now what was turned down

Many have refused to ever be found!

Before our time down here is over…

Be very sure you’re saved and sober!

Life is not a matter of wealth or fame,

Suddenly to vanish; and then they came!


(Thunder Arises)

There is no need for strange disguises,

Darkness is near as thunder arises!

Never in life can this ever be said…

"What is accomplished someone did!"

Some to wonder, "how can this be"

Open your heart and you will see!

Getting to a point from where you are

We must press on to make it very far!

Thunder arises and finally the strike

Jesus is coming in power and might!

Mockers will fall by their own devices

The sword of judgment is very decisive!

Down the mountain a heat that glows

Lava is boiling as the expansion grows!

Sky unfolds with lightning flashes,

Thunder arises and then it crashes!


(Sure Win)

Having the reason is to enter the race

The next true option is to set the pace!

Getting started is to not look back…

Receiving victory is to never be slack!

The answer to life offers a sure win

Once you’re saved and born-again!

Having the will to endure all hate

Living in love offers a happier fate!

Children of God are headed for home

All by Grace we can daily be strong!

Greater than anything to ever conceive

A sure win for those who truly believe!

Get on board upon the narrow path

Keep pressing on and make it last!

Stay on course and turn from sin…

Faith in Jesus is always a sure win!


(Riding High)

Within the saddle a Ranger rides,

Not afraid when the bullet flies!

Called to defend whatever is right

Riding high both day and night!

When a threat comes over their way

Riding high as they seek and pray.

Keeping strong is a need for life…

Against all evil and fighting strife!

Retreat is not the right word to use…

My Ranger friends to deliver the news

Listen close to the message they speak

"What a person sows, they also will reap!"

Going forth to carry out the task…

Watching carefully, keen and fast!

Risking their life against evil they cry

Staying prepared while riding high!


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