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All So Much

There are many things to say

As we travel from day to day.

The blessing of life is to know…

Being faithful is the way to go.


All so much we are to live…

What we achieve is what we give.

Putting into practice what must be done

Then comes victory with the rising sun.


We are offered the greatest deal…

The joy of caring because love is real.

This is the moment to get involved…

Each of our problems can be solved.


Those who ignore the hope of truth

Will be consumed by evil let loose.

No need to hide when you are found

How we believe will follow us around.


Be Ye Thankful

In God’s love we can rejoice…

When making Jesus our true choice.

We are blessed beyond compare

Call on the Lord – He will be there


Be ye thankful for God’s Word

He will teach us how life occurred.

In His light He leads the way…

Take time to hear what others say.


God will always help us grow…

By His Grace His truth will show.

Day by day we rejoice and sing…

Once you’re saved – you’re born again.


All because God will provide

No need to complain – let Jesus inside.

He will keep you from all wrong

To be thankful is to stay strong.


Good Morning

Across the regions of a vast unknown

Incoming messages are becoming so strong.

What is revealed must surely be told

Take time to ask – loving and bold!

Beams of light coming across a hill

Majestic beauty of some daffodils!

Sea Gulls out on the open coast…

Grits on the table with morning toast.


Thank you Lord for this new day…

Growing in grace is to be humble and pray.

What we receive must be enjoyed…

Life is a gift not to be destroyed.


Strengthen your mind and open your heart…

Lust and greed will tear you apart.

To have true peace is to stay in tune…

Heaven is real and we’ll be there soon.


Free Release

When you feel weak from unknown strain

Jesus can free you from confusion and pain.

When trusting God - all guilt must leave

Jesus paid the penalty when He did bleed.


You are not to be ruled by any false guilt

A house at it best has been properly built.

God reminds you that His power is sure…

The peace of our Savior is calm and pure.


After a whirlwind the damage is seen…

To overcome doubt - keep your heart clean.

To take unnecessary blame for wrong undone

You end up not trusting God’s perfect Son.


God surely offers a blessed release…

Comfort and courage, as the storms do cease.

Looking unto Jesus the author of our faith

On Calvary’s Cross He finished the race.


Life Is No Game

As soon as you go buy a new machine

It becomes outdated before you can sing.

Memory can cost more than you make

Can hardly afford a piece of cake.

Very little time to learn to type…

How much of this could be hype?

There's got to be a better way…

Just make the best of every day.

When you refuse to take the time…

This is how to lose your mind.

I know it’s good to learn as you go

And there is a need to update and grow.

What comes from God is received in love

Temporal objects you can’t take above.

Whatever you accomplish here on earth

Becomes a gift by putting Jesus first.

Only by faith we can do what’s right

Speak the Truth and live in light.

Technology can be a wonderful blessing

What we use it for could be a testing.

Hope and peace is the key to love

Get ready to go to heaven above.

The message here is plain as can be

"Only Jesus Christ can set you free."



Many a song is written about rain…

And when we hear them our voices do sing!

Water for the plants and trees to flourish…

So we can eat as our bodies are nourished.


Rain, Rain, come on down…

We need your drops all around.

Thank you Lord for the rain

Into the earth as it drains.


The little children now can drink…

Fresh clean water as they learn to think.

Without the rains from up in the sky…

For sure by thirst our bodies would die.


The ponds need water for the fish…

Vegetables are steaming within a dish.

Rivers and oceans are fed by streams:

All because God has sent His rains.

Violent storms to tell of a certain day

God shall wash sin and all evil away!

Hope is real and shall be given…

Come to safety and be ready for Heaven!


The Beacon

Across the bay sounds of fright…

Sending warnings of a stormy night.

The message is written upon the waves

Beacon is saying, not a moment to delay!


Come across to the brighter side

Beware of obstacles that try to hide.

A beacon is pointing to a safer place

Around the bend to win the race.


Be very careful near the unstable shore

The closer we get you can feel the roar.

A beacon is reminding the rocks are near

To the open sea our coast is now clear!


Because we made it pass the danger

Stay very clear of violent anger…

A beacon is there as a needed guide

So we can carry on as the storm subsides.


The Way

Doing for others is the way

Shows you care enough to pray.

Living for truth is a blessing

Trusting Jesus overcomes testing.


Being thankful is a need

In the light we must give heed.

The way to live is the way to be

The love of God can set you free.


Doing what's right drives out doubt

No need to complain nor to pout.

What we have is a gift to use

Enduring pain will help you choose.


To carry on is to know God delivers

Not praising Jesus can make you shiver.

The way to have true victory

Accept what Jesus did on Calvary.


Jerusalem Forever

The city above all cities is high upon a hill…

Jerusalem, Jerusalem - within her we shall live.

Saints of God from each and every shore

Will be there because Jesus is the door.


Jerusalem, Jerusalem, We behold your beauty

From her courts come justice, faith and duty!

No other city can take away your power…

To enter your gates is like a spring shower!


David the King spoke of this great glory…

Truth is fulfilled in the gospel story.

Now that Jesus on the cross did die…

He arose again like the eagle does fly!


The sacrifice is paid, such glory divine…

Jerusalem - Jerusalem - your lights do shine!

We welcome such love because of light

Now's our time to fight a good fight!


A Blessing


What is a blessing - to know you care

Our God is love - He calms our fear.


A blessing is always the way to give

Being faithful is the way to live.


What is a blessing - a poem or song,

Abiding in truth - faith makes you strong.


Blessings are sent from heaven above

The greatest blessing - our God is love!


A New Book

To read a book - whatever is said

It must be written - before it's read.

The pages of life are daily recorded…

Before you finish - each word is sorted.


Like floating on air above the ground

Books are to enjoy - as they move around.

The truth is received as the Spirit unfolds

Straight from the heart - within the soul!


Passing through time weak after week…

A poem, a book - with a message unique!

This book is written to you it is given…

Love and kindness is a gift from heaven.


Angels all around - both here and yonder

To pick up a pen is to search and ponder.

Come and enjoy what now is spoken

A gift forever is a word fitly spoken!


Ready To Go

What if you went asleep tonight?

Suddenly to awake in a consuming light!

What if you were to open your eyes?

The trump to sound and part the skies!


What if Jesus were to say to you…

"Time to give account" what would you do?

What if someone was to say?

"Lead me to Jesus - with me to pray."


Would you be ready to tell them how?

Salvation's plan - be humble and bow.

Listen closely - those that are saved

You don't have to ever be afraid.


Jesus has written your name up above

By Grace we’re saved - our God is love.

Christians should not live in ungodly fear

Cast upon Jesus your every single care!


The Reason Why

Ask in kindness and it shall be given

Abiding in truth - the right kind of living.

Seek the way - and you will find…

God will keep His Word - every time.


Knock and then it shall be open…

Daily prayer helps us with coping.

The key to believing is Calvary’s cross…

Once being saved – you’re no longer lost!


Now is the time - today is the day…

Come to the fountain without delay.

God loves you - and to him we cry…

Jesus is the way - He is our reason why.


Soon he will return - this is for sure…

Look to the window - first open the door.

ASK - SEEK - Knock - He will be there…

Our God is able because Jesus does care!


Always And Forever

To God we pray

He loves us so.

Take His love

Wherever you go.

Now is the time

Every day is the day.

Live fully for Jesus

He is the way.



Lord, teach us how to be close to Thee

Within your Spirit set us free!

When so weak please make me be

Aware of your truth and liberty!

In your will help me to stay…

Closer to you - each and every day.

Help me Lord to never stray

As we daily kneel to pray.

All to Thee - we must surrender..

Perfect peace is so kind and tender.

Jesus you are my great defender

Show me how to never hinder.


Our True Shepherd

The Lord is our Shepherd

He makes a way.

So we can be thankful

And take time to pray.


He never fails us

Because of His love!

He is our Shepherd

That came from above.


Now and forever

The Lord is our song

He will protect us

And keep us from wrong.


The Lord is our Shepherd

Each and everyday.

So we can tell others

Jesus is the way.


Be Always Ready

God will swiftly move a mighty hand

There will be judgment across this land.

Get ready my friend - the time is near

Uncaring souls to be punished by fear.


Evil will be consumed like a rotten tree

Down to the pits never to be free.

To live in wickedness is not a game…

God sees your ways - and knows your name.


Get right today - not after you die…

Eternal suffering for living in a lie!

Accept the truth and abide in Christ

Be saved for sure - Jesus paid the price.


Perfect Love

There is a fountain

Flowing deep.

For those that follow

Humble and meek.

God will meet you

Within His will.

To deliver those

Feeling weak and ill.

Jesus has blessed

His children indeed.

All by faith…

We must give heed.

As we grow…

He will be there.

Jesus can calm

All ungodly fear.


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