Pastor Dixon on right in Dominican Republic with Darren Truel (Missionary)

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All By His Mercy

All by Mercy things are so good,

Makes us feel just like we should.

All by mercy our God is great…

Come to Jesus and don't be late!


All by mercy the Lord is there,

He will keep us safe from fear!

Because of Grace God has given

A perfect gift sent from heaven!


To worship God is a need…

Trust in Christ and give heed!

Prayers are answered in true faith

Soon we shall behold His face!


All by mercy - let's gladly rejoice…

Surrender your heart - make the choice!

Life is great - this is for sure…

Seek God's will then find the cure!



Although now we have the Word…

Much so much has surely occurred.

We face an enemy that is very cruel

To endure the battle - in faith be full.


Although within the light we see

Many are refusing to be set free!

Let us pray that others will hear,

Because of hope our Lord does care.


Although some has passed this way…

Speak your peace as we seek and pray!

Teach the people that God is able…

Heaven and hell is not just a fable!


Although pain and trials are real…

The Spirit of God our soul to seal!

Because of Jesus our mighty King…

Rejoice in love as we continue to sing!


Christ Is Able

He has a will just for you…

For all of us so good and true!

Let His people now rejoice…

Jesus Christ is our urgent choice!


God's way always is very pure

To offer hope with a miracle cure!

Because of Grace He is there…

Keep Him daily so very near!


In His path we have real hope

Christ is able to help us cope.

Tell a friend about His love…

Soon for sure we're headed above!


Those that believe also can go

Trust in faith - then they'll know!

God's way eternally is very unique

Nail prints in His hands and feet!


Glorious Peace

There is an escape when being fought…

Those that are evil will soon be caught!

Living in heart-ache by your choice…

Ungodly forces will not heed His voice!


God is speaking so we can have hope,

In sin and filth you’re not able to cope!

Glorious peace can be given to all…

Whosoever will - now let them call.

Jesus is knocking on the door right now

Truth is reaching out to show you how!

Take the hand of the Lord and King…

Then at last you can shout and sing!


Glorious peace is what we can be given

A perfect gift that was sent from heaven!

Come to the well and drink from above

Jesus is the Savior and a God of love!


God's Way

No other way will ever be right…

Only by faith we walk in the light!

Here to follow what is holy and true…

When we believe we learn what to do!


God's way is just - for He knows best

Come to the Savior - find eternal rest.

Go in hope while growing in love…

Carrying on in peace sent from above.


As we do what the Lord has told…

Gladness will also consume your soul!

Here and now is when we are to serve

The Word of God is how this occurred!


God's way is needed for us to have life

Endure the trials in spite of the strife!

One day soon we will forever go forth

Until then - prayer will set the course!


Hear The Truth

What is spoken may often be rejected

Souls in dander are spiritually infected!

Times are changing before our eyes…

Soon we're headed above these skies!


Freedom to live a righteous clean way…

Corruption and pride has darkened the day!

Few are willing to follow and win…

Many lives are being controlled by sin!


Hear the truth all ye faithful ones…

Continue to say - God's will be done!

Stay on course with what will last

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!


This scene will change on Christ return

Filth and shame will eternally be burned!

Come to the fountain and hear the truth

Soon God’s judgment will be let loose!


Not Even Half

Not even half has yet been told…

The Queen of Sheba said so bold!

What was heard when Solomon spoke,

Truth is eternal like an Almighty cloak!


Come to this stream that never ends

Give unto God your wretched sins!

Keep on the path that offers light…

Never let true love out of your sight!


Not even half has entered the mind,

Joy that is pure with a Spirit so kind!

Supreme is the reason for this life…

A God that’s real, greater than strife!


When the results are then weighed in

This too we'll say - once and again!

Not even the half has been told…

By Grace we grow within our soul!


On The Cross

The time did come when Jesus died

He withstood the pain as He cried!

When at last He humbly said…

It is finished - His body so red!


Shedding His blood to pay our price

Sad for those that rolls their dice!

For us all we need to be sure…

His perfect love is the only cure!


Our Savior arose on the third day

Unto Him we can gladly pray!

Within our heart let Him have control

He came to Earth to save our soul!


On the cross, the work was done,

God was willing to give His Son!

Now He's alive - forever He lives…

Trust in Jesus - He's able to forgive!


Praise His Name

As we abide within His love…

Praise His name here and above!

Go to others to let then know…

The hope of heaven here below!


Praise His name all ye people…

Way above every church steeple!

Over and across the open sea…

The Word of God sets us free!


Time is now to live in light…

Every day and even in the night!

Second by second - Praise His name

Those that do are never the same!


We are gladly being told…

Stay always humble then be bold!

Best of all - the reason why

Praise His name - He hears our cry!


Stable And Safe

Some folks refuse to seek the way…

They lose their path from day to day.

The time to do what has been said…

Open your heart not just your head!


Stable and safe are those that receive

Happy and free once you believe!

Going places never having been…

Because of faith we're saved from sin!


When we trust the righteous truth

Selfish pride must then let loose!

Those that follow are stable and safe

We shall forever behold God's face!


Knowing now what has been told

Grow in Grace so humble and bold!

Let the love of the Savior flow…

Then take this light wherever you go!


Staying Pure

The way to follow is very clear

Trust in Jesus and draw near!

We have a mission given for sure

Be ye humble while staying pure!


Let us pray for those in need…

Upon God's Word we must feed!

As we live in child-like faith…

Today and always - seek God's face!


Staying pure upon this narrow path

Sin and pride is headed down fast!

Abundant life our Savior to give,

Jesus Christ is willing to forgive!


Those that trust is willing to obey

When to do so is every single day!

Go in love and grow in hope…

Grace of God will help us cope!



Here in life we all are given…

Gift of love sent from heaven.

What we learn before we go…

Time to worship - truth to know!


Those that listen shall go forth…

God for sure is our eternal source!

Such a blessing within each day…

Hear us Lord as we humbly pray.


In every location our God is there

Now and always - hope over fear!

Peace to anyone that trust and obey

Help us Lord to never ever stray!


A joyful noise is daily being heard…

Read the truth found in God's Word!

Whatever we do or wherever we go…

Allow the light of our Savior to show!


They Know

We are the people of a Holy King…

They know we are, because we sing!

Living a life separate from filth…

Saved by Grace and freed from guilt!


They know when we trust our Lord

Things for us are never as hard!

We have assurance with peace of mind

Even when fought we’re loving and kind!


Firm we stand in the light of truth…

They know we're calm when fire is loose!

The joy of Jesus is even upon our face

We take the Word into every place!


This is a blessing to witness our Christ

For our sins the Savior paid the price!

They know a saint after we’re saved

We hope they accept before the grave!


Ways Of God

Our Lord cares in all He does…

What is to be and that which was!

As the earth goes round and round

Ways of God are upon this ground!


We need not fret for what has been

Christ is willing to forgive of sin!

He gave His life so full and free…

To open our eyes that we may see!


Ways of God can help our soul…

Because of Grace we can be bold!

Stay in line and then go forth…

God is able to provide the source!


Let us do right and remain on path

Upon our Lord each care to cast!

No need to doubt because of light

Within true faith we’ll win the fight!


We Are Told

Every day is drawing so near…

Few are ready - some don't care!

Getting saved is a decision to make…

Some has ignored while waiting too late!


We are told that love is the key

Jesus Christ can set us all free!

Living right is not just a saying…

To not do so is spiritually decaying!


Give fully to God your eternal soul

Salvation is a gift this we are told!

The Word of God has been written

Evil ways will quickly be smitten!


Get on board this gospel train…

When converted we're not the same!

Jesus shall return without hesitation…

Arrival is certain into that depot station!


We Can Help

Taking a look at what is real…

Live in faith as we humbly kneel!

Listen carefully to the message now

Allow the Lord to show you how!


We can help when we take the time

Those that care are doing so fine!

Going in love and spreading hope…

The Word of God is the way to cope!


Many has heard but only few receive

Your life is open for others to read!

We can help when our heart is sincere

Being a doer can makes things clear!


There is much that should be done

God is able for He sent His Son!

The reason to follow is first to hear…

Truth can keep us from evil and fear!


We Of Truth

We of truth are told to be…

Humble always and also free!

Living in love day by day…

Careful for nothing as we pray.


Here to do our Fathers will

We of truth the Spirit to seal.

Going forth while doing right

Walking daily within the light.


We of truth with more to do…

Faith comes first then be true.

Because we are who we are…

Forever more we're headed afar!


Now to hear before we speak

Lord to help us not be weak.

All for good in whatever is done

We of truth to worship God's Son!


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